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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  September 30, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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we'll have more coming up on abc action news at 4:30. we could see the whole platform had been destroyed. people were climbing out of the emergency exits. >> now at 4:30, a deadly train crash in new jersey kills one person and injures more than 100 others. the investigation into why the train barreled through the station so fast. >> sarasota police arrest a teenager for but why did a judge throw out the charges? >> he spends all of his time just dumping on america. >> hillary clinton lashes out at donald trump. she's holding rallies in florida today and trump responds to allegations that he violated the u.s. trade embargo against cuba. good morning and thanks for joining us on this friday. i'm dan shaffer. >> good morning, i'm deiah
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news in tampa. a deadly pedestrian-involved accident is stopping the morning commute on i-75. all of the lanes are blocked and it happened about an hour ago. we're still working to get details right now. we'll be watching the roads and keep you updated throughout the morning. rail service is suspended in hoboken, new jersey following a deadly train crash that killed one woman and injured 100 others. the engineer is coope >> as i said, the engineer was released from the hospital. >> new jersey governor chris christie referencing the everything near. >> he is cooperating with the law enforcement. >> reporter: now identified as 48-year-old thomas gallagher, a transit employee for 29 years. the train was reportedly traveling too fast when it slammed that hoboken terminal. >> we got jolted out of our seats. >> reporter: the crash killing
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and causing massive damage at one of the busiest transit hundreds in the new york area. images on social media showing what looks like a partial roof collapse. officials are working to determine how fast it was going and inspect the braking system. >> we are going to be pulling that event recorder from the locomotive. there is also an event recorder in the cab car, and we'll be getting that as soon as we can access that. >> neighbors of the engineer shocked after hearing about the crash and concern for >> when i heard it or actually saw it come up and heard that that was the case, i could not believe it. it's just tragic in terms of what they are going through or what they are going to be going through. >> reporter: reed binion, abc action news. to the latest in democracy 2016, hillary clinton is holding not one but two rallies in florida. during a campaign stop in iowa
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to vote earlier. she also lashed out at donald trump reminding supporters that he's refusing to release income tax returns. >> it's probably true he hasn't paid a penny in federal taxes to actually support our military or our vets or our schools or our roads or our education system. >> vice president joe biden is also coming to florida on monday to rally for clinton. he'll be in sarasota. donald trump is scheduled to be in detroit michigan. he responded to a news week report that he explored business opportunities in cuba in the late 1990s. that would have violated the u.s. embargo against cuba. trump said that report is not true. >> i never did business in cuba. i heard this guy who has a very bad reputation as a reporter, you see what his record is, wrote something about me in
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>> trump is set to campaign in pennsylvania tomorrow and colorado on monday. this morning, we're learning president obama is coming to usf on wednesday. you are looking at video of him visiting military members in fort lee in virginia yesterday. the white house says he's coming to usf to talk about the progress made by the affordable care act since usf led efforts to sign up for health insurance. a teenager who threatened to kill students at his high school will t several tweets threatening to shoot up the school. an appeals court judge ruled that the tweets did not make a direct threat towards anyone, which is what the law requires. the teen's attorney says no law even existed to arrest her client in the first place and sarasota police overreacted. >> i sure hope that if a student says something that's alarming but not criminal that they would go talk to him before they arrest rim, before
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arrest him, before you come with the s.w.a.t. team. >> the law was written in 1913, they say, in regards to direct threat sent by a letter. the state recommended the state legislature rewrite the law. orlando police are working a horrible case. 49-year-old peter solomon picked up the victim at a bar, but instead of driving her home, he took her to a rundown home and raped her. now detectives fear this may not be the a lot of potential hairstylists tangled up by the sudden closing of their school. the regency butty of school closing all -- beauty school closing all of its schools. the decision is leaving students with no degree and a lot of debt. dori farrell is one of them who was supposed to graduate yesterday but didn't. she says administrators should
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>> i -- students more notice. >> i could have been using that time to research other schools. >> they plan to offer students called a teach out to choose another school possibly at a lower cost. you see those bumps in the water there? they are all alligators. they have counted 50 of them in winter garden. the man area weekly and has never seen that men at one time before. there is a no swim advisory to the long boat keys, north jetty beach because they tested positive for water that has high levels of unsafe bacteria.
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water at those beaches again today. gaven cabrera is -- ivan cabrera, is it a good beach day? >> it's always a good beach day. later on we'll have improving conditions and we'll transition to the inland thunderstorms. it's raining and it will take you down to manatee county. not just light ones here, moderate with a couple of lightning strikes. it will this particular cell up across the north continues to weaken. it's still unsettled. southwest moisture will continue with us here until we get a break through midday hours and we'll set the stage for late day thunderstorms that will impact especially east of 75. everything being to the northeast. what about the weekend? we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. a quick check on traffic
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we are keeping traffic of a major accident, though, on i-75 northbound lanes fowler avenue. we'll get an update on that at the top of the hour at 5:00. today is the deadline for urban planners to submit their plans for redeveloping tropicana field. a review panel is expected to narrow down the analysts. we'll have much more about redeveloping the trop to keep the rays in pinellas county. a live report a texas teenager says he gets way too much homework. coming up, the support he's now getting. >> mike smith points a finger at himself for the mistakes being made by the defense. we'll talk more about that
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welcome back. 4:42 disturbing new video from louisiana showing officers shooting and killing a 6-year- old boy and critically injuring his father in that car. the officers say they didn't know there was a child in the car when they shot at least 18 bullets into it. the boy was hit five times. the officers who opened fire faces second-degree murder charges. wrong time, wrong procedure, even the wrong
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mistakes that happened, and across florida, they are on the rise. >> this is what i was afraid of, like, reliving everything. >> reporter: shannon potts will never let go of guilt. >> maybe i should have gone with someone else and it wouldn't have happened. >> reporter: six years ago, she agreed to let a naples florida repair her son's hernia only to learn he removed part of the 19-month-old's testicle. >> it's not fair. >> reporter: judy wood will likely never walk again after her attorneys claim a lakeland doctor improperly placed a stent in her artery. >> oh, dear god. [sobbing ] >> reporter: they are among the rare but growing number of florida patients victim to so- called wrong site procedures. medical mistakes considered
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florida. >> just totally unacceptable. >> reporter: this summer, dr. jimmy orr, a member of the state's medical board made a public plea after the board slapped yet another doctor with a fine for operating on the wrong side of a patient. >> the issues continue to plague the state. >> reporter: we found since 2012 florida has logged 315 wrong-site incidents. facilities are required to report them. >> i think patients have to be concerned about this. >> reporter: expects discipline numbers to reach a four-year high. >> we have a problem. >> reporter: a problem we discovered the state doesn't want you to know about. less than half end in discipline. no punishment means no public record. shouldn't the public know more about these? >> consumers have a right no know what the failure rights are. >> when it happens, it is important for all of us to know that it did and help us all
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active community rather than wondering what's going to happen next. >> reporter: in states like minnesota, washington, and texas, consumers can search for wrong site incident business facility. florida posts nothing more than a few incidents on a state web site. >> hi, honey. i love you, baby. >> reporter: judy and her husband have adjusted to their new reality. she and her son, now 9, is thriving. >> i just don't want him think that he's any different than any other child. >> reporter: the future is unknown for these families, and the statewide problem, some say, is barely down the wrong side of right. >> we're not going to say this is okay. [ laughter ] >> stopping wrong-site surgeries is so top of mind right now, the state medical board has created a committee to focus on solving this
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mistakes, the state agency that tracks the numbers says the reports are confidential under florida law. unless lawmakers change it, details about wrong-site surgeries in florida will largely remain secret. i'm investigator katie la grown taking action for you. a controversial halloween direction pulled from store shelves. it sticks to windows with suction cups that looks like a hooded man is looking into your window. brand new volvos are being recalled. the air conditioning can leak water and then moisture may stop the air bags from deploying in a crash. the crawl includes 2016 and '17 models, which are all listed on
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have been installed incorrectly at the factory. >> take a look at this family vehicle. this four seater is meant nor drivers who want an everyday vehicle, but it will cost you $260,000. i can't pronounce it, can't afford it. this already sold out. >> sold >> i know money. >> you have two. today and tomorrow, tampa international airport is holding a job fair from 11:00 to 8:00 tomorrow. airport officials say they are looking to hire police, traffic specialists and dispatchers. now it is official. lady gaga is going to perform at the super bowl halftime show. reports about the performance
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nfl announced it yesterday saying it's official she will perform on february 5th. she sang the national anthem last year. ivan has a look at the forecast. >> good morning. we get the update in the right place. just got the update on matthew. we get the latest information. as far as the rainfall, we've been talking about this, this morning. got showers on the northern end of the all of this will continue to move off to the north and east. it's doing it rather rapidly, so we're not going to hang out for quite a long time. however, the rain has been heavy enough that i think the roads will remain wet for a time and we have this up to the north south of crystal river. more showers in the forecast for us today. i think we'll let that break through mid-morning. in the afternoon, we'll transition to the thunderstorms once again.
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yesterday. we have dry air moving in from the north. that should lower coverage but that would be about it as far as the rest of us. we're looking still with plenty of moisture. then matthew continues to strengthen with a cat-2 hurricane. as far as the temperatures, we're going to continue to see numbers head into this afternoon and upper 80s. and the futurecast sees the showers and storms now. then a here's the latest on that from the national hurricane center. still 100 mile-per-hour winds moving towards the west. it has continued to intensify. it will pop out later on in the day. no big changes in the forecast. see that western air through the cone? that is a little too close to florida for comfort, right? we'll talk more about that and what the latest model runs have for us in a few minutes. right now, we are following breaking news in
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there is a deadly pedestrian- involved accident on i-75. you are looking at a scene right now. all of the southbound lanes are blocked near fowler avenue. we don't have very many details right now, but janelle is watching the traffic cameras. we'll keep you up to date throughout the morning. on sunday, the bucs host the denver broncos. if you haven't caught any rays games, you will this weekend. tom korun has the morning sports report. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. it doesn't matter how you slice it, 101 points in three games is unacceptable even for an nfl team with three games under its belt. under smith, he said before the season he would likely take the first quarter to see improvement. game four is sunday against denver.
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being made over the top by the secondary is just killing us. one less mistake in the rams game, they'd be 2-1, but that is not the way smith looks at it. >> we don't want to be playing that "what if" game. we want to be playing the game the way it's supposed to be played. it is a group effort. everybody's contributed to it. i don't want to start talking about where we're having problems. we're having problems with coach mike smithing the guy that's responsible for it. >> reporter: we told you over a month ago the lightning's contract negotiations with kucherov would take longer than we thought. he has not reported yet without a deal and he won't until he gets one according to his agent. a roster move will have to be made to put this deal to bed. meanwhile, the bolts beat the panthers in exhibition hockey last night.
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the pre-season. that's your morning sports update. enjoy your day. coming up right now on eight minutes until 5:00. a man is found hanging upside down in the basement of his home inches above flood waters. we'll tell you how he got there and who found him. >> a new report finds many people are thinking about christmas shopping, and how many say they have already finished. those stor
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we're about five minutes why 5:00. a water -- before 5:00. the water taxi is a much-needed service that is taking people across the bay. the first taxi will leave tomorrow morning at 10:00. we have another full hour of news straight ahead. a report on zika. >> how the laws will keep us safe are coming up in a live report. >> today is the deadline to submit redevelopment plans for
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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: a big deadline looming for the city of st. pete as they fight to keep the rays. ahead what it all means for the future of tropicana field. >> after a third night of protests in san diego, police fired tear gas and pepper spray. we'll tell you why things
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riley. >> i'm dan shaffer. we're going to start with an accident on i-75 in tam f. pa near the fowler interchange. janelle has more on that. >> this is the southbound lane just south of fowler. fhp tells us that this was a person who was walking along the interstate who was struck and killed. since this is a death investigation, this road could be so definitely expect delays again southbound on i-75. we're working to get more details to find out exactly what happened. let me show you on the map so you can see the alternate. fhp is telling us to watch


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