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tv   Action News at 9AM  ABC  August 5, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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a shooting involving an off- duty detention deputy. u.s. 41 shut down for much of the a coke truck has something to do with the incident. it slammed up against a pickup truck along the highway. we have shared the live stream on facebook so you can follow along as we do. we have crews on the scene, they are getting new details on this case. we'll keep you posted and bring you updates throughout the morning on abcactionnews. this is in a fairly remote area. not a lot of alternate routes?
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>> is the weather affecting that at all? >> no we have gone through the morning commute without really significant issues but the weekend looks more wet. george zimmerman back in the news again, this time after an incident at a bar and grill in sanford. he says a guy sucker punched him in the face for no reason but witnesses say the attack was pro joked. lindsey is live right now in the studio. you have the police report, what are witnesses saying? >> just got my hands on this. one person says george zimmerman bragged about killing unarmed teen trayvon martin and that was enough to set one man off. >> what is your name sir? >> >> reporter: he wouldn't say his name but police say at gators in sanford george zimmerman found himself a target, once again.
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last sunday a guy came up to him out of the blue. >> what started the argument? >> he recognized me. >> reporter: and punched him square in the face, breaking his glasses. police say zimmerman is the victim here and fearing for his life, he called 911. >> i'm not going to approach him. he told me he was going to kill me. he punched me in the face. >> reporter: all because zimmerman says the attacker recognized him. but, according to witness statements to police, zimmerman had it others at gators that day said zimmerman talked about how he killed trayvon martin in self- defense. he was seen showing his id to prove his identity and just before the sucker punch, witnesses say the attacker said to zimmerman you are bragging about that? >> do you know his name? >> no. >> so you don't know who he is? >> no. >> has anybody been drinking? >> they have obviously. >> reporter: this incident isn't the first and probably
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drama since the 2012 shooting death of trayvon martin. from controversial twitter posts and photos to the case against matthew apperson. and zimmerman's online gun auction. >> i have read hundreds of tweets this morning about zimmerman. many we can't show you or read on the air, but the majority of people applaud the attacker. that person hasn't been arrested, certainly a story will be following for you all day throughout the weekend as well. meanwhile we are getting an all new look right now at the man, accused in a violent road rage confrontation. >> this man, ezekiel henderson, opened fire on a group of motorcycle riders. an eyewitness gave us these pictures yesterday at nebraska and 109th. the bikers confronted henderson because he was driving too close at them. he shot at them, hitting carlos
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an ambulance rushed him to the hospital. henderson drove off but they did arrest him a little later. right now tampa police need your help to find a missing child. 12-year-old malik beard hasn't been seen since last night. he had an argument with his mom before evanished. if you see him, call police. new this morning, the terror attack in nice, france claiming another life. >> reporter: another victim just died at the hospital, bringing the death toll to 85. the 56-year-old man was struck when terrorists drove a truck through a crowd of people on july 14th. the man was a psychologist on vacation with his family. his wife and son were also killed in the attack. his 14-year-old daughter is still in the hospital. thousands were gathered to watch fireworks celebrating bastille day when that attack
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attack that -- a knife attack that killed a florida woman was not from terror. >> a 19-year-old stabbed her yesterday. authorities say it was spontaneous, they say the victims were random. >> horton's husband, rick wagner, just finished a teaching program for florida state. the couple planned to travel home last night. it is no surprise reacted as if it could have been a terror attack. let's check on the forecast here. rainfall this morning, thunderstorms at this your transition to our afternoon storms. by the way, crystal river you probably hear the thunder right? a good thunderstorm now encroaching and slowly making its way across the coast.
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but then you go further south to manatee and sarasota and we'll see this cluster of thunderstorms continuing move in. then things get a break right through the middle part of the day, although the break has been ongoing for our interior counties. by the afternoon showers and storms bubbling up like we had yesterday. left over clouds by the time we get into the evening. more rain is on the way for the weekend. we'll detail that early next week as well. first a big update. >> reporter: for most of us heading out the door, we shouldn't have any trouble getting where we need to be, pasco county we have u.s. 41 blocked in both directions, they are investigating that shoot that go took place a few hours ago. this has been shut down for most of the morning commute, no word on when it is going to le open. the -- to reopen. 69 the average speed there.
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frankland. 10 minutes across the bridges. new developments right now in miami in this controversial police shooting caught on camera. we just learned the black therapist, the man laying on the ground is suing the florida police officer who shot him while he was trying to protect his autistic patient who had run away from a group home. charles kinzie filed a federal lawsuit against north miami police officer jonathan aheat. kinzie was shot in the leg on july 18th as he lay on the street next to his patient who was holding a toy truck. the video shows kinzie explaining the whole situation to the officer, telling him both he and his client are unarmed. the officer fired three shots, one hit kinzie in the leg. the officer later said he was trying to protect kinzie when he fired those shots. police reform is taking
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is changing the way authorities react to cases. today police in chicago will release dash cam and body cam video related to the shooting of an 18-year-old after a car theft. this is the first time they are releasing video under a new policy that requires them to make case related material public within 60 days. in this instance, a police superintendent thinks there was a violation of department policy in the death of paul o'neal. autopsy results show he from a gunshot wound to his back. o'neal was unarmed. a huge bust. four dozen people were pulling off classic mafia crimes, including right here in florida. 46 people were arrested in the case. the group was part of an east coast crime syndicate.
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slew of crimes from extortion to credit card fraud. don't forget the tax free holiday starts today for school supplies. a little chance to save money on your back to school purchases. last year it was 10 days long, this year only a few days. computers aren't included in the tax break, and the price point for clothes went down from $100 to $60. and while you are out, we hope you'll consider buying a few extra items. we are teaming up with furniture for a back to school drive. dropoff supplies at any hudson furniture store, all the supplies you donate will be matched. today is world breastfeeding week. officials want to help you celebrate. today the department of health is inviting new moms to breastfeed and offer free peer support. support for breastfeeding is
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including hospitals, work sites and health centers. still to come, a plane goes right off the runway and into a fence. the mistake officials say the pilot made. a tornado shaking up a business outside jacksonville. the heavy items that storm was able to lift as employees ran for cover. we'll talk about your weekend forecast, coming up with showers and storms. heading into early next week we could rainfall. talking about the differences in those models here in just a couple of pins.
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breaking news, a shooting involving an off-duty detention deputy. >> the investigation has shut down u.s. 41 in spring hill. right now it has been closed for much of the morning. corey deardorf, what did you find out?
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41 bowman road still shut down. the investigation is about a mile down this road on the left hand side there. pasco sheriff just giving a press conference a few minutes ago, telling more details into what happened last night. a man, stealing a pepsi truck that was warming up outside of a distribution center here going down the road. off-duty detention officers getting behind this truck, saying it was driving recklessly, and two accidents ensued. a fight ensued, ending up in being dead on the scene here. the suspect is ronald rob barrio. we are going to have the timeline of wrap and much more. tune back in at 9:30. thanks. a cargo plane skidding off a run way, nose busting through a fence and on to a highway in
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overnight. it happened just around 4:00 this morning. the third busiest hub in the country was closed for hours. the pilot and first officer were the only people on board. luckily they were not hurt. an update on a man police say killed two teenagers near atlanta. police have finished questioning him and he is headed to jail this morning. police found the bodies of the victims behind a publix store. jeffrey hazlewood was charged for the murders after police arrested him on wednes aggravated assault and one count of theft for using a credit card they say he stole from the victims. look at some video we are just getting in, showing a tornado causing a mess in the jacksonville area. businesses yesterday taking cover, several people were inside this building as that tornado tossed around some trailers outside. good news is nobody was hurt.
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damage is. >> reporter: it was a severe storm that struck in a matter of seconds. look at this surveillance video. in the upper left corner you see a trucking container lifted and then flipped on its side. >> sounded like a train, the building was shaking. >> reporter: shaking from a tornado that happened around 2:00 this afternoon. you see trash cans and other things fly across the lot. >> reporter: the rain was coming in, and there was tree branches going down the hallway. >> reporter: the strength of the storm also caught on camera inside the building. you see a ladder items thrown across the floor when the doors were ripped open. >> this one and the one on the end have the most damage. >> reporter: this evening we looked at the aftermath. in all eight containers were damaged i don't you are looking at steel right there. feel that. it is solid. >> reporter: just ripped it right off? >> uh-huh. like a can opener went right around it. >> reporter: it is one thing to see these containers flipped
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you can see the metal of this container bowing from it being flipped over. i'm told to fix this damage will likely cost thousands of dollars. eventually some of the containers were turned upright. >> it is insane. it is scary. >> reporter: scary is right. certainly is. sometimes we get twisters, the waterspouts that come in. that was an ef1 so 90 to 100 miles per hour winds. unusual for our weekend forecast finally got to friday. we got through the morning commute unscathed. nothing compared to yesterday. things quieting down. as far as that goes we are transitioning from our coastal showers and storms to our
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thunderstorms. notice the cluster of what is left. 75 out there wet this morning. on our futurecast, be able to see the storms. notice out of nowhere they begin to pop up east of 75. that will be our afternoon trend for storms to continue pushing we also have a disturbance to the north. we'll talk about that in a second. keep in mind the weekend looks pretty damp saturday and sunday. both rounds in the morning and along the coast and inland afternoon thunderstorms and some of these storms that form overnight in the gulf and move in a long the coast, we'll have bouts of heavier rainfall. now notice the thunderstorm activity that has persisted across the northern gulf.
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can form or tropical systems in essence here. once this persists, we start getting a little bit concerned. what i'm thinking now is this will actually not matter whether it develops or not. it will provide us though with a lot of moisture heading into the early part of next week. want to show you two computer model forecasts, this is not our forecast, i just want you to have a look at what the potential is here. if we the american model. the european model is drowning us here in upwards of 15 inches of rainfall here. i think this is a little overdone. we are probably going to get something in between. but even if that happens, that is a lot of rainfall to get through, through wednesday morning. we could have issues with flooding in the next couple of days. keep in mind a damp weekend with temperatures holding in the upper 80s through the early part of next week.
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parent. the way two toddlers were able to escape a florida daycare and the dangerous place they ended up. also the punishment for the person who was supposed to be watching them. if you are looking for a dog that could keep up with you and make you laugh, grayson might be the one for you. we'll introduce him to you, our pet of the week is next. and this is your last chance to enter to win $50,000 in our scratch and win sweepstakes. just open up your mobile app and click the contest link and you'll know instan win. you have until 10:00 this morning.
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how two toddlers escaped from a daycare in volusia county. they got out through a hole in a fence. a woman found them walking in a gas station parking lot, along a highway. and then, somebody from the daycare showed up looking for the children. the daycare employee is now facing child neglect charges. 9:23. time for pet of the week. bill gray joins us now with grayson, a goofy, one and a half-year-old aussie mix. >> you would look good walking him down the street i can't he would look good with anybody. grayson is a good boy. >> he is.
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house trained. he has been cleared, he is healthy. really needs a backyard where he can play. >> he is the complete package? >> gets along with other dogs, loves to play. kids maybe a little older because he wants to play with them. >> jump up on a toddler or something. >> that's right. >> how much is the adoption fee? and what does it include? >> i'm not sure but he comes microchipped, neutered, up to date on shots. you can go to the website on the screen there and see all the >> terrific. there is the information you need on the screen. you can adopt grayson through four lucky dogs pet rescue. again all the info is online. you can even apply online as well. he is going to make himself comfortable. coming up at 9:30, concerns. the actions one community is taking to try to fix a dangerous road where a teen was killed. the changes there, just in time for the new school year.
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a father is now facing charges after his twin toddlers died inside a hot car. the desperate actions he was
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a shooting iol detention deputies in pasco county. the investigation has u.s. 41 in spring hill shut down at this hour. we just got an update minutes ago. what we learned, coming up just ahead. dramatic new video shows flames shooting from a sailboat after an explosion. crews rushing to save an older man on board. what had this fire spreading to a second boat off the florida coast. first a shooting involving two off-duty detention
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schill shut down. corey deardorf is at the scene right now with a timeline of what led up to the shooting. >> reporter: good morning. this was a wild morning up here in northern pasco county. you can see behind me, bowman road shut down. they are trying to let some traffic through but there is quite an extensive investigation going on down there as well as three other places up and down u.s. 41 this morning. this all starting around 4:00 when someone called 911, a woman called 911. she said somebody was following her. shortly after there was a crash south of county line road and u.s. 41 involving a 4-door red car that was driven by the suspect ronald rob barrio, a 30- year-old white male who has a
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shortly after that he ran toward a pepsi facility where crews were starting up trucks outside. ronald jumps into one of those, takes off busts a gate and goes southbound on u.s. 41. an off-duty detention sergeant saw that truck leaving recklessly and got in behind the car to relay that tag to dispatch. at some point that coke truck stopped suddenly and caused the truck of the detention sergeant and that truck continues again southbound down u.s. 41. a second deputy in his personal car sees him. the truck hits them and they runoff the road. both detention deputies were in full uniform. the second deputy got out, got into a fight with ronald. he feared for his life, firing two shots, hitting ronald and killing him on scene.
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we'll bring you the latest on air and online. corey deardorf abcactionnews. let's check in on the forecast. a lot of blue sky out there. looking good for this morning. coastal showers at this point done. now we are just transitioning into our afternoon thunderstorms. coverage today about 50%. doppler radar now showing what is left of our shower here. lightning out there as well, but that is beginnin weaken. so to widening out the shot though, notice the activity across the northern gulf. ample tropical moisture the next few days, and that is southwest wind that push onshore flow will set us up for good rains right through the upcoming weekend which will favor the coastal areas and inland thunderstorms. as far as the temperatures mid and upper 80s. it wasn't that long ago we were mid and upper 90s.
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below normal and now we have a bit of a surplus this august. temperatures this afternoon pushing 90 degrees. it will feel hotter with the humidity out there but the key will be the thunderstorm activity that will continue, not just today but heading into the weekend as well. we'll time that out for you and check in on the rest of the tropics in just a few minutes. happening right now, there is a free food distribution event in st. pete for local families in need. church 16th street south. the give away started minutes ago. food distribution will run into noon farm share works with florida farmers to prevent food waste and distribute healthy food. new video shows a sailboat explosion off the coast of fort
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there was a blast on the boat just before 2:00 in the morning. the boat broke free from its moore and go bumped into another boat, catching that boat on fire too. the man on board was rushed to a hospital with minor injuries. new developments this morning in the deaths of twin little girls left in a hot car in georgia. police have arrested their father. ace sa north was charged for the deaths of thos officers say when paramedics showed up to help the father was holding the girls in a kiddie pool trying to cool them down. the father was charged. the mother was in the hospital, recovering from a car crash when the babies died. encouraging news right now in the fight against zika. experiments were successful on monkeys. >> they tested three different
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infection from the zika virus. one is a traditional medication, the other two are more cutting edge. >> researchers could test the traditional one on humans as soon as this year and two other experimental vaccines are in human studies already. the world's largest sperm bank is in a bind right now. the orlando-based group helps thousands around the world have children. but recent sperm the zika virus. in democracy 2016 the polls keep putting hillary clinton farther and farther ahead in the presidential race. she now has her largest lead yet, 48% over donald trump's 33%. clinton staying on message
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business practices. republicans are upset, trump saying he is not quite ready to endorse house speaker paul ryan for reelection. to try to calm the frustration his running mate, mike pence, made a blanket endorsement for all republicans in congress seeking reelection. trump has claimed the election was rigged. the race for a u.s. senate seat in florida intensifying and marco rubio calling out the senator for his stance on the hot issue. representative murphy is hoping to unseat rubio this november. rubio says begin more thorough background checks. >> the democrat sat on the steps of orlando city hall with the mother who lost her son in the pulse nightclub shooting. . the one orlando fund will
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those in the club during the shooting. the head of the fund says they will stop collecting money at the end of september and that is when they'll figure out how much each family is going to receive. right now there is $23 million in the fund, but that is expected to increase. and after the pulse massacre, we have seen a big response in our community when it comes to training to prepare for something like there. there was another active shooter training going on today at river ridg a simulation as if someone was caught on campus with a gun. the aclu asked for video after obtaining records showing the fbi had flown 10
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baltimore. in some cases the cameras zeroed in on individual people walking or cars, driving through the city. however the video mag if i cation does not appear to be strong enough to identify individual faces. the 2016 summer olympic games in rio kickoff today. >> nearly 300 russian athletes are finding out they will be able to compete. the international olympic committee making that decision just last nigh a panel investigated nearly 400 russian athletes on doping allegations. >> they are prohibiting 400 of them from competing and clearing the others just in time for the games. this comes after a report from the world antidoping agency. global stock markets mostly higher today after britain cut its interest rates. here's a live look at the dow right now, shooting up 126
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sinking attendance numbers on tropical storm colin, a slow down in florida tourism and holiday schedules. the parent company of busch gardens did not mention the documentary black fish as a factor. if you are looking for something fun, a new attraction opens up, called the beach. we gave you an inside look yesterday. it is 15,000 square feet of space balls. visitors are encouraged to company jump in, dive in this free, interactive experience will run through august 25th. comic con kicks off in tampa. you are likely going to run into some of the 35,000 people who could come through that convention center each day. starts at noon, runs until midnight. most of the celebrities
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will arrive tomorrow. they include the actor who plays darrell dixon on the walking dead, plus the actor as the daredevil in the netflix show. this means a lot of traffic. you can catch pokemon and a job all in the same place. that job event just started a few minutes ago. sykes enterprises is holding the job fair lakeland. it runs until 3:30 this afternoon. organizers say hiring will happen on site. still ahead, a firefighter in trouble over what he put online about the dallas ambush. his controversial message angering fellow first
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county commissioners are stepping up to make changes to a dangerous road. >> a 17-year-old high school student was hit and killed there in plea of this year. abcactionnews reporter corey deardorfs shows us solutions officials are working on in
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clubhouse road have complained about this road for years and say it is dangerous. the student died simply walking to the school bus and now they are looking for ways to improve safety. 17-year-old kay lynn kirk was hit by a crossing guard supervisor as he made his way across the street. polk county is conducting a safety study and collecting information on vehicle and pedestrian traffic. also county commissioners are reviewing areas that need additional lighting, near bus stops and school zones. the county has installed a streetlight here where the student was and i would that study is expected to be completed in about a month and you can count on abcactionnews to stay on top it have and bring you any details on air and online. abcactionnews. i want to show you new video right now of a lengthy and risky rescue of a construction worker stuck in a cement mixner boston. first responders you see here
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building and into a waiting ambulance after two hours. his foot was caught in the cement mixer. it appears he simply slipped. the 22-year-old was in unbelievable pain. first responders gave him oxygen and an iv and tried to keep him conscious. firefighters under fire in new york state, appearing to support the gunman in dallas who killed five officers. lieutenant omar lanier is suspended without pay for a message he posted on instagram. the message reads quote hurray for dallas and the real gangsters who took the shots. no regard for those who have no regard for us. die for freedom. he apparently posted that on july 7th, the night a dozen dallas police officers were shot, five of them killed in that assault. fellow first responders are stunned. >> this is an accident
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young lieutenant. and i'm quite sure whatever was said, i would like to believe that he did not mean that and i'm almost certain he is very remorseful. >> reporter: lanier was recently promoted to lieutenant. the firefighter union stressing it doesn't condone any calls for violence. if you are not near your tv right now, take a second and come on over and look at this. this is the creepiest video of the day. an oregon family what they found on their surveillance video after they woke up and found their home was an absolute mess and they couldn't figure out why. they checked their surveillance video and saw a creepy woman rummaging through their home. >> the homeowner, michelle phelps, said the stranger did weird things too, like making a hot dog bun and cream cheese to eat and she even tried on
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members slept inside. >> it is so violating. this is your safe haven. you come home, and this is where the world is done this is your home and then for the world the messed up world to follow new your home is really hard. >> the sheriff's office later arrested this woman. she is 24, now charged with multiple counts of burglary, theft, criminal trespass and possession maybe she was going to comic con is what i first thought. >> i was thinking it might be something we would see in down tampa this weekend. >> i don't to see it anywhere. >> not in your house. the last weekend of summer and trying to enjoy activities hopefully outside. we don't get cooped in with the rainfall here.
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the convention center. that is a good time. we don't want to do spoilers, some folks are not caught up with the season. let's check in. >> we are done with the morning coast al showers. now we are transitioning to afternoon thunderstorms, which will continue to develop and then push east of 75, so that you'll see the sun longer right across the interior counties. about 90, 91 as opposed to the mid and upper 80s along the coast. we'll continue with a break now into the evening, will rinse repeat, unfortunately, heading into tomorrow. the southwest flow and disturbance, the combination of which will bring sample tropical moisture and feed it to our coastal counties in the morning. we'll get enough sun right? where we destabilize and pop up thunderstorms. again watch this part of the northern gulf for tropical development here. but i still think the main
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moisture that will get moved in to the peninsula in the next few days and likely bring us periods of very heavy rainfall. quiet east. barely hanging on to 40 miles per 50 rain chances. 60 continuing saturday and sunday. the 60 is going to come at times with heavy pockets of rain. keep that in mind saturday, sunday, heading into the early part of next week with highs in the 80s. still ahead on abcactionnews. no bent hangers or hot wiring. car thieves are turning to new technology to break into your
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two men stole dozens of cars, their tool of choice? a laptop. >> talk about a high-tech heist here. police say michael arias and jessie slay are now in jail after stealing more than 30 jeeps in the houston area over the last six months. investigators say they used pirated software on their laptops to create next officers say the two sent those cars to mexico. and what is even more unsettling about this, apparently there is not much you can do to protect your car besides parking it some maybe in a safe place like a closed garage. apple is hoping to use high- tech hacking skills for good. the company says it will start offering cash rewards, up to $200,000 for hackers who come forward with any security flaws they find in their software. the iphone make soldier joining
9:53 am
they hope this will reveal any problems so they can fix them and discourage hackers from using that information against the company or exploit or sell it. a consumer alert this morning. ford is recalling 830,000 of its vehicles. several mott ells from the past four years have a defective side dar -- models from the past four years have a defective side door which may unlatch while driving. a new invention that lets you sleep at work. what is hidden inside this desk that lets you get comfortable without ever having to leave
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>> heading into the weekend, upper 80s. good downpours saturday and sunday. >> a lot of us would love to take a nap and work. a new invasion is allowing that. a desk that doubles as a bed. >> it has panels that moves aside, revealing a bed. it comes with a headrest and storage space. it's not on the market yet so you will have to at l pretend to be awake. >> keep your eyes open.
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?[music]? >> tgif. good friday morning. i'm carley boyette. >> and i'm natalie taylor. it is friday. so what better the weekend than in our kitchen. >> yes. >> with some oysters. >> we are so excited to add the restaurant group to the morning blend family. each week they will be sharing recipes and cooking tips with us. again, so excited. >> we really are. >> thank you. >> we are on cloud 9. who better to get cooking tips from. we are going to start out today by celebrating national oyster


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