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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  November 1, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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week. we'll have overnight temperatures dropping back into the upper 60s. there it is, 60 in tampa, clear skies, the issue this morning we'll talk about some fog and visibility. i'll check in with janelle see how the roads are going right now abc action news. >> live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. now at 4:30, a toddler all alone in the middle of the alafire river. >> today from election day. both hillary and bill clinton will campaign in the bay area. >> who will be on today's trip and when it opens to the public. >> good morning, it's the first day of november. thanks for joining us for abc action news this tuesday. >> first we've got some breaking news from overnight. tampa police are investigating a shooting that has one person in critical condition.
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hillsborough avenue and east of 32nd street. police say two men were shot, one is in critical condition, the other has nonlife- threatening injuries. so far there's no word on any arrest or even a motive. this morning the search is on for a father whose 3-year- old son was found alone on an island. they're looking for 38-year-old william morris from river view. he took his 3-year-old son jet skiing and never made it home. his wife face timed him, but it was his n call. someone spotted the toddler by himself. that person stayed with the boy until help arrived. people who live in the area are trying to figure out how this happened. >> i don't have a clue. it's just one of those things that, you know is kind of like a mystery. i can't fathom what would happen. >> deputies did find morris' jet ski, life jacket and wallet. morris' wife declined to speak
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disappearance. now @ latest in the presidential election. hillary and bill clinton are going to be in the bay area. bill clinton is going to be in st. pete. he'll speak at the thomas jet jackson rec center on 28th street south. donald trump will campaign in pennsylvania and wisconsin. tomorrow he'll be in miami and orlando. his running mate mike pence made a campaign stop last night in clear water where you had to improvise. abc palusa. >> kind of a fitting and bizarre night here on halloween at the mike pence rally. he was handing out candy a short time ago but it was a pretty bizarre turn of events. >> the mike pence rally started strong. then less than 10 minutes in. >> but as more facts from this
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men and women in florida -- >> pence stood silent, then walked off the stage, then grabbed a bull horn. pence focused heavily on the reopened investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails. >> we commend the fbi for reopening the case because here in this country no one is above the law. >> but compared to a donald trump rally this group tame. hundreds packed the hangar compared to thousands that normally show up for trump, but for some republicans, pence is a big reason why they're even voting for him. >> this is why i'm out here, for mike because i feel that he gives stability to the whole program. >> give it up for the coast guard everybody. are these people great or what. >> despite interruption after interruption pence stayed on message. >> that man is ready. >> we haven't seen the last of donald trump either here in the sunshine state.
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rallies planned here in florida before the november 8th election. today senator marco rubio will attend early voting events in polk and manatee counties. he's set to appear at the public headquarters in lakeland. at 2 this afternoon he will be at the fruit farm in bradenton. senator rubio cast miami. he's hoping to retain his seat after running for president earlier this year. democrat patrick murphy cast his vote. murphy is running against rubio for senate. a man is facing battery charges for throwing his glass eye at two people. the incident happened at the largo medical center. police say doctors were treating edward dorsey when he got upset, took out his eye and threw it at a doctor and nurse. we have a warning about a
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it started when a family received a frightening phone call over the weekend. someone called him and claimed his son was in a car accident. they went on to say the man he collided with pulled out a q1 saying he was a wanted fugitive and took his son hostage. he demanded a thousand dollars for his safe return. raheem recorded some of the conversation and called 9-1-1. >> that's my older son. my wife >> it turns out this entire thing was a scam. his son taylor was just fine. the pasco county sheriff's office says this scam has been showing up more frequently. scammers get just enough personal information to make it seem legit. we have new video of a robber in action. it has a public manager in venice in hot water. a teenager is charged with stealing a woman's purse right out of her car. in this video you can see the
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he caught him, got the purse back. the woman calls him his hero. she's been told the manager has been disciplined for the incident because he apparently violated the store's policy by going after the thief. lakeland police are searches for the man who robbed a subway store in plantation plaza. witnesses say the man came into the store saturday armed with a gun and demanded money. the employee complied and the robber ran off. no one was injured. if you pasco county deputies looking for a father and son they say beat a man. deputies say charles and gauge white also tried to steal his motorcycle. authoritiesbelieve this father and son may be driving a ford f350 pickup truck. we're waiting to find out if students are going to protest a new dress code. a senior is calling on all
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threatened to suspend the honor student. happening today a cross bay ferry will make the maiden voyage between downtown st. petersburg and tampa. the boat will depart from st. pete at 10:00. today's trip only for vips and elected officials. weekend service starts this friday, weekday service starts monday. it's only a pilot program so demand for the service. let's take a look at some fog out there. we have visibility problems this morning once again down to 3/4 of a mile. zephyrhills to brooksville. starts really getting dangerous out there. it is still early and the fog peaks right around sunrise. so we'll watch that for you this morning. mid and upper 60s right now, a few low 70s out there, as far as what's ahead.
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mid, even some upper 80s. that continues through the end of the week, and then our front comes in heading into next week. we have time before that happens. mid-80s this afternoon. hour-by-hour we'll show you plenty of sunshine with a few clouds by 1:00. and 4:38 right now. let's gate look at part of your morning commute. this is i-75 at state road 60. pretty quiet out there this early morning. of course we'll have a complete look at your morning commute coming u 5:00. a new report finds more cars are being stolen simply because drivers are leaving their keys or their key fabs in the cars. national insurance crime bureau says this kind of theft increased by 31% over the past three years and some of the thieves break in, drive the cars back to the victim's homes where they can get inside and steal more things. drivers should of course never leave keys or fabs inside their cars. it only takes a moment for those thieves to jump in and drive off.
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and lyft drivers are quietly discriminating against drivers based on gender and race. uber drivers were more than twice as likely to cancel rides to passengers with african- american names than white sounding names. drivers also took female passengers for longer more expensive rides. that study looked at 1500 rides taken in seattle and boston. new information about the zika virus this morning and possible new to the public. a new study suggests the zika virus affects fertility in men. so far scientists know that's true in male mice. they're now working to find out if it's true in humans. scientists found that male mice infected with the virus had a tougher time impregnating field females. a bus driver drags a college student to her death at
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who found the woman the next day. >> and hillsborough county officials approve an animal abuser registry. that story is coming up at 5. >> the buccaneers take a couple of roster movers moves here prior to the atlanta game on thursday. we'll talk about those coming
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in less than a day a go fund me account to help an an emaciated dog thrown from a car has exceeded its goal of raising $10,000. when rescuers found him he couldn't walk and was covered in feces and urine. he weighed only 6 pounds. he should have weighed 20 pounds. officials in new jersey looking for the people who threw him from the car. several eyewitnesses saw what happened and stopped to hel miracle. bystanders are surrounding a dog who had been hit by a car in downtown l. a. the dog wasn't moving. it appeared to be badly hurt, and then watch what happens. the dog suddenly jumps up and runs over to his owner. witnesses say a man was praying for the dog at the time. they're calling this a miracle. the owner picked him up, overwhelmed to see her dog
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the toddler's prescription of the wrong dosage printed on the bottle. she went to the emergency room where doctors say she suffered from an antibiotic overdose. the lawsuit says that girl will have health problems the rest of her life. firefighters in california are watching for hot spots from an enormous fire. the entire condo complex became engulfed in flames. that building was under construction. investigators are going to be looking at what kind of materials are being used. the mo outside atlanta two years ago was understandably emotional on the stand while defending the boy's father. justin harris is accused of murder for leaving their 22- month-old son cooper in that hot car on purpose. harris' now ex-wife says he was broken and beside himself after the boy died. defense attorneys say cooper's death was an accident and harris just forgot his son was in the car.
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had to stop serving food because of roaches, ants, flies and sewage backing up through the drains. in a special dirty dining report our i-team found villa pizza was temporarily shut down due to more than a dozen live roaches crawling around in the kitchen. inspectors also found ants and flies last friday. the state documented sewage/wastewater backing up through floor comment and had us call the corporate office. villa restaurant group. we left messages for the director of marketing but never returned our calls or e-mails. for more dirty dining stories go to we have a consumer alert. one treat you may want to skip is oreos. two flavors are being recalled because of a milk allergen that's not listed in the ingredients. the recall affects oreo fudge
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flavors. for more information on the recall head to many kids are probably waking up with bags filled with candy. americans are proving how much they love celebrating halloween. the national retail federation says americans spent nearly 8 1/2 billion on halloween this year. that's an all-time high. people spent a little more than $3 billion on costumes and 2 1/2 billion on candy. that averages out to nearly $83 in person. another halloween staple course, jack-o-lanterns, pumpkin carving, some nasa scientists didn't let that stop them. take a look at the pumpkins they entered into a carving contest. star wars, pacman and even the presidential election. >> there's a giant meteor on the way apparently. >> yeah, cool. >> not bad. my favorite there. >> it is november 1. absolutely. upper 60s to low 70s out there.
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afternoon we'll get back into the mid to upper 80s. until we warm up the atmosphere we've got visibility issues with the fog up to the north, 3/4 of a mile in zephyrhills and we'll watch those areas very closely along with janelle as well. taking 75 south, something to contend with here. as we widen out the shot nothing organized across the state, except up above we have still dry air. that will continue to provide us with some great weather. easterly wind will bring in a few clouds to the afternoon. as far as right along the coast, perhaps a few over the next couple of days as we continue with that east flow. not expecting much. with the front, this is one we've been talking about. will come in friday might. it will bring us a ribbon of moisture. rain chances about 20%. no thunderstorms, just some showers and then we turn cool. the timing is great. the front would come in friday night, a few showers and then set us up for a great weekend
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80s. we're going to stay warm through the period until the front gets here and it won't get here until friday. what you see is what you get for the rest of the week here with highs bit weekend, the 70s turning breezy on saturday and then a little milder pushing 80 by monday afternoon. 11 until 5. we want to get a look at part of your morning commute right now. this is i-75 at state road 60. pretty quiet out now. again, it's pretty early. we'll continue to watch this area . tonight the cleveland indians can win the world series by beating the cubs and the chicago bears beat the minnesota vikings in monday night football. tom korun has your morning sports. >> and a good morning everybody. the buccaneers made a couple of roster moves on monday, one that likely tells us running
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go thursday night against atlanta. the buccaneers had to come to terms here with mike james and they will resign him off detroit's practice squad. this move coming after running back rogers sprained his foot in sunday's loss to oakland. to make room for james, the buccaneers released the quarterback jonathan banks. somehow the lightning needs to find a way to right the ship against the i don't think i've seen -- the goalie, then bishop was hung out to dry in a couple of occasions. he was having a pedestrian start at 3 and 3, giving up over 3 1/2 goals a game. the same percentage down to 880. that is most unlike bishop. >> i think we're concerned with the way we're playing right now. it's not something we can't fix. it's just about watching the
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you don't want to stay in this rut. you want to get out as fast as you can. >> and the lightning have also recalled defense -- that's your morning update. enjoy your day. 10 until 5 right now. a 12-year-old texas boy is accused of driving drunk and leading police on a chase. the accident that finally got him to stop and we've also got an update on his injuries. >> and a slot machine. there's the proof. why the casino says she won't
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a quick check of your bus stop forecast. 68 at 7 a.m., but we're in the low 60s right now. it's a little we'll jump to 83 and by the afternoon mid-80s. we'll stay dry today with partly cloudy skies. big changes in the weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes. 4:54. caught on camera, police say a man in china broke into a giant panda's enclosure to show off for some ladies. he should have heeded the saying let sleeping giants lie.
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bear's play behavior, he got scared. they're still looking for that man. happening today, tampa's manatee viewing center opens for its 30th anniversary. it's going to focus on new stingray touch tank that will provide a unique hands on experience. the 10 ,000 gallon tank will open. this morning the search is expected to continue for a father whose 3-year-old son island in the middle of the alafia river, what authorities are saying about that child's condition. both hillary and bill clinton will campaign in the bay area. we're one week away from election day. we'll also tell you where donald trump is headed. >> the cross creek ferry makes
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abc action news starts right now with breaking news. and now at 5 we begin with that breaking news.
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was found alone on a small island. >> it is scary. we want to get right to the latest on that search right now. abc action news reporter isabel is live. >> reporter: good morning, i did just check in and hillsborough county deputies tell me they are waiting for sunrise to get back out on the water. family members of 38-year-old william morris are looking morris took his 3-year-old son jet skiing on the alafia river yesterday. morris' wife face timed his phone, his son answered. someone spotted the child by himself on a small island west of i-75 and stayed with him until deputies arrived. now, it is too dark out here to see, but that island is just a thousand feet in that direction. also found on the bank of that


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