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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  August 15, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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chances and -- right through the neck few days. no big changes as i see it until we get to thursday and friday. at least the roads are dry so no issues there, corey dierdorff is watching things for us behind the wheel of our live drive cam. on bruce b downs now. some cars on the roads but no crashes or breakdowns. off smooth ride all up and down bruce b downs. we have a couple of crashes that we want to talk about. the first one, in hillsborough county, in tampa, northbound westshore around gray street, before you get to 275. reports of roadblock there. that's what happens when fhp gets word of the crash after we do. that there are some delays there, possibly so give yourself extra time. further south we're still watching this crash in manatee county, so if you're driving through palmetto on i-75 heading south we're seeing some delays from a crash here just after 275, so definitely give
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to try 41 as an option depending where you're coming from and where you're going. elsewhere taking a look outside, 275 through downtown tampa looks great. just five minutes to get from here to the howard frankland bridge. 6 bridge:01. can you hear that? more than 100,000 students in polk county will be waking up realizing summer is over. today's the first school, for some the first day in a brand new building. ryan raish is live in citrus academy. did they get everything done in time? >> reporter: just in the nick of time. in fact if you were here a week ago there thwas an active construction scene. you would see trucks, cranes, painters hard at work, working 24/7 to try to get this school ready in time. and it is ready for students to arrive any moment for the first
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the theme is everything civics. so that is kind of the unique part about this school. every class the students will attend will have some type of circumstances tie-in. we're talking about -- civics tie-in. we're talking about taking action. student government and leadership. it's about understanding the world we live in. it's the first of its kind school in polk county. the district badly needed a new school here because davenport is booth. it's growing by leaps and bounds. it's booming. there are enrolled in the school and right now we're told they are at capacity. this bears repeating -- all morning long there will be about 500 buses on the road out here in polk county making about 8,000 stops along the way , and it's going to be slow on
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>> slow down at the school zones and of course around the stopped school buses. imagine students encouraged to bring cell phone to class. >> it's going to be an interesting first day for kids at one of pasco county's middle schools this morning. abc action news anchor james tully is live at bayonet point. james, there's a method of learning most of us have not seen before. >> reporter: they up learning. most popular game on the planet now is pokemon go. is it your kids' desire to level up? get to the next level? that drives their engagement and focus? teachers at bayonet middle school certainly think so. and they think they found the answer. their idea, if they can translate that to the classroom and give students an opportunity to move at a pace that fits them with things that challenge them in the areas of study they are interested in, they think they can keep them
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classrooms here are going to be infused with technologies, computers, tablets and students can even bring their cell phones if they have one to help in the learning process. the principal thinks it's the pest way to do it in the -- best way to do it tblt 2 st century. >> -- to do it in the 21st century. >> everything is a problem- based task, the kids need to be able to solve that problem collectively and brainstorm together. that's what the world is about together. you can't come up with an answer. >> reporter: she adds the internet is a wonderful thing but crippled us as students and adults so they stress this technology is going to be used to assist with developing skills used today. they are not throwing away the textbooks, they are just giving them an update. reporting this morning in pasco county, james tully, abc action news. >> thank you. sarasota county still has one week before students go back to school next monday.
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the second week of class. we've got all the resources you need to adjust on if you click on your county you can find things like each district's calendar. pinellas county school teacher remains in critical condition after police say a drunk driver ran a red light and slammed into her car. that driver set to face a judge this afternoon. caroline sine teaches music in pinellas county, her passenger, 36-year-old sean hankins is also in critical condition at bayfront police arrested that driver brice macleod, they say the 36- year-old ran a red light in park boulevard around 1:00 sunday morning. he's facing two charges of dui with serious injuries and this is not his first dui arrest. more on his record coming up at 6:45. in another dui, in hillsborough county, deputies arrested giovanni mendez for causing a wrong way crash. they say he slammed into another car after he started to drive southbound in the northbound lane of anderson
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but are expected to survive. mendez faces a dui charge. a man is in critical condition after a car hit him while riding his bike in tampa. it happened at martin luther king jr. boulevard and north himes avenue just after 6:00 p.m. yesterday. closing parts of mlk for hours. we will let you know what police find out once they finish their investigation. a pedestrian in critical condition after being hit by a car. this closed the 4100 block west hillsborough avenue saturday for several hours. investigators have not released that victim's name. right now investigators are still trying to find out who abandoned a dog and a busy highway. troopers trying to find out how the dog ended up on the i-4 median near state road 559 in polk county. no one hit the animal. if you have information on how this dog got there or who owns the dog call florida highway patrol. you can jump on board a bus
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the department of transportation sending us this video of the new wheels, used on a new route connecting route 54. the county used an fdot grant to pay for the buses. there's a free round trip today only. board any of the stops along the route to take part. in polk county community leaders will board a bus and take a tour around town to help neighborhoods in need. the commission chair is leading this bus around the block tour. will take off from holiday today to bring attention areas that need services and improvements. today there's a ribbon- cutting for the first crystal ray school in florida. that network of schools serves low income families and provides a catholic college preparatory education along with real-world work experience. network officials say it has a proven track record of ending the cycle of poverty for many of its students. the tampa locations near the seminole hard rock casino, ribbon-cutting set for 1:00 this afternoon. tico is warning tampa residents you can see low
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your area helicopter crews will be inspecting tampa electric transmission lines. work is scheduled to start 8:00 a.m. and will continue for several weeks. inspections may also happen on the weekends. all the work should be done in mid-september. still to come -- twin toddlers clinging to life after their parents found them in a hot tub. the two things officials say may have prevented this tragedy. >> plus thousands of families saved from floodwaters in louisiana, the venue now traps formed into a shelter for those
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a family is not sure if their toddler begins are going to survive after finding them in a hot tub. fire officials say the 2-year- old boy and girl somehow made it out of the arizona house and into that backyard hot tub. fire responders say they are not able to own and are in very critical condition. both parents were home at the time, officials say there was no barrier surrounding that hot tub and this is an awful reminder of how parents can lose track of their children in just a matter of seconds. 6:11. look at this track dramatic video showing the coast guard using a basket to save someone from a rooftop. officials say it's one of 20,000 rescues across louisiana
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state. >> that's right. i mean, you can see how horrible. flooding is. >> it's measured in feet. >> in feet. the problem is we got more rain on the way here. it's a disaster. a word i've been hearing from the folks there -- katrina has come up a lot the last few days. and there are images there, reminiscent of that. absolutely when rivers and streams start to get involved there you can go from -- go to bed at night, wake up the next morning and your house -- even the middle of the night is completely inundated. that is how quick things can happen here. this is the five-day total, but most of the two feet fell within 48 hours so. you can imagine that would overwhelm any drainage system. we can remember that from last august here. but, we had a few days to deal with it. they got in a couple of so of course the flood warnings continue there. i must say they will get more rainfall but the bulk of which now is actually shifted a
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will impact texas here, boat load of rain unfortunately coming up. look at port arthur and heading into houston as well. so we'll continue to see this, quite a mess for them. for us a southeast flow, that means showers and storms as we head through later this afternoon. i think it will be fine most of the day, by the time we get to 4:00 and 7:00 highs around 92. heat index approaching 105 by later this afternoon. we know that -- 10,000 people now forced from their homes in louisiana. >> i coming up -- an airport scare, precautions police took after multiple people said they heard gunshots at two terminals. >> plus, judging pot plants, the first ever event representing the big money industry in one state only
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airport for passengers after someone reported gunshots. we're learning the reports were unfounded now. look at police swarming one of the terminals last night. guns drawn. we first brought you this as breaking news last night at 11:00. police evacuated two terminals there in new york city last night. after multiple people said they heard shots fired near the departure area. police say evacuations were just a precaution. a second night of protests
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overnight a car was set on fire, you see that? a tv crew captured the moment it exploded. one officer was injured when a rock smashed into his cruiser's windshield. another hurt when he was hit by another thrown object. officers say they shot and killed 23-year-old seville smith saturday after he ran from a traffic stop with a gun in his hand and turned toward the officer. protesters burned down six businesses including a gas station, the wisconsin governor wants police to le body cam video of the shooting hoping it will help ease tensions. the milwaukee mayor appealing to parents in case violence sparks again. >> if you love your son, you love your daughter, you love your grandchild, tell them to stay away from this area. stay away from this area. let's calm things down. >> smith's sister demands prosecutors file charges in the death. a hillsborough county detention deputy is hailed a hero for jumping into action
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from drowning saturday. that rescue happened at splash harbor water park in indian rocks beach. deputy habib hanze was there with his wife and three children holding his 3-year-old son you see here when he heard a woman screaming for help. he spotted someone trying to pull a child out of the water. habib hanze handed his son to a stranger and grabbed in to rescue that toddler. that 3-year-old, michael andrews wasn't breathing so hanze started cpr right away. that toddler now revived and doing fine at a state fairs competition judging dozens of marijuana plants. one of a kind event taking part this weekend at the oregon state fair. judges poked and prodded the more than 50 contest entries while hundreds looked on. oregon legalized recreational weed in 2014 and the industry is growing rapidly. the state's expected to collect $35 million in taxes through june of next year.
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let's go back in time and show you what was happening yesterday. we have a waxing gibbus out there. thursday we'll have a full moon. we saw a lot of moonlight. at this toint looking pretty good the next few days which means sunshine early and getting back to the afternoon summer thunderstorms. the pattern will favor storms firing east of us and everything moving to the west coast, along our beaches late in the day and it will be hot, and humid, 90 to 95, feeling 70s to around 80 degrees. warm and muggy, add a little patchy fog, but nothing as far as any significant reduction in visibility. southeast flow, you see the showers coming in from south florida there, that is indicative of where the storms will be headed for today. titan doppler radar quiet this morning, it will be dry for the bus stop, even recess i think in pretty good shape or if taking lunch outside. southeast wind, eventually we'll get the thunderstorms going. by the way this pattern locked
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we're going to see changes friday where we reverse things the other way. we have time to talk about that. for now it will be the showers and storms along 95 and then they will make their way towards 75 through the afternoon and evening hours. some which will produce of course local heavy downpours and frequent lightning. we talk about thunder, you want to be inside. 100 to 105. another reason to be inside. hot stuff with highs around 90 to 95. with those storms continuing through the next few days. rain chances 40% to 50% let's check this tuesday -- monday morning commute. >> tuesday? >> wouldn't it be nice? >> it would be great. fitzit's the first did i of school for folks in pasco county. corey dierdorff is driving around state road 56. no crashes or breakdowns but you may notice a lot more cars on the roadways in that county.
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in polk county for students there. we have a crash reported in lakeland, a heads up. it's northbound county line road at u.s. 92, reports of roadblock here and i am seeing some delays. i was seeing some delays northbound, now it looks like we're seeing a little slowdown southbound. either way just give yourself extra time if your morning commute takes you through that intersection. we're still watching this crash in palmetto and manatee counties, southbound i-75, backup is no 275. so a couple of options if you don't want to wait in that traffic. you can head on over to u.s. 41, that seems to be flowing nicely now, or 301 depending where you're coming from or where you're going. we'll keep following this here and on twitter @tampabaytraffic. 6:21. still ahead -- dangers of firefighting tragically catching up to one man. the cause is family is now pushing to make sure his son doesn't meet the same fate.
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after being dragged away from her family's camp site by a mountain lion. >> reporter: in our "gma first look" a harrowing tale of child versus the wild. >> we didn't think we were in danger. we thought it was passing through. but now we know it was stalking the kids because they had come up for dinner. >> reporter: 4-year-old kelsey butt was camping with her family this weekend near green canyon holt springs idaho when her mother put her down for a nap. >> after dinner i took her to see playing. >> reporter: kelsey wandered off, when her mother says a giant mountain lion pounced clutching kelsey and tried to carry her off. mom jumped in immediately. >> it grabbed her with its teeth and flipped her over. we were there. so i ran to her screaming -- like running at the lion, i run up to her and scoop her, she's just clinging to me. the first thing i do is look at her body. >> reporter: coming up at 7:00 a.m. -- linsey davis looks at how
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diane macedo, abc news, new york.
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6:26. happening tomorrow -- loved ones will attend the funeral for a pinellas county firefighter. >> doctors believe he got canser from breathing in smoke in the line of duty. his family is carrying his personal mission hoping to save lives. pete huffman served 35 years in the fire service.
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fire department. and an instructor at st. pete college of he died thursday. huffman's family learned the financial hardship of his diagnosis especially since florida is one of just a few states without a firefighter cancer preassumption law to help pay and cover treatments. they are now pushing for this law for current and future first responders including pete's son who is a firefighter. good morning, we are watching your roads. this is what it looks like on the howard frankland, looks great back pinellas and hillsborough. your drive about six minutes, coming up we're going to check drive times on the veterans expressway. coming up at 6:30 -- full steam ahead, approval for a new natural gas project and the way it's expected to bring a boost to the bay area. >> the zeke transmission zone
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team coverage as two more counties head back to school this monday morning. >> our crews in pasco county and polk county standing by with two big changes to report. >> our live camera checking to see if buses may be causing delays. >> i'm sure they are. because there are a lot more of them on the road now. we'll talk aboutra my apologies -- >> please, i was just going to say you are joining us now with -- >> absolutely. >> most accurate forecast ever? >> right. it's a fantastic forecast early on if you have to be outside. if you're dropping off the kids or the kids are walking to the bus, if they are old enough -- i used to do that, about 14 is when i started to walk alone. 7:01 is sunrise, 79 degrees. no worries as far as if i rainfall but of course for the
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thinking any time after 4:00 is when we'll get a little more concentrated but otherwise we're in pretty good shape. it's the kind of pattern we're used to yearior. southeasterly wind and that will always favor tampa and the rest of the coast from getting the storms late. the later you get the storms the stronger they tend to be because they've had all day to get going. that's what we're going to have today. 93 for the daytime high which of course factor in the humidity, it will feel like 100 to 105 center where it's monday. and how's -- a few crashes. >> a few crashes, first day of school in some counties. it's always going to slow things down a little. give yourself extra time than you did over the summer. it's looking dark where corey dierdorff is in pasco county. but no crashes to report in pasco county. we're watching a crash in polk
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morning. lakeland, this crash reported county line road at u.s. 92. i've already started to see some improvement here so looks like that crash may be moved out of the way. we're seeing delays southbound i-75, just after i-275. you might want to try taking u.s. 41 or 301, that seems to be moving a lot better. a quick check of the drive times on the toll roads, veterans expressway still looking great, 18 minutes from 54 to 275. just a expressway, seven minutes from 75 to downtown. 6:32. big morning ahead for polk county kids. >> the summer is over and time to start a new school year for the 100,000 students across that county. abc action news reporter ryan raish joins us live at the newest school in polk, in davenport. >> reporter: exciting time for students all over the county
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behind us. they should be getting here soon. this is the citrus ridge academy in davenport. if you're not familiar with this corner of the county, literally disney world, theme parks, five minutes down the road. probably where students spend half the summer. now reality sets in and they are coming to their brand spanking new school. it's pretty cool. i got a sneak peek last week. it literally looked like an active construction site just four days ago. there was a lot of work to be done but assured everyone it the school is a little different than what you may be used to. it's a civics academy. so the theme is taking action, participating in government, citizenship, becoming a leader. it's the first of the kind school in polk county that administrators hope get people thinking about the world we live in. >> one of the things that this culture is going to be built upon is good citizenship. that, as you all know,
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areas. >> there are 1,400 students enrolled at citrus ridge and right now they are at capacity. it's an exciting time for polk county parents. another reminder, 500 buses will be on the road in polk county. about 8,000 stops along the way so if you're driving here give yourself at least five to 10 extra minutes. it w live in davenport, ryan raish, abc action news. students encouraged to bring cell phone to class and able to even stand up at their desks if they want to? >> it's part of big changes about to be unveiled in pasco county. >> james tully is live at by bay net point middle school.
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it's only in two other schools across the country. you wonder why you see kids play mobile games? like this one? the most popular mobile game in the planet? i'm not hooked on the game, disclaimer, i download the it this morning. we play video games to get to the next level. administrators want to take that leveling up process and translate it to the classroom. by aonet was closed - now with a new look. plenty of computers to go around but teachers want students to take control of their observe -- own learning and that means bringing cell phones and tablets in the classroom to assist in the leveling up learning process. >> we're going to translate that into the classroom. we want them to level up. once they get here now what? what can we do now to get to the next level?
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>> reporter: bayonet is a magnet school now focusing on technology and math. students will be working in an area of study they find interesting to help with the learning process. also they want students to work at a pace that fits them and suits them perfectly. happening today -- early voting begins in hillsborough county. the county, the first in the every bay area county will start early voting by saturday. the florida primary election is august 31st. we made it easy to vote early no matter where you live. check on our mobile app on you'll find an article that lists all the early voting locations, times, dates and locations across 11 bay area counties.
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florida to alabama could begin as soon as this week. look at this map. showing the $3.2 billion sable trail project. it goes through citrus county before ending in eastern polk county. federal energy regulators just giving the final approval friday. it's meant to boost florida's natural gas supply but opponents are concerned of the impact it will have on wetlands, springs and sinkholes. alarming new development in the zika virus. florida helicopter off transmitted outside the previous zone. the number of locally transmitted cases now up to 28. two new cases are linked to the one square mile of the miami win wood district considered ground zero for the virus. but there is a third new infection that may have come from a mosquito just outside of that zone. what investigators still believe it's coming from. they still believe it's still coming from that general neighborhood. looking pretty good now,
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skies. sunrise 7:01. 7:00 yesterday. we lost the six-hour sunrises as the days continue to get shorter. 90 by noontime. it will feel like 100 and 93 with showers and thunderstorms already firing. more on futurecast coming up. it's the first day of school in polk and pasco counties so you may want to leave yourself extra time in those areas to help drivers get starting to see a slowdown on i- 275,ed no bad though. 16 minutes from the apex to i-4 and 6 minutes in the middle from busch to i-4. 6:38. coming up -- adele turns down one of the biggest nights in entertainment. her reasoning behind her wejection prompting boos from some fans. >> plus dog versus bear. amazing video with an ending you might not expect. the reason other dogs in the neighborhood are a little
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singer adele is saying goodbye to the possibility of her performing at the next super bowl. she told fans in los angeles this weekend she was offered a halftime performing slot but said no. she says the super bowl halftime show is not about
6:42 am
from her fans. you have to see this video. a brave dog takes on a much bigger animal. >> take a look. the dog chases a bear around the backyard, amazingly the dog scares it off. at first the bear tries to get away by climbing trees in collier county but the dog just wouldn't let up. >> his owner affectionately calling him "little bear chaser" this. big dog is a-year-old, some neighbors have even smaller have the big guard dog around. 6:42. still ahead -- citrus farmers turning to brewing. advancements allowing them to make beer for the first time. >> the fastest man on the planet makes history in rio. the record usian bolt set in the 100 meter dash but first - >> a popular pinellas county teacher recovering in the hospital this morning after police say she was hit by a
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information on that driver who it turns out was no stranger to
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6:45. a pinellas county music teacher nearly killed by a drunk driver. >> she and a friending fighting to recover. the other driver facing serious charges. reporter abc action news reporter rodney dunigan has more.
6:46 am
will be. according to the school's web site the victim in this case is a popular music teacher at the school. police say this is the man behind it all, 36-year-old brice macleod. police say in pinellas park say he was actually drunk behind the wheel when all of this happened early sunday morning. of course this investigation is continuing this morning. pinellas park papolice say he ran a red light on park boulevard at 43rd street north sunday morning running into caroline sine. her boyfriend sean hankins was in the car too and both were seriously hurt. both in critical condition at bayfront hospital this morning. we've also learned -- this is not brice macleod's first run- in with the law. according to the manatee county sheriff's web site he has two prior dui convictions, in hillsborough he was also arrested for driving with an open container and driving with
6:47 am
actually dies brice macleod's charge will be upgraded. he will be in court this afternoon at 1:30. we'll be there and follow the story as it develops. her friends and family started a gofundme page already to pay for medical expenses. good morning. we are watching traffic cameras all along 275 in pinellas county. right through st. pete. a lot more cars on the road than we saw minutes ago. but still no crashes or breakdowns on the interstates. up to speed there. your drive on i-4 starting to get a little busy, 28 minutes from county line road to downtown. 11 minutes just to get from 75 to 275. we are still watching this crash in manatee county so if you're driving through palmetto southbound on i-75 it's going to take you a while to get there. down to 7 miles per hour due to this crash just past 2735.
6:48 am
those are looking pretty good now, in the green all the way through palmetto. if you can get to one of the other roads that might be a better option for you. at least the roads are dry as we're dealing with the first day of school for a couple counties. ivan, how's the weather? looks pretty good. nice-looking shot there from davis harbor islands. visibility is fine for folks driving. you see that murkiness that is low instrument flight rules no action air 1 for us today. you go a thousand feet up and it's a wall of clouds. not good tore choppers here. visibility ok on the roads for the morning. it's dry. certainly humid and we'll get the temperatures warming up and sea breezes going and we'll make thunderstorms for today. they are going to fire east of us, with the southeast flow end up along the coast. the later we get into the day
6:49 am
the beaches as well. you can see it discontinues by the way, this pattern through the middle part of the week perhaps even through thursday and then changes. for now you can pretty much bet on this, morning sunshine, then you see the storms continuing to fire. by the time we get to noon already polk county it will impact you. i think you will need umbrellas for -- for the kids in the afternoon along with pasco as well. as everything continues to push west. then the storms tend to get stronger by the time we goat 5:00 and temperature hot, 90 to 95. it will feel like 100 to 105 with the humidity. we'll check the extended forecast. not much change, 40% to 50% chance of rainfall. then by friday and into next weekend reverse in our pattern here, we'll have morning coastal showers and then the storms end up in the inland counties. a scary situation in rio for four members of the u.s. swim team. they are robbed at gunpoint on
6:50 am
village. people posing as armed police officers pulled over the taxi the swimmers were in. one man pointed a gun at ryan lochte's head. demanding the americans hand over their money and wallets. then the gunman left once he got. ryan lochte thanked fans for their support saying the most important thing is his teammates and himself search and unharmed. some good news from rio. us dominating count. >> not only leading with 69 medals total, we're also picking up the most gold medals, 26 in all. china number two, 45 overall. they are now 24 behind the u.s. green bay in third place followed by russia and japan. one of the biggest events occurred last night, the men's 100 meter dash. usain bolt looking to three-
6:51 am
the early lead, bolt then turns it on, he's unstoppable and wins the gold for the third straight games in the event. something no man has ever won before at the olympics. simone biles won her third gold medal last night. she scored a 59.9 and 16, nearly perfect scores. it's the first gold ever for team usa in this event. a hate looking into the shooting death of two muslim leaders in new york city. police just released a sketch of the shooting suspect. surveillance video captured the ambush saturday in queens. the gunman came from behind murdering an iman and his assistant as they left a monk after midday prayers. the council on american islamic relations will announce today astein 10,000 for tips leading to an arrest. and also today community
6:52 am
for a memorial prayer. democracy 2016 -- a big day for some of the nominees. hillary clinton will be in pennsylvania and donald trump will be in ohio. trump plans to outline his foreign policy plans. he argues the country needs to work with anyone who shares the same mission. he's also expected to propose a new immigration policy when the u.s. has to at a title when we can't perform proper screenings. meanwhile hillary clinton and vice president joe biden will be in scranton, pennsylvania, that is joe biden's hometown. today he'll be first -- it will be his first campaign rally for clinton. biden plans to declare trump the most uninformed presidential nominee in history. biden's office says he'll argue that trump is less prepared on national security than any preferious nominee.
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looking into growing hops for beer because of an incurable bacterial disease killing orange crops. florida has been traditionally considered too hot and humid to grow hops. brian pearson is a horticulturist at the university of florida. he started to grow hops three years ago and says they are now good quality after he introduce the the plans to a new environment -- introduced the plants to a new environment. since then dozens of farmers contacted him with interest growing their own hops. etc. 6:53. as your morning sprint counts you down to "good morning, america." >> abc action news bringing you the news, weather and traffic you need to know before heading to school -- for a lot of counties. starting with two more counties heading to school today. ryan on what is new in polk county. ryan? >> reporter: good morning. we're at polk county's newest school finished just in the nick of time.
6:54 am
-- a civics academy, everything at this school has a civics tiein, government, leadership and citizenship, davenport is a booming part of polk county and desperately needed a new school, on the first day they are at capacity with 1,400 enrolled. here's james tully in pasco. >> reporter: bayonet middle school opening this year after being closed for remodeling last year but we're learning the school got a facelift and so did the we're talking about infused technology classrooms. plenty of computers to go around but teachers will be encouraging students to bring tablets and cell phones to class when they can assist in the learn process. their thought, if the kids can be engaged by leveling up in a mobile or video game for hours a day that needs to be transferred to the classroom. they are going to try to do it here starting today. back to you. we told but a crash involving a pinellas county
6:55 am
bay. hillsborough county deputies charged giovanni mendez with dui. they say he slammed into another car after he started to drive southbound in the northbound lane of anderson road. two people were hurt but are expected to survive. starting today hillsborough county begins offering early voting for the upcoming florida primary, all other bay area counties will begin early voting no later than saturday. election day is august 31st. good morning. we have a serious 75, this is going to be northbound just before you get to i-4, looks like it's taking all but one lane here so looks like we're seeing a major backup here, this started about five minutes to 10 minutes ago. expect delays, northbound i-75, let's look at the map and you can see the backup starts all the way in brandon around state road 60, we're also seeing delays in the opposite direction southbound, maybe some possible onlooker delays there.
6:56 am
delays, southbound i-75 through palmetto, you might want to try u.s. 41 or 301 instead. mostly cloudy now. already in the low 80s by the time we get to 8:00. 90 degrees by noontime. by then the clouds thickening up east of us, showers and thunderstorms developing along 95 and then pushing ever so slowly but they will get here between 4:00 and 8:00, hefty downpours, frequent lightning and hot today. 93 before the storms arrived. it will feel like orlando now considered the nation's most pet-friendly city. >> that is according to tampa ranked third on the list, orlando ranked at the very top because of its large number of veterinarians, pet businesses and animal shelters in the area. other cities listed were las vegas and st. louis. >> thank you so much for choosing abc action news. >> keep up to date on air,
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good morning, america. breaking news as we come on the air, state of emergency. more than 20,000 evacuated from deadly flooding in louisiana. rescue crews working overnight to pull people to safety. volunteers cutting a woman free from her car. >> get my dog. get my dog. >> i got your dog. breaking overnight, violence in milwaukee over a deadly police shooting. police cars destroyed. robbery in rio. gold medal swimmer ryan lochte held up forced to kneel down as criminals put a gun to his head. a night celebrating his win turns terrifying.


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