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tv   Action News at 5PM  ABC  August 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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be sheared by then. it will reach its peak right about here and at this point in time there is no reason to think that this is going to be a tremendously powerful system. yes he will get heavy rain, we will see gusty winds and coastal flooding. and if this track is in the general election -- iraq's -- direction, it will be there wednesday and thursday. but this is not the kind of path that usually pose turn -- most in terms for difficulty for us. the bottom line is, a new track a little bit better news but still, we will keep our eyes on that and give you an updated time hour by hour on what we can anticipate coming up. were taking action for you getting you ready for that tropical storm that could hit. >> that means preparing before you are bracing against mother nature.
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any idea on how me sandbags they have given away? >> reporter: so far, they have handed out about 650 bags. they still -- and you still have time to come out. this is one thing that you will need to protect your home but not the only thing that you need . >> what else would i need? >> they question about getting ready for a potential storm. >> water, tarps another good thing. session i don't know -- i don't know how your roof is. this one can float in the water. >> to the says that she sees how bad it gets in her neighborhood. >> i'm not prepared, i have nothing. instead of waiting, like you said, and getting prepared today.
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and scrambles when the storm hits. >> we keep enough to serve everyday purposes but everybody's trying to do the same thing when this comes. and i don't want to disappoint the last-minute customers. >> just like she learned, you want to have it all and maybe even a grill or generator pick >> i probably wouldn't have even gotten all of this uff if it wasn't for you. 4 you can until 7 pm. -- >> reporter: you can still come out and get sand until 7 pm. they will be back at here tomorrow. now is the perfect time to remind you to download our storm shield app. it is available for both apple and android. comedians around the world are taking to social media to mourn gene wilder who died
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83. he starred in movies like frankenstein, blazing saddles and willy wonka. many fellow actors praising him. george writing, he was always able to make a smile and that's no small feat. rests with the stars. if you have a favorite film, go to our facebook page. for me it was his role in willy wonka. reward will get a drive-by shooter who hurt a baby off of the streets. we just found out gunshots hit that little girls claim six times. -- crib six times. fortunately, she is expected to survive. they believe that the shooting was gang-related. had at 6 pm, a call for help that the little girl's mother made. police say that this is a
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nearly 2 months looking for. on july 2 they say someone shot and killed dixon off of a home on e. warren st. moments later, a second man called 911 saying he had been shot. the second victim survived. it is not clear if the two victims knew each other. there is a reward for any tips about the case. speeding does not have to play -- does not play a ro i towards his bus stop when a car hit him. jacob died of his injuries. the driver has not been charged the deputies -- he told deputies that the sun was in his eyes at the time of the crash. >> we knew that my dad was a hero and he will always be our hero. >> it is also a very supportive soul and a bright soul. >> family and colleagues of
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legacy. he died this weekend in a scuba diving accident. it was just 48 years old. his children calling him a constant in their lives with an infectious laugh. -- and we're learning the impact he had could not be underestimated. we talked to friends who said his to head -- hard work and dedication will live on. >> they saw fred arnold like a brother. he says they became friends in a unique way. >> july 4, 2013 we had a burglary, robbery, and everything else. >> it is owned by the property management company, the master patrol officer was one of the officers responded. and a few months later the suspect allegedly tried to put a head out on the prosecutor and market, and he says arnold
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>> he said, are you all right? >> he said that was the start of something amazing. the started stopping by and just to say hi and make sure everything was okay. >> we never had a good relationship and so, he came -- until he came here and are crime it down and everything else when we started to communicate. >> last year the neighborhood and they had coffee together at 5 am almost every day. he says he never really clocked out to spend off-duty time working security at the theater. and he volunteered mentoring at risk kids to the tampa police program. >> the long-term effect of fred, it will be felt for years within the community. >> to murphy, there will never
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being a good strong solid community leader as well as a police officer. he cannot be replaced. >> it is clear his impact will lived on -- will live on. we have a health alert fresh-cut festival sold right here in florida might be contaminated with a dangerous bacteria. the country fresh platter so that public, and walmart -- publix and walmart, tested positive for listeria. it can cause serious infections. they have by dates -- best buy dates of august 7. check on our facebook page. people who are able to afford -- not able to afford at
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they will offer a generic 10. -- pen. they say the product will work the same in have the same drugs -- and have the same drugs. they were recently under fire for raising it six times then 10 years ago. florida has a brand-new nontribal wick -- related case of the zika virus. many of them involving patients here. and since the number is rising in our state, disney world is giving everyone who comes to the park free insect repellent. a post on his website says that they are doing it out of an abundance of caution since there are not local cases in central florida yet. disney cast members are also getting that repellent.
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but we will explain the reason why more means better than it
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there are still some delays out of los angeles international airport after false reports of an active shooter caused chaos. it didn't stop pair i'd -- terrified passengers from running and taking cover under planes. at one point officers detained a man in a zorro costume. is a manhunt underway for these three jail inmates who jump a went on the run. one of them had been serving time for attempted murder. we are told that they got out of the dorm room but it is not clear how they did it. none of them had weapons at the time that they are still dangerous. >> most college students paper textbooks but many are taking a new hit to the bank account as print companies are putting that course material online.
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order to do their homework and take quizzes. >> college junior, wilson wants to do his spanish homework that he can't with the $90 textbook he bought. >> these are assignments. >> he must pay for it and use the code in other words, he is paying to do homework. >> the codes themselves cost at least $100. >> it gives them online access to digital learning systems. you can watch videos and take quizzes. >> so basically your homework and quizzes are held hostage because you have to pay that your >> yes. >> developed by once traditional textbook companies, are being called the future of the textbook industry. >> you can access your homework anywhere. >> many think that it is price gouging if they require both. >> when you're done with the book, you can try to come to
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there's not a new addition out. but when it comes to online codes that come in the books there is no selling them back. >> they cannot be shared or used more than once per course. >> without the code you won't pass the class. >> but they say that they are saving the students money if you buy the digital version instead of a physical textbook. the access code is sold separately. >> it is like $160-$140 the digital and the physical textbook. >> they say that there is an issue with digital textbooks. you can't hold them or print any of the pages.>> usually, you get locked out after the semester ends. >> if your son or daughter is thinking about picking up a new sport you might want to encourage them to try out to. that's two. they find, that focusing on one
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research is finding children who play more than one sport more than likely to enjoy exercise throughout their lives and less stress. if your child has time for only one, they suggest resting for at least three months during the year and taking a few days off every week to avoid injury. this is a picture of hurricane gaston taken from space. it is expected to remain a days. >> and more on the way. >> but that is what a real hurricane looks like. >> this one is just kind of all over it >> we'll get some stuff wednesday, but it's nothing to lose sleep over. i think that we will get heavy rain in italy reminiscent of colin. it was gusty, and a little flooding. >> and tornado issues. >> maybe. people here tornado and they
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they usually don't do too much in terms of overall damage. but, you have to keep our eye on it. it is a tropical picture and it looks like we always see this time of year, and sunshine and other parts. and the rain will continue from east to west. and, most of the action has moved offshore with the exception of a few heavier storms. and, there will be a few popping up. bad day, tomorrow not a bad day either. wednesday it goes downhill pretty quickly and i think wednesday night into thursday afternoon will be the time. you have to keep our eye on the possibility of this rough weather rolling in. the five in north you live the better chances you will see it. upper 70s to middle ages around the area, a lot of clouds and
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dropping this down after highs in the lower 90s clearwater 79, st. pete has rain and it is 80. no changes here, have been seeing this for the last three or four days east to west flow and there is a little bit of moisture and a lot more moisture out there and we have seen of late. so, here's the way this plays out regardless of whether or not, the system will get it back together we will see some moisture. the rain chances will be higher than if you live inland. this evening, is pretty much what we typically see. he will wake up the partly sunny skies, it will be up to a nice start to the day and by the afternoon, we begin to see these storms develop as the winds shift from the east and eventually to the southwest and
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in that's when the rain increases. you begin to see it on tuesday afternoon, tuesday evening. notice, you get this onshore flow and it starts to push everything over to the east side. watch what happens wednesday, the first thing in the morning we are all ready seeing rain offshore. still don't think that we have a wind issue on wednesday morning by wednesday afternoon that is lunchtime more moisture coming off the gulf and later wednesday we start rain roll in. and, again this is extremely disorganized. but even if it doesn't develop much, our models are pretty bullish on a decent rain event. the system friday 2 pm, 3 to 5 inches of rain along the coast may be a few spots a little bit more if you go east of 75 your rain totals are probably 2
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buzz and justifiably so, a lot of warm water out there. there is definitely the possibility of the next two days there will be an opportunity to strengthen. by wednesday afternoon this chances gone because the same thing that will turn this to the east which is what is going to happen, is also going to weaken it. the good news is, that this will cause the storm to level off or even weekend but it will -- weekend -- said, we are probably in a tornado watch most of the day thursday. and remember, i know that it's human nature to focus on the line, but you have to look at the shaded area because i think that that path can go anywhere. in my opinion, i would lead to the north because it is less likely to make a hard hook even
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is the latest track at 5 pm, winds are 65 miles per hour, certainly a possibility. this would likely be here, and i think leveling off or weakening as it approaches and our latest rpm model you look at this, and you see a lot of moisture but you do not see a lot of spin, right? well, these continue to move to northeast because of that during -- digging down but at the same time they weakening. for the boaters, the water temperature is upper 80s, in the east winds early on. -- and the east winds come early on. incidentally could be an issue late wednesday into thursday. hour by hour forecast partly cloudy skies not a bad forecast for us until wednesday. and, obviously wednesday night into thursday windy weather is likely. the rain will be heaviest
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a neighborhood is on edge. >> you wake up and there is
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z23mkz zy6z
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y23mky yy6y major concern tonight two months ahead of the elections. >> the fbi urging states to increase security after they found breaches in voter registration. and even more troubling, illinois and arizona may not have been the only ones targeted. but many local elections set for tomorrow we asked officials if they are prepared to tact -- protect against hacks. paper ballots provide a safeguard and when computers are used they do not connect to
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and be sure to tune in tomorrow for full coverage on our local elections. we will have live updates and in-depth analysis from political expert -- experts. the biggest since the -- synthetic marijuana bust in the
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i do feel like i'm being
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bracing for a possible storm and, tonight the people living in mariners cove are wondering if they should get out now. good meeting it -- good evening everyone. >> first, right to denis phillips with an update on the tropics. >> yes, we have our 5 pm advisory. not a whole lot of changes, but a couple of things i want to mention. this is not any stronger than it was yesterday but notice, it's still pretty close to cuba. for the next 48 hours, this center will not have a lot going against it. there will be an opportunity for to develop their -- further. by wednesday afternoon, and wednesday night this starts to accelerate northeast yes, towards the state of florida but, there's a reason that's happening. this will accelerate towards our state and when that happens, i am fully confident that it will start to steady out or
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notice this track compared to earlier today, a little bit more to the north. if this were to verify and i'm pretty comfortable with this, gusty wind, 45 to 50 miles per hour, four or 5 inches of rain along the coast not nearly the issue that it would be if this line in the center were closer to tampa. we are by no means out of the woods, but it does look a little bit better now than it did six hours ago. we are taking a closer look at that tornado possibility coming up. >> thank you. meanwhile tonight people living in this mobile home park are living out of options. they live in the middle of a dangerous flood zone. and lauren found out there is not much that can be done to protect their homes. >> reporter: the members of dangerous flooding a few months ago still hard jerome


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