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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  March 21, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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awarding hulk hogan $115 million on friday, the additional money jurors will consider giving the pro- wrestler this morning. >> the way motorcyclists are remembering a little girl tragically tossed into tampa bay. >> i'm dan shaffer. >> i'm sarah rosario. deiah riley has the morning off. this morning president obama will be waking up in havana, cuba, the first sitting president to visit the island nation in fearly 90 years. >> president raul castro didn't meet obama at the airport yesterday but planning to talk to him today. the family spent much of the day touring old historic sites in havana. >> and laura harris is following the president's visit and explains the tampa bay connection to the president's historic trip. >> it's pretty hard trying to keep up with the president of the united states.
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that with -- bus behind me, a lot of rays fans got off. the doors there are the doors they will be walking in any minute now. yes, the tampa bay rays. we caught the motorcade after leaving the airport. interesting to watch the cuban people lining the streets to see a u.s. president. many no doubt understanding the significance of the visit. even our taxi driver took it in quietly. even saw secretary of state john kerry arriving with the first family taking a tour of old havana and visited the cathedral with members of the catholic church. back to the rays -- set to play the cuban national team tuesday afternoon. we talked to st. petersburg mayor who also made the trip to cuba to see the home team play. while the focus has been a lot on the president and his efforts to ease relations the mayor says this trip for him? is about baseball.
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that's what it feels like, of all the major league teams picked to play in this historic game, to have it be the rays that gets elected by major league baseball we feel very fortunate. thankful to major league baseball. we think they made a great decision. >> reporter: despite rumors president obama is not throwing the first pitch. we got a press release from major league baseball. they say that is reserved for two cuban pitchers. very famous in this area. you can look for reports coming from us for the next couple of days. in cuba, laura harris, back to you. >> great experience to check that out and report on it. back in tampa, home to thousands of cuban americans, many are keeping a close eye on the president's trip and the thawing of relations between the two countries. >> the question many are asking is the trip progress or a mistake? abc action news reporter cara describes the divide that exists in the cuban american community.
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cuban sandwiches made fresh. the fifth annual cuban sandwich festival in ybor city. >> definitely have to keep the historic culture alive. not just the sandwich but also the cigars, culture of the latin food, cuban people and the history, it's about the history of tampa. >> reporter: he thinks now is a time more than ever to celebrate that heritage as president obama visits cuba to push for fully restored relations and lifting the longstanding embargo. >> some people can put aside past prejudiceses and say let's see our country, what it is about. >> reporter: while some are full of optimism others worry that the u.s. is entering into dangerous territory. by working with what they see as a corrupt government abusive of its people.
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out in both countries sunday >> i believe you should start with the basic human rights. if you have somebody in prison for 20 years because they want to feed their family i believe you need to start there. you don't need to start with baseball teams and so forth. >> reporter: as the debate continues on how the u.s. moves forward those here think whatever happens cuba deserves a better future. >> hopefully you want what is best for the people. and the entire country. 4:34. windy and cooler this morning. ivan cabrera? >> certainly is. very loud out there. could barely hear her because of the cuban music. i was enjoying the sandwiches with liz listiel campos. we're still going as far as the temperatures are going, in the wrong direction. by the afternoon, despite full late march spring sunshine
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keep you posted on the cool temperatures this morning. let's look at traffic at 4:35. looking live at i-275 at the skyway over tampa bay. no problems to report there. we'll keep an eye on it though. the wind can sometimes be an issue on the skyway bridge. we'll check on traffic again in 15 minutes. breaking news from asia. north korea just test fired its third test miss until four days. last friday pyongyang escalated military tensions on the korean peninsula by test firing two medium range ballistic missiles. there are concerns that north korea is on the verge of carrying out its fifth nuclear test despite tough u.n. sanctions imposed because of its fourth test in january. recent satellite images show underground detonation could take place any time. north korea he also threatened to launch a pre-emptive nuclear
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the u.s. minute -- mainland. hulk hogan has been awarded $115 million friday but it was not the end of the case. today jurors return to the court to consider punitive damages. punitive damages are the ones a jury awards to deter a defendant in this case gawker, someone else, from engaging in similar conduct that formed the basis of a lawsuit. gawker already said it will appeal the verdict. the multimillion-dollar jury appeals courts. close call for a tampa police officer as he's nearly hit by another wrong way driver. officers arrested asia concella for dui, they say she was driving the wrong way on i-275 and showed signs of impairment. she bonded out of jail yesterday afternoon. officers say she was speeding the wrong way on i-275, again, around 5:00 a.m. and was in the same lane as that patrol car. the officer was heading home
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swerve out of the way to avoid a collision. she was tracked down at busch boulevard as she was exiting in the wrong direction. a week ago a wrong way driver claimed the life of hillsborough county deputy john kotfila. it happened on the selmon expressway near brandon. lights will be installed in hopes of preventing these types of crashes including 275. flags at half-staff in indiana after a deputy is gunned down on the job, a second still fighting for his life. deputy carl kuntz and john buckley were attempting to serve warrants at a trailer park north of annapolis when someone started to shoot at them. kuntz didn't survive, leaving behind a wife and baby. the 27-year-old had only been with the department for two years. detectives later found the suspected gunmen dead in the trailer. the python hunt for 2016 is over now. we're getting a good look at how big a problem the invasive
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researchers released some photos of those more than 40 burmese pythons they caught and killed the past three months. the snakes weigh a total of about a ton. one measured 16 feet and 140 pounds. scientists believe it's the largest male burmese python ever recorded in south florida. it's been 14 months since the tragic death of phoebe johnchuk. her memory continues to live on. a group of bikers holding a remembrance ride yesterday. they rode to the bridge in st. petersburg where phoebe died. placing flowers in the water close to where her body was found. for many phoebe's sad story hits too close to home. >> i have two daughters of my own.
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>> for the second year bikers raised money to go towards a $4,000 scholarship towards social work students. they hope their donations will help prevent more deaths phoebe's. phoebe like phoebe's. nearly two months ago fire lieutenant eric valdez was hit by a driver as he rode his motorcycle home from work. valdez suffered severe injuries to his right arm and hand and is in constant pain. family and friends held a fundraiser for him yesterday to help cover medical expenses. valdez says he's grateful for the help and opportunity oget back out in the community. >> good to see everybody again. i was at home and couldn't see faces, nice to see people coming out to support this. >> valdez face as long road to recovery. he's undergoing physical therapy to prevent nerve damage
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a number of families forced out of their home due to a gas leak will be in their own beds this morning. fire crews responding last night to killian street in spring hill. an underground pipe from one of the homes was leaking propane gas so authorities were called in, evacuated eight homes in the area. until a grew from amerigas was able to fix the leak. no injuries reported. i wouldn't say it's normal outside. >> it's not. 58 degrees by lunchtime. temperature in the 60s for today. another comb night tonight. details on that and when we can see 80 again. coming up at 5:00 -- why it's getting tougher to figure out what caused a passenger jet to crash in russia. >> usf women's basketball team is now on the verge of possibly going to the sweet 16. we'll preview their game tonight. the lightning with a big win on saturday night.
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emmy nominated actress laverne cox is coming to usf tonight. one of the stars of "orange is the new black." the first woman of -- transgender woman of color to have a role in a tv series.
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if you would like to attend arrive early because seating is limited. if you've been waiting to upgrade your i-phone and don't like the larger size of the i- phone 6 and 6 plus you're in luck. apple is expected to announce today it's releasing its new 4- inch i-phone. the most recent i-phone models feature a 4.7 or 4 1/2-inch screen but some don't like the larger phones especially some of you that have small hands or maybe a hard time gripping the larger models. apple is doing something for you. it's also expected to announce today it's coming out with a smaller i-pad pro and new bands for its apple watch. today may be the first day of spring, but in boston, massachusetts, spent much of sunday preparing the city for what will be a bigtime nor'easter. the morning commute spending to awful for bostonians. some parts of the region could see up to eight inches of snow. because of that boston is closing city schools today. check back with ivan. a little cooler here but
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why we live in florida. absolutely. although today, going to be much colder for us. here is the snow event across portions of the northeast. this is significant for this time of year. if it was january, this 8 inches not too much of a big deal for boston but it's just clobbering here as far as first week of spring and that is what they have to deal with. for us, still high clouds rolling in. may keep us a little milder to the south this morning but that would be splitting hairs because we're talking about temperatures in the 40s and 50s colder. look at the current wind gusts, per hour. you've been out there, you can certainly attest to that. 65, mostly sunny, windy through the rest of today. look at the temperatures with readings only in the low 50s. overnight lows again tomorrow.
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less wind and that in fact will allow temperatures to fall back even more so. checking the marine forecast, small craft advisory, with the winds, north winds 20 knots, there are the tides coming up the next 12 hours, sunrise and sunset. 3-day forecast keeps us cold tomorrow morning, then low 70s. nice recovery by wednesday with a southeast wind taking over. that will keep us even milder but more humid towards the end of the period with highs in the 80s and rain chances coming back up beginning thursday. check of traffic at 4:47. live look at i-275 near fletcher avenue, no reported problems. janelle martinez checking traffic starting at 5:00. a colorado girl scout is being hailed a hero after she helped save her mother's life. 11-year-old katie hurley now wears a scout medal of honor. she received it for her quick actions when her mom suffered a diabetic episode. she made a 911 call for help
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dropped to life threatening levels. >> i heard her fall out of her bed and she was unresponsive so i called 911. >> i am so proud and so grateful to her. it's very scary. >> katie says she was thinking about her 5-year-old brother and that helped her stay calm during the emergency because she didn't want to scare him. tonight many tampa bay lightning players, coaches and staff along with their wives and girlfriends, all going to be coming together for a fashion show benefiting the spring of tampa bay. it's called the bolts' better halves fashion with a cause. begins at 7:00 at amalie arena tonight. here's john sable with more news on the lightning. good morning. thank you for joining us. the lightning needed a win badly saturday night after losing five of six and the boys in blue and white provided a big 2-0 victory over arizona. now tampa bay comes home to begin a six-game home stand
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the red wings are now just four points back of the lightning which makes for a very intriguing matchup. >> we got six straight at home. unfortunately it's a long trip for us to get back. but we have to get our rest and detroit won the big win against florida tonight and here we go, two teams battling for spots. >> reporter: how tight are the standings? here's your fresh up to date standings. to the diamond, rays facing the os before taking off for cuba yesterday. we have liftoff. logan crushes it deep to center field and over that 2 5-foot -- 25-foot wall. next batter two, pitches later, evan longoria at the dish, swings at a pitch that would
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tags it, stage left, back-to- back home runs for the rays. this game ended in an 8-8 tie after nine innings because the rays had to catch their plane to cuba. more practice before tuesday's game at 1:50 on cuba's field, televised on espn. the second round of the women's ncaa tournament. bulls beat colorado state thanks to courtney williams' 31 points off the bench. the first time of the year the future wnba product came off the bench. jose fernandez wouldn't elaborate why he didn't start her but it didn't matter because usf won and will play ucla tonight at 9:00 with a trip to the sweet 16 on the line the bulls have never made it to the sweet 16. that's your morning sports report. enjoy your day. 4:50. a scare in the air. coming up at 5:00 -- what went
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a flight to hawaii. >> first a campaign moment before a parody. donald trump serenaded on
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the forecast, chilly stuff. sunrise 7:32. that 53 will feel like 40s because of the gusty winds.
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and even for pickup time, temperatures in the low 60s. still windy and cold, another cold night tonight. details coming up next hour. a funny story -- all presidential races have their weird moments like, do you remember when michael dukakis rode in a tank or howard dean screamed? >> awkward. well, donald trump was center stage for one of those moments last night in palm beach. take a look. so donald, donald stand by me oh stand by me >> benny king is probably rolling in his grave right now. trump and ben carson on stage. singer beau davidson serenading the republican frontrunner to the 1961 classic "stand by me." >> you can see donald getting his moves on. carson, slightly dancing, not showing off any dance moves like president obama has. well, just wait until the late
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we'll see what it turns into. terrorist speaks. coming up, what the lone survivor of last november's paris attacks admits he was doing the past four months. >> a car chase leads to two crashes in pasco county. the surprise deputies found when they saw who was in the
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at 5:00 -- we begin with breaking news. ? three people are dead, another in the hospital after a crash in sarasota. police say it happened about 3:00 this morning near the intersection of old bradenton road and desoto road. we have a picture from the scene. only one car was involved. it's not right now clear how that crash happened but officers do believe speed played a role. as far as the victims no names or ages are available at this time. but we know the victim at the hospital is expected to survive. abc action news is headed to the scene now to talk to investigators as they work this case. we'll bring you an update shortly as we get closer to the accident scene. meanwhile, janelle is monitoring traffic in the area. >> investigators are asking people to avoid this area. here it is on the map. single car crash at university parkway near bradenton road. there is some road block here. we're continuing to get more details but in the meantime you do want to stay away from this intersection right here.


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