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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  March 18, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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the coast. how about that? good stuff. as we look at temperatures, the rest of the day will be in the low 80s. we'll have a lot of clouds out there. the reason for that is a disturbance will begin to inch in from the north. so the next three days, we'll continue to see the rainfall. the timing for that and when we could expect the heaviest rain and cooldown in a few minutes. let's check in on the roads without the fog. >> yeah, great news out there. visibility is good. no rain. let's check some of the roads over in pinellas county checking u.s. 19. roosevelt. looking great, up to speed in check this out. the sunshine sky way cars are moving across 9 minutes from toll booth to toll booth. just know that the bridge is open.
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the major starting off u.s. 19 southbound with an 11-minute drive right now. 18 minutes on the veterans from 54 down to 275 and four minutes on dell mabry from fletcher to waters. at 5:30, we want to you take a good look at this picture, this 10-year-old boy police say ran away from home. police say he has a medical condition and doesn't have his medication with him. if you know where he is, call tampa police. the sacrifice wasn't in vain. >> deputy john kotfila, jr. died after he collided with pay wrong-way driver to save a stranger. today, family, friends, and colleagues will come together as they celebrate his life. ashley yore is live at the sheriff's office in ybor city. >> you are standing where fallen deputies are memorialized there.
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this is a memorial for fallen deputies. here you can see the last one in 2010. this is the spot right next to it where john kotfila will be. they have so much to celebrate. everyone we spoke about talked about kotfila's infectious smile. deputies called him their little brother. he comes from a law enforcement family. his dad spent 30 years with the massachusetts state police. >> i was devastated. i don't remember what happened after that. i just know i was on the ground, and it was tough. >> reporter: kotfila's family is taking comfort in the final moments of saving someone else. an eyewitness says she saw the
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kotfila sped around her to keep her from getting hit. the flag is at half staff. hours. we're going to be there as friends, family, and the law enforcement community says good- bye to the man who accomplished so much in his 30 years. we'll be live streaming that as well. news. new details now about what with tampa police. we brought you this as breaking news yesterday. police say 53-year-old sonny chen took a shot at officers him. i want to show you now a picture of the bulletproof shield that was fired a bullet at. police responded to the home for a domestic call involving the long time girlfriend. we spoke with the girlfriend. she says he was drunk and jealous with a friendship she had with a female neighbor and threatened her and grabbed her
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she climbed out of a bedroom window to safety. >> he grabbed my neck. hurt you! >> chen had a criminal record dating back to the 1990s including charges of animal cruelty, assault, domestic violence and a couple of duis. search and rescue drivers found a body in lake thonotosassa as they went searching for a man who went missing in that same lake on wednesday. at that time, there was a handful of people on a pontoon boat. he gemped in to grab a noodle but never resurfaced. no one on board knew how to swim.
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after this thick happened, everybody misses him. bernie sanders is full steam ahead right now planning extra rallies ahead of primaries and caucuses in arizona, idaho, and utah on tuesday. >> any votes he can collect means a lot after he announced he will not seek a recount in the democratic race. he says it will not affect the delegates in missouri and he would rather save the taxpayers money. meanwhile, the republican race in missouri, that one is still too close to call between donald trump and ted cruz. they are both heading to
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lindsey graham is throwing his support behind cruz. we also told you that florida governor rick scott is putting his support behind trump. governor scott said in a facebook post that it's time for republicans to "accept and respect the will of the voters." >> donald trump is the will of the people. we need to listen to the people, back his candidacy and win in november. >> he said voters are speaking clearly that they want a washington outsider. he's calling party leaders to end republican violence over item's candidacy. -- over trump's candidacy. yesterday, the group "anonymous" posted trump's private information online declaring war on trump and released video accusing trump of promoting a hateful agenda. >> donald trump is an enemy of
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violence. >> the hacker group is calling on them to take down his informing and told supporters reminding them that they are do. president obama's supreme court nominee visited capitol hill yesterday. merrick garland met with several top democratic senators including patrick leahy of vermont and the court would be justice. no gop senators met with him. republican leaders are refusing to hold confirmation hearings. they want the next president to nominate the next supreme court justice. it is a big day for senior medical students across the country and right here in tampa. today is match day. that's the day they'll find out where they are going to spend the next three to seven years of their lives. it's called match day because the students are matched one a hospital or medical facility to do their residencies.
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the students will open sealed envelopes and tell where you they will receive the specialized post-graduate training. spring officially begins on sunday. with the change of seasons, you might be looking for a little home improvement. >> we'll let you learn what projects are available. >> the tampa home show is at the florida state fairgrounds. to give you an idea of what you'll find there, we'll be live at the home show. the best thing about the home show this weekend, it's indoors. we have rain on the way with this front arriving tomorrow. the air show is not looking as great. i'll let you know how heavy it will be and how cold the temperatures will get heading into that next week in the next forecast. still to come this morning, a fire breathing stunt goes wrong at a florida high school. now parents want to know why
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the school in the first place. >> people standing athe a window of a disease shop adds a car -- as a car comes straight for them pap we'll have video
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good morning, everybody. i'm janelle martinez in the traffic center. the crash on i-4 is just about cleared. just one car left on the side of the road there. no problems getting to where
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up, we'll check your drive across the bridges. governor scott has signed a new state budget and vetoed more than $256 million in spending. scott signed the $82 billion budget yesterday following through with planned vetoes to be announced. that includes money for roads, cultural projects, health care and law enforcement programs. north korea is making another alarming show of force. south korea says north korea fired a medium range ballistic missile into the sea. this comes amid renewed tensions after the united nations security council imposed new sanctions on north korea. take a look at this video. that is a car crashing right through a pizza restaurant. there were two people standing at the counterweighting for their food.
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the woman behind the wheel lost control. the people weren't seriously bruises. the driver, if you keep watching, you'll see her sitting in the back of the deputy's vehicle with curlers in her hair. it's unclear in that woman will face any charges. >> all right. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s around 70 degrees with a southeast wind coming in 5 to 10. let's break down the seven-day forecast and take you step by step on what's going to happen. there's a lot going on in the seven-day, right. we go from summer to winter with a transition to winter. first things first as we get into friday here with temps in the mid and upper 70s by the afternoon. we'll begin to see cloud cover. we'll have periods of sunshine and periods of clouds as well. the farther north you go, you
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that eventual by sags farther to the south. saturday will be the wettest of the two weekend days here. the window for that will be between 11:00 and 5:00. it will be some bands of heavy rain moving in, too. so keep that in mind if you have outdoor activities planned. saturday is not looking as good. sunday will see lingering showers through the early part of the day. the later woo he go through the day, we'll begin to clear things out behind the actual cold front. look at the temperatures there in the low 70s. the temperatures really tumble sunday night. we're here with you on monday morning. on monday morning, because of the wind that will be gusting behind this front, we're going to wake up to windchills into the upper 30s to lower 40s right on the coast doing a little better. this is shocking stuff for what will be essentially the first full day of spring. it is going to feel like we're in january. we're going back and now of course this time of year, it
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case in point, if by tuesday, we're in the mid-70s. then a nice recovery wednesday into thursday with temperatures climbing back into the upper 70s. a brief interruption just in time to start spring. i imagine some folks will like it. >> yeah, some. >> not you or me. good news for the roads. a further crash on i-4 is now cleared. we're up to speed now and will take seven minutes to make that drive. once you get to downtown, wide open through downtown tampa. just six minutes from here to the howard frankland bridge. if you are into pinellas county into hillsboro, you should have no problems getting across the bridge. it's taking nine minutes across
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eight minutes across the gandy bridge. 5:47 right now. a fire breather is recovering after he actually caught on fire during a pep rally at a delray beach high school. >> everything seemed fine at first, but then things took a bad turn. one performer runs toward the basketball net, jumping over a ball of fire to dunk the ball. during that stunt, he accidentally caught himself on fire. stunned students screamed watching flames consume his face. >> atlantic high school parents had no idea that the stunt was going to be at the school and think it unnecessarily put their kids in harm's way. >> i thought it would have been a lot more professional. he seen the video. it looked cool follow the kids but it was very unprofessional the way they set it up. hopefully next time they can learn from this. >> reporter: the school
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policies about who can perform on campus. students were taken to the hospital but all are okay. a high school english teacher is accused of inviting teenage boys to his home for what authorities call sex parties. jared anderson was arrested early yesterday. he encouraged boys invited to his home to strip and perform sex affects on each other. a dozen 15 to 17-year-old boys may be involved. one neighbor says he didn't suspect a thing. >> i never seen, you know, teen age boys running around in the neighborhood or heard anything like that. we're home quite a bit. >> police said the first incident was reported at a church and the church called child protective services. coming up, the day after seaworld announces it no longer breeds orkas, they are sending a message to fans up next.
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baseball player who made a shocking confession and what
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a lot of problems this morning, looking at temperatures in the upper 60s and lower 70s at lunchtime approaching 80. warm and muggy conditions ahead of the rainfall that's headed through the weekend and we'll
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and yesterday we told you about seaworld's no longer breeding and how and why the park made this decision. in a message to its fans, seaworld officials wrote "we're changing because attitudes about animals under human care have evolved, and we need to evolve with them." adding "large or chas under human care -- large orkas under human care have become a concern. people's views changed so we had to change." >> one player retired because he was asked to stop bringing his 14-year-old son into the clubhouse and locker room. we learned white sox players nearly boycotted wednesday's spring training game over the decision. a number of players around the league are backing la roche
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first noting they are making millions playing a kids' game. denmark reclaimed its place as the happiest place in the world. >> based on a scale of 1 to 10, people around the world were asked to rate how happy they are. denmark topped the list the fist and second year but then switzerland came in and claimed the top spot. >> next on the list, canada, the netherlands, new zealand, australia and sweden. they found inequality was associated with unhappiness. still ahead, a year long sex scandal could be drawing to a close. the final argument gawker is making. >> plus, a special warning for a woman who's getting a
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what she heard that brought her to tearsp. >> breaking news. a boy is missing and the reason deputies say this child is in
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our top story this morning. take a look at this right here. this is the picture that you are going to be seeing a lot of today. this 10-year-old boy is missing right now. police say he is in danger. they need you to be on the lookout for carmarian preyton. has a medical condition and doesn't have medication with him. >> he was last seen wearing a read, black, and gray shirt and black shorts. we're about to share his photo on our facebook page. >> right now, we want to check in with ivan for a look at the forecast. hopefully the weather will cooperate. >> the weekend is here.
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the weather will be iffy. we'll talk about that in the next half hour. south easterly winds right around 5%. we'll go to our temperatures there generally in the 60s to around 70. the fog is not an issue this morning. visibility looks good. if you are curious as to why, drier air. so what happens is, the farther away the dew point and temperature are, the less fog you are going to have. yesterday, they were very close and able to saturate our surface here and got the fog. so far, i don't think we'll get into temperatures. the sky way's not going to be a problem. yesterday closed until midday. can you imagine that? what a nightmare. getting partly to mostly cloudy skies at times and then the rainfall and the timing for the weekend. we'll salvage half of it here. it looks wet on saturday.
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the sky way is headed that way. let's check out your drive at i-275. no crashes or breakdowns and not a lot of cars out there. it's only taking about seven minutes if you are hopping on the selma here and taking us into downtown. 15 minutes on i-75 from apollo beach to i-4. buckle up, we'll take a virtual drive starting at the apex heading south all in the green. a quick stop at mlk. wide open in both directions continuing on to the junction. again, all in the green. no issues there. the average speed to make that drive, 65 miles per hour. back to you. sex, lies, and videotape. we're now one step closer to the end of a $100 million court fight between hulk hogan and gawker. start today. >> reporter: good morning,


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