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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  March 4, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: wrong! >> it's now dividing [ all talking at once ] >> i want to finish my statement here. >> candidates clash. the attempts by republicans to ostracize donald trump. >> none of us were there to tell him good-bye, to hold his hand. >> 11 years without any answers. this family's renewed plea for help as deputies search for a killer. good morning and thank you for joining us. i'm deiah riley. >> i'm dan shaffer. we begin with more fireworks between donald trump and marco rubio. >> republican brass joining the florida senator going all out
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megan explains. >> reporter: fresh from the super tuesday victories, donald trump got no respect. trump's rivals now teaming up against him. >> because he doesn't have answers, and he's asking us to united states. >> reporter: ted cruz in second place is trying hard to make it a two-man race. >> donald trump has written times. >> he has spent a career convincing americans that he's something he's not. >> reporter: all of the talking finally got a rise out of trump. >> this little guy has lied so much about my record. >> there he goes. >> he referred to my hands that they are small, something else must be small. i guarantee there's no problem. >> reporter: the mogul also fighting back against a
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>> he was a failed candidate. he should have beaten president obama easily. >> reporter: and fox news anchor megan kelly. >> hi. >> hello. >> how are you doing? >> you are looking well. >> as are you. [ applause ] >> reporter: this weekend, the republican slate faces voters in four states and puerto rico. with the detroit debate over, michigan is still a political hot spot. democrats debate in flint on sunday. on tuesday, the state hosts an important primary for both parties. megan hughes, abc news, washington. abc action news is holding candidates accountable for what they say in the debates and we'll bring you the truth ratings all morning starting at 5:00. governor scott announced he will not endorse any candidate ahead of the primary. he writes on facebook that he trusts voters and it's their
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there are sprinkles out there this morning. >> indeed. some cases it's stronger than that. we'll show you what's been happening. farther north there's light showers left over. san antonio getting pockets of lighter rain right now. these are moving quick. we're talking 45 mile-per-hour speeds here. not the winds with the shower but just the movement. that means we're out of here in no time. look at this line here. the trend has been for these to fall apart. they are involving a lot of support from the gulf waters. by the time they get inland, they weaken, which i think is exactly what will happen. put a track on it earl, and show you where the heaviest of the showers will continue to be moving through for the next half hour to an hour. we'll have the fast for later on today. i think you'll like the weekend forecast as well coming up in a
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we want a look right now at your morning commute. this is i-4 and no problems out there to report. janelle will have a full look at the morning commute coming up in just a minute. you may have a lot less time to save on all of your child's back to school supplies this coming fall. the bill to reduce the state sales tax from ten days to just three was approved. it would also cut back on how much you would save. it would apply to clothes $60 and less instead of $100 and under. making cohabit station with the opposite set legal. a man and woman could be fined and jailed according to an 1868 law. florida is now just one of three states where cohabitation
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if governor scott signs the church protection bill that florida lawmakers approved, it will take effect july 1st. in 2005, someone shot and killed david neel while he was driving to meet his family at the florida strawberry festival. >> now his family is pleading for answers. we show you the new video we hope will find david's killer. >> reporter: march 6, 2005 is a date ann will never forget. >> he had taken the camper back to the house and coming back and we didn't hear from him. >> reporter: her dad david neel was driving south when detectives believe someone passing him fired a bullet that went through his door, hitting him on the left side of his chest. >> none of us were there to
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hand. >> reporter: it's something they've thought about for years. >> it would be nice to have an answer. >> reporter: the authorities put together a piece hoping to generate tips. >> the personal involvement just has been more of our emotional attachment. >> reporter: every year, david's family shows at the florida strawberry festival like old times, a tradition passed down through the generations. >> he was just a funny guy, you know? he had a good sense of humor and was willing to help with anything. he loved being a grandfather. >> reporter: his grandson was 2 killed. it would mean a lot that his family finally gets closure. >> a lot of years of wondering
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>> reporter: we want you to help us solve this cold case. the family is putting up its own money that leds to an arrest in this case. marisela burgos, action news. the police department says an officer asked a woman out on her. he resigned after learning internal affairs opened an investigation into hissances. pruitt responded to a domestic abuse victim's home in late december, but instead of filing the necessary paperwork to arrest her ex-boyfriend, he started asking her to dinner. he didn't file any paperwork about the harassment until 23 days later. we now know when an
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setting november 28th as the start date for keshawnthat's keshawna thomas' trial. hundreds of death row inmates lives hang on governor scott's signature. it requires at least 10 out of 12 jurors to recommend the death penalty in order for it to be carried out. lawmakers were forced to rewrite the law after the u.s. supreme court declared the old one unconstitutional in january. executions in florida have been on hold ever since then. covering highlands county. this morning, we're learning disturbing details in a relationship between a teacher and a 14-year-old student. >> stacy hooks is facing more children. parents fear there could be more victims out there.
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schoolteacher traded in her yearbook photo for this mug shot. now we are learning stacy hooks has nine more charges against her. >> i questioned him about the teacher. >> reporter: this mom's seventh grader had a lot of contact with the teacher. she couldn't believe it. >> they shouldn't have to worry about it. at school, you know, they go to school to learn, you know, not to get hurt or manipulated. >> reporter: the highlands county school district released documents showing there were red flags against hooks, but nothing was done. with the recent sexting scandal going on nearby, parents and educators need to look at a higher authority for stronger morals. >> we need prayer and god back into the schools. this is the only way. >> reporter: district officials have not commented on the
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pornography against hooks. the school board will meet next tuesday to confirm hooks' situation and we'll investigate whether the district broke any laws when they failed to report what they knew and go over protocols for doing it right this time. >> i think we could have intervened quickly. >> reporter: the sheriff told us they are still going through all of the evidence in this case, but at this point, they have not named any additional victims. michael paluska, abc action news. ground breaking day. still ahead at 5:00, the building that's set to become the tallest in st. petersburg. >> the tampa bay lightning pick up their eighth win in a row as the u.s. women's soccer team just gets by england. we'll show you what happened
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it's 4:44 now. you'll remember last month's floods reeked havoc. >> and hope is coming back to so many. >> reporter: deborah's act is finding rhythm in her life once again. >> you couldn't see ground. it looked like little houses floating in the water.
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put her love for dancing on hold, washing away the floors under her feet, changing her life and hundreds of others. >> the church came. all of these beautiful, wonderful volunteers. you wouldn't believe. i nearly lost hope. >> reporter: until a group arrived. >> here we have my new kitchen. >> reporter: she lives in one of the hardest hit areas. everything she owns is sitping on her porch. there is a toilet bowl in her garden. the volunteered helped restore her life. >> i can't express in words what the organization has done. cases. we've closed 8. >> reporter: reverend laura
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while many have donated time, professional labor and money, a lot more is needed. >> we need roofing contractors, foundations. >> reporter: volunteers that will help heal so many hurting homeowners. >> they gave me, me back. that's the most important. >> reporter: in pasco county, action newsp. we have nothing widespread and nothing too heavy as we fly into a few counties here with vestiges of the showers still remain. the upper hills are getting in on a couple of showers. these are moving so quickly. they are in and out, 45, 50 miles per hour. they are screaming out toward the east. showers tracking when i got here are already up to 95 across the eastern florida peninsula here. and the trend, by the way, with all of them has been the weakening.
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hour loop. you see the lightning there right over the gulf? they just begin to fall apart not only with the intensity but with the lightning strike. by the time they get in, just a few showers. down towards bennett. within the next 15 minutes, you'll be getting wet and 15 minutes later, they will be gone. then in the0s, nice and mild out there. if you ride along the beaches, you are a little bit cooler. tomorrow with the dry air, temperatures cool off a bit more. this morning, we'll be running ten degrees cooler in the morning than today. temps by the afternoon in the low to middle 70s. as you check the seven-day forecast, we'll take you into the weekend with full sunshine saturday. sunday looks great. mid-70s and a warm-up heading into early next week, we'll be in the upper 70s to low to mid- 08s.
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check on the roads here out in hillsborough county. a traffic stop turned into a dangerously close call for a deputy in new mexico when it's discovered the driver had a warrant out for his arrest. they asked the driver to step out but he didn't cooperate. he drives off instead. that dash cam video shows one deputy jumping into the driver's car as the car speeds away. roberto garcia drove 500 feet before being taken into custody. a terrifying dispute caught on camera. a bicyclist is forced to pedal for his life. the 19-year-old rider wore a go pro camera during the entire ordeal. he was riding past the driver bike lane, bro. happens. you can see the suv chase him down the block. the driver then gets out of his car and attacks him, punching
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>> i didn't know when he was going to stop or if he was ever going to stop kicking me. my face is still numb but it's gotten better now. >> the driver got away but was left with a pretty bloody eye. directs are trying to track down the driver, but the car is registered to a woman, so that may complicate the investigation. the tampa bay lightning are back in action. tom koran explains the team tried a record high. >> good morning, everybody. i'll tell you what, the lightning is a thing of beauty but because boston isn't backing down, they need the winds just to keep the bruins at bay. after a scoreless first period last night, they came out and hit for two in the second. the fist one coming out to get the rebound off his own shot to give the bolts a 1-0 lead.
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johnson will go for the wrap around and andre will crash the net. sam added one more as the bolts beat ottawa 4-1 and back in the tie for the atlantic division lead with the panthers. the u.s. heads into the olympics heavy favorites to win the gold. last night against germany in the "she believes" cup, they got the win but had to work for it. that nice spin move scores the only goal of the night. the u.s. wins 1-nil. the u.s. plays france over the weekend in nashville. i do hope that yesterday was a precursor to what we'll see from the rays this year. wow, they unload on the baltimore orioles. dustin jennings drove in a couple more runs, both on
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corey dickerson, maybe this guy is as advertised. going deep to the two-run home run and the rays roll over baltimore in the final, 10-3. finally, i wanted to pass this along. st. pete times sports columnist died at the age of 76. the st. pete times is now the tampa bay times. that's your morning sports update. enjoy your day. nine minutes until 5:00. targeting james holmes. the reason prison officials moved the colorado city movie shooter out of state. >> up next, historic maneuvers
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. good morning. we're starting with a few showers. nothing too heavy. my computer is talking to janelle's computer. we'll let you know where the roads are wettest this morning, particularly across the counties. for the rest of the day, we're talking temperatures in the 60s. low 70s by then. likewise for the commute, i'll have the weekend forecast and the warm-up heading into next week in the next hour of abc action news. we have good news this morning for anybody who's looking for a job. costco is announcing it's raising its entry level pay to
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the warehouse club's highest paid employees will earn $22.50 an hour. space ex is hoping the fifth time is the charge. they attempt to launch a rocket from cape canaveral tonight. >> a boat forced the company to scrub attempts since february 24th. the satellite they are trying to launch would be the heaviest ever put that orbit by the falcon 9 rocket. after releasing the satellite into orbit, the rocket will attempt to land on a barge about 400 miles off florida's east coast. previous barge landing attempts have failed when the rocket tipped over and exploded in a fireball. busted. just ahead, the state's item that got one new york state's item in big trouble. >> body slammed for trump. the vicious attacks on trump supporters occurring outside of
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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 nominating donald would be a disaster. >> on the debate state, candidates tried to knock down donald trump.
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they support him or knock him down? >> we're seeing a sneak peek at a new addition breaking ground at st. pete today. good morning. >> it is friday. let's get a look at traffic and weather together getting you started into the weekend. >> the weekend is here. >> a little rain out there, though. >> nothing widespread. we check in on conditions and talked about this yesterday. the showers are falling apart trailing in from a cold front that we have moving in. it's not going to cool us off that much. let's focus in on a couple of showers, too, that we have going. as far as a few leftover showers, this is it. we're crossing i-4 here. east now in zephyr hills, all of this is screaming off towards the east. look how fast these things are moving here. i think we'll be in good shape when we get into the heart of rush hour.


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