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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  February 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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a man and his pregnant wife beaten. it. why the victims say the
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in broad daylight next. live from the station taking action for you. this is abc action news. i felt like if you were going to come after me, come after me. >> now at 11, a teenager and his pregnant girlfriend robbed and beaten in a bay area park. >> the manhunt for four suspects. the couple living in fear worried that the men might return. >> marisela burgos shows us that the attackers had no mercy not even for a pregnant woman. >> they say it happened fast and immediately after they parked their car in this spot. while it was dark they said they remembered that it happened in this area and that people came out of nowhere.
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girlfriend are trying to shake off the friday night. they were at this park to meet a friend and instead found trouble waiting. i got out of the car and then i got attacked. >> he recognized one of his attackers and he went to high school with him and admits they got in to an altercation. >> they beat me with brass knuckles. >> miranda did not stay in the car because she wanted to help. >> i fell on my knees and they hit me in my back and i got up and i was pregnant and they didn't care. >> miranda remembers a gun pointed at whenever and one of them raised brass knuckles. >> he is like stay the [ bleep ] back.
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>> i hope they get them and give them what they deserve. detectives say the phone was stolen and recognized for robbery with a deadly weapon. >> i feel like they weren't going to charge them for endangering my son and that needs to be taken care of. >> detectives are looking for four or five suspects. if you have any information about this case, pick up your phone and call the winter haven police department. marisela burgos, abc action news the hernando school district telling us about a teacher died from injuries on sunday. laura was a barrel racer and friends say that the horse fell tossing her to the ground leaving her with a head injury and broken bones. a cancer survivor and got engaged two weeks ago.
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a bus crash that happened on west hillsborough avenue. hart telling us a car pulled out in front the bus and they collided. new details and firefighters telling us that ten people taken to the hospital with injuries. good evening. still kind of cool in the northern counties low 50s in the rest of the area. tomorrow morning a few spots. don't worry about fog especially east of i-75 and polk county and eastern sarasota and manatee will not have to worry about it, the fog will burn off and we lead to a pleasant afternoon. as temperatures quickly rise in the 70s, eventually near the 80s. there is a cold front that arrives on wednesday. i will tell you how it impacts your weather in a couple of minutes. thanks, dennis. we will check back with you. >> the days of predatory towing is numbered.
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that have too much to drink to leave their car behind without them disappearing overnight. cameron pollen talked to >> reporter: inside skinny sports bar in wesley chapel. bar. loose. laugh and crack open a cold one. and at the end of the night if they have had one too many. >> i won let a customer drive drunk and if the car gets towed i will be upset. >> it has been a problem for owner ken santos in past and one that he hopes will disappear in the near future. >> currently they are tow away zones and that one gives the tow company the right to do it. >> the county commissioner mike moore is pushing the ordnance to change that and one to restrict tow truck drivers from taking cars left at bar parking
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>> joe luck has had lots of friends make the right decision to leave their car only to find it gone the next day. under the new rules, cars would be safe from nine p.m. to noon the following morning. gives you enough time to wake up and get your head together and go get your car. the fun they want. a republican donald trump huge advantage on this evening of super tuesday. the latest polls showing donald trump leading the closest candidate marco rubio by 30 points. but caught up in more controversy. marred by protestors and a fight between a photo journalist and a secret service
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and he is on the fire for renouncing support from kkk leader david duke. >> i disavow. hillary clinton from a weekend in south carolina and hopes to win tomorrow. bernie sanders hoping for victory in vermont and a few other states just to stay in the race. we'll have up to the minute breaking coverage of the super tuesday states starting tomorrow night as the polls close. you will find it on as well as the free abc action news mobile ap. registered sex offender accused of attacking two women. dan espasito pulled a gun on a woman and then attempted to sexual assault her and attacking her elderly mother. hernando county deputies asking for help to find 41-year- old david dean sr. wanted on two counts of sexual battery and for strangulation.
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knew the victims and the assaults were violent. he was last seen driving a 2007 suzuki. if you see him call 911. an update on the zika virus. five more cases in florida. the total number now at 42 including four pregnant women. the majority in south florida but three of them in hillsborough county. governor scott asking the cdc to send 200 more zika tests to the state. students taking the florida faa tests. last year computer hacking turned it into a huge mess. students could not log into the new testing system and others getting kicked out halfway through the exam. some parents still don't want their kids taking this test. i read over the tests and
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stakes test tied to whether or not a child is going to go onto the next range. officials saying opting out funding. and they should it down. court. the emotional moment telling when she found herself exposed on the internet. inspectors had beef with beef o'gradey after rodents were found and what else was found that could make you sick. there is an opportunity to save millions of families. a son busted by marijuana
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welcome back. beef o'brady, a kid friendly restaurant. but inspectors not friendly after finding rodents in the kitchen at one location. last thursday inspectors shutting down the beef o'brady's on west poke street after finding 65 rodent driving near the soft drink area and cases. our i-team identifying rodent markings in the food prep area and it is not the first time they found it. six months ago they were warned after the state saw 35 rodent droppings in the kitchen. i contacted beef o'brady marketing agent and they are taking it seriously and saying taking steps necessary to rectify it.
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that concerns you, go to my facebook page and like the page and let me know. in washington d.c. street lights light up the sky in washington for a young police officer killed in the line of duty. prince william howard officer ashley guindon was killed force. investigators say that ronald hamilton killed her and injured two other officers. the 28-year-old graduated from emery riddle in daytona beach and laid to rest tomorrow morning. new at 11, protests in hundreds demanding action after an an officer shoots and kills a suspect. protestors holding a vigil for 24-year-old daneins. he was shot and his mother say was found near her body. a search for two shopliftedders that left a
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the two struggled for security. the man lifts his shirt and shows what appears to be a gun. security officers backing down and he gets away. a family relies on marijuana to keep their terminal husband and father comfortable but buying pot for their dad ended in criminal charges for his son. carson chambers explains why city leaders are considering an ordinance to de criminalize it. >> this woman is her husband's caretaker. >> when he got diagnosed they said to do this. >> carlos sleeps comatose in a hospital bed besides her.
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>> diagnosed with lob dementia. they say cannabis helps him from wasting away. >> i like to see him better and if there is something better i am willing to try it because we have exhausted other options. >> his son chris and aspiring politician lost a run for state rep and an advocate for medical marijuana. in 2014 chris was air tracker arrested for medical marijuana. >> we have to risk our freedom and our jobs to make sure that he can have a little bit better equal of life. that's not right. >> the kainos are in favor to ease the pot possession. >> it won't wipe his record clean but his mom and son feels it could help families. i want him comfortable and give him as much time as he can.
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if they want to pass it, we would join other cities including miami. in tampa. carson chambers, abc action news. dancing with the stars host erin andrews recovering from a day in court. suing a marriott for 75 million- dollars after a stalker modified the people hold and shot her as she changed. andrews breaking down describing the moment she saw the video of her naked body over the internet. i thought, oh, my god. and i shut it down and all over the internet and i don't know what it is. >> there was no calming her down. it is a nightmare that doesn't stop. >> andrews is suing the man that filmed her, michael back claiming the hotel made it easy
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a fight between the f.b.i. and apple. the u.s. justice will not have access to a locked phone. this decision coming after a california judge ordered apple to help the f.b.i. hack into the iphone of the san bernardino shooter. a university of virginia student held hostage in north korea is confessing otto warmbriar confessed today. accused of stealing a sign in january. the 21-year-old says he was lured into his act by the united states. i am begging you for the government, for north korea for your forgiveness.
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mistake of my life. but please have mercy. please. it's not clear if he was coerced to speak or confess but north korean officials say the press conference was held at his own request. north korea says warmbmv riar was encouraged by the c ia. >> a navy seal man honored today. ed byers is the 5th man to receive it. in 2012 he helped an american hostage. a man was killed during the rescue. byers performed cpr for 40 minutes to save him. the most accurate weather team in florida. abc action news and weather. >> we will pin some medals on you for this great stuff. 45 minutes of winter, meteorologically speaking. first day of spring is march
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to throw a party. >> we did. >> and made it through a grueling winter. things like that. >> well, you know, we had great weather the last couple of days and cool and certainly up and down winter. officially spring does not begin for three weeks and meteorologically speaking march 1st is the first day of spring and it will feel like that tomorrow with temperatures topping out in the 80s until we get another cool front on wednesday but it won't be compared to what we are dealing with el nino got cranking late december early january. temperatures in the upper 50s to 60s degrees. a very pleasant night but mostly clear skies and a little bit of fog as we mentioned earlier especially east of i- 75. tampa low 60s and clear water and st. pete in the low 60s. skies are clear and they will stay that way for most folks
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where we should be. in fact today was a typical day for florida, the end of the month of february. temperatures below normal at times and we have had above normal rainfall and severe weather. now el nino is not through with us yet but just checking the long-range forecast. we are looking pretty good for at at least the next couple of weeks. you never say never but maybe we are turning the corner and getting into some more traditional early spring weather that can be stormy with front but today, things have been quiet all day and they will stay that way in the overnight. there will be a little bit of fog east of i-75, polk county and southern highlands and maybe northeast hillsborough and southeast pasco. other than that, it burns off at 9:30 and very nice day. and with that, we are going to be right up near 80s in those central counties.
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remember the water temperatures, for our standards cool in the 60s. wednesday morning here comes the front, no red or oranges so no rough weather but maybe a quick shower or sprinkle. by mid to late afternoon gone. that is the first front. now the second one arrives on friday. and we will take a look at the european that extends it to friday. the first wave, no measurable wave. on friday, while it is not a little bit better chance after few showers but this is at 4:00 on friday. saturday, it is gone. the weekend looks good. and behind it, not nearly as cold. we will stay in the low 70s right on through the period.
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most of polk county and barto and avon park is flirting with 80s and then the front arrives on wednesday. and then that calls us off in the lower 70s. nothing to worry about, about a freeze or even really any chilly air. we will stay mild looking for a foreseeable future. winter is not done yet. seas offshore and smooth. the tides and your sunrise and your sunset. look at florida's seven-day forecast. beautiful thing on tuesday. we top out at 76 downtown and 80s and thursday another chance of showers and the weekend looks great. temperatures in the mid-70s and lots of sunshine. all right. the bolts have fought their way back.
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coming up
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hello folks. it took two big winning streak but the bolts have caught the florida panthers up top. florida does have a game in hand and that's no big deal considering where the bolts came from to get where they are tonight.
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the back end of a back to backer plus travel last night. tyler johnson providing a cushion for his 10th goal of the season earlier in the second period and he follows with his 11th later in the second and this is off of hard work to get in the puck. lightning win it 2-1 and andre with 31 saves and the bolts head home tied with florida with 78 bolts. rangers and red wings and the penguins winning tonight. so six points separate top to bottom. next up, ottawa at home on thursday night. earlier today no trade for the three p.m. jonathan durran part of the lightning organization. unfortunately for durran he will
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suspension. steve icerman did not get the draft situation he wanted and who knows maybe he will do what they want him to do. the door is always open. the stories in connecticut. huskies down at the half and came back and just flipped the switch like they always do. rihanna stewart led a 15-2 run and buried the bulls chances of an upset. stewart finishing with 27 points. final 79-59. the bulls hope to get healthier for the conference tournament on fday. we won the game by five points. that's the way it works and the fun of coaching. in case you were thinking about heading down to rays
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will be a one-hour workout. they are headed to bradenton and on wednesday, the exhibition season starts against the nationals. jim harbaugh and wolverines in bradenton and opened up this morning. friday's workout open to the public and gets under way at five. the rest of the week the practices are closed except the high school coaches. it is harbaugh as he put it, this week will feel like a plane heading down the runway. you build up speed and there is a glide to it and you take off. that's what each day gets faster and faster and more and more ramped up. whatever weeks. we are back in a minute and
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abc action news and weather. the most accurate team in florida. we have continuing coverage on have a good night and we will see you back here tomorrow
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from h ly t's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight andy samberg. from "zootopia," ginnifer goodwin. and music from the strumbellas. with cleto and the cletones. and reserve and now, glory be here's jimmy kimmel!


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