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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  August 26, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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moving toward the weekend. speaking of dicey, dan and deiah are up next with all of your news now! captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: now at 4:30, choked at school. we hear from the parents of a little girl who says a substitute teacher attacked her. good morning, thanks for joining us on this friday. i'm dan shaffer. >> good morning, i'm deiah riley. in turkey, eight police officers are dead after truck bomb attacks in southeastern turkey at police headquarters. >> so far, no immediate claim for responsibility. in italy, the death toll from an earthquake rises to 267. rescue efforts continue, but it has been a day and a half since
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a kindergartener says a substitute teacher choked her. >> mom, you won't believe what this man did to me. >> reporter: victoria couldn't believe what her 5-year-old told her monday. she took this picture of the bruise behind her ear after her daughter claimed the sub did that. >> she said he grabbed my neck and choked me. she said, i couldn't breathe. >> reporter: mom and dad immediately called department and they are looking into the little girl's statement. mom says her daughter told her the substitute teacher was upeat at another student and that she was simply doing their work. >> if i put my hands around somebody's neck, i go to jail that minute. i don't understand how a grown man can do it. >> reporter: dad does not believe his child would make up the story. >> for her to come home and say that, it is shocking. her story doesn't change no
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tells it to. >> reporter: the fraziers say their child is now afraid of male teachers and missed one day of school. >> i'm supposed to trust these people that she goes to school with, and it's like you can't even trust them. >> reporter: marisela burgos, abc action news. forecasters warning of a potential storm brewing in the caribbean, shoppers in south florida are stocking up on essentials. tropical weather could be moving toward the bahamas this weekend and toward florida early next week. people of water and flashlights early rather than waiting to see where the potential storm goes. bill has florida's most accurate forecast. >> you know what? we still have a difficult time pinpointing where the center of this is, dan. it's going to make it hard to really forecast. we do have -- i know this looks like a review of the olympics. we've got the euros versus usa. it's not.
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models. if you've been following denis over the past several days, you know that he loves this euro model and the u.s. model is different. the euro model takes it a little farther north and up along the coast, this gfs model continues to bring it down through the cuban coastline and then further out into the middle of the gulf of mexico. so still not a lot of consensus on this because the storm is so very ill defined. now, we have had some rain through showing up right now. 78 in tampa, 79 right now in clear water. going through the day today, we'll look through a high of 92 with scattered showers later as we watch those temperatures rise rapidly. more details on the actual weather forecast including where the rain drops could fall today and why tomorrow could be a little wetter around here.
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ashley downtown. no problems to report there. we'll get another update in a few minutes. now to a crime trend your family needs to be aware of. for months, we've been reporting that criminals are going into unlocked cars. now they are using garage door openers left in those cars to commit home invasions. a rusken family left their doors unlocked and woke to their home burglarized and the cars stolen. they hit while the asleep. >> it's just scary. you think about how differently things could have turned out. so we're thankful for that but yeah, it's just a different feeling of being vulnerable and violated. >> deputy as rested a 14-year- old a few -- deputies arrested a 14-year-old a few days later driving the stolen car. deputies are still looking for one other suspect.
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in bolivia beat a person to death. the miners started blockading the highway monday. the deputy minister had gone down to reach a solution. mainers want the right to associate with private companies, which is currently prohibited. and dangerous criminals being released accidentally from state custody in two different states. the first one, michigan. corrections officers spent hours searching for johnnie rogers after he instead of being returned to state prison. he was re-arrested the next day. he was serving a 15-year sentence. in dallas, a man accused of beating his doctor to death was also accidentally released. they caught him in a small town south of dallas six days later. it's unclear why tony kason was released from a mental hospital. someone used a powerful
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a flaw in the system can allow hackers to take complete control of the phones and listen to phone calls and remotely activate microphones and cameras. they can also steal passwords and messages. that hack has been traced to an israeli company. the companies that denied knowledge of any hacking. and the investigation into the rising costs of the epi pen. epi pens are made by myelin form said lowering the price is not an option. back in 2009 a two-pen pack costs $100. today it's more than 600. her salary has skyrocketed from $2.5 million in 2007 to $19 many this year. the price gouging accusations she's facing now are not her first controversy. it turns out she never earned the mba from west virginia university that she claims she
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cronyism brought that to light in 2008. her father raised concerns about the skyrocketing prices of epi pens himself. it would increase the value of a coupon it offers to give people $300 off the $600 cost. take a look at your screen right now. this is the adrina click. it is an all attorney they've costs less. in florida, you can take your epi pen prescription to your pharmacist, and it can be filled with a generic. adrina click has two caps to remove as opposed to the one cap on an epi pen. donald trump and hillary clinton trade accusations of racism and trump's current statements could alienate supporters. >> reporter: this morning, the race for the white house is downright nasty. >> he is taking hate groups mainstream.
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>> reporter: the raging rhetoric has turned to allegations of racism and she says trump is trying to make america hate again. >> trump is reinforcing harmful stereotypes and offering a dog whistle to his most hateful supporters. it's a disturbing preview of what kind of president he'd be. >> reporter: clinton released this new campaign video. >> the reason our client members like donald trump is because a lot of believes, we believe in. >> when democratic policies fail, they are left with only this one, tired argument. you're racist, you're racist, you're racist. >> reporter: trump is struggling to find his own policy and the plan to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants. >> who wants those people
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the deportation he promised. >> you know it is a process. you can't just say boom, you're gone. >> reporter: the stance leading to confusion. >> we're undocumented, we're afraid, and we're here to stay. >> reporter: just one of many issues for the first presidential debate one month away from today. kenneth moten, abc news, washington. uber eats is so close to coming to tampa, you can almost taste it. the ride-sharing service they are looking for restaurants to partner with them. the entire future of uber, of course, is still in the hands of the public transportation commission. uber says proposed rules could force it to abandon the tampa bay area. however, the fact that they appear to be moving forward with uber eats contradicts that. ceviche, the at-it cafe and a
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children's museum, art museum and several art venues are taking part opening with extending hours. therep will also be cabaret show. tickets go on sale this morning as this concert was supposed to happen a few months ago but was canceled because of the stanley cup playoffs. the fight over 911 calls from the pulse nightclub shooting and when more, coming up. >> and access for fun while drinking. why one fill it dell company says this -- why one philadelphia company says this is safe. >> and on the road for a six- game road trip.
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z22rfz zy6z y22rfy yy6y welcome back. what if the post office sent you a package and there was a live snake inside in a man did that. he sent threatening letters to his ex-girlfriend's job and apartment complex. >> there's a lot of emotion, feelings that are brought up that gets very personal. and we always worry. >> the prosecutors say the
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we showed you the moment when a waiter fired a gunshot in a texas restaurant. he says he only pulled that gun to help his boss. remember this video some this is ramon who admitted he doesn't have a license for the gun and the restaurant where he works has no gun policy. it started when two customerred started complaining that punched him. his manager tried to break up the fight, the men started attacking his manager so he pulled up the gun. >> i fired one time, he didn't let my manager go. i fired two more times. he ran after the shooting, which he admits shouldn't be done. he has been fired but is not facing charges at this time. this morning, the red
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victim. >> this woman says her husband is one of the victims. when the flood hit, his home filled up with 6 feet of water. she asked for donations on facebook and dozens responded. she says every little bit helps. >> don't worry about sizes or gender or whether you think they may or may not need it because they have nothing. they've lost everything. >> she says donations will be driven to louisiana at the end of last the red cross, they received only a third of the money necessary to get people back on their feet. checking in now with bill with this busy week. >> busy week but let's take a look back at a beautiful sunset. we've got this picture from fort desoto last night.
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we've got another basically nice day on the way, but as you mentioned, those folks in louisiana are still getting more rain. this right here is another disturbance that the folks at the national hurricane center are keeping an eye on. meantime, we're watching invest 99l to see if it's hermine. meantime, gas ton may get stronger as a hurricane through the weekend. it's not going to any land areas. satellite radar shows we've had showers in overnight, but they have moved along. temperatures in the upper 70s right now, almost 80. we've got 80 right now in sarasota is a as we start off on the mild -- sarasota as we start off on the mild side. we'll see the thunderstorms firing and put it at a 30% chance. thinking about a day at the
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those forecast items in there later. it's going to be a nice day, though, with most of the showers staying inland and pushing back toward the coast. later on, we'll have to fire that graphics guy. 50% chance of showers on saturday. bump that up to 50% on saturday. monday and tuesday will be the real iffy days. if we get hermine, if it tracks closer to us, if we have a tropical storm to deal with. of course updated on the path of hermine and whether or not it gets a name. i'm treating that ought more than -- tweeting that all morning. the owners of a new bull in philadelphia have raised eyebrows for what many people might consider a dangerous combination. alcohol and axes. >> urban axes in philadelphia insists they have strict safety policies in place. the owner of the facility says it's kind of like darts that
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just bigger. >> ooh. >> competitive ax throwing is popular in canada and now making inroads in the us. anyone who wants to participate has to sign a waiver. all axes get locked away. the facility is a byob. starting immediately, security at raymond james stadium will be like security at any other event no matter what the event going on there. that means all bags have to be sea through. fans have detectors if they want to get in. tom korun shows us why the bucs' first regular season game is winnable. good morning, everybody, the rays are back at home after an excellent home stand finishing up with a serious sprint with boston yesterday afternoon. this game went scoreless through five innings, but in
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holliday scores to make it 1-0. then evan longoria scores from second base. we're tied at 1. it stayed that way until the eighth. mikey 0 for 34 at the plate until this appearance. how about that, it proved to be the winning run. eddie romero coming in recording his first one ever striking out david ortiz. the rays win by a final of 2-1. if we were to go by what we saw last night, the bucs' week one regular season game against atlanta is a very winnable one. the falcons defense had a hard time holding the miami offense. they got this interception early in the game for atl, but it was really all miami in the first half. matt ryan had his chance here
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picked off at the goal line. atlanta having the same problem the bucs were having inside of the 20. they just can't finish. in miami, they are happy they have arian foster in the backfield. he goes in for six right here. atlanta's starters not looking too good last night against the dolphins. and the dolphins' first round pick keanu neal hurt his knee adding enjoy your day. 4:51, and coming up at 5:00, a former rays pitcher comes within one out of a no-
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all right, everybody. it's 6 before 5:00. i went over and gave a stern talking to, to my graphics guy. and we have fixed the problem. temperature will be 88 degrees. let's see if he's fixed the rest of this. yes! 83 by 10:00, 87 along the beaches and up to the near 90s by the time the rains come pushing back toward the coast. uv index is going to be in the extreme category, so despite the rain, don't forget the sun sauce. guys, back over to you. >> thanks, bill. you know, some days it seems that everywhere you look,
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taking selfies. >> that woman spotted that happening on tj max. she went on a rampage. >> i don't understand standing around in a discount clothing store taking a photo shoot looking like the tasmanian devil. >> so true, though. [ laughter ] >> that woman talked about this for about two mi offered to take pictures for the girls, but they preferred the selfees. -- selfies. coming up at 5:00, how thieves can take advantage of your unlocked car to break into your home. >> and a child choked at school? we'll hear the reaction. >> also, a mother in atlanta is defending her actions after she pepper sprayed students outside
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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 one mother is shaken this morning after hearing the story her daughter told her when she
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happened, putting a substitute teacher under investigation. >> then two easy ways to make sure life is never lost again during officer exercises. the nationwide changes the punta gorda police chief hopes to put into place. first, bill has an update on the tropical system we've been watching. >> i do. as a matter of fact, it's not going to give us much of a problem today little bit of action out there, but nothing to worry about. truly, this is something that we are keeping a watch on. it's so far out there right now, we'll give you the details of what's going on. right now, there is a disturbance out here on the gulf that the folks at the national hurricane center are keeping an eye on? farther south, we're getting a pump of moisture because of what could be hermine.


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