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tv   Action News at 5AM  ABC  September 30, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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riley. >> i'm dan shaffer. we're going to start with an accident on i-75 in tam f. pa near the fowler interchange. janelle has more on that. >> this is the southbound lane just south of fowler. fhp tells us that this was a person who was walking along the interstate who was struck and killed. since this is a death investigation, this road could be so definitely expect delays again southbound on i-75. we're working to get more details to find out exactly what happened. let me show you on the map so you can see the alternate. fhp is telling us to watch
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twitter. on a friday here, getting the latest on hurricane matthew on the verge of becoming a major hurricane in the next couple of days with winds 100 miles per hour still moving west at 14. pressure is respectfully low. by later on today, we have a good chance of seeing an eye developing here with this as it develops. the shear is picture. we'll continue to see more strengthening today. the forecast has us turning this into a major hurricane by the time we get later on this afternoon into tomorrow. we'll bring you the latest track and also the local forecast in just a few minutes. happening today, it is a deadline for urban planners to submit plans for redeveloping tropicana field. this is all in an effort to keep the rays from leaving st. pete.
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dunningan is live outside. this could be do or die for the city. >> reporter: the rays are out of the playoff hunt but they are still in the game as far as keeping the team right here but certainly will not be easy. architects have put together a model of what the new tropicana field would look like. the plan blends retail, office, housing, and park space. the city and mayor's office have been working since the start of this year on a plan that would entice the team start right here. this complete draft concept is expected to be given to the team at season's end. the mayor's office has maintained that the number one plan overall is to keep them here in st. pete. they will move on to option b, which would be to develop this land for more business and residential use and make something of this 86-acre site. this is a story we will
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tropicana field, rodney dunningan, action news. early this morning, police in riot gear released tear gas on a crowd demonstrating against the police killing of a mentally challenged black man. the scene got very heated when people stuck in traffic caused by the protesters were trying to get home. the protesters got started throwing objects smashing car windows. this is the third night of protests following the shooting of the unarmed mentally ill black men. and police are learning more about a lyft driver they say raped a passenger. detectives say he picked a victim up at a bar in july but instead of taking her home, he took her to a rundown house and assaulted her. the victim called 911 leaving the line open so officers could
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hours later. detectives fear there are other victims. uber and the public transportation system have reached an agreement to keep uber operating. in exchange, uber must do background checks on its drivers, but they won't have to submit to a fingerprint background check. ride sharing officers have to pay fees. they have to approve the temporary agreement still, and that is expected to happen in a a school abruptly closes its doors leaving students scrambling to find somewhere else to finish their education. the nationwide regency beauty incident announced it it permanently closed. administerrers say one of the reasons for closing was a lack of money to keep the 79 campuses across the country operating.
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$16,000 for classes. >> i'm going to get there. >> they plan to offer teach- outs to go to selected schools possibly at a lower cost. 5:05. just give the jersey back. that's the message from alonso high school after someone stole jose fernandez's high school jersey during a candlelight richle. he led the school to state championships and the school retired his number. thje dugout during the vigil. afterwards, the coach realized it disappeared. the school is asking anyone who knows something to contact them. new video shows chaos inside of a new jersey train station minutes after a train slammed into it. the big question today is, could new technology have prevented this? investigators reveal a 34-year- old woman was killed while waiting on the platform.
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girl. the control engineer is out of the hospital and is cooperating with investigators. they say the train was speeding, but they just don't know why. >> the train didn't stop. >> it went over the bumper block through the air, traveled about another 40 feet and came to a rest when it hit the wall. >> one of the big questions would be whether an automatic safety seat could have prevented this and automatically slows or stop fast. it was not installed on this rhine. ryan lochte was not invited to the white house to meet the president. the gold medalist went to the beach swimming for local kids. lochte told reporters he wants to put his drunken behavior at the rio games behind him. lochte's father says there is a three-minute video that the
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his son. >> it's been found and shows the security guards with the guns to my son's chest and money was extracted. i know what i call that. >> the swimmer says next year he'll start training for the tokyo olympics. right now, you can watch him competing on "dancing with the stars." a state representative who admitted to spending campaign money at jewelry st stores could now spend decades in prison. he had been suspended from the legislature. court papers say he transferred roughly $65,000 from a campaign account into a business account and removed it for personal expenses. he was indicted on 14 counts. hillary clinton will be
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rallies on the east coast. yesterday, clinton spoke in des moines, iowa telling them to get out and vote. after the rally, clinton told supporters she's not concerned if donald trump brings up her husband's infidelities. >> he can run his campaign however chooses. we will have two more debates and you can see what he sa say. >> they also had fun at the expense of gary johnson who couldn't say who his favorite world leader is. clinton laughed at the question answering her favorite is angela merkel. after months of bashing merkel, donald trump is praising her as a model world leader but says he's disappointed in her positions.
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infidelities. gingrich led charges against welcome. trump told reporters that his own marital issue yous of cheating are different than clinton's. >> a lot different than his. we have a president that was a disaster who was ultimately impeached over it for lying. we'll see whether or not we discuss it. >> reporter: you are not at all? >> not at all. >> reporter: trump denied a "newsweek" report about reports of doing business in cuba in the late 1990s. he told the reporter that he never did a deal in cuba. president obama will visit tampa next week but not to directly campaign for hillary clinton. he's planning to talk about the affordable care act's success wednesday at the university of south florida. the white house chose usf for
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health professionals and played a key role for signing people up in obama care. you are free to snap a selfee with your ballot and share it on social media. the state's 2014 ballot selfie ban was ruled unconstitutional. state lawmakers argued it could be used to buy votes. the court dismissed that notion citing a lack of evidence. now to a dramatic rescue in day tone that beach. >> police pulled three the mall parking lot. the owner was inside for at least an hour where the dogs were in the car with temperatures climbing to 103 degrees. when they got the dogs out, one was unconscious and another could barely stand. the owner didn't appear to care about his dogs, just that they were holding him up. decades ago, tampa was the epicenter of professional
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breauxing raw back to the amalie arena january 2nd. superstars chris jericho, the big show, kevin owens are scheduled to wrest in the live event. tickets go on sale at 10:00 this morning. prices begin at just 20 bucks. coming up, video of the moment police officers open fire on a car with a 6-year-old boy inside. what those officers said and what's going to happen to them. >> how much homework is too much? ahead, the work load that made one student say enough is enough and the thousands of
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welcome back. dramatic new police body cam video showing officers shooting and killing a 6-year-old boy and critically injuring his father. the officers say car when they shot at least 18 bullets into the vehicle. the boy was hit five times. the officers are facing second- degree murder charges. a texas high school student is taking a stand saying he gets way too much homework and he wants it to stop. he says he spends four to six hours a night doing homework in addition to an entire day of school, marching band, tennis and other extra curricular
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when he said enough is enough. >> monday night, i was up really late past midnight, but i kind of snapped and just decided that i wanted to make a petition. i just wanted to do something that would lower my homework. >> the next morning, he made a petition that's gotten 8200 signatures. the school released a statement saying homework varies depending on the grade level given. good morning, everybody. we have a traffic alert. this road is closed because of a pedestrian struck and killed. these are live pictures on the scene. that's obviously the car involved. we don't have a lot of details of what happened here. i-75 southbound is closed. since this is a death investigation, it could be
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fhp is suggesting you get off at fowler. however, the backup has already started there. if you don't want to sit in that, you can get off at fletcher and take 56th street south. you can also take 301 if you are coming from pasco county to 275 depending on where you are coming from and where you are going. this is what it looks like at bird street. you are looking at a smooth ride all the way in to downtown tampa. deiah? some of the fastest bay area for the eighth annual clear water super boat chance. super super boat championship. >> she assured me that she was telling the truth. >> 5:17. a largo mother whose daughter says she was chased by a creepy
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>> the big twist in the case described as a real life gone girl and why a harvard educated attorney may take a plea deal. >> just about 5:18 now. first, big changes coming to the amber alerts that come to your phone. kendis gibson and diane macedo have the latest. >> smartphone users can now expect to receive more detailed descriptions including photos of missing children with amber alerts. th >> garmon has released a new fitness traffic for kids. it keeps track of everything you would expect like steps taken and calories burned. >> it can also monitor your kids' other activities like making their bed or doing homework. price tag, 80 bucks. this computer has been going strong for more than
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auto repair shop in poland. >> imagine how old the repair guy is for that.
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. >> welcome back. 5:22. from a bank in tennessee to the quiet suburbs of virginia, creepy clowns seem to be everywhere these days, now including in pinellas county.
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either way, law enforcement is taking it very seriously. the sheriff's office is warning that chasing someone while wearing a clown mask can be considered harassment and a criminal act. it could also be very dangerous. they are investigating a case in largo right now. we spoke to a mom who says her daughter was chased by a creepy clown near her bus stop. authorities think a man jumped out of a small ditch on trotter road around 6:00 in the morning wearing a clown mask. they ran away from where the bus stop is. the clown is behind them, and then she said the clown disappeared. she thought they lost the clown. all of a sudden, he popped back out and chased them again. that's when she fell. >> reporter: the creepy clown has led to many people being arrested as well as false
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graduate allege ready i kidnapped two people and held them for ransom for several days. by pleading guilty, he faces a maximum sense of 40 years. the victims' family initially called it a hoax. they are suing for falsely accusing >> who's jeb bush voting for and what he says about his presidential pick might surprise you. >> good morning, everybody. we have a traffic alert this morning. southbound i-75 is closed right now just past fowler due to an overnight crash involving a pedestrian. i'll tell you how to work your way around this. >> and some have to do with a wet morning already.
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impacting palmetto heading into bradenton and headed up to hillsborough as well. we're tracking more storms up to the north even with lightning here as well south of crystal miller. north of pine island. all of this will transition into afternoon storms. we'll talk more before that coming up in a -- about that
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new laws take effect this weekend that could affect everything from your next trip to the gas station to what high schoolers could post on social media. >> it's not even halloween yet, but you will never guess how many people have finished christmas shopping. i, however, am not one of them. good morning. thanks for waking up with us on this friday. we start with a alert on i-75 shut down. >> this is not the way we want to start off friday. sadly, someone was killed overnight walking along i-75 in the southbound lanes just past fowler. so fowler is open. i-57 shut down at the way to hillsborough. these are live pictures that we're brig you right now. -- bringing you right now.
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there could be some time before the lanes reopen. here's what it looks like on the map. you can see the closure. you can get off at fowler but then you have to sit in traffic. you can head over to 301 if you are coming through pasco depending on where you are coming from or where you are going. 275 looks like this right now right at fletcher up to speed. nothing to slow you down there. ten minutes from the apex the mornings here, however, the weather? >> we still have showers affecting some areas. this is a pretty good showers in bradenton. because of the intensity of


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