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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  August 30, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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shape by 1:00 and into 4:00 numerous thunderstorms with heavy rainfall beginning. storms in the forecast. many already preparing for the worst. ahead why officials say they need everyone's help. thank you for joining us on this early tuesday, i'm dan shaffer. today's primary election day. election officials want everyone to vote. and to make the process run smoothly check your polling place before you leave your house. you can find your polling place on-line, remember to bring a valid photo id. if you are voting by mail your ballot must reach the supervisor of elections office by 7:00 tonight. you can drop it off at certain elections offices. in the republican primary
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marco rubio. the only one to state in the race against the former presidential hopeful. >> and patrick murphy from jupiter, according to the "the wall street journal" he's getting money from a superpac. congressman allen grayson is further left and represents the orlando area. hays campaign tarnished by his ex-wife's domestic violence. pam keith from miami is a lane attorney and former naval officer. another race to watch. house district 13. david jolley was running for the senate but changed his mind before the filing deadline. challenged by mark bircher who endorsed donald trump. >> get more on, our mobile
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analyzing key races all night. the coast guard making a move in anticipation of tropical depression 9 that will bring gale force winds to our area. right now the ports are open to all commercial traffic but large ships are urged to leave before the storm arrives. the coast guard will set the port condition to yankee if it looks like the storm will strike in 24 hours. at that time ship movement will be restricted. the bucs are final preseason game because of the weather. it was set to be played raymond james stadium on thursday, now it will be wednesday and kickoff is 8:00. you may remember several neighborhoods in pasco county flooded last year. families force outside our stranded in their homes. in jasmine lakes sean green says she lost 90% of her belongings at the time she
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says she does now. county officials want you to be prepared. have nonperishable food and water and they plan to take an all hands on deck approach this week. >> we're a little nervous with the storm coming in. but we definitely feel like we're in way better position than we were a year ago. >> referring to the storm drainage system. the county admits it still needs millions of dollars of improvements but also believes people need to do their part buby by immediately reporting issues of them. the main concern for us is not just the rainfall, could be a half-foot but coastal flooding as the water gets pushed in from the tropical system that is still closer to cuba at this time than florida but it's going to move north. it will strengthen throughout the day today and we'll bring you the latest track in 15 minutes, from the national hurricane center. quiet is what you need to know this morning, upper 70s.
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good shape through the early part of the day. even by 10:00, just mostly cloudy skies and then by 1:00 we start raining and with the tropical moisture it's going to rain pretty good between 1:00 and 7:00 so keep it in mind. in a way we're starting with the rainfall today and that sets us up with potential for more flooding as heavier rain comes in beginning tomorrow. quick check of the roads. i-4 near 574, no issues to report there. looking good in both westbound directions. another update of the roads coming up. 4:34. a child abuse case in pinellas park playing out on some and courts. cameron polom shows us the graphic post of the center of this case. >> these pictures were posted to facebook last week. they show a young boy's legs covered top-to-bottom in bruises. pinellas park police say this man, robert sipes is responsible. according to the police report,
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the boy with a belt on buttocks and legs and punched him in the thigh. police say he also hit the child with a pillow hard enough to knock him off his feet. officers say the boy fell face first into the floor. we tried to ask him about the charges but he refused to talk to us. >> we want to know what you have to say. >> reporter: the neighbors had plenty to say. >> i think it's disgusting. >> reporter: jeannie lives a few doors down, a mother herself she can't understand why anyone would punish a that way. >> kids don't understand being beat. they understand if they did something wrong you talk to them, explain to them what they did wrong and how you do it right. you don't touch them. >> reporter: in the arrest report detectives say the boy was terrified of him, police say the veteran admitted to hitting the 6-year-old but didn't provide a reason. a mother marks a sad milestone. more than 90 days since she
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diana alvarez went missing may 29th and the family hasn't seen or heard from the 9-year-old since. jose guerrero has been arrested on federal child porn charges but not charged in her disappearance. cell phone records place her near her fort myers home at the same time she went missing in the middle of the night. the mom says she kicked him out of the home weeks earlier after she says guerrero inappropriately touched diana. and they say investigators haven't done enough to follow leads into mexico. >> should could be there. that gives them hope. >> there's a $10,000 reward for information that helps find diana. a weekend home invasion bears a striking resemblance to the brutal face biting attack that made national news.
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martin county home sunday morning. he said he was on flacka but he was also on a drug similar to bath salts. the woman beat him with a baseball bat until deputies arrived -- battle until deputies arrived. a person recovering after a shooting at a gun range in fort myers. victim accidentally shot by a family member. the person expeed we're still waiting to learn how the shooting happened. to a disgusting story from peanut punta gorda. a an inmate claims they made him eat his own feces. it was caught on camera. michael burnett seen laughing at him while three other deputies watched. police officers searching for a man that broke into a pizza place through the
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johnny's pizza on 28th street north august 11th. skipping the front door, came from the roof and ceiling if you know who the guy is call st. pete police. the food and drug administration wants the entire u.s. blood supply to be screened for the zika virus. zika screening is already happening for blood donated in florida and puerto rico. the agency said monday that screening needs to be expanded for organizations like the red cross and smaller ones like university labs. scientists are still learning about the virus but know that by mosquitos but can also be spread by sexual contact. about 80% of people who have zika may never show symptoms which can include fever, joint pain and red irritated eyes. the cdc says more than 2,500 cases of zika have been reported in the u.s. we're waiting to learn if there will be a public memorial for beloved comedian gene wilder. he died from alzheimer's at age 83. he starred in classic comedies
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producers and willie wonka. many praised him as a comedy tour de force. coming up on "good morning, america" -- since the first time police in rio announced charges against him, ryan lochte will talk about the latest developments. introducing the new cast of "dancing with the stars," espn reported it includes lochte. someone stole his dog and is demanding thousands of dollars in ran ransom. >> a mother shoots a grown man in her teen's bedroom. why there are still questions in the case. >> the rays get back a familiar face in the dugout.
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4:43. an oklahoma woman facing charges after police say she shot a 31-year-old man who was in her 16-year-old daughter's bedroom. miss say valerie fowler's teenaged daughter witnessed the shooting and there was another child in the home as well. they are not saying what the man was doing in the teen's bedroom. he was wounded in an extremity. fowler's charmed with assault and patry with a deadly weapon
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face charges himself. a disgraced former congressman in trouble for attacking hillary clinton. >> reporter: this morning donald trump increasing attacks on her closest aide. huma abedin announced her split from congressman anthony weiner caught up in another sexting scandal. >> reporter: abedin said -- >> reporter: weiner is back in the tabloids after "the new york post" posted raunchy post from weiner sent to something he could say is a 45 something divorcee.
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>> reporter: sexting allegations from women and she stayed by her husband's side. >> i love him. forgiven him. believe in him. >> reporter: their marriage featured in a documentary and his failed run for new york city mayor 2013. the relationship -- she's also at the center of newly released state department e-mails raising questions up meetings tween high level clinton phonedation donors and the then secretary of state. while donald trump is responding to abedin and weiner's police hillary clinton is not. abedin who has been with her on a fundraising swing in the hamptons didn't attend any of clinton's events yet. abc news, washington. 4:45. a woman in mississippi hooked a catch that is more than twice
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7-inch long alligator. one of six people that helped bring in the massive reptile setting a new record for the largest gator ever caught in mississippi. she says they knew they hooked a big one but didn't realize until they brought it in was a record setter. getting it in the boat was a huge struggle after 20 hours of hunting. >> we were in the boat 20 hours friday night before saturday night. once you hook into something that big and have the opportunity to experience just -- at best the controlled chaos. >> the alligator will be processed for meat and skin. she says it doesn't pay much but the hunt is worth it. for the adrenaline. >> we have bigger ones? ours are bigger i think. looked similar to another front
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pretty quiet. if you're headed out early, headed to work or if you're sending the kids to the bus stop you don't have to worry about umbrellas. we're going to be dry and that is going to be the case through 10:00, 11:00. by 1:00 p.m. and thereafter we'll continue to see showers and thunderstorms. for today there will be tropical moisture so the thunderstorms will have pretty good downpours with them there. but as far as our tropical threat the day really will be the time frame between wednesday night and throug worst of the weather, not just the rainfall but gusty winds as well, perhaps tropical storm- force. as we see the low, just about to get a new track from the national hurricane center still dealing with a depression. we'll likely get upgraded through today as far as a tropical storm, 40 miami winds and then it will continue to move to the north and then hook to the right and the reason for that, we have a trough coming in. upper level winds, they steer the sometimes.
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so in this case that trough is going to come in and hook this to the right so. that by wednesday night into thursday it will be approaching the big bend of our area. the issue with that is that if it does go to our north we'll be on the southern end of that. and because of the circulation on the southern end we're going to get that water getting pushed in. we call that storm surge. not expecting anything catastrophic but just keep in mind that at the time of high tides through thursday we could have some coastal flooding. not just f flooding but also now enhanced by the tides. the ones we're looking at, 2:33, so 2 1/2 feet, for sarasota 1:03 for thursday. so something also to keep track here. futurecast will show the rain bands continuing to move in, again, this is a multiday event as far as rainfall. but as far as the wind i think thursday is our day to get the gustiest winds and potential again for the coastal flooding as the storm makes landfall
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thursday. then rapidly races out of here by the time we get into friday. so the forecast will go this way -- showers and numerous thunderstorms today in the upper 80s. temperatures held back with the rainfall in the mid-80s. there's the day thursday with windy conditions. back to a more typical afternoon and summer thunderstorm pattern friday and into the weekend. we're going to check traffic in a few minutes with janelle. in the meantime the storms in our area are preparing for the worst now. all right. let's look at the sports update with tom korun. >> reporter: good morning. why dwell on a lousy night for the rays as they lost 9-4 to boston? i would rather talk about the good stuff that happened before the game. cobb activated, will start this coming friday night at home
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cobber, tommy john's surgery, reman felt like an eternity. it's all behind him and only three days until his return to the mound. then there's quarterback colin kaepernick from the 49ers who says he will continue to sit during the national anthem until he feels this country is doing something about the oppression of black people and people of color. buccaneer head coach was given the hypothetical question. what if a bucs >> i don't know in our organization has the right to tell a guy that he needs to do that. i would be disappointed if any of our players didn't stand up for the national anthem. personally i look at that as a salute to the people who have paved the way for us, but at the same time this is a free country and i think freedom of speech is something we all believe in and freedom of expression and that's -- it's
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i would personally be disappointed but i think it would be hard to enforce that rule. >> reporter: that's your morning sports update. enjoy your day. coming up -- a pilot whose job application was visible from the air is helping his daughter now follow in his footsteps. we'll explain the teen's accomplishment. >> a really didn't know she was pregnant until the last minute. how she found out and how long it took the baby to be born
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it's going to be like yesterday, temperature in the middle 80s by 10:00 and numerous showers and storms setting up between 1:00 and 7:00. at the top of the hour. 4:54. an iowa couple is celebrating the birth of their fourth child but it's how they found out they were expecting that makes this baby's birth so special. >> the baby arrived just three hours after mom learned she was pregnant. stephanie hughes went to see her doctor friday complaining of cramps. she was quickly told that she was in labor and had to go to the hospital immediately if not sooner.
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dad couldn't believe what happened. >> i was in shock. i wouldn't say mad but -- i kept saying no to myself. no, even driving to the hospital i was still like no, no way. no. its all i kept saying. >> yes way. >> he's smiling now. she was nearly 6 pounds at birth, doing well. stephanie hughes said she didn't h nine months. 11 years passed since the birth of her last child. now the family is catching up with the help of family and friends who have donated diapers and clothes for the baby. >> coming up at 5:00 -- the bay area prepares for the storm. >> people in pasco county are bracing for the worst but county officials say there's something that you can do to protect your valuables from flooding. >> in italy, authorities say
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how police and residents are trying to stop them. z23ppz zy6z
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morning. we're dry now but we want to be sure you're prepared for what is on the way. >> ivan cabrera has the latest forecast track. issued moments ago. >> just came out. a similar track. we like that because when you get a significant shift in track you start thinking well, not too high of a confidence in the forecast. we're still thinking it's going to be heading to the big bend. 35 mile-per-hour winds expected to become a tropical storm later on today with 40, 45 mile- per-hour winds and t north and then it's going to make that hookup towards the big bend area. and our time frame is going to be thursday. that is the day where we're going to have significant wind and also tropical downpours. however the tropical moisture is already in place so that we rain pretty good later this afternoon and tomorrow as well. so a multiday rain event, one- day wind event on thursday as the storm makes its closest


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