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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  August 17, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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coastal showers, we'll have the reverse pattern now, west-to- east. at 4:30 -- we're learning more about the student accused of stabbing three people and biting part of one victim's face off. but new details raise new questions about why he did it. >> will a big reward finally lead authorities to the person that is tossing cats out of mo joining us on this wednesday, i'm dan shaffer. >> good morning, i'm deiah riley. dead cats have been turning up on the bridge since april. the only description authorities have, the animals are being thrown from a truck. >> michael paluska explains why an arrest in the case could save more than just cat lives. >> what is next? >> reporter: mary beth saw her first cat in april, then may. always in the far left lane in the northbound hump of the howard frankland bridge. >> he was lying there and just
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because there was nothing i could do. >> reporter: the cats are not swimming two miles to get to the middle of the span of the howard frankland bridge. >> reporter: dan hester founded the nonprofit meow now and putting up his own money, $5,000 to try and catch this cat killer. >> somebody or somebodies know what is going on. >> reporter: florida highway patrol estimates seven cats have been found on the stretch. a handful of others rescued like this kitten saved last week claudeette watched in horror as the cat was tossed out the window of a truck. fhp helped save it after he ran into her wheel well. >> he has a little mark on his face, as he hit the pavement. >> reporter: hester says it's not just animals now because whoever is doing this is sick. >> anybody that is abusing an animal is ultimately going to
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just can't tolerate that. >> reporter: michael paluska, abc action news. 4:32. breaking news in st. petersburg, police are trying to discover who shot two men in a car outside a library. the victims went to bayfront health last night, being treated. we'll bring you more information as soon as we get it. univision is buying gawker media for $135 million. the announcement came last night. it follows our reports of gawker filing for bankruptcy after losing $1 judgment to hulk hogan in a privacy case. heroican sued the web site -- hogan sued the web site for airing a private sex tape in it without his permission. the bradenton contract with the camera company expires this week. a meeting regarding the red light cameras starts at 8:30 in city council chambers. a nearly dozen break-ins
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thieves stole from garages, cars, homes and mailboxes. they've been spreading word about the crime spree on social media and armed themselves with security cameras but thieves are finding their ways around those two. that some thieves are even cutting power to home before they break in. >> there's a certain level of heightened awareness that i think everybody now is on. knowing it's happening all the time. a homeowner is eventually going to be in that situation and it's going to turn in, why did this kid get in the situation? >> officers are assigned to the area and do frequent popa trolls but lack of -- patrols but lack of staffing makes its hard to catch the crooks. shay ryan with florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. good morning. >> temperatures lower than
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that is all that noticeable. 77 tampa. 75 clearwater. 76 spring hill. 80 siesta key. we're equally as dry this morning as we've been the last -- past few mornings. that's what i was trying to say. we have a slight chance for an inland shower around noon but most of the showers and storms won't develop until 2:00, 3:00 across tampa bay and becoming a bit more widespread through sunset before tapering off. 93 degrees as the back to you. let's look live at the howard frankland bridge. you can see one lane is getting through but you've got two lanes blocked now. there is a one-vehicle crash in the eastbound lanes. impact so strong the person inside was thrown from the vehicle. paramedics are taking that person to the hospital. we're still awaiting word on how that person is doing. we'll check back in again in 15 minutes to see if we can get more details. new details in a horrific
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county. you may find this story disturbing. megan mcroberts asked the suspect's attorney about the accusation he bit off part of a victim's face. >> reporter: what was he on? why did he did it? big questions following a gruesome attack and killing monday night in martin county. >> a lot we do not know. there's a lot we may never know. >> reporter: michelle mashawn and john seasons were in their garage when deputies say a stranger, 19-year-old austin harrah both were stabbed and harrah bit off part of stevens' face. >> i've seen a lot of crime scenes, i was there last night. i don't know that i've ever seen anything with this much violence. >> reporter: jeff fisher who lives across the street heard screams and ran over to try to help and was stabbed as well. when deputies arrived it took a taser, a canine and several law enforcement officers to stop
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predicated these acts. we don't know but certainly there are mental health issues that are going to have to be investigated here. we don't know if anything is going to show up on toxicology or not. >> reporter: the 19-year-old suspect is in the hospital guarded by deputies. a blood test ruled out cocaine, pot, opiates. the sheriff says he believes he may have ingested something monday night. the father did not answer the door. his neighbors told us they've >> i hardly even remember to lock the doors. >> reporter: uniuneasy now knowing the -- uneasy now knowing the victims were random. >> i will lock my doors of course tonight. >> reporter: neighbors of his mother in the jupiter shores neighborhood knew him for years and wonder why did he do it? >> i am shocked. i didn't think he was the person that would do something
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county school district is making districts after a sex scandal. high school varsity football coach anthony dixon was fired after there were reports of students having sex in a school bathroom in may. another employee was removed from his role as coach but will continue to teach p.e. the district says it can't comment further and is announcing an interim football coach. 85-year-old in central florida say people broke into he caught the robbers on video but only shows them stealing food. the man and woman leaving with sausage, orange juice, milk and paper towels. the homeowner says he didn't hear anything but if he had he probably would have shot them. >> p raymond james financial employee says working at the company is like a frat house. she filed a complaint with the eeoc saying she had to deal with a hostile work environment and gender based
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the human resources department but says she faced retaliation. you may need new health insurance next year. aetna is pulling out of the health exchanges set up by the affordable care act in 11 of 15 states including florida. the company claims it lost $430 million in its individual health care policies since the exchanging opened in january of 2014. the move follows a similar move by united health group. a former university of than three years in prison for a $3.2 million embezzlement scheme. court documents show she falsified invoices while she was finance director of the school of marine and atmospheric sciences to divert money to herself. kimberly jean miller pled guilty to four counts of tax evasion. some news that may make you feel a little better if you're struggling to make ends meet. a new study means more money could really mean more problems. a study reports that people loving money don't make the
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are less likely to save money or contribute to riecht plans. the study also finds the opposite to be true. people who love money least apparently make better investment decisions. it may take longer for lightning fast internet to come to tampa. the google parent company is rethinks its high fiber intent. google fiber is in talks with a power company. in past rollouts it's built its own networks that cost $5,00 and not all homes subscribe. fiber is $70 a month for the fastest internet connection and additional $60 a month for tv. have an opinion about the bradenton riverwalk expansion? there's a neighborhood meeting tonight on manatee avenue east. current plans would relocate glacier gates drive and re- create the playground on
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while playing pokemon go. how police say you can avoided becoming a victim. >> they are not nice. >> they are not nice? >> a peacock attacks a child at an orlando park. what the mother says now needs to be done. >> how about those rays? they win their third in a row
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4:44. in democracy 2016 -- a new poll shows donald trump losing ground to hillary clinton in florida. >> the poll only found 19% of minority voters here say they plan to vote for trump. the poll sews trump losing key dom graphic groups by wide margins. clinton is drawing 48% of the vote. trump 39%. political experts say trump will have to win other battleground states if he loses floridan to the latest on the california wildfires, what started as a small brush fire turned into state of emergency in southern california as a wildfire rages on. this as a suspected arsonist is arrested for fires in another california county. here's stephanie ramos with more. >> reporter: fire crews on the ground and in the air in california. battling this resilient brush fire in san bernardino county.
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it's kind of scary. >> this plays dubbed the blue cut fire exploding across at least 18,000 acres east of los angeles. leaving behind tarred homes and cars, swing sets melted forcing at least 82,000 people from their homes. the rising heat and high winds causing this fire-nado. longtime chopper pilot over the fire. >> it's a monthster of a fire moving faster than any other fire i've seen in a very long time. latest in a rash of wildfires that consumed some california counties this. wildfire called the clayton fire scorched at least 4,000 acres and 175 structures since saturday. most of the area is still off limits with thousands forced to evacuate. but for one california community where they witnessed fiery blazes go way too close to their homes a sigh of relief mixed with outrage.
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anthony paschell on 17 counts of arson. >> reporter: police say he's a serial arsonist who sparked fires across this california town. including the one that exploded over the weekend. with a serial arsonist behind bars that is a win, the fires are still raging in california though. governor jerry brown declared a state of emergency in the state as firefighters tried to put out the intense fires. stephanie ramos, we're off to another dry start to the day. looking great now with all of our roads and bridges nice and dry. temperatures are just a degree or two lower this morning. i don't think it's anything noticeable but it might be a little more comfortable so let me know if you think it is but again it's only a degree or two. afternoon storms will once again develop around 2:00, 3:00. and they will be the heaviest from then through about 6:00.
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through sunset so we have a lot of hot and steamy hours again today with this east-to-west flow. so if you are watching the radar today and you see rain or storms to your east they are headed in your direction. so just gives you a heads up as you're looking to see where that rain is developing and moving to. 77 now in tampa. 79 in st. pete. we've got 73 in crystal river. 75 lakeland. 78 in sarasota. over the next couple of days our temperatures are going to remain in the low we'll have about 40% coverage of afternoon showers and storms. and we are going to start to see a change in the weather pattern. instead of an east-to-west flowing giving us such a nice dry start to the day by saturday and sunday we're going to settle into a west wind pattern which means we'll see the showers and storms beginning earlier, in fact we'll even have a chance for coastal rain in the morning both days, with more widespread showers and storms moving inland through the afternoon.
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keeps our temperatures closer to 90 degrees, closer to average and hopefully you'll find that a bit more comfortable. the rain coverage comes down into early next week. dan? back to you. we have an early morning traffic alert. looking at howard frankland bridge, the eastbound -- or technically the northbound direction of i-275, howard frankland, inbound toward tampa. you can see the inside two left lanes are blocked by emergency vehicles. this is a single-car cras hospital. two outside lanes getting by but slowly. we will have an update from janelle martinez checking the roads here in about 10 minutes. a mother in orlando says she wants the peacocks at a public park gone. after one of them attacked her child. laura brown says a peacock came to her 2-year-old son jackson at magnolia park in orange county. she says she turned around for a second and when she turned back the peacock was on her
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jackson narrowly missing his eye. she rushed him to a hospital. now she wants the peacocks gone. >> i think that having an animal around children play equipment that has already attacked a child is unacceptable. >> orange county spokesperson doreen overstreet said she was not aware of the attack but apologized for it. she plans to investigate this morning. frightening moments tuesday afternoon in downtown cincinnati. two people trying to scramble on to scaffolding collapsed from a city skyscraper. people down below cheered as the two workers did finally make it across to safety. federal inspectors now looking into what caused that scaffolding to collapse. a new study reveals too many parents are putting babies in danger at bedtime. that report by the american academy of pediatrics reviewed video recordings of infants between ages 1 and 6 months sleeping at their homes. video showed a number of parents putting their babies at risk by putting them on their
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parents were also seen using sleep surfaces that were too soft. bed doing loose and allowing the baby to share a bed with them. sleep relate thed deaths are the most common cause of death for babies one month to 1 year of age. rays on fire suddenly. tom korun has highlights and a big move for the usf basketball program. >> reporter: good morning everybody. we knew san diego wasn't exactly letting the world on fire coming into town but what the rays are doing to them is embarrassing. rays walked 23 runs in their two wins over the paover the padres. we're talking 35 runs in the last three games. where he they coming from? the biggest surprise as far as the type of power he has is brad miller. this guy has been hit monster homers, his first of the night
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straightaway center. even nick franklin is banging away with a long ball here and there. hits his fourth of the season. this two-run shot giving the rays a 10-1 lead in the fifth. later in the inning it's miller again straightaway center power. these balls look like they are shuttle out of a -- shut out of a cannon. rays win third in a row, final 15-1. there are a only a few days of training camp that are worth watching. two days are tuesday and thursday game. next week is the browns coming to town for two days of practice. coaches get excited with this because the veterans get their attention. usf men's basketball team, has a new assistant coach, murray bartow is joining the staff to replace oliver antigua who resigned. bartow is former head coach of east tennessee state and prior to that he was head coach at uab where his dad gene also
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update. enjoy your day. coming up on abc action news at 5:00 -- someone trying to sell their house gets ripped off. what experts say everyone should do to avoided becoming a victim during an open house. >> that's the sound of commuting in argentina or at least it was yesterday. why an opera company took to
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4:54. commuters in buenos aires got a surprise on the way to work. >> a full opera company staged a rehearsal in the subway station there. listen to this. >> the wants opera to be part of everyday life. many commuters who stopped to listen said they never heard opera before. the entire city is holding an initiative to bring the arts to more people. more top stories at 5:00 including the latest on a shooting investigation going on in st. petersburg. >> plus a new twist in a kidnapping in mexico. one of the men who was taken from a busy restaurant has a famous -- or rather infamous father. >> we'll hear a 911 call from
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suspect is accused of biting off part of a man's face. a victed called authorities after being stabbed.
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z22rvz zy6z y22rvy yy6y breaking overnight -- police investigating two shootings in less than an hour.
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abc action news takes you to st. petersburg to find out if any suspects are caught this morning. >> we're following up on a disturbing scene scene in martin county. we're going to play part of the 911 call. >> manatee county deputies want you to watch for a missing 11- year-old boy. this is nathaniel garza, last seen at his school bus stop on 14th street west in bradenton. wearing blue shorts and baby blue shirt and black shoes. we're told the 11-year-old run away before. if you see him call the manatee county sheriff's office. thank you for joining us for abc action news this wednesday. shay is in for ivan looking at traffic and weather together. >> first janelle, you're watching a wreck on the howard frankland causing some tie-ups out there? >> yeah. right now traffic is light so there's no major delays but corey dierdorff is on the scene of the serious crash at the howard frankland bridge. what is happening out there? >> reporter: good morning. definitely not a good way to start the mid-week. you can see that car there, a


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