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tv   Action News at 5AM  ABC  August 15, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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schools and a new way of learning. we've got your back, as you head back-to-school. thank you for joining us. >> janelle and ivan watching the roads. >> no rain? >> no rain, roads are dry. a crash in largo we're watching but otherwise looking great. >> i appreciated the no rain last week in hillsborough. thank you very much. >> we cleared out nicely. now the issue of this morning, i don't think it will be a big deal but we're going to monitor areas of fog. we get the rain earlier yesterday and then, now we have calm winds, clear skies so already seeing pockets there of, well, the usual spots, east of 75 and eastern pasco county, zephyrhills, 4-mile visibility. when you get 3 and 4-mile visibility around 5:00 that is an indication things will go downhill. we'll watch the numbers closely. we'll have upper 70s, it will
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the fog. of course by the afternoon you always want to pack rain gear this time of year. we're in the midst of the wet season so we'll get rhett later today with showers and storms. the coverage not horrendous but 50%, pretty typical. rest of the upper bay area, upper 70s. we'll get to low 90s, it will feel like 100 to 105. storms then will develop east and continue to move west. everybody now back for now hopefully quiet. >> now is good. not a lot of cars on the road now. corey dierdorff is checking out the veterans expressway for us. he's behind the wheel of our live drive cam. he's around the airport, not a lot of cones where he is but you will run into some of those cones on the veterans expressway. not slowing anyone down. looking at clear drive times on the veterans expressway. we're watching one crash in largo, ulmerton road at 119th
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with the crash, although my traffic indicators around there are in the green still. you stay my want to give yourself extra time. u.s. 19 looking great through largo, up to speed in both directions. a quick check outside, looking great on i-275, this is just south of roosevelt, lanes wide open. no construction, no delays there. quick check of the drive on i- 4, looking good there as well. 21 minutes from county line road to downtown. back more than 100,000 students in polk county will be waking up in the next few minutes, realizing their summer is over. >> where did it go? today is the first day back to school for some there in polk county. for some it's the first day ever in a brand new building. abc action news reporter ryan reyes joins us at citrus ridge academy in davenport. did they get it done in time? >> reporter: just barely.
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the 5:00 fog. i was here last week, got a behind the scenes tour. it was an active construction zone. they are working 24/7 to get this done and they just barely got it done in time for the first day of school today. it's a state of the art school, the theme, it's everything's sifntion. that is the unique thing about the school in davenport p.o. everything's civics. everything will have a civics tiein. talking about taking action, student government. understanding the world we live in today. a first of its kind school in polk county. the district badly needed a new school because davenport is booming. it's a -- growing by leaps and bounds. there are 1,400 students enrolled and right now the sky is at capacity. this probably bears repeating all morning long. there will be 500 buses on the roads starting today, making about 8,000 stops, so if you
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county, if you're traveling to work or school in polk county give yourself some extra time at least five to 10 minutes, especially today. probably tomorrow and all this week as the bus drivers get used to the new routes and the students and parents get used to those new stops as well. live in davenport, ryan reyes, abc action news. >> good advice. thank you, especially with the fog. police spent the night searching new york's jfk airport for any guns, ammunition or shell casings after this morning they tell us there's no evidence of any shots fired. we first brought you this as breaking news last night at 11:00. police evacuated two terminals at jfk after multiple people said they heard shots fired near the departure area. officers swarmed to the scene with guns drawn last night. say the evacuations were just a precaution. and the terminals are back open this morning. we have just learned the names of two people -- two of the six people killed when a small plane from kissimmee crashed near tuscaloosa,
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memphis attorney says his nephew, dr. jason parise and his wife, dr. leah farise were on board. they were dentists in oxford, mississippi. others on board were also couples. authorities say the plane developed engine trouble. and the pilot sent a distress call and the plane crashed into trees while trying to land at tuscaloosa regional airport. this morning a man is in critical condition after a car hit him while he was riding his bike it happened at martin luther king jr. boulevard and north himes avenue just after 6:00 p.m. yesterday. closing part of mlk for hours. police still aren't sharing that victim's name. we'll let you know what police find out once they finishish their investigation. the family of a pinellas county firefighter hopes to carry on his personal commitment to save lives. pete huffman was in the fire department for 35 years.
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with cancer. his doctors believe the illness was linked to decades of exposure to toxic chemicals in the line of duty. huffman's family learned the financial hardships of his diagnosis especially since florida is one of just a few states without a firefighter cancer presumption law to help cover his treatments. >> my brother was a hero. the firefighters are heroes everyday. they lay their lives on the line to protect life and property and they serve the community in a way that is unparalleled. and it is shameful that we don't have this protection in place for them. >> huffman's family is now committed to doing whatever they can in hopes of getting better cancer protection laws in place in florida. for current and future first responders. including pete's son who is a firefighter. people are calling a hillsborough county detention deputy a hero for good reason. what he did while off the clock. deputy habib hanze was at
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indian rocks beach with his wife and three children on saturday. he's holding had his 3-year-old here. that is when he heard a woman screaming for help. saw someone trying to pull a child up from under the water. habib hanze handed his son to a stranger and jumped in to rescue that toddler. 3-year-old michael andrews wasn't breathing so hanze started cpr right away. he was able to revive the boy and paramedics took him to the hospital. >> i'm still in shock. i'm sleepless just thinking about it. i'm just glad he's safe. he's alive. if anything happens again i would do it for anyone's child the same way. >> the hospital says that little boy is doing fine this morning. habib hanze has been a detention deputy for six years, this is a first for him though. the family of the 3-year-old boy says they are certainly grateful for everything he did. we want every viewer to know we're taking action for you everyday with our coverage
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our news campaign is called "taking action for your future." i pulled up our new web site for to you see. abc action,, it's here. we joined the pinellas education foundation and career source tampa bay to provide career counseling starting today through september 9th. you can go to the page and take our future plans interactive test for free. you'll get a confidential summary of the results from career counselors, they will review the report with you at no cost. good morning. on this monday. looking pretty good. dry, a little patchy fog as you saw across portions of polk county. even even hillsborough getting in on that as well. 79 for the morning temperature and then back to around 90 degrees by lunchtime. showers and storms will fire, we'll talk about where they will fire and where they are going to head in a few minutes. 5:08. while ivan tracks our weather we'll see how devastating it is for families in louisiana after
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>> we're learning of the massive number of rescues made over the weekend and where there is still a risk for more flooding.
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welcome back. 5:12. school is in session this morning in pasco county and one school students are encouraged to bring their cell phones to class. >> that's right. abc action news anchor james
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we have not seen this method before. >> reporter: it's quiet now but in a couple of hours some middle schoolers are going to have a very interesting day with a technique we understand is only being used in a few other parts of the country. bayonet point where i am now, it is a s.t.e.m. magnet school but administrators believe in this and want students to take ownership of their own learning. working in an area of study they are interested in and the pace they can handle. we have a look in last week. these classrooms, with enough computers to go around, and mobile furniture, desks that students can stand up at if they want to. the school administrators want students to bring their own tablets or cell phones to class to help with their learning. the principal says she thinks it's the best way to do it in a 21st century environment. >> everything is a problem- based task and the kids need to
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collectively and brainstorm together and that's what the world business today. you can't google everything and come up with an answer. >> reporter: where was this middle school when i was a kid? they want kids to feel like they are constantly making progress. they call it level up learning. the best way to compare it, look at kids, middle school aged engaged in mobile games like pokemon go for example. they will play it for four hours a day. right? and one of the reasons the school administrators think they addicted to the leveling up process. they want them to have that same feeling when they are working in the classroom. live in pasco county, james tully, abc action news. >> thank you. this photo says it all. four boaters safe and sound after a coast guard rescue. this young boy and the adult -- actually we saw it a moment ago, both on the boat when it happened. a good samaritan first heard a
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reported to it authorities. shortly after the boat crew found all four people clinging to the bow of the boat and pulled them to safety. here's that photo again. they all had on their life vest. when a speed boat sunk in lake tahoe a group of people managed to stay afloat using an ice cooler and seat cushion. firefighters say the four men from california rented a boat saturday, that night it started to take on water when they were three miles from shore. people somehow heard their calls in the darkness. rescuers fir person that swam to shore and found the other three. all american should be ok -- all men should be ok. a dramatic video showing a coast guard doing what they do best, using a basket to rescue someone from a rooftop. the governor says it was one of more than 20,000 rescues across louisiana after major flooding across that state. more than 10,000 people now forced out of their homes. the governor declaring a state of emergency yesterday for at least four communities. many left now figure the out
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is next. >> where do you go from here? >> just like i did from katrina, start all over again. as long as i'm living. >> the baton rouge river center is now transformed into a shelter for evacuees. it sounds like southern louisiana will be seeing more flooding as the overflowing rivers drain toward the gulf. >> even if we didn't get another drop of rainfall and we're going to get more than that unfortunately the next few days. it would be still flooded because of the water and volume has to get to the gulf. it does so through the rivers and streams which overflowed their banks and of course created just a disaster here across the north. look at the map. in the next, last five days -- this all fell in two, three days. 2 feet rainfall totals here. just unbelievable stuff. you go a little further north as not as much but it was all concentrated. you don't need a named trormt to create this problem. this was a tropical low, just hadn't developed enough but the moisture associated with it just poured and streamed on in.
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situation. but now shifting a little further west so that we're actually going to involve now portions of texas with flooding over the next few days. we'll keep you posted oon that. for us, that low that flooded louisiana brought us the rain last weekend. long gone, for now just back to sea breeze thunderstorms which won't fire until the afternoon. the difference this time of year is where will they develop? east or west and where will they that is depending on the prevailing wind flow. right now it's a southeast flow, that means everything gets pushed to our area, stronger storms with hefty rain and freezing lightning on our side of the peninsula. middle part of the week, then everything heads east so polk county gets into it, hardee, desoto, highlands as well. so sunshine today with the east flow coming in and we'll continue to see the storms firing up between 3:00 and 4:00 by the way for the pickup bus
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then everything continues to push to the west. before that happens we warm up big time. 90 to 95, it will feel like 100 to 105. then rain chances 40% to 50%, nothing unusual, through the end of the week with highs where they should be this time of year, in the lower 90s. expect some delays in polk and pasco because of school buses hitting the roads but the roads are dry for now so that is some good news. corey dierdorff is checking things out downtown tampa. looking a little crowded, definitely looks like people heading back to school, once again in hillsborough county. but no crashes or breakdowns to tell but there. we have a crash that we have been watching, an update now from fhp, this is the crash in largo, just north of ulmerton road on 119th street north, hearing of one northbound lane blocked there. if you're heading to the intersection you may want to give yourself extra time.
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take a virtual drive if you will across the howard frankland bridge from pinellas county to hillsborough. all the traffic indicators in the green as we pass through west shore and end up at the junction around where corey was driving. the average speed there 67 and coming in on i-4 looking great as well, average speed 65 miles an hour from 75 to 275. look at these pictures. troopers are trying to find out how this dog ended up alone on a busy highwa thankfully. troopers found it on i-4 near the median near state road 559 in polk county. if you recognize the dog or the owner you are urged to call florida highway patrol. i posted the photos to my facebook page if you need another look. 5:19. developing this morning, a hate crimes task force is now lookings into the shooting death of two muslim leaders in new york city. police just released a sketch of the shooting suspect. surveillance video captured the
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murdering an imam and his assistant as they left a mosque after midday prayers. the council on american islamic relations is offering a $10,000 reward for tips leading to an arrest. today community members will gather in brooklyn for a memorial prayer. still ahead -- it's not something you would expect to see when you open your garage. yikes! the huge animal one man found inside lurking. abc action news the story straight. olympic swimmer ryan lochte is responding after conflicting reports he was robbed at gunpoint in rio. >> first twitter may soon be streaming on apple tv. here's kendis gibson and diane macedo. >> in today's "tech bytes," watching twitter's football games on apple tv. the mini blogging service recently won the right to live stream the nfl games.
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can now watch the streams. looks like samsung may be getting ready to roll out its latest smart watch. >> the tech giant sent a press in germany for october 1st. you soon may be able to use your wrist to control your smartphone, no watch needed. >> researchers at m.i.t. and microsoft developed a temporary smart tattoo. made of embedded sensors as well as gold leaf, it would a variety of functions without touching their devices. >> pretty too. >> it is kind of neat.
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welcome back. the bad news that is likely still to come in a tragic and deadly fire. >> this is breaking news we first brought you last week from maryland after the apartment complex went up in flames thursday. authorities now saying people are still missing this morning. they've already recovered five bodies from the debris. two of the victims just children. 3 and 8 years old. now at least four others are unaccounted for. >> homeowner sharing his huge scare. check out what he found.
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alligator. sure not happy when authorities tried to remove it. wranglers did eventually get the big guy under control. 5:26. coming up, a difficult start to the school year. a pinellas county teacher fighting for her life, learning about the car crash that sent her to the hospital this weekend. >> then pasco and polk county kids head back to school. abc action news is bringing you team coverage to see if one brand new school will have last-minute construction when the students get into the classroom. >> plus, a school's learning philosophy intanting technology but welcoming -- isn't banning technology but welcoming cell phones with open arms. >> this is what it looks like at i-275 around bird street. no crashes or breakdowns.
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just days after the start of school in pinellas county a local teacher fighting to recover after being hit by a drunk driver. ahead in a live report, why it turns out that driver has a long history of trouble with the law.


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