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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  March 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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30% into saturday and sunday. abc action news starts now. breaking now, one dead in south tampa. the investigation underway to find out if the victim is connected to another crime. >> and more problems for a manatee county canine. why the dog's owner could be charged with a crime. >> and marco rubio looks to win over florida voters. >> i'm deiah riley. >> i'm dan shaffer. in south tampa, detectives are trying to determine whether a body found next to a car on south price avenue is connected to a shooting three miles away at the south bay apartments on south lois avenue. police confirming two people were shot during an ongoing dispute. one died. officers are still interviewing
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victim was trying to drive and get help, but died before he could get to a hospital. another person was hurt in the shooting, so far no arrests have been made. also following baking news in northern california where a commuter train derailment injured nine people. firefighters say the train struck a tree that fell on the tracks before derailing 35 miles east of san francisco. four victims are seriously injured but we're hearing they are going to be ok. the train had more than 200 passengers on board when it derailed, officials say it was raining heavily in the area and the storm might have caused a tree to fall on the tracks. let's look at our weather now. it was pretty quiet yesterday. >> and it will be today. in fact the only difference will be to add a couple of degrees as far as the highs. checking in the low 60s. this is another difference, overnight lows not as cool. yesterday we were in the 40s, in fact we had upper 30s in the nature coast, citrus, herbedo counties but right now much
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that is moderating. temperatures not only at night but certainly during the day as well. in the afternoon, a few fair weather clouds and temperatures between lunchtime and the evening commute about 76 to 80. if you have already started your morning commute here is dan with the latest on what you need to know on the roads. probably not a lot at this hour. a live look at 275, howard frankland across the bay no problems to report. traffic is moving well. you remember yesterday there was a major wreck on the howard frankland that backed up traffic for hours. we'll keep track of it, keep you posted. another traffic update in 15 minutes. hillsborough county deputies are investigating a shooting at the beacon isles apartment in tampa that left two men injured. so far no word on the severity of injuries. one person was taken into custody. the sheriff believes the shooting happened as several people gathered in a parking lot to buy drugs. in the wake of a teacher sex scandal rocking highlands county the school board now
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the board is planning on discussing new rules to give teachers who want to report suspected child abuse or sexual activity added protection. the school board could decide today whether to fire stacey hooks, she is facing several charges. the hulk hogan sex video trial started yesterday and he was on the stand for more than three hours. he wants gawker to pay $200 million for publishing his sex tape on-line saying he didn't know he was being filmed. >> you're not filming this are you? he just slashed into me, what the hell is wrong with you i'm your best friend, i would never do that to you.
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>> jurors would have to decide if gawker violated hogan's right to privacy. jurors are on standby until march 25th. a controversial manatee county canine is back in the news. deputies are investigating patty the dog after it bit another dog. the bite happened at the pet clinic in bradenton yesterday morning. the 4-month-old golden retriever is a service dog in training so it's protected under the law. the owner could be charged with a misdemeanor but nothing is going to happen to patty. the dog was almost put down for biting a child but the judge saved the dog's life in december. we're days away from the primary and a new poll shows donald trump's lead shrinking in florida. just eight points ahead of senator marco rubio 38% to 30%. ted cruz in third place with 17%.
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fourth with 10%. while trump holds an event in jupiter tonight rubio will continue his campaign tour across florida and rally at 5:00 at the dolphin aviation hangar in sarasota. abc action news reporter more marisela burgos to marco rubio about the message he's trying to convey to voters. >> reporter: in front of a crowd of supporters presidential hopeful marco rubio reminded them why he should stay as their favorite candidate. >> i give us the best chance to beat hillary clinton. she knows that. that's why they attack me more than anyone else. >> i think that he will be a tremendous president. >> reporter: while officers haven't decided what may sway them. >> honestly, the content of what the candidates are saying. >> reporter: he believes his biggest endorsement will come from voters. >> the republican nomination always goes through florida.
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romney, and it will for me and everyone else in the field. displrntion he says taking florida's 99 delegates is huge. >> no one is on pace to get all the delegates. we'll see what happens the next few weeks but the biggest single prize is florida. always is and i need everyone's help. >> reporter: he calls himself an underdog and doesn't plan on backing down from donald who is making statements for him to get out of the race. >> i'm the only one who has a chance to beat him in florida. >> rubio wants people to focus on the issues than what will come out of trump's mouth next. >> when i give a policy speech i may get mentioned for 10 seconds or not at all. we've turned the campaigns into reality politics and what is at stake is a the presidency of the united states. >> reporter: marisela burgos, abc action news. on the democratic side the gain trail will continue to run through tampa this week. democratic frontrunner hillary clinton is holding a rally thursday at the ritz ybor on east 7th avenue in ybor city. you can reserve a spot on her
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moments ago we found out bernie sanders is also coming to tampa thursday. the vermont senator is holding a realliy at the florida state fairgrounds expo hall, starts at 4:00. tickets not required but admission is first come first serve. prime caucuses are being held in michigan today. latest results starting tomorrow morning at 4:30. we now know when former laid in nancy reagan's body will be laid to rest. it will be tomorrow. a private funeral service will be friday before burial at the reagan library. she died sunday, she was 94 years old. good news for florida
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the legislature will end its session on time due to a late night budget deal meeting a -- meaning a costly special session won't be needed. they agreed on dozens of spending items last night including a teacher bonus program and for an agency that helps people with disabilities. that means the legislature will end its session on friday. a bill to expand the use of medical marijuana in florida only now needs the governor's signature to become law. terminal patients have been added to the list of medical marijuana users. attorney john morgan, funding a constitutional amendment to legalize all marijuana in the state calls it window dressing because cancer patients among others are still banned from using it. we told but the south florida teen accused of being a fake doctor. this morning authorities say
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to diagnose and treat patients without a medical license. undercover detective arrested manuel cordova at his clinic in haines city. the state says it hasn'tp issued licenses in natural medicine for more than 50 years. his landlord believes patients knew he was not a real doctor. >> what i hear is they give you a waiver, saying he's not a doctor. >> a state department of health investigator heard the so- called doctor advertise on a local spanish-speaking radio show. an undercover detective made an appointment and cordova diagnosed a "made up condition." still early here. we're not even at 5:00 yet. dropoff forecast a little milder but not as cool. 60. by the afternoon warming up to 80 degrees. how much warmer will we get?
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coming up at 5:00 -- she bombing. but tragedy struck again, this time sadly she was not as fortunate. >> the lightning lift drouin's suspension.
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themselves in order to keep us safe. but they also shouldn't be above the law. >> reporter: congressman hakim jefferies of new york responding to a scripps news investigation into a privilege extended to officers who pull the trigger. called waiting periods, they limit how soon police officers
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the policies are found in 19 of the nation's largest police forces. while most give cops two or three days before facing investigators at least one department gives officers 10. jefferies fears they give cops who cross the line the chance to cover their tracks. >> policing in america is hard right now. >> advocates of the policies which apply to criminal or internal investigations say that officers need time to rest after a traumatic event. and that their memories will actually be better two or three days later. but plenty of memory experts say that is not true and they wonder why the policies only apply to those with a badge. >> i find that suspicious. why wouldn't you want that to be applied to all people? >> reporter: today congressman jefferies is one of 44 co- sponsors to the law enforcement trust and integrity act. which calls for the department of justice to study waiting periods in departments that currently use them. if they determine they interfere with an investigation. >> then we can make determination as members of
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department of justice should not provide grants to police departments that have these waiting periods. >> reporter: that legislation is now in a house subcommittee awaiting further action. it has only support from democrats but sponsors say they are hopeful republicans will come on board calling it a common sense issue. for scripps news in washington, i'm ross jones. let's do a little weather here. if you've been outside you noticed warmer temperatures. we're going to continue the trend heading up. low to mid-60s, eventually mid- 80s the next couple of days. forget the spring preview, we're going right into summer and the humidity going up as well. mix the two and you're going to want to head to the pool or beach where temperatures are cooler with the sea breeze. titan doppler radar, if we had to do maintenance on our doppler radar this would be the week to do it. it's not going to pick up anything except bugs and insects in and around tampa.
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breeze kicks in, picks up that breeze as we begin to move into the east. the reason of course we're not going to have rain, look how far it is, not making eastward progress as this high is blocking everything from getting in. that is going to provide us with more pleasant weather. you notice the flow as the clouds spin here. looking at a clockwise flow, that is the flow around the high pressure and that will bring us a southeasterly wind. it's moderating temperatures during the day and also even at night. and bringing more moisture in as far as humidity but nothing that would give us any rainfall. the atmosphere. we're not able to make clouds. so here comes the rain as it begins to approach from the east, it's just going to take a very long time to get here. in fact it may not get here until late in the weekend. for now enjoy this. you can basically add a couple of degrees to the forecast heading into the weekend as we continue with highs in the 80s.
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thursday, overnight lows in the 60s. and we'll continue with the nice weather through friday. a few showers coming in on saturday and into sunday. morning commute. this is i-275 at roosevelt boulevard. no problems. lots of traffic. i shouldn't say lots of traffic, not a lot of traffic but it's moving smoothly. janelle is going to have a complete look at the morning commute coming up. caught on camera -- a california highway patrol officer races to the rescue of two women and two kids after their car catches fire. that officer just happened to be in the right place at the right time. he was driving behind the women when smoke started to billow from the car. he's racing there and grabs a child coughing and crying. the hero officer drops off that other one. both kids were strapped in their car seats. the kids and two women all went to the hospital as a precaution. traffic snafu unlike any
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of shut down both directions 6 a houston inform area interstate for hours yesterday. a naked woman climbed on top of an 18-wheeler and started to dance. despite police efforts she rehe fused to come down. officers say she was involved in two minor hit-and-run crashes before this. witnesses say it's a sight they won't soon forget. >> she got out of the car and was going towards the 18- wheeler and all of a sudden started throwing her clothes at the traffic, oncoming traffic. >> police say while the woman was on the 18-wheeler she was talking about wall street. the cia and aliens. the investigators suspect she was under the influence of some sort of drug or alcohol. tampa bay lightning fans are sad after the team's record nine-game winning streak came to an end last night in philadelphia. john sable explains the hero that nearly won it for the
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>> reporter: good morning. thank you for joining us. another night on the ice, another chance for more lightning history. a win against the flyers last night would extend the lightning's historic win streak to 10. andre was your player of the game last night, stopped 36 flyer shots and with the stat line like that you thought the lightning would win especially when andre scores. 11th goal of the year for him. bolts 8-0. all good things must come to an end. flames tie on a shayne goal, he scores again here. flyers in the third now leading 2-1 and phillies braden shen dips a deflection by vassilefsqy ky. bolts got shut out last night 40 to 18. against boston. guess who is also back in
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yes, that drouin. steve eisenman lifted his suspension yesterday. he stated if drouin plays well in syracuse he would not rule out a return to the lightning. former buccaneers head coach lovey smith used to score orange and navy blue when coaching the chicago bears for nine years. fast forward to yesterday he again is donning orange and navy but this time as head coach in illinois. they introduced him yesterday in champaign. he said a few interesting comments in his press conference. says he will not pursue any more nfl jobs and illinois is where he wants to end his football career. also added that getting fired by the bucs was strictly all part of the business and his profession. meanwhile logan menkins, bucs guard retired after 11 seasons in the nfl and the rays beat
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coming up -- skimmers found. the gas station where authorities say your personal data might have been put at risk. >> up next, basketball free that made one boy jump for joy.
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get to the mid-60s. we get up to 80 degrees, lots of sunshine. the warm-up continues. make another coffee and meet you back here at 5:00. new this morning, nike suspended ties with russian tennis champion maria sharapova after she announced yesterday she failed a drug test right after the australian open. she admitted she's taken the drug legally since 2006, for various health reasons. however the world anti-doping agency banned use of the drug starting january 1st of this year. speaking of sports. fans last night in chicago received a treat. >> the bulls scored and it made one boy very happy. the bulls scored 100 points and when that happens everyone in attendance wins a free big mac. wait for it. there he is. that little boy started cheering for joy when antoine
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100th point of the game. he really likes big macs. governor scott is said to make a big announcement in orlando. why could it make pro wrestling fans happy. >> a shocking moment on a florida highway caught on camera. the new view we have of a garbage truck -- that is not the right video -- we'll show you a garbage truck falling off
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breaking overnight -- a train derails in central california sending one of its cars into a creek. this morning we find out what rescue courthouse are doing right now to make -- crews are doing right now to make sure everyone is safe and accounted for. >> and two different shootings a few miles apart in tampa. we're working to find out now if they are related and possibly connected to a murder. good morning, thank you for joining us on this tuesday. >> we'll get to that in a moment but first janelle and together. >> we'll start with a little weather. looks great out there. checking in with 60s now. a little bit miler than we had yesterday. remember -- milder than we had yesterday. remember yesterday we had the


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