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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  August 23, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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trying to stop the spread of the zika virus. we introduce you to a mother and the newborn babe girl whose lives were forever changed by this virus and why doctors have high hopes for the baby. >> pinellas and commissioners may not be on the same page when it comes to the dunedin causeway. >> thank you for joining us on this tuesday, i'm dan shaffer. >> i'm deiah riley. first we're updating a story brought as breaking news at 11:00. the florida highway patrol believes a bicyclist turned into the path of traffic on dale mabry last night. they believe he was riding in the median before he turned into moving lanes near sligh. two cars hit him. the bicyclist died at the scene. in? in central florida a argument between a police officer and
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cam. he told his bicyclist to ride the bike on the sidewalk and the man and the man p tells the officer it's illegal. >> i've been doing this for 12,000 miles man. >> the officer in the video won't face discipline but the department says it will retrain officers on bicycle laws. the city of tampa unveiling an aggressive plan to keep zika- infected mosquitos out of our community. the question the city purchased 3,600 dunks, that's the giant chemical tablets that kill the mosquito larva for up to 30 days. the city is not responsible for mosquito control, it's the county's job but bob buckhorn says with the public crisis in miami they can't sit back and wait to act. there are 4,000 abandoned properties in tampa and getting the dunks to treat pools or wherever water collects will be a challenge.
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clearly it would make all the sense in the world. maybe just to teach them to throw from the front yard and get it into the backyard. >> joking aside the city says they will find a way to get to the high risk areas even if they are on the private property. they are also asking for the public's help. if you know a mosquito hot spot in your area, call 813-274- 5545. code enforcement. that number is also on our web site. there are still unknowns in zika. introduces us to a mother in miami who caught zika while pregnant and her new baby girl. thankfully the baby avoidedded the worst complications but doctors say it could still be years before they know if the baby is ok. >> reporter: mikaela looks like any other 7 week old baby but she's not, her mother, maria mendoza had zika when she was three months pregnant. she caught the disease in
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miami. there's scarring on her retina caused by the infection. there are deposits of calcium in the brain that shouldn't be there. >> i cried a lot. one always thinks the woicht is going to happen because you don't know what part of the brain was damaged. doctors wouldn't say a lot because they were doing a bunch of tests. it was horrible. it still is. the fear is there. >> reporter: dr. laufer, infectious disease specialist is >> she has cerebral complications, which are -- calcifications, pieces of calcifying tissue in the brain. that means that part of the brain at some point was infected. >> what that does mean for her future? >> i don't know, she's only 2 months old. >> reporter: he said doctors will have to be vigilant. >> you will watch for hearing problems, vision problems and
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you be watching her for this? >> five or six years, for a long time probably. >> reporter: everyday her mother does physical therapy with her to make sure she develops good muscle tone. she says the doctors are optimistic with therapy and constant monitoring she will be fine. but she and her husband won't be sure for years. >> the future is uncertain. we keep a very positive mind. a lot of faith in virgin. >> you're a sweet girl. >> reporter: mendoza said she feels for the women who are pregnant now in miami and trying to avoided zika. >> i would say to them to not leave their homes because it's a situation that is impossible to cope with. it's an anguish that will keep you awake. >> reporter: elizabeth cohen, co -- >> interesting to see the folks
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south. you have to do what you have to do. 83 in teample. getting back to the mid-90s today. we'll get more cooling thunderstorms than yesterday. very limited yesterday. i think today we're back into the typical pattern with a northeast wind that is going to bring atlantic moisture. and set the stage for 40% rain chances through the afternoon. think you're fine through the early part of the day. a lot of sunshine, bus top dry but by pickup we'll be dod 4:35. a man wants you to sign a petition to keep ridesharing services in our area. he says he needs support to keep uber and lyft here and asking the mayor for more help. mayor bob buckhorn says he's been on board and wants people to have options for services. >> i really wanted to get everyone to sign this petition, supporting uber and lyft staying in tampa bay so we can
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road, more locals employed, just overall get the community excited about uber and lyft being here. >> the public transit commission says it's not about trying to shut down uber and lyft, it's about having the services comply with level 2 background checks and for certified mechanics to inspect the cars used for those services. rules are rules and everyone should follow the rules. if you have to go through this hurdle i don't know why other the same. >> there's a workshop next month to discuss the proposed rule changes. four people accused of using a dating site to target a murder victim heading to court today. adam hillary was shot and killed during a robbery last week at his auburndale apartment. investigators say he met hailey bustoes on the plenty of fish web site. it's believed he was robbed after going on a date. all four people charged in the murder have been arrested in
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even identity fraud. police also believe that bustos could also be a suspect in a burglary elsewhere in polk county. a brevard county mom is accused of raising two children in a house filled with trash, roaches and animal waste. the kids police say were walking barefoot on dirty floors. a child forced to sleep on the couch because the trash in his room are higher than his bed. both children are now with relatives. somein with the dunedin causeway but not everyone should agree on what. the county posted a series of youtube clips with new options. commissioners can go for a low level drawbridge, high level fixed bridge or medium level drawbridge. the high level is cheapest at just under $51 million, it would also avoided the need for a drawbridge and those annoying delays for drivers. the mid-level bridge is the
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people like. the county hopes the federal government will cover 80% of construction costs. we're taking action to keep you safe on facebook because crooks are targeting a new airline scam on your feed. the facebook post appears to be a promotional offer from delta. the fake offer is from a facebook account called delta air and even has delta logo as its profile picture. it promises first class tickets with $10,000 in cash. it's a scam. the offer sends users to another web personal information from you. trying to eat healthy as a teen may lead to dangerous habits according to a new report. a leading pediatrician group says doctors and parents should pay attention to pushing a healthy diet. doctors discouraging dieting and skipping meals which can lead to obesity and eating disorders. a personal nutrition plan for the teen can be effective. if a teen is losing weight carefully monitor that weight
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habits that last a lifetime. dozens of companies are hiring for more than 650 open positions at a tampa job fair today. the megajob fair is 10:00 to 2:00 at the george steinbrenner event fold pavilion. there will be interviews and a free resume review session and oneblood is hosting a blood drive at the same time. this morning fill up on panpcakes for a dollar and help i-hop is offering buttermilk short stacks for a dollar and all proceeds go to no kid hungry. coming up -- stanford trying to prevent sexual assault after a case that made national headlines. will a new rule for parties do the trick? >> you never believe what police caught a texas realtor doing in a house after selling it. >> rays lose to the red sox at the trop. what a defensive play in this
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welcome back. 4:43. president obama will visit flood ravaged regions of louisiana today. donald trump criticized him for not visiting earlier. right now he may be softening
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attacks on late-night. >> reporter: trump appeal to minorities. >> to the african-americans who i employ so many of, to the hispanics, tremendous people. what the hell do you have to lose? >> reporter: now appears his campaign is working to soften his tough immigration stance. the candidate, however, who promised a deportation force and wall told our abc affiliate in cleveland nothing has changed. >> we don't have a strong border, we don't ha country. >> reporter: at a rally in ohio trump once again hammered hillary clinton, private e- mails and the alleged special access clinton fein foundation donors received to -- after the department of justice whitewashed her e-mail crimes they can't be trusted to investigate hillary clinton's new crimes. >> reporter: she stayed up late with jimmy kimmel live to laugh
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health. >> i'm alive. there's nothing there. >> on debating trump. >> i am drawing on my experience in elementary school. >> reporter: what about trump using those private e-mails against her? >> he makes up stuff to use against me. if he would stick with reality i wouldn't have a worry in the world. >> reporter: on her love of facetime to talk to the grandkids. >> have you considered facetime instead of e-mail? >> actually i think that is really good advice. >> reporter: but laughing. on immigration he was scheduled to deliver a major speech on the issue later this week but has been postponed. kenneth mouton, abc news, washington. police in texas caught a man and woman up to no good in a vacant house, then realized the woman was the realtor who had just sold the house. neighbors spotted flashlights in the home in the houston suburbs had weekend, called police and when officers arrived they say they found
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at first they claimed to be married and just bought the house. the jig was up when they had to show their id's. >> shocked an amazed but not surprised. >> police say they also found marijuana in sealoff's car. the new homeowners filed trespassing charges, said they didn't approve of the realtor's -- uh, housewarming. ivan cabrera here with the forecast. >> let's check in on the temperatures in the low 80s now. nice moon still visible as we head into a new moon. looking at temperature now in the low 80s. it's humid. have you been outside? going to be even more so later this afternoon with temperatures climbing in the 90s. it's going to be another steamer. however unlike yesterday i think the dry air on top of us that didn't allow for thunderstorms to develop, it's eroding now with a northeast flow. will bring us moisture enough where i think we're back into the typical pattern.
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movement will be towards the west coast so that means again we will see the storms last and we will talk about rain chances the next few days pretty much staying the same as -- we look at futurecast on our high resolution -- it's a little anemic now, we'll work on that but i think we'll have more coverage than you saw there. and talking tropics again. the one feature we're watching is that tropical wave out east of the lesser antilles as it continues to head off north and west. may look impressive on salti but it's not, the thunderstorms are just beginning to get together there. we'll continue to watch this. plenty of time to do so as it generally heads in our direction by -- into the weekend and into early next week. again as i've been talking about the intensity still to be determined but something we have to watch very closely. no question. temperatures 93 to 97 through the afternoon. it will feel like 100 to 105 as
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forecast. steady, 40% rain chances and highs in the 90s. zephyrhills man credited with taking parachuting to new heights is heading to the skydiving hall of fame. 78-year-old bill morrissey and his partner ted strong were the first people to develop an attempt at tandem skydiving. in the 1970s instructors taught everything they could on the ground, once they went out the doors they they came one a larger parachute to increase drag and passenger harness still in use today. >> we went out of that airplane 14,000 feet and all i knew is that i had never been -- i've never gotten this fast before. >> morrissey will join strong in the hall of fame in fredericksburg, virginia in a ceremony in october.
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circuit. tom korun has sports. >> reporter: good morning. pitcher blake snell and rays went up against a red hot red sox team at the trop. price on the mound for boston, just wasn't pretty. s will l went 3 2/3 innings, only one bad inning but bad enough to lose control of the game. that scores one run in the fourth. two batters later, andrew benetendi gets it home from third. nothing fancy, a sack fly. red sox score another 4 in the seventh, 3 in the ninth. while the rays got mowed down in a familiar face called david price. he got help here. steven souza robbed of a home run by benetendi who extends over the wall. red sox beat the rays -- 6-2.
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their way to tampa for two days of joint practices over at 1 buc beginning this morning. then on friday they will take it to raymond james stadium for game three of the preseason. indy circuit had to finish in pocono because of weekend run. rossi's car goes on top of castro nevess's cockpit and it was a scary moment. elio was fine, walked away from the accident and will ended up making his way to victory lane. unbelievable. that's your morning sports update. enjoy your day. 4:50. if you watched "hard knocks" on hbo you know los angeles rams defensive end will hayes doesn't believe in dinosaurs but does believe in mermaids. turns out the team's move to the west coast paid off big time for hayes. remember this conversation here?
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closer to mermaids here on the west coast. >> it could be a mermaid. you find different species in the water everyday. >> he really believes in it. a mermaid showed up in practice yesterday with a sign reading "mermaids love will hayes." he rewarded her with a huge hug and big smile. >> it's pretty funny. i didn't know people really believed in mermaids. >> over age 7. >> 4:51. coming up at 5:00 -- the local fast food joint where humans are not the only ones enjoying ice cream. >> which restaurant had to shut down because of roaches in a soft serve machine. >> in new york city the right address can cost you big bucks, even if you're dead. details on a $7 million piece of real estate not for the
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z22sbz zy6z y22sby yy6y checking the forecast here. the bus stop looking dry. it's warm and humid, low 80s and we'll be back in the 90s. i think most of the storms will actually hold off until 4:00, 5:00, there will be isolated storms around 3:00. one baseball player's shining moment turned into a moment in a repair shop. minor league slugger in southern illinois hit a grand slam. that ball crashing into the
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parking lot and after the game realized it was actually his truck he hit. despite the damage the slugger says this one in a million shot was definitely worth it. we all know manhattan real estate prices are pretty high. >> it's not just where you live, after you die it could cost you $7 million. it's the price tag for a 200- year-old crypt under the basilica of the st. patrick's old cathedral in soho, for a space for it's the first time since the 20th century the mausoleum under the church has become available. the buyer can expect to be buried under several historical figures including the archbishop of new york and confidante of abraham lincoln. the governor meets with local leaders today. >> they are discussing the fight against the zika virus. what health officials are saying about the spread, ahead. >> the murder of adam hillary wasn't the first crime for the thieves accused of targeting him on a dating web site.
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authorities. what other charges
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z22pnz zy6z y22pny yy6y four people are getting
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after authorities say they murdered a man they found on a dating web site. now we find out what other crimes authorities are also connecting them to. >> governor scott here today to talk about the zika virus. what news is coming with him and what help could be on the way. good morning. thank you for joining us on this tuesday. i'm deiah riley. >> i'm dan shaffer. ivan and janelle joining us to get ready for the day with traffic and weather together. >> looks pretty good on the roads. >> that is always good. >> and it's not monday. so there's that. it's tuesday and we're almost there, mid-part of the week, right? it's fine -- and soon enough will be friday. temperatures in the 80s, clear skies, calm winds. it is sultry outdoors, very humid as you would expect on the latter days of august here. they call it the dog days. 81 apollo beach, 82 tampa.


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