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tv   Action News Weekend Edition at 7AM  ABC  August 27, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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right now on abc action news weekend edition another lightning strike in the bay area and a woman is dead. scary reality that it could happen to anyone. we were taken to sarasota coming up. >> the latest on the zika virus this morning and new rules for blood banks to make sure anyone getting a life-saving blood donation does not get sick. >> disney's slashing ticket
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want to spend a day at the vacation kingdom with mickey mouse and his pals. >> 7:00 on a saturday, thank you for working with us i'm lindsay logue. >> james tully. we are glad you're up with a busy all the news but first potentially big news in the tropics, bill logan is tracking it keeping us up-to-date. >> same story we were talking about yesterday this ill organized tropical wave is out there. there we motioning to this camera and it popped up. it is well to the south but by late tomorrow and monday we start to see the moisture from the system making its way across the date for us. right now, clear on titan doppler radar, there were storms offshore, a few out here along the east coast and we will watch as the storms build along the east coast and pull back toward our side of the state much like yesterday and last
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the south although we have had some pretty good storms moving to the metro area as well through the evening hours and into the early morning hours staying through portions of sarasota and manatee county. just now drying out. sun is up and a couple but for right now, clear across the board. a few clouds around in tampa and st. petersburg, temperatures hovering around 80 degrees. we will go from those meetings, upper 70s, lower 80s later on. we will see scattered storms and the storms, again, build inland first and then push toward the coast later into the afternoon and evening and with those storms the danger of some lightning will be out there and once again, we talk about this all the time, this can be very, very dangerous because these bolts can travel 7-10 miles from the clouds and it is one of those things that can really cause problems as we saw in sarasota yesterday.
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the strong storms last night kill the woman in sarasota. she was at a park 50-year-old woman at doctor mlk junior memorial park she took shelter under a busy the last night and the lightning hit the gazebo killing the woman. sarasota fire-rescue investigators have not released her name. >> it was a shock to hear someone hit by lightning let alone a girl i've known a long time. >> this marks the seventh ligh florida the most since 2007 when 11 people died from lightning strikes. help catch these and polk county, winterhaven police a three people targeted a nursing home recently, breaking into unlocked cars. these are the pictures of the woman and to come in police are looking for. they are accused of stealing credit card and cash -- catching stolen checks breaking into cars and palm gardens nursing home last week. grandmother shopping for baby formula session was held
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that is what she said to the guy that made him think twice about what he was doing. police arrested kevin barker at the walmart he was 19 pulling a gun on a customer when she was loading groceries but the victim says he walked up, pulled the gun and asked for her money and she told him all she had in the car was a debit card for food stamps. and his tone changed. >> no, i'm mistaken for somebody else, for a girl but to me for money the other day. >> police tracked her down later and down and they found of eight airsoft done this is june they have responded to that walmart 261, four times per day. crimes ranging from shoplifting to hit and run and battery. police in bangladesh say that killed three suspected militants including the alleged mastermind of a major attack on a cafi last month that left 20 people dead. officials say police raided a
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suspects. the dead included one of two people police say work behind the attack on a popular restaurant. bangladesh police have been conducting raids across the country to hunt those behind the attack or today is national mourning in italy three days after an earthquake claimed at least 284 lies. later today there will be a day funeral attended by italy's president and endless have bring the dead to an airport hangar in central italy were trucks are being used as a makeshift morgue 1000 aftershocks making it harder for rescuers to find survivors and rescue workers acknowledge they might not find any more people alive. fda issuing new advisor about the zika virus. organization now asking every blood bank in the u. s. to start screening for the virus. before now the fda required only blood banks of puerto rico and two southfort counties to test for zika. demarcus the 2016, ex-wife of donald trump's new campaign
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marks when the couple was trying to get their daughter into a private school. in divorce papers police yesterday stephen bannon is quoted as saying he didn't want his girls going to school with and was charged with domestic violence in 1996 but those charges were later dropped. then and former head of breitbart news took the helm of trump's campaign last week to get another leadership shakeup or emails from clinton's privat really . federal judge wants some emails made available to the public and no later than september 13. the order is specifically aimed at documents related to the attack on the u. s. consulate in benghazi. the state department says it is possible though it will not find any relevant documents. heads up, today's the last day to vote early in florida's primary and bay area counties be to model essay for people in pinellas, hillsborough county . more than 90,000 people have voted early or mail in ballots.
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after police say he murder two mississippi nuns. in their own home. police arrested ronnie earl sanders entrusted with three counts of capital murder. authorities found the body of sisters paula merrill and margaret held. stabbed to death thursday in jackson mississippi. those closest to the women shocked by the news saying they led a life of helping the poor. >> it is said that people come to this them, i mean, my aunt and sister margaret, they lived their lives to try to make the world better for the people who have nothing. >> authority say signs point to a break in and the car belonging to the sisters was found abandoned one mile from the home. the cousin of nba star dwayne wade was shot and killed while pushing her baby in a stroller near an elementary school . police say the 32-year- old woman was an innocent and bystander who was caught in the crossfire. she was shot in the head. fur baby was not hurt.
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chicago to play for the chicago bulls and his mother said he was involved in a discussion about violence happening in his hometown. >> just set up on a panel yesterday talking about the violence that is going on within our city, chicago, never knowing that the next day we would be the ones that would be actually living and experiencing it. >> wade tweeted about the saying another act of senseless gun violence, for kids lost her mom in 2012, his nephew was shot twice in the leg during an armed robbery at a convenience store in chicago. local football league that provides an outlet for underprivileged children are looking for your help this morning. south shore sharks athletic club is a nonprofit football league that relies on the committee for support. half the kids enrolled come from homes where money is tight. the league provide scholarships that pay for registration fees equipment and more.
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grassroots things, car washes and fundraisers and things like that but sometimes you just come up a little short. >> we have posted the contact information on the website along with the story if you would like to donate. the fight against mosquitoes and zika virus in the bay area and will show you how easy it is to alert the people who have a problem. keeping an eye, headed to the gulf course -- golf course -- gulf course, -- moving in from the central state and better chances of rain into the late afternoon. i will take a look at the action weather forecast and break down the timing of rain when we
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zika cases on the rise in florida and in the bay area the help apartment just announced five new travel related cases friday. most of those in pinellas county. >> nicole shows you how the breeding grounds for mosquitoes on the rise in the area puts right now calls are coming in from all over pinellas county about dirty pool possibly breeding mosquitoes. >> the governor's announcement went through and immediately our phones started ringing. >> he's helping to study mosquitoes the county says the insects with zika are finding different places to breed. >> they prefer tiny containers. >> you want to think less water is more concern. these mosquitoes you just a half inch of water so we are talking just
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it rains. pinellas county had more than 200 calls tuesdays about mosquitoes and usually they get 3-400 calls a one-month a lot of the calls are about abandoned pools, ditches, large amount of standing water. all of these aren't as concerning because the bugs with zika are usually close to your house. >> when you're outside looking around your home, that is the thing to look for, small things of water. to the county just got a call from someone in st. petersburg worried about mosquitoes around his townhome and when i got there right away i found a small container of water. if you see this, flip it over to help stop the bleeding -- stop them from breeding. >> capful of water, and the mosquito dumps can help.
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are in the zika kits provided by the help apartment for pregnant women. they are free . >> i know people say zika is south florida, it will not be our problem and very well could be so if you see the standing water especially after the afternoon storm the storms -- thunderstorms dumped it out. >> i'm not sure what he's dumping. >> treasure hunting? not only here as we look out from the end of 66 tree, i think he was getting some bait. into the surf and fishing, as we look from the anna maria island mainsail beach camera. martinez, our traffic reporter tweeting out yesterday can you see this, we will go over the
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in the water. interesting the folks you see wildlife, it's cool. we are seeing big activity along the water further off to the north. 10% chance of this area of convection getting organized and if it does not get organized it will still bring showers and storms along the north and gulf coast from louisiana we do no into eastern portions of texas. meanwhile we move further east and we will see three different systems including gaston which looks like it will head toward bermuda and make the right turn to become a fish storm. just popping up, this area here shows 30% chance of development in the northern parts of the atlantic ocean. looks like it starts to track further off to the west back to the carolina coast and there is this one going through the bahamas off to the north of cuba
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is still called invest 99 l. does not have a name, does not have much of the center of circulation. nonetheless, this will track off to the north and north west which could bring us more moisture. late tomorrow and into monday and tuesday. i will show you how it affects the seven-day forecast coming up . 77 now sunshiny skies in clearwater, st. petersburg 81 with travelers from the east at 15 and tampa partly cloudy skies he's northeast winds at seven with those persistent east winds today we will continue to see the storm's from the middle of the state where the east coast back toward us and by 3:00, we will see some pretty good storms from manatee and sarasota counties all the way up into hillsboro and portions of pasco county. along the coast we will see a
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pulling offshore but right along the coast some pretty heavy rain and a we will see another band come through and dissipate by 930, 10:00. sunday, we watch the same sort of scenario with the winds coming in out of the east but we will start to see that additional moisture and that will give us better rain chances are we will put in 40% chance of rain today as we push into the upper 80s toward 92 degrees under it will be just a little bit cooler but as we go through sunday and into monday we will get that increased moisture. 87 degrees your gulf water temperature and that is why we do still have to watch the system that is out there. with the water this one, you can certainly see some development but it looks like it is not going to be anything
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high tide at the 10:00 sunup 7:07 florida's most accurate seven-day forecast, washing -- watching the rain chances ramp- up 50% tomorrow, 60% monday, 70% tuesday and holding on to those robust rain chances into the rest of the work week. the weekend looks good today is probably a better day overall the tomorrow and 40% chance of showers as we hit 92 and afternoon storms both accurate seven-day forecast which by the way is always available online at . back over to you. still to come florida falling behind. the questionable spending the it missed uncovering forcing jobs out of the state and costing
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was scissorhands was filmed in lutz. for decades florida with the top three spot for making movies and tv shows but the workers are forced to go out date for jobs. >> investigator adam walser it looks into what is behind the
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>> action force downtown tampa parking garage shooting underway for no postage required an independent film but it was 20 people to work. charlie is producing and stars in the film. >> it is challenging to make a movie anywhere it's even more challenging to make a movie where incentives are not happening was 10% incentive from hillsborough county helped to bring movie to tampa considered coming elsewhere since florida has no film incentives. >> responsible to investors. >> reporter: florida is one of only 16 states currently no film industry rebates or tax credits. >> georgia, georgia, los angeles, georgia, texas, georgia, georgia, georgia. >> reporter: georgia cleaning our clocks. >> georgia cleaning our car -- clocks. >> reporter: 30 industry- leading florida. >> mill workers, craft
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reach 30% georgia persuaded ben affleck -- for the upcoming movie which is set in tampa. it has not always been like that the state approved $269 million in film tax credits in 2010. that was supposed to last six years but the money ran out almost immediately that the reason the florida office of film and entertainment awarded basis with no consideration of the number for williams hired or the merit of the project some money even when two companies that produced video games and commercials. lawmakers recently tried to renew incentives. >> we have over 100,000 people in the film industry in the state of florida. >> reporter: those effort failed largely because koch brothers back americans for prosperity lobbied against incentives. >> we remain in opposition primarily because we are opposed to this program as a whole but we reached out to
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richard corporate who helped the most recent a committee but did not respond. proponents and millions invested in florida films can wake billions of returns, consider winter. >> film incentives in florida have not been available. >> reporter: the lasting economic impact of the huge in clearwater aquarium they had 75,000 visitors per year before the first dolphin tale movie. la y visitors. >> when you take an industry and drop it in the area you have an effect on the economy our movies created 11,000 jobs so for the average individual they had jobs they do not know was greeted by the tv and film industry. >> they hope lawmakers approve new ways to keep the movies and tourist coming back. >> let's come up with something that the state can handle and swallow and keep our people employed. >> this is not about glitz and
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the economy. >> i-team investigator adam walser taking action for you. >> still ahead this morning a recall they need to know about before you make breakfast this morning plus bill is on facebook live. check that out. >> if you are looking for a job there is one industry you may want to focus on. the one business heading out raises this year. awful racist >> neighborhood makes headline for its whites-only policy. coming up next on abc action
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welcome back on lindsay logue 87:30 the top stories were following today woman and sarasota struck and killed by lightning last night strong storms moved into the area and that happened while she was at a park. she took shelter there under a busy though. lightning struck that gazebo killing the woman.
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home ransacking cars in a parking lot. two men and a woman. police of a stoping for credit cards and cash, stolen checks, cars were all unlocked. every blood bank in the u. s. must start screening blood donations for the zika virus. fda just made the new rule change on friday. the testing will not happen at once. fda wants blood banks in certain state to begin testing within the next month. take i georgia, texas is actively spreading mosquitoes are states with a significant number of cases. james, bill? >> already on the list. >> we need to tell lindsay we won trivia. >> you are taking over. >> the chemistry does not stop on the air with bill and i he has a great sense of humor. a lot meteorologist have good sense of humor with the storm track because i could draw some
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from it. >> with this one invest 99 l, you probably would be within the realm of correctness. >> looks like it will not just for this weekend, not dodge but not get to us. >> it will not become a storm using air quotes but will bring moisture. >> trust me he gave the air quotes. >> live look from tower camera, high atop davis island, harbor island and i will stand in front of the convention center and give you a good look across the crosstown expressway and morning street bridge it looks like a nice day for us looking like a rainy day for folks in the bahamas with this ill- defined low, tropical wave, if you will. we will see this tropical moisture make its way up across
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and certainly into monday and tuesday. even though the spaghetti models are kind of still plotting a center of the storm, there really isn't one. so all of the rain is going to be a wide swath, the moisture will lift up across florida no matter what form the center of the storm takes. so that is going to bring us increased moisture. we did have across the very are and down to the south as we went through the evening hours. right now we have temperatures that are mostly in the upper 70s, low 80s currently in pinellas county, 81 st. petersburg, 80 currently in clearwater, tampa, 79, 77 zephyrhills plant city, lakeland, bartow, all the way down to arcadia. sarasota, myakka city also 77 degrees.
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89 by noon and that is when we see the showers begin mostly inland and they track back toward the west coast today as we hit a high of 91-92 degrees. i will show you the best chances for rain with a better rain accumulations are going to be as we work through this day today in less than 15 minutes. lindsay, back to you. >> we check out the video from georgia this morning when a roller coaster last at a county fair. this is video of several parents who rushed to the roller coaster and they are holding it up so the kids were not get hurt. two children had to be rescued and thankfully there were no serious injuries and there is right now an investigation into how the ride mouth auction. >> family who recently moved into a new home in el dorado hills found a questionable clause in their subdivisions rulebook. it is a whites-only clause. foster families as it
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it removed from the policy book. it basically states that no one other than white people can live in the neighborhood unless they are employed by a white homeowner in the neighborhood. of course, this is absolutely absurd. but it is a rule that has been on the books since homes were built in the 60s. >> it's really quite embarrassing. >> you have got to be kidding me. that is ridiculous. >> leaders say they are working on removing the cause from the books. texas boy walk into traffic in the riddle of rush-hour but just -- bus driver tried to chase after the special needs student yesterday the could not catch them. finally a police officer spotted the boy in the middle of the freeway and able to get him into the police cruiser safety. children of a gun instructor suing a coverage after a child shot and killed their father. the accident happened in 2014.
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nine-year-old at target price this and the gun recall, hitting the instructor in the head and he later died from injuries. the kids says the gun range created an unsafe environment for their father and should be held responsible. donald trump's new campaign ad -- app rather may put america first but it's not putting privacy first. i will explain. if you download the app called america first light source information from your contact list during the initial set up the that is when users are asked to and change the setting but most people do not do that. security experts to abc news they are concerned with the scope of the data-gathering on the app. abc news looked at clinton's app that has an often feature to allow access to context but not something that pops up during setup. if you're looking for a job you may want to consider one with an airline. most minimum-wage employees at delta, united and other airlines are getting some hefty raises. anywhere from 23-30%.
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cuts. 7:36 am, if you get your groceries at publix, walmart, winn-dixie, there's a fresh vegetable recall to know about so you do not get it. country fresh says some fresh- cut veggie pasta be contaminated with listeria. items have best if used by dates of august 7-19. they include things like sliced bell peppers, stuffed mushrooms. find the full details and list of products right now on our free abc action news app. pays to be a busy annual passholders, passholders and six gas can get to get discounts from now to the end of september. it is a one-day park pass it caught $79 a gets you into the perks. to put that into perspective, $79, one day, or one regular pass to magic kingdom for florida residents, that will
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>> we are friends, right? >> right. >> you number -- do you remember sweet potato pies for patty labelle last year? >> he is a reminder that was a lot to take early this morning when we first watched it. another reason to say more patty labelle desserts come to walmart. she's expanding her mind to include three kinds of cobbler, apropos poundcake and sweet potato loaf that will make you sing. seven-$10 depending on what you get. what sounds good, cobbler? >> sounds great.
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couple octaves. a group that cleans up abandoned property in michigan make a cool recovery. a chevy made in a plant in their home town, the car found as you see with trees growing around it. nobody comes forward to claim that the crew will find someone to restore it. still ahead this morning, setting your children off to college, we know it can be nerve-racking, sad, scary. the last thing to is something -- some bring on their identity. we have the story coming up, good information to tell your college-bound students next. amy schumer's harsh words for the city, see how a local business went down and how she
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heading to college can be exciting for young adults and for criminals according to the federal trade commission, people 18-24 are likely to have their identities stolen than people any other ajax jacqueline ingles taking action to keep your information safe. >> $50 bonus. >> reporter: orientation quad, new faces, names and information floating around but not a great deal of student oversight. >> (indiscernible). >> not so much as they should. >> i get my credit pulled when i go to apply for something. >> reporter: exactly what criminals are banking on. >> not something that we are necessarily thinking of at that age. >> reporter: we are venturing out and we have been with our parents for 18 years which is
7:43 am
most vulnerable, lack of knowledge according to the federal rate trade commission about 490,000 identity theft complaints were filed in 2015 and almost 50% increase over the prior year. it was households headed by individuals age 18-24 that more likely to fall victim to the crime. >> ultimately, this is a situation where it is not a matter of if but when this is going to occur. >> reporter: student celia have identity know about it until she tried to buy something in her card was declined. the creditor called her. >> you can walk by someone and it will take your identity. >> reporter: hillsborough county consumer protection division is also doing its part to increase awareness. >> we are tried to focus on even younger than college students, high school aged students getting them aware. >> reporter: hillsborough county jacqueline ingles wfts -- abc action news. to take precautions, never
7:44 am
use public wi-fi to pay bills, networks are not secure. you should know. and be aware of social media post and being vague about personal information. there is perhaps in and the person here that has dealt with identity theft recently. my brother said thieves can sit on information for so long, sometimes years. it could be something you did a long time ago and it just, they are waiting for the time to strike. >> terrible thing. >> a mess if it happens. it is a mess. >> takes forever to get things back to normal and worse than losing your wallet. >> worse. >> it lingers. >> but you can recover. >> yes. >> you can come back. >> we will come back with sunshine today after rain that moved through last night. we are seeing lingering effects of some of that moisture moving through as we take a look out from the rivergate tower
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you can see how clouds -- high clouds and for the most part, blue skies. really beautiful sunrise this morning as we started off sunshiny on a saturday. it will be warm, heat, humidity on the way looking for high of 92 and it will feel like about 102 later this afternoon. that is one rain rolls them. some areas may not see 90 because rain starts earlier but they we were too late sunday and into monday and tuesday with what is up in the tropics and areas of low pressure off to the north of us in the gulf of mexico and this continues moving off to the east drenching areas of louisiana and texas. in the meantime 1130% chance of development of a system that just popped up in the central atlantic and it will track to the west to the
7:46 am
make the right turn heading out to see as a fish storm and there is 99l, invest 99 l, we have a talking about this since last weekend. as it tracks across the tropics and in through right now the bahamas. this shows 40% chance of development over the next five days. regardless of its development it will bring more moisture toward us as we work into the beginning of the work week. seeing a lot of moisture coming in with easterly breeze and it brought showers through last night as of now, we have 77 in lakeland, sarasota, 78 punta gorda, inverness 73, 77 bartow, winterhaven, 75 currently in brooksville. 79 brandon, tampa, 70 air force base, saint pete 81, clearwater 80. here's futurecast, the high- resolution rapid refresh model and we will watch the storms
7:47 am
state by 4:00 good coverage through the metro area. all the way from venice, sarasota and heavy storms across the mouth of tampa bay into areas like ruskin, south a petersburg, all the way up through clearwater and lakeland , you will get rain as well and things will travel back to the west starting to basically fall apart by 6:00 or so and then we get another line that starts to bloom hillsboro and this will convene, checking off toward the west. different brands of showers today as we hit the high of 92 degrees. again, there is a get the rain earlier, temperatures will not have a chance to go up as much but if you think along bumping along the sand should be a good we can, rain later today and we hit 89 degrees mark and water temperature 87, trend was out
7:48 am
help the surf to almost calm to a glassy nature. uv index is going to be in the extreme category once again at 1150% chance of showers tomorrow -- again at 11:00. 50% chance tomorrow of rain depending on the massive moisture as far as development, we could see that the king around for a while. it is still going to be that normal afternoon summer toward the latter part of the work week. monday, tuesday with more clouds, more moisture and it will be cooler only looking for highs maybe 88, 89 degrees. constantly monitoring the tropics and the storm systems out there. they do not look to be impacting us in a negative, negative way but if anything changes, of course, we will let you know about it on facebook at bill logan wfts and twitter feed as well. 7:48, a story that has people talking especially on social media. comedian amy schumer said some
7:49 am
people who live here. >> this is how i think you to respond. she makes a joke make a joke back and a bookstore owner did that, jokingly, placing a sign in front of her business and never imagining the star herself would respond. . >> that was my joke. hey, try, give us another chance a good books buzzing, lots of chatter over her sign reacting to amy schumer's new book who not only calls tampa horrendous but questions if anyone really reads. >> i was, like, that is hilarious because i am in tampa and i am reading. >> the facebook post had one customer coming in and mine one of 4 copies shoe workers "the girl with the lower back tattoo" and it has all the customers talking. >> as someone who is a native to tampa, it did sting a little
7:50 am
their hometown. >> she did have one nice thing to say mentioning a memorable night with a man she met on an airplane. >> tampa has become kind of a punchline a lot for a lot of comedians. >> even the mayor weighs in. >> i beg to differ. she is entitled to her opinion as misinformed as the maybe. >> tampa will get a second chance, 35-year-old performs at amalie arena in october and ma bookstore. she tweeted a message asking her to come by the store and two-story surprise schumer tweeted back saying maybe she will it timing works. >> yeah, i mean, awesome. >> if she does, stephanie will make it worthwhile lanes to donate some of the proceeds to a gun-control group an issue both women are passionate about. >> honestly, reading the book i said, wow, we have a lot in common. i would like her.
7:51 am
what did amy schumer right? i was on the road during a toward traveling between two horrendous cities fayetteville north carolina and tampa, florida but not scared about making those people mad because i know for fact no one who lives there has ever read a book. following it up by jk, just kidding. kind of not getting. >> comedian. >> one product, one store, two prices. >> abc action news uncovering the reason a store has been charging you different prices based on the aisle you buy from. credit only, some
7:52 am
paying customers r good reason.
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tv-commercial tv-commercial
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a glitch that can cost you
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the company has been charging prices for things like children's motrin different prices based on what aisle you get them from. the problem is caused by those barcodes that they put on products. target says they use those stickers for inventory purposes and the company admits they had no idea how long the error has been going on for nationwide. the company is fixing the problem. double check the prices before you check what i am holding now is probably the dirtiest thing i will touch all day, probably. in florida sometimes used it money in your pocket or in your shirt if you're working out a gets sweaty. but isn't money still money. no says a las vegas convenience store. . checkout this sunday posted it says due to rising summer temperatures, we will not be
7:56 am
questionably moist bills are subject to denial we are sorry but it is unsanitary. >> people find money on the street, on the ground, you do not know, casinos. >> we don't want those nasty germs on their hands. >> sweat or no sweat the sign will not help employees avoid germs from any. researchers types of bacteria on a batch of one dollar bills. the solution, wear gloves. . >> playtex, moist or not. >> --- latex. moisture not. >> ryan lochte you will love this, lochte will appear on the next season of dancing with the stars. this week's winner was charged
7:57 am
and claimed he was robbed in trend we later he admitted he exaggerated. "dancing with the stars" officially unveiled the season 23 cast august 30, gma on abc action news 7 am. . >> how much did pr fixers pay to repair his image? >> maybe he's striking while the iron is hot. another week of dance practice. >> people who do not make up crimes. >> money for five local charities -- forcharity, i will show you how one uses the money to fight homelessness in an interesting way. first here it is what coming up. >> gma this saturday, covering the flooding in midwest american cities dealing with rising water and raging floodwaters. rob marciano brings us the latest on this dangerous
7:58 am
gun violence in chicago hits the family of nba star dwayne wade. his cousin was the mother of 4, she was gunned down overnight, deadly violence in the windy city has been problematic for some time now and will tell you what he says this morning. finally, we turn to politics and the campaign trail and donald trump out in the battleground state of i. the candidate struggling to care for -- clarify his shift on immigration. america, bill has weather
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, flash floods, nearly seven inches in two hours, overwhelming parts of kansas city. rushing water rising in an instant. waist high in places. cars swamped. drivers looking for safety on their roofs. this creek rising ten feet in one hour, and rivers raging. what's coming up in the forecast. caught in the crossfire, the cousin of chicago bulls star dwyane wade struck and killed by a stray bullet while pushing her baby in a stroller on chicago's south side. >> we got a female shot in the head. >> the rising violence hitting close to home for the nba champ. the comments he made just a day before the murder. taking heat. donald trump under fire again. is he shifting stances on


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