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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  August 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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animal killer. why he fears these animals
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we are getting new details about a serious crash at bush boulevard as they are trying to learn how the car and the motorcycle collided there earlier tonight. both drivers, they rushed to the hospital so far no word on their conditions as they will continue to monitor the story to bring you an update on air and onli good evening i'm jamison uhler. >> i'm wendy ryan. thanks for joining us as we will continue to monitor that story, but first. >> it is a nasty individual. who has some type of issue and they need to be stopped. >> new at 11:00 a cat killer on the loose. one man is hoping a big reward will finally catch the person who is tossing cats out of a moving car. abc action news michael paluska
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takes $5,000 will save more than just an animal, michael? >> reporter: jamison, it's a lot of money and one witness we spoke with said that it has been happening specifically here in the northbound lanes at mile marker 35. when people we talk to today say they are worried about it. it won't just be animals that are injured, but they are wondering who the sick individuals that are doing these might start doing it to a human being. >> what's next? >> reporter: mary beth saw her first cat in april, then the northbound hump of the howard franklin bridge. >> he was lying there and just picked his head up and looked right at me. i fell apart because it was nothing that i could do. >> reporter: these cats are not swimming two miles to get to the middle of the span of the howard franklin bridge. >> reporter: he founded the non- profit now, putting up his own money, $5,000 to try to catch this cat killer. >> somebody or somebodies, they
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patrol estimates their seven cats have been found on the stretch with a handful of others rescued like this little kitten who was saved last week by the passing motorist. that they would watch in horror as the cat was tossed out the window of the truck. fhp would help save the cat after running into their wheel well. >> he's got a marker on their face right there when they would probably hit the pavement. >> reporter: that it is not just animals that he'll be worried about now, because who ever is doing this is sick. >> anybody that is animal, that they are ultimately going to end up abusing the child, the spouse. a human being, and that we cannot tolerate that. >> reporter: fhp telling us that they do have the fdot cameras here along the howard
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review the video, dan hester who we spoke to that could help install some cameras to record to go back up to cross check and see who is dropping these cats off. for now we are live along the howard franklin michael paluska abc action news. >> michael, thank you. more breaking news tonight along the last couple of hours, announcing that they are buying gawker media for $135,000. they filed for bankruptcy after losing a $130 million judgment to hulk hogan in a privacy case. they sued that posting a private sex tape with him in it without his permission. in ft. meyers the school district is making changes following a sex scandal at the ft. meyers high school there. today the district is firing varsity football coach anthony dixon following their allegations of students having sex in a school bathroom in may. another employee nathan ojiblee was removed from his role as coach, but will continue to teach pe.
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interim football coach. within the last couple of hours fire officials in southern california are telling more than 80,000 people to leave their homes. as the wildfire there spreads. san bernardino county fire says evacuation orders were given to people living in about 35,000 homes. that fire is now 14 square miles, rapidly expanding right now. meanwhile a serial arsonist is behind bars for allegedly starting a fire in the northern part of the fire. that fire burning more than 200 acres. now we are just learning that the death toll from that historic flooding in louisiana is now up to 11 people and emergency managers are telling us more than 70,000 -- 60,000 people have registered for fema assistance. the governor telling reporters that 9,000 people are living in red cross shelters and has no idea on how many people are still missing in the high water. a 14-year-old in orlando rushed to the hospital after being struck by lightning at school today. the teen was standing near a
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condition tonight. no word on why the student was allowed outside during the lightning storm. and it is a nasty storm around our neck of the woods here as well, but that everything has ended down for the night. here is a look at future cast right on throughout the night that we'll be clear and dry and waking up to the temperatures primarily in the 70s to the lower 80s. by lunchtime early afternoon showers and thunderstorms that will be back in the forecast. and i think that again that on that. oh by the way, we've got a new tropical depression on the atlantic. where is it headed? and that will be coming up. >> we will check back in with you and take a look at this man in the the video that they are hoping that someone will recognize them as you'll see it there and that they saw it on monday that they would stick a gun in the worker's face at subway restaurant. and that woman told him that she needed a key to on the part register and wept back to the office and locked herself
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the robber tried to open the register on their own, but they couldn't. he took off with no cash. people living in riversideheights were fed up tonight after more than a dozen burglaries were reported over the last two months. everything from bikes to laptops were stolen. abc action news cameron polom joins us live to explain how neighbors were taking extraordinary steps to stop the problem. cameron? >> reporter: yeah, no doubt about it that they tell me that they have gotten they have worked to spread their worth on this community facebook page as much as possible. one of the homeowners we would speak with today that they have installed nearly a dozen security cameras. >> and every day that someone's bike was stolen, or every day that their house is broken into and a garage and that they were snatched off of it. >> every day at least lately that riverside height residents are catching it in on camera as they say that this video would show a young man casually walking into the yard and hastily run off with a bike.
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padlocks, everyone has gate locks, no, everyone has motion lights. >> reporter: but even with all that added security that the fees will continue to -- the thieves continue to find a way around it. >> reporter: they had security cameras. >> the guys were realizing if they turned the breaker off, the cameras turned off. >> it just makes me feel like you're violated that somebody has invaded your privacy. >> reporter: richard lemery said he ran off two teens who were looking over his fence. this morning the mid garage open and three bikes gone. >> you know i had to deal with friends and all that this morning when i'm trying to go to school. >> reporter: residents have reported car burglaries, stolen mail, and vandalism. >> there is a certain level of heightened awareness that everybody now is on. knowing that it is happening all the time. >> reporter: dpd recently arrested one teen suspected in the burglaries who turned out to be carrying a gun. >> the homeowner eventually
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why did this poor youth get shot, why did they get in this situation? >> reporter: neighbors tell me tonight that they would like to see more of the police presence in the area that we reached out to dpd who did have officers who would patrol the community on the daily basis. but being short staffed that it is hard to catch these crooks. if you or anyone that you know recognize that young man in that surveillance video, we'll have it on contact in tampa tonight i'm cameron polom abc action news. >> cameron, thank you. an 85-year-old man said that people broke into their home while they were sleeping. he caught the robbers on video, but they would show that they only stole food. the man and woman were leaving with sausage, orange juice, milk, and paper towels. the homeowner said that he didn't hear anything, but if he had that he probably would have shot them. >> in democracy 2016 tonight, a new poll is showing donald
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the poll found only 19% of minority voters here will vote for trump. the mammoth university pollshows trump leading by wide margin with clinton drawing 48% of the time and trump drawing 39%. political experts say that trump will need to win other battleground states if they lose the sunshine state and all of their 29 electoral votes. taking action for you that you may need to get new health insurance next year. aetnis of the 15 states including right here in florida. the company claiming that they lost $430 million in its individual healthcare policies since that exchange opened in january of 2014. aetna's move follows by a similar move of united health group. two teens were facing murder charges. the good deed that their victim was doing when they killed them. and plus police are investigating another incident caught on tape that people were outraged after seeing the
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and how do you feel about money. the surprising link that they found between greed and your investment decision. download the new abc action news app for your tablet.
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a north carolina man is facing first-degree murder charges after police found the body of a 3-year-old girl. that last girl was seen on her body found partially covered in a wooded area near her house. the man facing charges the mother's boyfriend. police believe the toddler was dead before her body was placed there. well these two teens in south carolina are facing murder charges for killing a good samaritan who was helping them pull the vehicle from the ditch. police say the 45-year-old man was dead when they arrived at the scene. still no word on a motive. a new development tonight
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restaurant in puerta vallarta. one kidnapped is the son of mexican drug lord el chapo. el chapo was recaptured in january after escaping prison last year. new tonight cleveland police say they are investigating what is happening on this video right here from last thursday. they show the officer striking a handcuffed woman after she spit on officers after the officer hits the woman you can see her fall to the floor. police say that they arrested the woman because she was kicking officers, even threw a soda can at them. caught on came city bus in oklahoma city. you can see that the driver will run the red light, the bus driver is trying to avoid crashing into the car. passengers, they were knocked out of their seats, onto the floor, sliding across the aisle. the bus finally stopping on the sidewalk, narrowly missing a pole. you can also see that smashed car. watch here as you can see the trunk pops open, and the driver comes out howling. you'll see it here just a little bit. that man ends up leaving the
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five bus riders, they went to the hospital for treatment. >> well important news for parents tonight. another piece of furniture that is being recalled because they could fall over on your children. and manufacturers are recalling these four drawer chests, sold exclusively at wal-mart that you'll see it there that you should stop using them immediately or attach it to the wall. and if you have one that you can get the anchor kit from the manufacturer. a serious workple bringing the forefront of the chicken processing plant in texas. they are now fining them more than $250,000 after finding more than a dozen serious violations while investigating how an employee lost a finger while on the job. some potential good news for those of you struggling to make ends meet. more money could mean more problems. the study finds that those who
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greedier people, they were less likely to save money or contribute to retirement plans. the study also finding that the opposite is to be true that people who love money the least make better investment decisions. jamison? take a look at the last of the iconic riviera hotel just a memory there tonight. the hotel and casino originally built in 1965 in the classic film, "casino." also was filmed in forever." they hosted a lot of celebrities including the rat pack. talk about circus circus. the land will become a part of the convention center. well take a look at this creature found in the bottom of the ocean. they discovered the squid during a live stream expedition of the ocean's floor. >> that is interesting, but take a look at this,
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you. making an unusual rescue in this video that they posted to facebook. rescuing this little kitten that is stuck hanging from the fence with their hindlegs wedged in between the slacks. they held that little kitty wall to use the screwdriver to free her. on social media that the kitten was taken to the nearby animal shelter and taken for adoption. another great video posted on social media, the minnesota mom with nearly 40 weeks -- was nearly 40 weeks pregnant before her water breaks. she says surfing is calming that i would agree with her on doctor's blessing. >> wow, she's pretty good too. take a look at this. a phoenix mom that literally would leap for joy when her soldier's son surprises her at work, wait for it. she actually jumps into his arms when she notices, yup that it is really him sitting on the ledge there. and pretending just to read a newspaper. how sweet is that? the mom last saw her only child back in january. when he left for the army.
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>> you'll never see one like that. that it might be a first though and their original points for them on that one. >> usually the little kids that will leap for them there and that there will be one in pasco county. and where they will come back and that they were the teacher that they were screaming for joy. that it is such a fun video too. >> yes, check this out. we've got beautiful sunset pictures here tonight and that we'll have those storms across the area tonight this afternoon and that they will figure that they will lead to spectacular sunsets, that is have a dozen folks share their pictures on their facebook page, thank you very much. christine, beautiful sunset as well. and the same deal. and most of the areas, they would clear out nicely, thank you very much, diana, keep them coming. that by this time tomorrow night that we'll be showing you another four because we will have the exact same set up tomorrow that we would have today, meaning sunshine early, storms towards the afternoon and evening, and clearing later on, which is where we are right now, clear skies, warm
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to the lower 80s. outside right now tampa at 79 degrees. clearwater 81. st. pete 79. skies are mostly clear and the rain that we've had earlier on, and for that matter even into the evenings as of late are taking a break. i think that will continue tomorrow night and again on thursday night. the weekend the forecast will get a little tricky especially if you need to make plans earlier on in the day. we will talk about that in just a second. here is the satellite picture with everything going from east to west means you'll wake up to morning sunshine, you'll get the storms. today we had nasty ones 406789 to 50 miles per hour winds around st. pete with a lot of lightning. i expect that exact same set up tomorrow and again on thursday, meaning first thing in the morning that you're going to wake up to sunny skies with no rain to worry about, lots of sunshine until 2:00 to 3:00. what comes along with all the sunshine is a lot of heat at 97 today in sarasota. 94 in tampa, 95 in crystal
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a few showers will begin to pop up around the east coast. later on in the afternoon, those storms, they will get a little stronger and then they will move into our area. now, i'll notice that the models aren't all that impressive with widespread coverage. that today wasn't widespread, maybe only 30% of the area would get rain, but the folks that did, they would get the heavy thunderstorms. no changes tomorrow by 4:00 to 5:00. and more of the same. by 7:00 to 8:00 that they have moved offshore with a lingering shower. literally almost the exact same thing. of course it won't be same spot as it never is in florida, but the timing will not change. same thing on thursday. that you'll wake up to sunny skies by the afternoon. the storms will begin to pop and then by 6:00 to 7:00 that they roll right on through. that's where things will begin to change. by the weekend instead of everything coming this way that they will come around and that means that we'll start seeing morning showers along the coast. so if you are planning on going to the beach this weekend, it might be an issue for late morning as opposed to the afternoon variety, which would have been over the last several day.
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the new tropical depression that we talked about earlier today that it will be a td or a storm with the winds of 35 miles an hour. it appears very likely that it will end up as tropical storm fiona. at this point that this is what the expected track will be off to the northwest. by the way you don't see any land anywhere near this, nor will you because it will pose no threat to the u.s. at this point in time and i think that eventually they will weaken and fizzle out by day five or day six. we will keep our eyes on it, but nothing to worry about in any mind with a couple of ways back to bare close to watching it. but until then that we'll be good to go to the tropics. here is your hour-by-hour forecast, partly cloudy skies that will be dry and they will stay dry. right on through the morning to wake up to the upper 70s and the lower 80s. if you have the early tee time that the weather will look good for you for the morning and it will be another story to get that done by 4:00. and because by then that those storms will fire up, especially
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right on near the beach. look at their most accurate seven-day forecast with 50% and wednesday and again on thursday and friday a little drier air will come in by the weekend. we will see a change in wind and that means morning showers along the beach with the afternoon storms inland as everything will move east. that'll continue into early next week. all right, thank you, dennis, that it was like a home run derby for the rays tonight against the padres that they will have all the details next
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hello folks, we knew san diego wasn't exactly lighting the world on fire coming to town, but what the rays are doing to these embarrassing. the rays have logged 23 home runs and two wins over the padres. you have the yankee victory in there. we are talking 35 runs in the last three games. the biggest surprise as far as the type of power this guy is presenting is brad miller. now this guy has been hitting just absolute monster homers, first of the night tonight off the wall at straight away
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it a-- banging it away. then later in that inning it's miller again. straight away center power. these balls look like they are shot out of a canyon. rays win their third in a row. the final 15-1. okay, it is taking a little bit of correspondence, a little give and take to put together the bucs and jaguars practices, getting underway in jacksonville. these types of practices are usually worth going to. both coaches do are really looking forward to the next two days. >> we're looking forward to getting two great days of practice work with jacksonville on wednesday and thursday. one day in pads and one day in shells. >> we need that. i'm really, really excited about this. >> reporter: dirk cutter and brent bradley have been waiting for these two days. their players are at the point of hating camp, so why not direct some of that frustration
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>> let's get everything that we can out of these two day segments, you know, it is still practice. i think we're going through that mentality that practice is everything for us. for blake and the quarterbacks and the offense, a completely different look than what they have seen during training camp. so we're going to see that during the year, so that's why i think that it will be good for that. >> reporter: most noticeably that these two teams need to be smart. there is no sense in going off on practice. >> i think what we've got to is to be smart. that high intensity, another high intensity, you know, so we will be smart with how we go about the next couple of days here with our team to make sure that we get everything that we can out of it and still practice. we are still in that learning mode. still challenge yourself to fit balls and tight windows. go ahead and try different things out there to see how it works for you, so it won't be considered like a game to that aspect.
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here unless you're alreadyregistered for the jaguars practices, you're -- another reminder here unless you're already registered for the jaguars practices, if you are not approved you'll be turned away. joining the atigua basketball -- antigua's basketball staff. bartow will be the new head coach. prior to that he was head coach at tennessee state and uab where his father, coached. olympic news today, u.s. gymnast simone biles lost her drive for five gold medals, but finished the rio games with the gold on the floor exercise, so she accounts four out of the 28 gold medals so far for the united states in rio. and we're back in a minute and
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sunny start to your school day with highs in the low 90s. >> we will continue with our top stories on >> have a good night. we'll see you back here
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- greg kinnear -- from the ufc, dana white -- "this week in unnecessary censorship" -- and comedian dino archie. with cleto and the cle jimmy kimmel! ? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome to you program. thank you for watching.


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