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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  August 18, 2016 11:35pm-12:38am EDT

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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- danny mcbride. from "disney's pete's dragon," bryce dallas howard. matt damon and jimmy go to therapy. and music from prophets of rage. with cleto and the cletones. and now, stay right where you are, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching.
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for braving the blistering heat to be here. man is it hot. this whole country is like a greased-up george foreman grill and a vikram yoga class. authorities are urging those in areas where heat is intense to stay indoors, unless you have a chance to catch a wiggly tuft in your neighborhood. then go out and get it. it's going to be 96 in philadelphia where the democratic national convention is happening. the theme for the democrats today was, united together. which really is the best way to be united, together. apart. united together it was not. after the republican convention last week dnc was supposed to be the boring one. it was quite the opposite. every time hillary clinton's name was mentioned there were boos from bernie sanders fans. some of these people are apparently unaware bernie sanders passed away six weeks ago. [ laughter ] even bernie had to ask his supporters to calm down. after a year of telling them not to calm down.
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people to take it easy on the ravioli, it doesn't work. it was pretty crazy, because usually these conventions are a cheerleading event but bernie sanders supporters booed inside the convention and out. >> now taking on a level of civil disobedience to block the delegates from coming into this one particular entrance, as you can see, they are laying down in front of the entrance. they are letting police through and the police -- >> all right, miguel, thank you so much. we're going to cut you off right now. we're going to cover right now boys 2 men performing on stage. >> jimmy: that's right. i'll tell you something, nobody interrupts boyz ii men on jake tapper's watch. [ cheers and applause ] that's a fact. the outrage that people are getting mad, intensefied after wikileaks released thousands of hacked e-mails where democratic
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the bernie sanders campaign to help the hillary clinton campaign. over 19,000 hacked e-mails. maybe the democrats need to stop using e-mail. it might be time to bring carrier pigeons back. there are reports russians have hacked the servers, looking at all their information for a year. if russia did do this, i think we start making them villains in our action movies again. it's time for sylvester stallone to get back to work. to cause a commotion, it worked. all the turmoil overshadowed what was the big news this weekend, which was hillary clinton's choice for running mate, virginia senator tim kaine. this is hillary and tim. they are either bumping fists or clinking imaginary mimosas, i don't know. we learned a lot about tim kaine this weekend.
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spanish. whenever a white politician speaks spanish, it seems that they're bragging. but now that he's been chosen, i guess that means neither trump nor hillary are planning to make me their running mate. [ audience: aww ] >> no, bring me my podium, i have something to say about that, thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i do want to speak about this. have been getting tweets and e-mail. my fellow americans, i'm well aware that both major candidates have chosen their running mates and i was not selected to be one of them. but it makes no difference and i'll tell you why. because i never went into this i got into this race to become vice president of the united states. and i don't care who they pick. i will never stop running for that office. i will keep running until christmas if i have to. [ cheers and applause ] that's right. and i took offense. because -- i have been running for this office since may. mike pence and tim kaine think they can just stroll in three months before the election and take my spot?
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and tim kaine? governor of indiana, governor of virginia? big deal. arnold schwarzenegger was governor of california. he can't even speak english, how hard could this job be? here's the question i would like you to ask yourselves. are you going to waste your votes on no-sense pence and no-brain kaine? [ cheers and applause ] or are you going to double your votes, maybe triple them, and say, gimme jimmy for vice president? [ cheers and applause ] i don't need a donald trump, i don't need a hillary clinton to hold my hand like i'm a baby who can't wipe himself. i am a strong, fierce, proud, independent african-american woman. and i will lead this country into the ocean! if need be! thank you. god bless america.
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by the way, donald trump got a crazy endorsement this weekend from president obama's half-brother malik, malik obama says he's voting for trump. boy, i tell you. you give one atomic wedgie growing up and they never forget it. malik has been a democrat all his life but changed party affiliations after michelle obama made him eat her lentil loaf at the last family dinner. there's malik wearing a make america great again hat, wondering who the black guy voting for donald trump is, it's him. now you know. [ cheers and applause ] the election's been fun to watch. more importantly we have a new episode of "the bachelorette" tonight. the finale is next week. tonight jojo narrowed the field down from four identical pretty boys to two. my favorite part of the episode were the periodical reminders that one of the men jojo might
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competitive swimmer. now he just swims so he doesn't drown. there's no competition at all. that was robby. before the season i picked robby and jordan to be in the final two and who's in the final two? >> guillermo: robby and jordan. >> jimmy: thank you very much, that's right. [ cheers and applause ] sometimes i like to check to see if you're awake. >> guillermo: no, i'm listen to you. >> yeah, thank you. >> jimmy: over the course of the season, it's weird, a lot of the guys professed their love for jojo but she can't really profess love bac over. we see her say "i love you too," we know what's going on. what do you do when someone says i love you and you don't want to say it back? here's how jojo handles that. >> i've fallen in love with you, jojo. i have. >> thank you so much. >> i am very much in the process of falling for you. it's the best feeling i've ever felt. >> you make me feel happy. >> i don't know how to say it. i think i'm falling in love with you. i know i'm falling in love with
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>> i'm in love with you and i want you to know that. >> thank you. >> i'm crazy about you, i'm in love with you. >> i'm absolutely falling for you. >> appreciate that. >> i'm 100% in love with you. >> thank you. for telling me that. >> jimmy: which one of you, again? the other person who has to chris harrison. here's how chris harrison gives the heave-ho. >> gentlemen, i'm sorry if you did not receive a rose. take a moment, say your goodbyes. >> jimmy: so that's how chris normally does it. this season he's been mixing it up, trying new things. i like the new chris a lot. >> gentlemen? you're losers. and you know it. hit the road.
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limo with the sound guy. gentlemen? it's time to go back to whatever weird town you came from. no one cares about you. get your [ bleep ]. get the [ bleep ] out of here. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: chris harrison, a bottle of rose and watch out. when we come back, matt damon, the dreaded matt damon and i, went to couples counseling together this morning to try and work things out. well, we'll present that to you so stick around, we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] discover card. i'm not a discover customer but i'm calling about that credit scorecard. (to dog)give it to me. give it. oh, sure! we give it to everyone for free. oh, well that's nice. (to dog) go get it!
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>> jimmy: hi there, welcome back. danny mcbride, bryce dallas howard, music of prophets of rage on the way. as you may know, the actor matt damon and i have issues. we do not have a good relationship. he's been particularly difficult lately, he's got a big movie coming out friday, "jason bourne." we did this once before. we went to therapy together. it didn't go very well. we decided to try again. apparently you have to go more than once for therapy to work. so we went to see a professional to try to work our problems out like adults. >> jimmy: hi. >> hi, there. >> hi, i'm paul. how are you? >> come on in and join us. >> hello, jimmy. >> jimmy: hi. >> so. you two obviously know each other. >> and we're off.
11:50 pm
>> that more comfortable for you this way? >> jimmy: yeah, i just like to have like a thing. he beat me up last time. >> he did? >> jimmy: uh-huh. >> how does that feel? >> i didn't beat you up, it was an awkward -- >> jimmy: he beat me up. >> what brought the two of you here now if it ended so poorly last time? how did you get here today? >> there's a story there. >> jimmy: it's court ordered. >> is it, okay. >> it's court ordered because i live in jimmy's place of work. >> jimmy: can i just say right there, he doesn't live at my place of work. >> i live there. >> jimmy: he comes to my place of work, it's technically stalking. >> it's not if you're invited. the judge was very clear about that. if you just stopped inviting me, maybe i wouldn't come. you invite me every day. you say i'm going to be on the show and i've never been on the show. so i took matters into my own hands. >> is it possible that we can just really clarify what
11:51 pm
ideally, what do you want to get out of this? >> i would like to be on his show. he's probably going to bring up the oscar special. but there's a story there too. okay? >> jimmy: there is a story there. >> there's a story there. i was nominated for an academy award. okay? that's a fact. >> jimmy: kind of. >> it wasn't kind of. >> jimmy: they opened up the category so there are more nominees now. >> okay, that's not true. i was there at the theater across the street. and jimmy does a live broadcast. >> okay. >> his lead guest was my old friend ben. >> sure, okay. >> i bribed ben to sneak me into his jacket. >> why are you touching me? >> jimmy: i'm not touching you. >> bribed him? >> of course, you think he would just do that? he was the lead guest on a live show. >> jimmy: now i'm going to have to come in here with ben too,
11:52 pm
>> you don't give the lead slot up. >> you feel betrayed? >> jimmy: i feel bat-trayed by batman. >> i see. >> that was a good one. >> jimmy: so anyway. he snuck on to the show, wasn't supposed to be on the show. even though i told him you're going to be on the next night's show he decided, i'm going to force myself on this show. >> it's always the next night's show, you're going to be on tomorrow, oh, we ran out of time, i've never met somebody who's so horrible with time management. >> so just to clarify -- >> jimmy: that is true, i do have a problem with that, i am going to say i do have a problem with that. >> just to clarify something so that i have a better understanding, you're saying you have been waiting literally every single day for many years to get on his show? >> 14 years. >> jimmy: not every day. there's weekends. >> right, the show doesn't occur on weekends, i get to go home. >> i heard you say you wanted jimmy to allow you on his show. >> yes. >> what do you need from matt?
11:53 pm
understanding about how a show works, how the production of a show works. >> i understand. >> jimmy: that we have one hour's time. >> yes. >> jimmy: and that i do my best to get everybody on the show. >> you do. >> okay, i will take you at your word that you try. but i just -- i mean, it's -- there's thousands and thousands of evenings that i've been just about to go on and then -- oh, look what happened. it'sik hour, could you build in five minutes and just have some time for me? >> jimmy: i'd love to do that but then there are repeated, multiple violations. besides the violence. i mean, forcing himself on the show. i was tied up. i was duct taped on my face. >> this seems like a good opportunity to explain the origin of all the hatred. >> i snapped. which i do. i snap. >> jimmy: he snaps. so i'm supposed to have a snapper around? >> well, maybe you would snap too if you had to endure what
11:54 pm
i didn't -- i didn't do any lasting physical damage to him. but i did -- >> whose idea was it to come together and sit down and try to work this out? >> me. i'm trying -- i want to get on the show. >> jimmy: and i came -- i'm here. >> i've got a huge movie opening this week, i've got a lot riding on this. >> jimmy: here we go again. >> no, i've got a lot riding on this thing, a whole marketing campaign that he think system stupid, that he makes fun of me. >> jimmy: it is stupid. >> it's not stupid, it's good, i have good ideas. >> it's a stupid campaign. >> it's not a stupid campaign. i made bumper stickers. can i give you one? >> sure. >> you be the judge. >> jimmy: bumper stickers, like this is 1975. >> you ready? "honk if you're bourny." okay, that's for you. >> jimmy: i mean, honestly. what do you think of that? setting therapy aside -- >> it's trying to go viral, right? you could snapchat that.
11:55 pm
>> what do you think? >> jimmy: i think it's the stupidest thing i've ever seen. honk if you're bourney? >> it's excellent. >> jimmy: you both have, again -- what i'm noticing is this pattern developing -- >> are you going to put that on your car? >> i will definitely look at putting this on my car. >> jimmy: do you have any other pillows? >> there's a couple over there. are you feeling unsafe? >> jimmy: i am feeling unsafe. look how hard he puts the pillows down. >> now i'm hitting pillows. >> there's a lot of anger coming across. sometimes there's another method that people will use and ty call it art therapy. >> what's art therapy? >> art therapy typically has been more of a method used for kids. >> well, for his maturity level, i think that would be probably advisable. >> jimmy: i'll do it, i don't mind. >> i'm going to ask you to each take one of these sketch pads here. jimmy, that's for you. >> jimmy: thank you. >> matt, this is for you. >> thank you, paul. >> here's your pencils. what i want you to do is sketch
11:56 pm
you see each other emotionally, how you feel about the situation. so take a few minutes and just go ahead. >> jimmy: you've got other patients' drawings here. >> i do? >> jimmy: i'm done. >> you're done? >> me too. >> you are? okay. who wants to go first as far as just showing us what you came up with? >> this is my rendition of this show. and its host. and that's an ass face. >> that's an ass face? >> that's supposed to be an ass. that's how i feel about jimmy and his show. an ass face. i'm done. >> jimmy? lawsuit lawsuit -- [ laughter ] [ laughter and applause ] >> jimmy: i just feel like this is -- you know what i think of
11:57 pm
i think we're done. >> that was good. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: tonight on the show music from prophets of rage, bryce dallas howard is here, and we'll be right back with danny mcbride so stick around! [ cheers and applause ]
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z22srz zy6z [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, there. still to come, from the new movie "pete's dragon," bryce dallas howard is here. then, a supergroup that unites the forces of rage against the machine, public enemy, and cypress hill. this is their self-titled single, "prophets of rage" from the samsung outdoor stage.
12:03 am
"make america rage again" tour starting august 19th in fairfax, virginia. tomorrow night, david spade will be here, ozzy and jack osbourne will join us, we'll have music from the strokes, and later this week, andy garcia, greg kinnear, jack huston, dino archie, dana white and music from the go-go's. after four foul-mouthed seasons of baseball on "eastbound & down," our first guest returns with a new show set in the chalkboard-choked world of public school administration. "vice principals" airs sunday nights on hbo. please welcome danny mcbride. [ cheers and appla ? >> jimmy: you're from virginia, right? i just mentioned virginia. >> yes, i grew up in virginia, yes. >> jimmy: are you from fairfax? >> fredericksburg, right down the road. >> jimmy: when you one of those kids running around with a movie camera making films?
12:04 am
i grew up in the '80s. at the time skateboarding was the biggest thing that everyone was into. >> jimmy: still kind of is. were you a skater? >> i wasn't, not at all. if you weren't good at skateboarding you'd have to pretend like you were, you were a poser, you know, that's what you would do. so i spent much of my childhood pretending like i could skate. >> jimmy: how do you pretend you can skate? >> you go home late at night and rub rocks on your trucks and stuff to make it loo >> jimmy: i was also a terrible skateboarder. i can only go down the driveway and that was it. >> on my knees, yeah. >> jimmy: did the kids believe that you were -- >> you have to perfect your stance. so it looks like you're just tired is the reason why you're not skating more. when i was -- you know, we left virginia in sixth grade. my parents moved us to florida. and i kept in touch with all my friends in virginia.
12:05 am
opportunity to like break the pose ur vibe. -- poser vibe. i started becoming a bigger poser by writing letters and telling them how i learned to skate in florida. that somehow by moving to florida everything just like works now and i could do hand planks and indos, ollieing over my sister, and i letters back from them, everybody was impressed. wow, that's incredible, florida has turned you into tony hawk, that's amazing. and one day i came from school and my parents sat me and my sister down, a solemn look on their face. mom explained to us that they were deciding to separate and my mom, my sister and i were moving back to virginia. and my face just dropped. and i wasn't worried about the divorce. i was like, oh my god, they all think i can skate! [ laughter and applause ] >> jimmy: wow. >> yeah. so i went out to the yard quickly and was like trying to jam all this stuff in, trying to figure it out. my parents thought i was just
12:06 am
we ended up moving back to virginia. and i got back there and one of my really good friends, it was his birthday and i knew it. everyone's going to have their boards there, this is where it all is going to be exposed. so i came to the party and i had been really losing a lot of sleep over this. and i got there. and i didn't bring my board. and they were like, what happened? where's the skateboard? i was like, since the divorce i just don't skate anymore. [ laughter and applause ] >> jimmy: wow. they're not going to argue with that. >> they can't. >> jimmy: by the way, i really enjoy the show "vice principals." >> thank you. >> jimmy: it's very funny. [ cheers and applause ] it's set, i mentioned in the intro, it's set in a school and you play the vice principal of the school. >> yeah. >> jimmy: is it based on a person that you remember from -- >> it's not based on anyone in particular. i was a relatively well-behaved
12:07 am
my sister behaved a little worse than me so she was a good smoke screen for my bad behavior. >> jimmy: younger? >> younger sister, yeah. >> jimmy: she must have been much worse. to eclipse you as the younger sister. that's a special kind of move. >> she did, yeah. >> jimmy: this was supposed to be a movie? >> it was. jody hill, the guy who created the show with and myself, we wrote it as a screenplay about ten years ago. at an hour and a half it seemed like it needed more. we decided to tell a nine-hour story. >> jimmy: bill murray plays the >> he is. >> jimmy: how did you get bill murray to be in this? >> well, i was in two films that are much beloved by a lot of people. "aloha" and "rock the casbah." and i was lucky to work with bill in both of those films. yeah. so i've met him on those films. and jody and myself were scouting in charleston, south carolina, for the show. when we got on the plane, i heard someone call my name, and
12:08 am
he was on the flight with us. for the whole flight he just convinced us why charleston was the greatest city ever, why we need to shoot there. yeah, we're not going to argue with bill murray. >> jimmy: right, of course not. because you decided to shoot there, you said now you have to be -- >> yeah, once we got there, i was like, well, he convinced us to come here, the least i could do is convince him to be on the show. >> jimmy: did he agree right on the spot? did you send him the script? >> i sent him an e-mail. we have this role, it won't take much time but it would be amazing if you would participate in this. i would love to have a hard copy delivered to the river dogs baseball stadium tonight, i'll leave six tickets at the box office for you. it's like, we have our marching orders, this is our shot. so we took a copy of the script, we put it in one of those like silver metal briefcases that cocaine deals are made with. >> jimmy: uh-huh. >> thought that was a good way to deliver to it him. we went to the baseball game. we're walking up to the box
12:09 am
i get up there, something's off. there's p.a.s, there's more going on than what was told. what is this? where's bill at? he's right out there, they put a mike on me, miking me up. what have i walked into? i walked out and bill was filming an episode of anthony bourdain's show. i walked right in, ambushed if you will. >> jimmy: you became part of the show? >> i filmed the show. they cut me out. >> jimmy: they did? [ laught ] >> i don't think i was prepared to work. >> jimmy: that's terrible. it seemed to have worked on bill, you got him in your show, which is all that really matters. >> he sent an e-mail the next morning. i'd be honored to play principal what's his name. so we're like, we'll take it, yeah. >> jimmy: i was thinking about you. this "vice principals," the show, you being at school, being a kid, all those things. we decided -- we got in touch with somebody who is from your past. put these up on the screen.
12:10 am
one of these people is someone that you had high school experience with. >> no way. >> jimmy: just quickly looking at the screen, does anyone look familiar to you? don't say who it is if somebody does. does anybody catch your eye as the person that maybe we dug up? okay, we're going to take a commercial break. when we come back -- [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: danny mcbride's blast from the past, we'll be right back after this! [ cheers and applause ]
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vice principal gambi. if you don't open this door i'm calling parents. one mississippi. two mississippi. [ bleep ] [ bleep ] party's over, party's over! ku iss. randy, eight days for you. my wine sack, who did this? who drank my chablis? >> no one drank it, we poured it out. >> you think you know about wine, sweetie? what wine pairs good with ten days iss? zinfandel? sirah? >> jimmy: vice principals" hbo sunday nights.
12:17 am
high school experience. >> okay. >> jimmy: we have four people up on the screen. let's put them up on the screen now. i'm not sure if you've figured it out yet. but the woman on the bottom corner we can't see. there appears to be a man lurking behind her. so one of these people is someone from your high school who i presume you know. and do you want to take a guess as to what number that person might be. >> well, i know it's not 1 or 4. >> jimmy: okay. >> they don't look like any teachers i ever have had before. >> jimmy: okay. >> i can't see 3's face so i'm not sure. >> jimmy: so maybe we should question number 2? >> yeah, number 2. >> jimmy: please put number 2 on the screen. number 2, what is your first name? >> lynn. >> jimmy: lynn. does this ring a bell at all? >> i didn't really know many of my teachers by their first names. >> jimmy: what -- >> lynn, what did you teach at
12:18 am
department. >> jimmy: she did teach at courtland high school. so this is lynn. clearly, lynn, you didn't teach espionage at school. [ laughter ] >> hey, it's good to see you. >> jimmy: spotsylvania is a real place? >> yes, it is. >> jimmy: spotsylvania? >> yes, it is. >> jimmy: like vampires measles? so lyn, did you teach danny at school? >> i didn't have danny in class. >> i was vice president of the class. >> jimmy: you were class vice president? i'm running for the actual vice president. that's impressive. >> yeah. >> jimmy: what do you remember about danny? do you remember danny from those days? >> oh, absolutely. absolutely. great personality. funny.
12:19 am
we are so very proud of danny. >> jimmy: we have your class picture also. i want to get a sense. let's take a quick look at that. here it is. a -- here it is. >> sweet. >> jimmy: vango brothers? >> in the future. >> jimmy: in the future your plan is to let it ride. who are the vango brothers? >> you don't want to know. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: well, it's very good to see you. thank you,yn thank you for being a part of this. wow, what a magical trip through memory lane that wasn't. >> glad i've made it easy for you. >> jimmy: a sausage party on august 12th and "vice principals" airs sunday nights on hbo. be right back with bryce dallas howard! >> dicky: next week, watch all
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>> jimmy: still to come, music from prophets of rage. after barely surviving an island full of dinosaurs in "jurassic world," our next guest is in the disney's classic "pete's dragon." it opens in theaters august 12th. please welcome bryce dallas howard! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> hello! >> jimmy: it's very good to see you. you know, i loved that movie, "peter's dragon" when i was a kid. >> thank you. >> jimmy: i assume you saw it, but did you see it as a civilian? >> yes, i saw it as a civilian. >> jimmy: you did. i think you might be too young for that, you might go, oh, this looks stupid or something. >> no, it was the opposite.
12:26 am
seen live action and animation together. it was a real boy with a dragon. and i was a few years old so i thought it was a real dragon as well. >> jimmy: have your children seen the movie? >> no, they haven't. they haven't seen the "pete's dragon" i'm in or the older "pete's dragon." but i think they're just somewhat starting to figure out what my job is. and i think they're going to start asking soon. my daughter gets a little confused. she's 4 1/2. she said that she wants to be in the "pete's dragon" sequel, which that's not happening yet. >> jimmy: "re-pete's dragon" right? >> exactly. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: disney can have that, by the way. >> jimmy: thanks everybody. >> yeah, yeah. she wants to either be -- she wants to be in it, either the baby of the dragon or she wants
12:27 am
>> jimmy: that's cute. >> so it's like both movies in one, in her mind. >> jimmy: do you think, oh, now your daughter -- because your dad is ron howard. actor, director, all that. [ cheers and applause ] >> supportive! >> jimmy: do you nk -- think this is something that -- i mean, ron howard's probably one of the ten most beloved americans, don't you think? [ cheers and applause ] >> he's in my top ten. for sure my top ten. >> jimmy: maybe number one, even though he's not american, is michael j. fox. he's canadian which makes him slightly a little bit nicer and better than americans. your dad's got to be in the top five, i think he really is. >> how do you rate something like that? >> jimmy: it just comes from my opinion. [ laughter ] >> of course. >> jimmy: i saw him as opie, i saw him as ritchie cunningham, that's all i needed to know. >> common sense. >> jimmy: this is a great photograph your dad posted to instagram. that's you, your dad, and ralph mouth. where did this happen?
12:28 am
and i was 1 year old. and it's when i walked for the first time. so i waited for there to be a huge crowd. then i walked. >> you walked at the wedding. down the aisle? or just at the party? >> just -- i probably stumbled and in this much territory. >> jimmy: your godfather is another one of america's top ten favorites, henry winkler, the fonz. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i couldn't imagine that. i had the lunch box. what it must be like to have fonzie as your godfather. >> yeah, but he's not like this italian guy. >> jimmy: no, no. >> he's this sweet, sensitive jewish godfather. >> jimmy: it seems like -- >> it's not even a thing, right? but, yes, if my parents die, i go to him. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: still to this day? >> oh, yeah. yeah, i go to him. >> jimmy: would your kids come with you or fend for themselves? or go to their godparents? >> they will go to their godparents and their godfather
12:29 am
>> jimmy: they too have a celebrity god parent. >> yes, we continued the tradition. no, he's one of my husband's best friends in the world, they went to kindergarten together. >> jimmy: their dad -- gadfather. >> yeah, their gadfather. >> jimmy: olaf is better than fonzie in a way. >> yeah, it's pretty crazy. nothing that i do is impressive to my children. ca over, he has toys with him. frozen this, frozen that. and they'll do anything. i wish that you guys would die so that josh can be our father. >> jimmy: you had to be careful, sometimes kids are smart, they'll figure out a way to kill you. >> yeah, yeah, i'm getting that sense, i am. >> jimmy: did your dad take a lot of video of you as a kid? >> yes. >> jimmy: because he had access to cameras when he was a director? >> yes, he did. that's really fun. sometimes. >> jimmy: right, yeah. >> but one of the -- he was one
12:30 am
in cedars sinai, my birth, when my mother gave birth to me. he was one of the first people allowed to film in there. so he filmed my emergence into this world and i also gave birth at cedars sinai and i said, let's do it again, film my birth. >> jimmy: when you gave birth? >> didn't go well. >> jimmy: when you gave birth -- >> to my son. at cedars. full circle. >> jimmy: he was comfortable with that? >> no. >> jimmy: no, yeah, ri no. >> jimmy: that's a tough shoot, yeah. [ laughter ] >> yeah. yeah, my mom -- basically the video is the entire time my mom yelling at him, "ronnie, get it together! it's your daughter for god's sakes! up and down, up and down. at one point he's like, i'll going to go boil some water. >> jimmy: that's what they used to do in the old days. >> yeah. >> jimmy: very good to see you.
12:31 am
they loved it. >> you? >> jimmy: i did. bryce dallas howard, everybody. "pete's dragon" opens august 12th. we'll be right back with prophets of rage! being moo ? [ cheers and applause ] >> dicky: "the jimmy kimmel live" concert series is
12:32 am
12:33 am
>> dicky: "the jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by samsung. >> jimmy: i'd like to thank danny mcbride, bryce dallas howard and apologize to matt damon we ran out of time. "nightline" is next. but first, this is very exciting. here making their television debut, prophets of rage! [ cheers and applause ] [ sirens ] ? ? ? clear the way clear the way ? clear the way ? clear the way ?
12:34 am
? clear the way ? ? clear the way ? ? clear the way ? ? ? with vice i hold the mic device with force i keep it away of course ? ? and i'm keeping keeping you from sleeping sleeping and on stage i rage and i'm rolling rolling ? ? to the poor i pour in on in metaphors ? ? i ain't bluffin' it's nothin' that we ain't did before ? ? we played you stayed the points made ? ? you consider it done by the prophets of rage can you kick it like ? ? clear the way go - go - go - go clear the way go - go - go - go clear the way clear the way ? ? clear the way for the prophets of rage ? ? go, go, go ? ? clear the way ? ? go go go ? ? clear the way for the prophets of rage -- be real ? when choice became the people's voice shout loud put your hands up in the crowd ?
12:35 am
everything wrong with the system system ? ? people hungry and dyin' they ain't got a home ? ? this is the nature created from the terrordome terrordome ? ? talking about burn the stage ? ? clear the way for the prophets of rage ? ? clear the way ? ? go go go ? ? clear the way ? ? go go go ? ? clear the way for the of rage ? clear the way go - go - go - go clear the way clear the way ? ? clear the way for the prophets of rage can you kick it like ? clear the way go - go - go - go clear the way clear the way ? ? i roll with the punches so i survive try to rock cause it keeps the crowd alive ? ? i'm not ballin' ballin' i'm just callin' callin' but i'm past the days of yes y'allin' y'allin' ? ? wiggle round and round i pump you jump up hear my words my verbs and get juiced up ? ? i been around a while you can't describe my sound ? ? get down for the prophets of rage can you kick it like ? ? clear the way go - go - go - go clear the way clear the way ?
12:36 am
of rage ? ? go go go ? ? clear the way ? ? go go go go ? ? clear the way ? ? go go go go ? ? clear the way clear the way for the prophets of rage ? sirens ? ? clear the way of rage ? ? the prophets of rage ? ? the prophets of rage ? the prophets of rage ? the prophets of rage ? the prophets of rage ? clear the way for the prophets of rage ?
12:37 am
this is "nightline." #. tonight, brazilian authorities saying, don't blame it on rio. new video showing portions of the alleged robbery of ryan lochte and his teammates investigators say proves they lied to police. >> police say the swimmers kicked down the door and vandalized the bathroom inside. the swimmers are sticking to their stories. are these athletes, vandals, victims, or both? >> plus, book lovers, the shirtless showdown, to be the face and the body of the newest romance novel. fame and fortune for the lucky front-pagers. >> if the book ain't no good, you can always put it on the shelf and look at it.


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