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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  August 16, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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showers and storms but still only looking at 40% coverage so far. abc action news is now. a school bus runs over a child's backpack while it's still attached to the boy. what led up to the accident and how the boy is doing now. >> undeniable love. a wife sharing waves swept her husband away and despite his life in danger what deto save hers. a pinellas county music teacher hit by an alleged drunk driver now dead from her injuries. thank you for joining us this tuesday, i'm dan shaffer. >> i'm sarina fazan. deiah riley has the morning off. we we will get an update on the case against the suspected drunk driver in a few hours. police say carolina was taken
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the boyfriend -- caroline sine so e died. her broand sean hankins is still fighting for his life. >> we're very remorseful to hear about what happened. >> a judge raised bond to $50,000 saying brice mccloud is a threat. a school bus came within inches of running over an 11- year-old boy in manatee county. that bus did run over the child's backpack while the boy was still wearing it. the florida highway patrol says it happened in the school bus loading area. investigators say the boy fell in the right rear tire of the
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hisbackpack. he was treated for minor injuries at the scene. his family later took him to the hospital. red light cameras can bring a lot of money for cities and officials stress they are a public safety measure. it's all up for debate. the bradenton city council will be decide going to they keep them. marisela burgos has the numbers on whether the cameras really keep you safe. >> reporter: maybe you noticed them at seven intersections in bradenton. >> it's going to help traffic safety in the long run. people run red lights and jump the gun in the other direction. you see traffic accidents all the time. >> reporter: while some people are for them, others don't see the benefit. >> it doesn't allow for, like giving anyone the benefit of the doubt or -- there's no human element. >> reporter: the city of bradenton had the red light cameras for several years extending their contract once.
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will renew their contract with zero ox, a company based in -- zero ox. a company based in colorado. >> i would hope they don't renew the contract. it would be good to get rid of those red light cameras. >> the cameras are good. accidents a bad thing, happen around the light. other than that it's just -- it is >> the bradenton police department says accidents at these intersections have gone up but can't tell why it's happening. they say accidents from people running red lights have gone down in the past two years. >> i would say keep it. >> i think if an officer sees you that's one thing but it's like setting you up there. >> reporter: marisela burgos, abc action news.
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school. here's i-275 near state road 60. no issues to report. checking the roads again in 15 minutes. here's shay ryan with florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. >> 81 degrees now in tampa and clearwater. st. pete 79. we have mostly clear skies and winds fairly light at about 5 to 15 miles per hour across clearwater and st. pete. so a little closer to the beaches, we've got a bit more wind but around tampa calm winds. so pretty comfortable. that is the bottom line if you're waking morning and about to go for a walk or jog the weather is in your favor. it's warm and dry, temperatures like i said are definitely on the mild side if not on the warm side already. but we are nice and dry. we'll be topping out today at 92, a regular round of showers and storms. no big surprises. back to you. funeral services will be held this morning for the firefighter known for fighting to change medical coverage for all firefighters. pete huffman died of cancer
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fire department 10 months before his retirement date. he thought his years on the job contributed to his health issues. several other states added benefits for firefighters diagnosed with cancer but florida has not. his funeral is 10:00 this morning, there will be a procession afterwards. friends, family and complete strangers will gadge they are afternoon to mourn a librarian killed during a police training exercise. 73-year-old mary knowlton follow veered to take tactical exercise in punta gorda. police say the officer accidentally shot and killed her. the shooting is under investigation. her husband gary also took part in the exercise. >> we tried to save her life, i was just in shock. didn't know what to do. >> officer cole is on leave during the investigation. we're learning he was forced to resign from the miramar police
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excessive force. despite the allegations against him the husband says he's forgiven the officer. there's no ill will and that is not what mary would have wanted. cape coral man is in jail, police say sunday night christopher benetados was driving drunk and firing guns from his jeep. officers say he was so intoxicated he couldn't stand up, refused a field sobriety test. detectives say they found a loaded rifle vehicle. a violent mugging in pompano beach. a 72-year-old woman says a thief through her to the ground to steal her necklace. this is just relessed video of the robbery. investigators say the thief noticed margaret gees gold necklace as she went into a wendy's last month. he waited for her outside. she says he grabbed her by the neck and pulled at that necklace, threw her to the ground and banged her head into the concrete until the necklace
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steal. he ran away and hasn't been caught. check out this video of a fort myers mail carrier tossing mail into the trash. angry restaurant owner sharing his security camera video. a fort myers realtor telling us he paid thousands of dollars to mail those flyers that were tossed into the dumpster. the postal inspector says agents are now investigating. if you need a job a local security firm is looking for guards today. allied universal security services is holding a job fair in rocky point drive. from 10:00 to 2:00 today. tampa bay lightning and amalie arena are also rp hiring. looking for part time workers for the upcoming season. bring five copies of your resume and references. officials are telling everyone about the progress this morning and offering free street car services to get people to the meeting. the state of transit event is
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to noon at usf. the free street car service is 9:00 a.m. to 1:00. officials hope the event will educate people on their services and for people to know that the transit service is there to serve them wisely. a woman from fort myers says her husband died to save her life. reporter kim powell has the heartbreaking story of a vacation that ended in tragedy. >> the ladies loved him. he was handsome. he was a good >> reporter: kendra smith isn't surprised her husband sherrod wittington died saving her life. >> he's always been like a savior in his own way to people. >> reporter: they had been married two years and loved having fun together. that's why they took a day trip to miami, not knowing one of them wasn't coming home. >> i usually stay along the edge of the water but he got in and he was like -- oh, come by me. >> reporter: the two were playing in the waves when a powerful rip current swept them away.
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he tried to hold on to me. some kind of way he lost his grasp and then he got me back again. he found me again. >> reporter: he told the lifeguards to save kendra first. >> i heard him hollering and screaming and i was hollering and screaming for them to save him. and begging them please save him. >> this cell phone video caught the dramatic rescue. lifeguards started cpr on sherrod right away. >> i said i didn't want to my life without him. >> reporter: but they were not able to revive him. kendra says she will never forget what he did for her. >> life is just so short. i would have never guessed in a million years we would going to have fun and the next thing you know he's gone. he'll always be my hero. >> that was kim powell reporting. the teen accused of pretending to be a doctor and ripping off elderly patients
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a judge granted his lawyer's request to delay his trial from september to november. deputies arrested malaki love robinson in west palm beach in february. they say he stole more than $35,000 from a patient. he says he never claimed to be a medical doctor and actually holds a doctorate from universal life church. we're told that church sells degrees on-line for less than $30. into 4:40. still ahead -- new details about the murder of a georgia police officer. what could ahead. >> also, is it clever marketing or downright offensive? how a restaurant owner is using black lives matter to sell pasta and t-shirts. >> the race with the pa -- rays
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welcome back. 4:44. an earthquake in peru killed at least four people american tourists. the 5.4 magnitude quake hit sunday night, toppled several homes, at least 52 people were injured. an american died when part of the hotel ceiling collapsed on him. authorities say he was 65 years old. new developments in an abduction in pu puerta
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members, authorities say no touristses or residents were involved in this shocking raid. police arrested oscar moral of east new york, charged with second degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon. the murder of the imam was caught on camera. he was arrested sunday after an apparent hit-and-run involving a bicycle in brooklyn. during a search of his home they found a gun and clothing that matched what the shooter was wearing on that surveillance video you're seeing now. police say they investigating the motive for the shooting. the rain has stopped in louisiana but that doesn't mean the danger is gone. abc's adrienne bankert explains why the worst is yet to come for many families. >> reporter: new video give us a look at the widespread devastation in what is called some of the worst flooding louisiana has ever seen. some in baton rouge returning to the dangerous waters to check on their homes
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overnight. >> like the end of your life, to start over like that. end of your world. we worked so hard for it. >> reporter: in this dramatic rescue, a man pulls a woman and her dog from a sinking convertible. >> the first thing we did was get ahold of her and pull her out. couldn't do it from the boat so i jumped in. >> a local sheriff carrying a baby helping lead this family out of rising water, locals with boats being called volunteer cajun navy. >> we're trying to do whatever we can, in our time of crisis and disaster. it's time for everybody to pull together if they can. >> reporter: this movie studio lot now an evacuation center. with more than 11,000 staying in shelters. >> my house was underwater. i have three children. my sister was on top of her roof and she has five children. >> reporter: the water expected
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overwhelmed their banks. in all more than 20,000 people had to be rescued, some by coast guard helicopter and sadly most in the area do not have flood insurance. abc news, new york. we are off to a warm and dry start. we have an easterly flow, that means a lot of dry hours in the first half of the day with a good round of storms through the afternoon and early evening. there's nothing heading in our direction, it's just that typical pattern with the east- to-west flow where we see the moisture building on the east coast of florida through the first part of the day. then it moves across to our coast through the afternoon. so most of us will be nice and dry through about noon with the showers and storms building in our interior counties, around polk and highlands, around noon. then spreading to our coast after that. so the heaviest rain will be
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showers or isolated storm through sunset. then we'll be dry once again overnight. did i mention hot and steamy today? with all the sunshine in the first half of the day we're going to be topping out in the low 90s. it's going to close to 100 with the -- feel close to 100 with the humidity. 81 degrees this morning. it's looking warm and consistent with where temperatures have been lately. so no big surprises the day. 50% coverage of afternoon storms today and tomorrow. by thursday that coverage comes down a little bit but we're still staying on that east-to- west trend. so we'll see a lot of dry hours if the first part of the day. a change in the weather pattern begins saturday. and that's where we start to have a chance for some morning showers along our coastline and then the showers and storms will move inland through the afternoon. we typically get more cloud cover with that kind of pattern, that helps to keep our temperatures a little closer to average.
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7-day forecast. back to you. 4:49. you probably heard of black lives matter of course but now one restaurant owner is -- runs a pun on the phrase, has some angry. rick comoglia said when he put black olives matter, he was just trying to sell food, not stir racial tensions. he said he after getting calls from people around the world supporting him and asking him if they can buy a souvenir. >> it's something to do that is kind of fun. it's a little different than selling pasta. it's gone inexplicably viral. >> the restaurant owner says he stands by his signs and t- shirts. and says business has been booming since he put up the signs. in sports a former basketball player's hard work finally pays off in the nfl. what the bucs player had to say
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ray of hope for next year. for the rays. tom korun has that and more in sports. >> good morning. it is just too late now to save this season but if the rays were to keep the pitching up and some of the power at the plate they could have something to build on for next season. let's hope so. drew smiley had another good start and gets another win. logan forsyth with some of the power the ray vs. been wanting to see all season. a two ru inning. broke the game open in the eighth with a two run homer by kevin kiermaier. the rays win the first of three, final 8-2. if dotson was turning professional in any sport football wasn't it. he was a basketball player. no one in the pros is going to draft him, he hardly played the
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see what is up withem the 6'9" dotson a raw talent but worked hard and kept working. eventually taking over for jeremy trueblood. yesterday his first big contract. dotson signing a three-year extense worth $16.5 million. not bad. >> everything i had in life i worked for. i came in as a rookie. i i think that just -- is what god made me. always stay humble. if you get things too easy i get unhumble. having things come hard keeps me humble everyday. keeps me on my knees and keeps me great. >> that's your morning sports update. enjoy your day. coming up at 5:00 -- several nfl players are facing suspensions, what they need to
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season. >> new technology. amazing research on turning your body into a touch pad and how it can all boil down to a tattoo. z22s3z zy6z
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z22t7z zy6z
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almost 4:55. conditions are pretty typical. 79 by 8:00. and temperature will be in the upper 80s by noon. a slight chance of a shower inland then but more widespread rain after that. a high of 92. back to you. 4:55. a lot of innovation in tech these days, it's all about what you wear. >> and we have seen fitness bracelets, smart watches, even lead dresses but here's something -- led dresses but here's something new. researchers are looking at smart tattoos. they are called duo skin and are not just for beauty. they can also control your smart devices. users can use them as a touch pad to control what is happening on their screens. for example, you can change songs on your smartphone by tapping the tattoo. some of the tattoos can also sense body temperature and mood. you can't go out and get these tattoos yet though.
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stages. headlines coming up at 5:00. ? including the latest on the spread of the zika virus. why locally transmitted zika cases in the miami area now appear to be putting the entire country at risk. >> a child comes within inches of being run over by a school bus in manatee county. how he nearly ended up under a
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bond raised, a new charge coming after a pinellas county teacher dies from a horrific crash. this morning we find out what is in store for the man police say was drinking and driving when he slammed into her car. >> meanwhile, a together to say goodbye to a man who protected the bay area through his service with the fire department for decades. good morning to you. if you're headed out this morning to walk the dog or to go for a jog or bike ride things are looking very similar to where they have been over the last couple of mornings. in fact temperatures are starting off in the upper 70s to about 80 degrees. this is where we're going to be


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