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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  August 19, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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all new today on "right this minute" -- >> a woman born with a rare medical condition is determined to redefine beauty. >> she is a youtuber, a makeup tutorial makeup youtuber. >> the inspiring story she hop will help others. nothing can stop s.w.a.t. >> oh wait. >> why it turns out a turnstile can. [ laughter ]. it's story stunned the world. a man found in the jungle where he lived for 41 years. now a now documentary takes him back for a fascinating look at how his life has changed. >> wow, cool. >> plus a whole loaf of cute
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birthday. what put a damper on the party and why the little one wasn't really to blame. >> i didn't do it. >> i don't think anyone redefines beauty as this woman will. this is 21-year-old, a youtuber, a makeup tutorial youtuber and you can tell that she is very unique. but in the video, she talks to us via sign language and tells us that from a very early age she had to learn how to love herself. now, he was born with something called system hydroma, a malformation that shaped her mouth and head the way that you see in this video.
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she has no use of her nose. in fact, she can't even breathe through her own nose. she has a hole in her throat that she breathes through and uses a feeding tube for her nourishment. she has chosen to live just like any other person. >> it's not easy having the condition she has. for the family it's been hard. it's inspiring to see her everyday to be able to keep fighting and do what she does. honestly, it's not easy. doing. it's very inspirational. >> it really absolutely is. if anyone can inspire you, it's her because she's been doing her youtube channel for two years. people tell her how beautiful she looks. she even has some really great makeup ideas she shares with everybody. >> i love she chose makeup. she put her face front and center. >> people on the internet, they can be so mean. she just keeps coming back and sharing her story and loving
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but other people. >> she is not stopping there. she is also a zumba instructor and studying to be a teacher for deaf students. i think she'll be a fantastic role model. there's no stopping this s.w.a.t. team in ukraine. oh, wait, there's a little thing that can stop them. >> come on, guys. >> >> here they are in ukraine. instead they're fumbling and falling on top of each other. >> excuse me, guys. go ahead. i'm trying to get through. >> i love how it's so dangerous for everyone else involved. coffee break. >> you have the woman in the back recording all of it. this is just great.
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facebook. >> the manufacturer of those turnstiles is like -- >> wouldn't you think that they just hop over? >> what are they going to do, though, jet pack over them? >> jump. jump. >> you put all that gear on and jump. >> that's not my job. this is to wear my gear. >> and jump them. >> you would be happy to know they did make it in and came out with the files and papers they this next situation went down in brazil and it's pretty silly as well. you see these officers here up on the ladder. come on down. come on down. that guy there, well, he was accused of stealing several bottles of whiskey from the store and went up there in the addict to hide and had nowhere to go. >> he tries to insulate himself. it didn't work. >> sure didn't. cuff him, dan-o. they caught up with the guy,
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to the police station. >> imagine everything you know is completely alien, completely foreign and unfamiliar to you. that's the experience that this man had when he was introduced to modern society. his name is long. he is going home to the jungle of vietnam where he lived for 41 years. in 1972, his father ran into the jungle fleeing the vietnam war they were captured three years ago. the vietnamese government forced them to live back in civilization. that story was widely covered. >> that's it. i knew i had heard this somewhere before. >> but when i say this man knew nothing, he didn't even know what a female was. he never saw a car. he only saw other people from a distance. they saw planes flying over. his father did tell him that there were people in those
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never knew there was such a thing as electricity or artificial light. anything. they lived in the jungle, subsisted off what they could catch. that's how he survived. it's remarkable. >> how old was he when his dad took him up there, do we know? >> barely a year old. >> he knew nothing. >> he had no point of reference. this is the real life tarzan. >> this is a video of him return. what i would find so fascinating to ho chi minh and it's that kind of chaos and smells and sounds. >> here is how he responds to some of those questions. >> it's so interesting to see him because he really does have the demeanor of a child. >> really is a sweet and sad story. this whole time his father was trying to protect him. according to his father, the vietnam war was still going on.
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it's obviously an incredibly fascinating story. the next part of this story is this documentary due to be released this summer. the video we're watching is first of 12 parts due to be released on the youtube channel. it's just fascinating. a pretty incredible video has just surfaced. it happened earlier in august but posted to website of the chronical. a local newspaper in ohio. ohio state highway patrol following a suspected intoxicated driver. other way, identified as the intoxicated driver. this car turns on the lights. that charger growling as he races to catch up. as he heads up this blind hill, though, you can see up ahead, there's lights from another car. he will go just behind it but then oh no! >> oh!
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you back it up. the officer that we were riding with was doing about 60 miles an hour as he comes over the top of this hill. now, you can see the other police cruiser has ducked into a driveway to do another three-point turn to continue his own pursuit of the vehicle, though i don't think that driver saw its fellow officer coming down the road. starts backing out at the last second. nowhere for this car to go. huge impact. it slowly comes to a stop. you can hear a the people riding inside. >> that other driver was gone. >> yes, he was. now the officers suffered minor injuries. he was okay. that suspected intoxicated driver was caught up with a couple hours later and was charged with operating a vehicle impaired, fleeing, driving with open container and driving under suspension. so while he was eventually caught up with, the price of the
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this dramatic video. this magician wants to read your mind. >> i want you to think about a dessert that you would get from me at a traditional restaurant. >> now he is going to scan us all. >> play along and see if you have his method figured out. >> no. >> yes. that was my color. a dude's suv is stuck in the surf. >> his car is so screwed. >> but now it's up to manpower. find out if all hands on deck is enough to bring it back from the depths gone to extremes to escape their unrelenting nasal allergy symptoms... houston: news alert... new from the makers of claritin, clarispray. ? ? welcome back. clarispray is a nasal allergy spray that contains the #1 prescribed, clinically proven ingredient. nothing is more effective at relieving your sneezing, runny nose and nasal congestion. return to the world with new clarispray.
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my rough and bumpy skin makes me feel really self-conscious. closed captioning provided by -- therapy. used daily, it reduces bumps 72%. gold bond. tweet us at. @rightthisminute and follow the show all day long. >> you go to the beach and it's all crowded with people, aren't you a little i want a little bit of solitude out here. >> for sure. >> you went to the wrong beach. >> good news for this guy that there were lots of people around because he made a dopey move. he parked his mercedes on the beach and forgot to set the parking brake. somehow that rolls into the surf. now he is like, please, everybody. can i get a little help here? >> his car is so screwed. >> it's kind of deep in there right now. it's buried in the sand.
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services with their old russian mini van here, but that promptly got stuck in the sand. now it's up to manpower. forget the horsepower, let's get all hands on the beach. start pushing. >> it's a few steps above. can you get behind my mercedes, please, and push it out of the ocean. >> they get the mercedes up on to some firmer sand. we saw the sand still stuck. reports say they were able so both cars saved from the deadly effects of the flood waters. >> yeah. what you doing? zuri? zuri, why are you spinning?
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whoa. >> it's happening again. touch my skin. touch my skin. yes, there's magic in the room. >> we should do something with it. >> i got some magic for you. >> do me a favor. i want you to think about a dessert that you would get from me at a get at the restaurant. oh, yeah, i'm lactose intolerant, can't be ice cream. i apologize. >> keep the dairy out of it. get in your mind and think about a dessert that you get in a restaurant. >> so think of one now. >> now you have it in your head. think of the word. >> now do me a favor and pick the last letter in your dessert and think of a breakfast food that begins with the last letter. >> think of the breakfast food that begins with that letter.
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good. >> the second letter, that's right, the second letter in your breakfast food and i want you to think of a color that begins with the second letter. >> now he is going to scare us all. now we'll find out if he actually read all of our minds. >> and the color you're thinking about is green. >> no. >> yes, that was my color. >> you >> mine was gray. >> yours is gray. too much gray matter in your brain. >> mine was maroon. >> what on earth is wrong with you, gayle? >> i ordered gilato. the breakfast food is omelet. >> isn't there milk in gilato. it's a type of ice cream. >> oh, yeah. >> we'll throw it to you guys. up load this video to our
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>> see what happens next "right this minute." and still to come, it's what you get when you combine beautiful weather, a horse and a board. >> it is amazing. >> why horsing around has never looked better. >> oh, man. plus, see the adorable toasty trio sure to butter up your day. >> ah! this is lulu, our newest dog.
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invented the internet. [ laughter ]. >> oh. >> come on. >> how are they not eating that? >> what's better than one, what's better than two, three. three pom rain yans with their heads with a piece of toast. they're not eating it. all they can do is lick their tongues. >> taste the air. taste the toast in the air. >> there is nothing to this but just massive amounts of cuteness. look at the one at the end. >> he is >> they are cute. also cute, always, kittens. more cute than kittens, sleeping kittens. >> so cute. don't you just want to kiss their bellies. >> sorry. belly not available for kissing because li-lo is using it as a pillow. >> that is one tired entire kitty cat. >> i'm going to sit here and
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for adoption. the kitten dorm is kurnly fostering these kittens. they're in l.a. >> i want to be there. [ meow ] >> how many times have we seen videos and said, he is really just horsing around. in this video, he really takes it to the next level because these guys are literally employing the assistance of it is amazing. they created a sport, a hybrid between skin boarding and horse back riding. they're attaching a rope to a horse. then they're galloping down the beach while a very talented skim border grabs on and goes for a ride. >> i can't help but think that the horse is sitting there thinking, you know they have boats for this. >> here is my favorite part of the video. there's austin on the shore.
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jumps on the water, slides and catches the wake. >> oh. >> boom. handles. how the heck -- >> yes. exactly. >> i didn't think that was possible. >> this next one is just as freaking bonkers cool. here is austin being pulled by a personal water craft. the personal water craft changes directions which sends austin flying across the water, only to catch, again, t back of that boat. >> those transitions are really cool and that's the perfect way to capture what he is doing from the air. really get a true appreciation of his balance and his skill to connect that. >> this is perhaps one of my favorite videos. i love what they were able to pull off. there is a behind the scenes video if you want to check that out. head over to click on tv show or see it on our mobile app.
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jump on her olympic training. kind of. >> parents trying to train their kids for this event. >> this is part of the training.
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who needs any of of that. scared you. the united states has done a dazzling job in rio, bringing home a lot of gold. it's time to start training his daughter amala for some of the big events dad, i've taken out a little bit of time to train my daughter. >> maybe we'll let her speak to the slides, sir. >> looks like he is sticking to the slide. >> she didn't understand at first, but i explained to her that there was a putting your toys away event. >> parents around the world are trying to figure out how to
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>> this will make you a great olympian. winter olympics. done. >> he totally bought into this. >> just keep going. you're doing just fine. this is part of the training. up next, 100 minute net hurdle. i am excellent at this. >> well, amala is not. >> still learning to get the hang of it. >> pretty much. >> does your mom approve of your dad's training methods. >> no, no, no, no. >> i can't help but think how fun this will be to watch in five years, ten years, the rest of their lives. just to refer back to these cute moments, dad/daughter spent. imagine if she actually became an olympian. >> when do you plan on telling your daughter that none of these are actual olympic events? >> wow. >> this next video is not only
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this is carly's 4th birthday party ? happy birthday to you ? everybody is singing but -- >> we can't use that. it's copy writed. >> we can do this on tv now. i want to do it once. >> yea. >> since when, a few weeks ago. >> a month ago actually. >> she has another ball to drop. >> oh, wow. >> hol that's going to scar that baby girl for life. >> she is laughing and pointing. they're out. guess what, her little sister. >> the dog. >> it was a little boy. that's a round up of today's top videos.
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