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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  August 22, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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thunderstorm you're one of the few. a quick jump to 87 degrees by 10:00 and low 90s by the afternoon. again the low 90s to mid-90s will feel like 100 to 105 because we still have the humidity right here at the surface. we'll get back to higher rain chances and we'll talk more about that in the next few minutes. fhp reporting trouble on the howard frankland. it first came in as a stalled car, now we're hearing reporting a crash with injuries. you can see these two cars with their flashers on just kind of sitting there in the shoulder. this is in the southbound lanes so heading over into st. pete. the northbound lanes looking pretty good. just about seven minutes to get into tampa. and still no delays heading southbound but we're going to keep an eye on it and let you know if we do see delays starting to build. we're watching a crash on the veterans expressway although again not causing major trouble there. southbound veterans expressway at hillsborough avenue, this is reported in the exit to
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slowdown heading towards the veterans expressway westbound on hillsborough avenue. not sure if it's from the crash or not but you might want to give yourself extra time if you're heading to the veterans expressway. your drive on 275 looking pretty good, still. still in the green, 13 minutes from the apex to i-4 and down there at the bottom if your starting in downtown it's going to take you just five mince to get to the -- five minutes to get to the howard frankland. as you wake up this morning a dangerous carjacking suspect is on the loose in office sending out a major warning. abc action news reporter rodney dunigan is live at the scene of the crime outside of bone fish grill on pitkin road. is the victim in the carjacking doing all right? >> reporter: thankfully she's ok but this all could have turned out a lot worse. this all happened after closing time early sunday morning. apparently this guy walked up to the woman as she was sitting in her car, a toyota avalon. had a chain around his hand and told her to get out.
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and thankfully didn't hurt her. he simply drove off a mile down the way where he crashed the vehicle and burned it. it's a very popular area with plenty of restaurants and businesses. i've been speaking with people this morning and they are concerned were their safety. with their safety. of course this is something that we're going to continue to follow, police now saying they have of the suspect in this case. he's described as a white male, possibly 5'8" with a very thin build. at the time he was wearing a t- shirt, shorts as well as a cap but something else that may be very helpful in this case. surveillance cameras from a 7- eleven across the street, detectives already got that video. they are hoping that this video will help them to catch the suspect. again it's a story we'll continue to follow if you have
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for now reporting live in lakeland, rodney dunigan, abc action news. in manatee county deputies are now looking for the man you see behind me, joel canchyla, they say he escaped from the back of a police cruiser while handcuffed. this is after he and a friend crashed their car saturday night. the men were spotted running from the scene. they arrested him for violation of probatioon but as they questioned the friend they believe joel somehow rolled down the squad car window and climbed out. the escape has a lot of people nervous. also in manatee county looking for a arm robber, hit a homeless man with a pipe and took off with his wallet. the victim got treatment for minor injuries. we just learned jacksonville police arrested this man they say abducted and
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driver. cornelius ruiz iii turned himself in. police say he lured that driver to an abandoned house and forced her into the trunk of her car and drove off. but she got away by pulling the escape lever in the trunk and jumping out of that moving car. it was going 50 miles per hour down the road. she did get road rash from hitting the pavement and head injury but otherwise she's safe. in hillsborough county deputies say a man showed a stranger's doorstep asking for help saying he had been shot. it happened on english hills court in the area of usf two days after move in day. the victim's name hasn't been released, they are saying the victim is expected to survive and haven't said anything about a suspect but say the shooting doesn't appear random. police trying to figure out who killed a father in auburndale. loved ones gathered saturday night for a vigil in honor of
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night in his apartment on sunset avenue. the family says electronics and jewelry were missing from the home. if you know anything about the case call police. a lake worth man denied bond after deputies say he killed his wife and took off. they arrested walter barrios after he crashed his car on i- 95. police say the two children, 12 and 16 saw some of the attack on their mother. the 70-year-old man now charged with dui accused of crashing into tw including a deputy's cruiser. alfredo rodriguez jimenez was's lead from jail overnight in hillsborough county. that crash happened 9:15 last night on north 15th street. deputies say he hit a car that was then pushed into the deputy's vehicle. the deputy wasn't hurt but two people in the other car suffered minor injuries. loved ones said a final farewell on sunday to a beloved pinellas park music teacher killed by an alleged drunk driver. the pinellas park performing
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-- to remember caroline sine, who worked as a music teacher at john sexton elementary school school. a drunk driver slammed into her car. her boyfriend in the passenger seat was critically hurt and is still in the hospital this morning. it's back to school for sarasota county kids this morning. the final tampa bay district to start class this is year. almost 44,000 students there on local counties that started in the past two weeks. this year for the district several new principals and renovations finished over the last few months. sarasota police want to remind everyone there's zero tolerance for speeding in school zones. and for passing school buses that have those stop signs extended. fines can range from $150 to $450. don't forget to be on the lookout for the crossing guards. time is running out to experience the beach. i don't mean some of the best
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beach, i mean the beach tampa in amalie arena. there are four days left to enjoy the giant ball pit there. the beach tampa is free but remaining tickets are only available on a first come first serve basis. democratic u.s. senate candidate patrick murphy will be stopping by st. pete today, joined by the state representative. two the will tour the headquarters of luma, a business that lighting. don't worry if you see a lot of police at the main airport post office in tampa. an emergency preparedness drill there from 8:00 to 1:00 today. services will go on as normal though. again it's just a drill. still to come -- a paraglide plunges into a church. what happened here? >> and new details in the death of prince that many of you are stunned by. what has investigators calling
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6:10. officials trying to figure out what caused this deadly paraglider crash in utah. >> a man killed when his paraglider crashed into a church sunday moments before services began. witnesses say they saw it spiraling out of control before slamming into the church roof.
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rescuers reached him. no one else was hurt. the owner of a nearby skydiving business says it appears his steering to the got loose and his -- toggle got loose and his parachute collapsed. five different tornadoes did this damage in michigan. >> trees crashing down on roofs and homes. roofs ripped off as well. those strong storms ripped through three different counties saturday night. communities spent most of sunday cleaning up the debris. the good news, appears was hurt. for us, dry. limited thunderstorm activity here so not much doing for today. it will be a one-day event as far as the limited coverage. 88 by noontime. sunny conditions and won't completely shut out the rainfall but it will be low, 20% coverage. we'll double it by tomorrow and let you know when the storms will fire. we'll check on the tropics as well coming up. coming up -- a car flies into a crowd at a concert.
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say it was just a mistake. >> was a horse charging at 15, 20 miles per hour pulling 1,000 pounds behind it. >> a woman speaks out about a freak accident where a horse injured her young daughter and husband. witnesses say something spooked
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police are considering pres
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year-old woman crashed into a crowd at a concert. >> investigators say she hit the gas instead of the brakes. police say the woman drove on the dance floor injuring herself and eight others. then she crashed into a telephone pole and another car. six people had to be taken to the hospital. three others were treated at the scene. for the first time we are hearing the harrowing details of what happened when a horse ran wild into a crowd in washington state. that spooked horse plowed into a little girl, her father and three others at a was dragging a carriage behind it. that 4-year-old was in bad shape when first responders rushed her to the hospital. remarkably her condition improved so much she was allowed to leave the hospital surprising her own mother. that woman now talks about how bad the injuries are. >> fractured this whole part of her face. four or five fractures in her face. >> the dad is still in the icu with broken ribs and serious
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that horse sending it running down the midway and into that group. new information on the accidental overdose that killed prince. we now know pills taken from his estate were improperly labeled and prince might not have known what he was taking. a source revealing a officials found counterfeit drugs containing fentanyl, a synthetic opioid 50 times more powerful than heroin. some pills falsely labeled as oxycodone, a weaker opioid an accidental fentanyl overdose. investigators now think he took them without realizing they contained fentanyl. 6:16. good news for the victims of two major wildfires in california. officials say the arson fire that started in the northern part of the state is now 95% contained. >> that stubborn fire has destroyed at least 300 buildings since the started on august 13th. in southern california all evacuation orders from another fire are now lifted.
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leave their homes are beginning to return and assess the damage. our preliminary damage assessment in san bernardino found 105 homes and 216 buildings destroyed. historic flooding in louisiana damages 60,000 homes. and counting this morning. the red cross is calling this flooding the nation's worst disaster since superstorm sandy in 2012. >> president obama is heading to baton rouge tomorrow to survey the flooding firsthand. and louisiana officials are recovery centers and setting up temporary bus systems to help people get around baton rouge. more than 3,000 people are still in shelters now. a pinellas county restaurant is pitching in to help the flood victims. salty rim grill in st. pete beach has employees personally impacted by the disaster. family members who had severe flood damage and friends that lost homes and businesses. the grill just started to ask for donation as couple days ago
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far, everything from shoes, clothing, diapers, dishes to canned food and water. employees say the generosity has been overwhelming. >> oh, yeah. it's like a mountain. i can't believe it. we were supposed to rent a cargo van. looks like we have to upgrade to a bigger one. i'm so -- it touches my soul to see the community coming together. >> you can still drop off donations on blind pass way in st. pete beach all week. they plan and leave sunday. the area got more bad weather over the weekend? >> yes. i've had conversations with meteorologist friends of mine. this is a system that didn't have a name. i think that is one of those things where this -- essentially the focus over the last couple weeks has not been as intense because of the fact that this was a tropical low, never made it to depression status officially, or tropical storm. the conversation i've been having, we need something to
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the events as they materialize. a terrible situation for them. that really continues at this time with all that water that is falling. any additional rainfall is going to be a problem. of course we're in the wet season so this is not too unusual. anywhere from 2 to 5 inches falling in the last 48 hours but because of what has happened obviously the rivers and streams are swollen. as we add additional volume and that will continue to cause issues for areas that continue to flood there. for us, a whole different world. we have dry air on top of us, limited rain yesterday. a couple of thunderstorms sunday across the interior. i think it's a similar setup for today as we stay mostly dry. that will heat us up big time. rain chances again tomorrow 40% and we're watching the tropics with a couple systems we'll talk about. as far as the futurecast looking for sunshine, a couple of isolated showers or storms, 20% coverage. then by the time we get into tomorrow we'll get that northeasterly wind that will take over and atlantic moisture
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40% rain chances. here, a couple systems we're watching, this one likely to be a hurricane but should curve north so. we'll put it on the back burner. but this is the feature, we're going to watch it closely the next few days. that is the one that will potentially threaten not just the caribbean but even the eastern united states, plenty of time to watch it and the intensity is going to vary it as far as the models here. 93 to 95 for the high today. rain chances going up to 40% to 50%. that will help with the not as holt next few days. and -- not as hot the next few days and back into summer afternoon thunderstorms. we're watching a crash in the howard frankland, in the southbound lanes, if you're leaving tampa and heading to st. pete across the howard frankland you're going to run into just a slight slowdown. you can see the cars over to the side with flashers on. this is a crash with injuries. let's check drive times. again from tampa into st. pete -- look in the middle, not seeing much of a slowdown,
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it typically takes six minutes. 8 minutes across the courtney campbell and five minutes to cross the gandy bridge. it's beautiful to see how kind people are. >> a sweet story showing the power of social media. still ahead, dozens of strangers and even a major retailer uniting for a girl with special needs. >> but first new details on a miracle rescue of a toddler who capsized boat. abc's geo benitez shows us what kept her alive. >> reporter: the incredible story of survival after kennedy, a 23-month-old girl is trapped under her family's cappized body in florida's indian river for nearly an hour. >> we thought we were going to lose her. >> reporter: the boat flipping after hitting power lines. parents escape the water safely with their 7-month-old but
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only her heart wrenching cries heard in the darkness. >> we couldn't tell if she was in the boat or if she was out in the river because we heard cries but it sounded like it was just coming from everywhere. >> reporter: astonishingly kennedy was floating in a life vest under the boat, in an air pocket. >> it's a miracle that everything -- workt like it did. >> reporter: coming up at 7:00 a.m. we hear from first responders and how they almost lost hope that kennedy would ever be found. with your gma first geo benitez, abc news, new
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6:26. welcome back. people around the world use the internet to unite over this pink flower print shirt. >> a utah mom posted a request for the shirt to help her autistic daughter. she had no idea she would get such a huge response. 10-year-old cammie attached to the shirt since kindergarten. problem is it's been out of production at target since 2012. so when she wore holes in her shirt beyond repair mom reached out on-line asking if anyone had an old one they would like to donate. not only did dozens of strangers send that shirt, target now stepped up moving cammie's mom to tears. >> they don't ever want us to have to scour the internet to find something our daughter
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>> i was too after i read that. target executives tracked down the fabric and are now making it in different sizes that cammie cam can wear into adulthood. looking pretty good now, a lot of sunshine early this morning, in the 90s this afternoon and limited rain chances, 20% to 30%. i'm thinking at most 20%, it will be 105 with the feels- like. more coming up. a call for change on student loans. the injury now hurting because of crippling debt and a demand from a florida representative. >> and how is tampa tackling zika? a new outlook on how long it
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6:30 -- this man is a wanted man on the run after getting out of a patrol car wild handcuffed. the chain of events that led up to the getaway and fears from families nearby now. >> a fight against a controversial fsa testing gets its day in court. the ruling that could come down today and the lawsuit from parents that pushed it forward. thank you for joining us on this early monday. >> first day of school for in sarasota county. let's get them out the door quickly and safely. any problems? >> so far in sarasota no crashes or breakdowns. good for the school buses and kids on the first day of school. >> dry start? >> for sarasota and everyone else. i think by the afternoon when you think we would normally have thunderstorms. still today like yesterday coverage limited. some dry air helping, rain chances around 20%. so let's break it down. a lot of sun, mostly dry. for tomorrow should get back
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where we should be this time of year. of course we'll continue to follow the tropical waves. well east of the atlantic, nothing to worry about now. the bus stop looks good, a lot of sunshine, 79. then we'll get back into the lower 90s this afternoon. on futurecast and not a lot. by this time, this should be lit up. it's not with that limited rain chance today. we are going to be hot though. temperatures will feel like about 100 plus this afternoon. we'll talk more about the rain coming back fdot cameras checking the junction with i-275 andi 4 here, traffic flowing nicely now on i-4 and i-275. so no issues there. this is the veterans expressway, starting to slow down just a little but we're still at 18 minutes from 54 to 275. this is where we start so see a little of that slowdown here at van dyke to 275. that is taking 13 minutes.
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i do have one crash to tell you about, northport in sarasota county, southbound i-75 at toledo blade boulevard, reports of some earlier roadblocking on i-75 but we're not seeing any slowdowns, we're still in the green there threw the northport area. captain al is flying over the crash we've been talking about on the howard frankland in the southbound lanes. what are you seeing out there? >> reporter: good morning. we're looking southbound 275 just on the other side of the overpass there, or bridge in the middle of the bridge there. not really a problem because it's there on the shoulder. over my right shoulder, looking in downtown tampa where westbound i-4 merges with downtown 275. i do see some emergency activity at dale mabry at waters. back to you.
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entering its third day for this man who slipped out the back window of a deputy's cruiser while he was handcuffed. >> deputies say the man, joel canchola was arrested for violating his probation but managed to escape. abc action news anchor james tully is live at the manatee county sheriff's office. exactly how did this happen? >> reporter: just think about the back window of your car. then think about if your hands were tied behind your back if he could get out of there. did. the back window of this police cruiser, it was either rolled down or he rolled it down. the 5'4" joel canchola with handcuffs on slipped out. this situation should have been over quickly. saturday night he and a friend were driving near bradenton, struck a tree. deputies found them both a block away and arrested joel canchola when it was discovered he was violating probation. in the back of the cruiser while deputies questioned the man with him, joel canchola
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understandably so, and has people living around here concerned. >> there's a lot of kids around here. so, having my son i would be a little worried that someone is on the loose that obviously doesn't care about other people. >> reporter: again canchola only 5'4", 140 pounds, long dark hair. deputies still calling it an active investigation at this hour. if you see joel the picture we just showed you the manatee county sheriff's department is asking to you call them. reporting in manatee county, james tully, abc action news. 6:34. happening today -- back to school for the 36,000 undergrads at the university of south florida. the fall semester begins at usf today. we showed you when students began to move into the dorms last thursday, with so many commuter students you would expect to see more cars on
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now. classes until until early december. a warning for college students and parents already cash-strapped paying tuition. the irs says be aware of scammers directing payments over the phone with phone calls like this one. >> this is an automated message from the internal revenue service. >> the irs says this is a new scam that the victim say the scammers knew personal information as they tried to rip them off. the irs reminds you it will never demand immediate payment or ask for debit or credit cards over the phone. local police to threaten you it comes as u.s. represent castor plans to talk about student reform debt. and she says 71% of people surveyed say student loan debt is delaying them from buying a home. happening today -- a tallahassee judge is considering blocking a state
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from the fourth grade. a hearing is scheduled today on the controversial fsa test. this comes after a group of parents from across the state filed a lawsuit. they say schools are unfairly holding their kids back for opting out of taking that test. the suit includes several districts including pasco, sarasota and hernando counties. we'll keep you updated on today's hearing. to the latest on the zika virus. we'll find out today what is happening in tampa to protect you and your family. >> tampa bay mayor bob enforcement team are meeting 10:30 this morning. they will outlined the ever underway to guard against the zika virus. >> we'll let you know what happens at the meeting. moaive control is hard at work trying to stop the spread of zika in miami. they were in the early morning hours when they say mosquitos are most active. also pellets drop in stormwater
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and some say the outbreak could last as long as two years. it will be heading to texas and louisiana next and possibly worse there because of the flooding in those states. >> one pregnant woman is staying out of south florida, she's going to stay at her home in atlanta, georgia because of the outbreak. monday, a lot early on. 81, still dark as temperatures climb back up to 88 around lunchtime. 93 for the high today. feeling more like 100 plus with storm chances around 20%. if you're heading out the door in tampa we have a crash that is reported at waters and dale mabry. reports of roadblocking in the westbound lanes of waters and my map is showing a little slowness westbound to dale
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captain al is heading there now and will have a live report coming up in a few minutes. 6:38. coming up -- doctors make a bizarre discovery in a man's stomach. the rare disorder they are blaming. >> a beloved church relic goes
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6:40. now to the bizarre story of the day. a 42-year-old father of two in india says he's addicted to swallowing knives. he says he can't help it. >> doctors spent two days preparing for a five-hour operation they needed to remove all the knives from his stomach. doctors say they were so nervous about this operation because a small mistake could have cost the man his life. you see the blades laid out there. doctors say some of the items were offended, others open. they removed the knives and say some even started to rust and were broken. doctors say that man likely has a rare mental disorder that hasn't even been published in any international medical journal. he told the doctors he "developed a taste for medal and loved the way blades tasted." officials searching for an ancient religious artifact they say stole from a church in san
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cross where christ was crucified. members of the church are understandly heartbroken. they but put up a sign asking for the thief to return the item no questions asked. winner for the future but winning today. >> and smart zones used to cut back on food waste. a new app coming soon to the
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6:45. the 2016 summer olympics are over. american gym nast simone biles carried the flag at the closing ceremonies after winning four gold in rio. the ceremonies include partying, fireworks and looking ahead to the 2020 games in tokyo. what will be hard for the u.s. to do, and japan, top this year's medal count. >> for 1948 the u.s. had the highest number of medals in all categories. 46 gold, 37 silver, 38 bronze. that is 1212 total medals -- 121 told medals. china comes in second with 70. great britain in third with 67. russia in fourth. germany edged out japan for fifth place with 42. the u.s. men's basketball
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basketball medal yesterday. kevin durant scored 30 points in the gold medal game. >> american kyle snyder setting a new record winning the 97- kiligram freestyle competition. he's the youngest champion in u.s. wrestling history. for the gold he earns a $250,000 bonus from u.s. wrestling. it's allowed under ncaa a bizarre scene yesterday and the 65-kilo gram prons metal match. the mongolian runner leaves thinking they won - >> 44
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coaches out of the arena. they ever so mad. >> i've never seen that before. we have inp plant city. if you're heading out just watch for this. north alexander street at sam allen road north of i-4, seeing a little slowdown in the eastbound lanes so just yourself extra time. we're still watching this crash on the howard frankland bridge though it's in the southbound lanes so the least traveled direction here on the howard frankland, just a couple minutes slow if you are heading from tampa to st. pete. if you're heading from pinellas county to hillsborough county pretty typical for this time morning, just a 7-minute drive across the bridge. checking the drive, 7 minutes on the howard frankland, nine minutes on the courtney campbell and eight minutes to
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1 -- captain al, what are you seeing with the crash at dale mabry and waters? >> reporter: i talked about the howard frankland bridge and i saw southbound dale mabry blocked a couple lanes right at waters avenue. i came up here and see it's been moved to the southwest corner almost by the walmart but not affecting the travel lanes. that right-hand side is southbound dale mabry. all the directions this way are you get to 275 again. just a normal volume. no accidents ahead. dry and chances for spring below normal. we'll show you a lot of sun today, blue skies, a few clouds this afternoon but even that is limited, so that will set the stage for a hot afternoon with temperatures above average for this time of year. bus stop forecast dry and last
6:49 am
to school. 7:04 sunrise. pick up time, temperatures in the lower 90s. drier air on top of us but that will erode and quirkily. the wind shift happens tomorrow. northeast wind bringing us more rain in the forecast. temperatures around 90 to 95 for the afternoon high. it will make it feel like it's well in the 100s but rain chances coming and that will begin to get the temperatures more under control by middle and latter part of the week. it's 6:49. in democracy 2016 -- gop officials are assisting donald trump is finally hitting a stride. >> working on his pitch to minority voters over the weekend. he says republicans need to improve on reach out to african-
6:50 am
can change. polls show trump lagging clinton by 5 national percentage points nationally. a wedding bomber -- turns out to be a child. in turkey. many terrorist groups used children to carry out attacks like this one. storage units can be a simple solution others need a temporary home for belongings. >> one common thing can ruin your belongingingsings. mice. mice had gotten into one family's items they had had for nine months. >> the storage company says it had regular pest control and working with the family. what are your rights if things are ruined while in storage?
6:51 am
says most storage contracts will state that the facility is not responsible for any damage so make sure you're covered by your own insurance policy or by insurance that you can buy from the storage company. to be safe never put a family heirloom in a rental storage unit on garage. try a family or friend's house. and if it's small you can use a safe deposit box at the bank. gas prices up just a little. a half cent over the weekend as we wrap up the summer travel season. not bad but experts warn they could go up more. aaa puts the national average at $2.15. here's a look at the gas tracking web site. here in florida we're enjoying a lower statewide ample at $2.09. analysts say higher crude oil prices are to blame for bumping up prices at the pump. but the national average is still 54 cents lower than this time a year ago. a new mobile app is aiming to end food waste at restaurants. called too good to go. rolling out in europe and should be available here in the
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leftover food from restaurants at a discounted price. just log in, pick a restaurant and then see pickup times. they are usually after peak dining hours and around closing time. you don't get to decide exactly what foods you'll get but the meals will cost you between $2 and $5. the memory of the ohio zoo gorilla shot and killed after a 3-year-old boy fell into his enclosure now taking on a new life on-line. the 17- harambe is popping up in tongue in cheek petitions to rename the hometown cincinnati bengals. add his face to mount rushmore and put him on the dollar bill. it's from genuine sadness over his death. a cocoa beach family is counting its blessings, their toddler is alive after dramatic water rescue over the weekend.
6:53 am
indian river friday night when their boat capsized trapping the 23-month-old little girl under the water for nearly an hour. she was able to stay alive, amazingly found a tiny air pocket under the capsized boat. rescuers searched the water for an hour with no sight of the child, then heard a faint cry and looked under the boat. >> just getting ready to leave when we heard a very light cry. >> we kept praying to god -- and we got lucky. we're just >> amazingly the toddler is ok. she was taken to a hospital but was released shortly after. 6:53. your morning sprint counting you down to "good morning, america." >> we start in manatee county with the manhunt that is going on for a man who escaped from a deputy's cruiser while he was handcuffed. >> deputies arrested joel canchola for violating probation saturday night. after placing him in the back of the cruiser he managed to escape out of an open window. not wearing shoes when he ran
6:54 am
if you see him call the manatee county sheriff's department. deputies in polk county on the hunt for a dangerous carjacker. this happened outside the bone fish grill on pipkin road, a woman forced out of a car after closing time early sunday. she's ok this morning. deputies say they don't have much suspect description to go on. only that he's a white man, slim build, wearing a t-shirt, shorts and baseball cap at the time. they are hoping surveillance cameras from nearby businesses will help them in the investigation. >> considering blocking a state law that holds students back from the fourth grade. hearing scheduled today on the controversial fast testing, this comes after a -- fsa testing, after a group of parents filed a lawsuit. that suit includes several districts including pasco, sarasota and hernando counties. 36,000 undergrads go back to school at the usf today. the fall semester starts, so
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streets. we're watching a crash in plant city. let's look at the maps and you can see if we're seeing any slowdowns. it's north alexander street at sam allen road, north of i-75, a little slowdown heading eastbound on sam allen so leave a few extra minutes there. looking outside, i-75 and fowler, traffic starting to stack up as you head southbound there and we can check your average speeds comparing 275 an looks like 275, the slowest of the two, 37 the average speed there from the apex to i-4. 45 is the average speed there on i- 75. let's look at the weather. it's the first day of school in sarasota. >> it is the first day of school in sarasota. i was looking at the calendar, they do leave much later in the summer though. so pinellas and hillsborough will be out enjoying summer and in sarasota -- so you start late. temperatures now 93 will be the
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rain chances limited, 20%. that means it will be a scorcher, 105 with the feels- like and then back into a typical summer thunderstorm. just in time for the school kids to get back. and we'll be rain-free for the most part by later today. is that your baby? >> oh my god! >> it's her baby. a california woman is reunited with her missing tortoise but get this, she's had that pet for almost 55 years! nancy and her tortoise, she says she's had "touche" since she was 5 years old. >> a tortoise vanished earlier this month when gardeners left the gate open. he covered a distance of more than 11 football fields a day traveling over six and-a-half miles from home. someone finally returned her after seeing a post on-line. >> barks like a dog -- i never heard it before. >> "good morning, america" is coming up next.
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good morning, america. three massive wildfires are tearing through washington. families evacuated. a ring of flames, clouds of smoke destroy homes. firefighters battle 25 major blazes in the west. trump's new tactic. his campaign signaling a possible change on immigration as he faces backlash over h attempts to appeal to minorities and this morning new questions for hillary clinton over her e-mails. is she trying to blame colin powell for her problem? ryan lochte still under fire despite his tearful apology for that scandal in rio. >> i just want to say i am truly 110%, i am sorry and it won't happen again. i lerred from it. >> the u.s. olympic committee says the gold medalist and his teammates aren't off the lock. now lochte facing questions about endorsements and his


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