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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 3, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this thursday morning, the curse reversed. the chicago cubs are world series champions after winning an epic game seven in an extra inning thriller. and lebron james trying to fire up the crowd. the final push. the candidates hitting key battleground states. our experts on which states donald trump needs to win. and the new polls showing a neck and neck race with just five days to go until the election. trapped on a mountain in a blizzard, a group of firefighters stuck on one of america's highest peaks. the video of their ordeal. and vape mishap.
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man's pocket. the dramatic moment caught on camera. a bit early for the fourth of july or late. good morning on this thursday miami. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm linzie janis in for diane macedo. good day for me to be filling in. >> yeah. >> front page of this morning's "chicago tribune" at last. at 12:47 a.m. eastern time, hell froze over. the final out there this morning in cleveland at last, the chicago cubs became world series champion and the celebrations were on. 108 years in the making. >> that is wrigley field there. its famous sign reading home of the chicago cubs world series champions. still plenty of security outside. thousands of fans were
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celebrating now. >> i think they are. you still see quite a few in wrigleyville. so understandably. back in cleveland the champagne and beer flying in the cubs' locker room when the party finally arrived. plenty covering their eyes with their protective goggles. >> one great shot from the game, cleveland's own lebron james fired up cheering on the indians from the stands as the cavaliers didn't play in in the end the rest of home a little disappointed. >> this is a curse reversed. >> the cubs win the world series. >> reporter: for the first time in 108 years the chicago cubs winning their world series in an epic and decisive game seven. it turned out to be quite a nail-biter. cubs fans spilling out into the streets of wrigleyville erupting into celebrations. an epic winner take all series,
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out all the way to game seven in cleveland and chicago pulling off an astonishing comeback from a 3-1 deficit in the series. david ross capping off the last game of his career with a home run but the game itself a roller coaster tied after nine innings. >> here we are tied at 6. >> then a rain delay and finally -- >> it's over. >> the cubs coming out on top with an 8-7 world series win. >> it was exactly 11:47 p.m. local time when the cubs won it. >> yes, so needless to say the emotions of their fans including yourself was obvious. word is those fans and the team will celebrate with a victory parade and rally tomorrow on the north side. it's expected to attract the city's largest crowd ever for a team celebration. plenty of these folks will be there. >> they may be recovered by then
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>> blessed your rosary. >> before the playoffs and carried it all the way through. >> cheering and yelling and screaming and celebrating. i can't believe the cubs have made it. yes! >> what he said. >> exactly. >> whoever that was. it was a stark contrast of emotions for indian 235fans. they can look forward to their first spring 27th. >> and it's against the cubs. sick and twisted. >> much more from the game later on this half hour. we're turning to politics and the final push to the election now five days away. >> yeah, donald trump and hillary clinton are both heading to north carolina today as their surrogates try to drumsupport across the country. president obama is hitting the trail again for clinton, while trump's wife melania delivers her first speech. >> the polls are tighter than ever. neck and neck in must win
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where clinton campaign last night trump has 49% support and clinton has 44%. all within the margin of error. abc's lana zak has the latest. >> reporter: donald trump brought the fireworks in florida literally. >> get out and vote. >> reporter: but he tried to avoid creating new rhetorical fireworks in the final days saying he'll stay nice and cool. >> stay on point, donald. stay on point. no sidetrack, donald. nice and easy. because i've been watching hillary the last few days. she's totally unhinged. >> reporter: hillary warned voters that the unhinged one, she believes is her opponent. >> if donald trump were to win this election, we would have a commander in chief who is completely out of his depth and whose ideas are incredibly dangerous.
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an ipad after her rally, a state she said was in play for the first time in years in arizona. >> arizona has only voted for a democrat for president once since 1948 and that was my husband in 1996. >> reporter: both candidates are making a massive final push. president obama helping close the deal for clinton in north carolina. >> i hate to put a little pressure on you, but the fate of the republic rests shoulders. >> reporter: and the trump children fanned out in five battleground states. >> he wants to infuse common sense back into the equation. >> reporter: another thing that happened of note in politic, president obama yesterday criticized the fbi in regards to the clinton e-mail probe saying that they have been leaking and that they have been practicing -- that they have been trafficking in innuendo though he declined to get into
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just a few more days, lana. >> a closer look at the path to 270 electoral votes the magic number needed to win. >> jonathan karl looks at the map and numbers. >> donald trump has momentum. look at our ratings. every state we looked at red favored trump, blue favor hillary clinton. and two states since we last spoke have moved towards trump. from toss-up states to advantage donald trump getting him closer to 270. but, david, he still needs to win all the remaining toss-up state, arizona, florida, north carolina, if he wins all three of those, he goes to 259 still short. >> so he has to pick off a couple of blue states. >> and he's got good news on that front in two states in the state of pennsylvania a new poll
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within six. and joe biden is going to wisconsin and friday a sign that they are nervous but look what happens. if he wins pennsylvania he wins the presidency. if it's wisconsin, 269-269. we've got a tie. no co-presidency. congress chooses. >> jonathan karl there. on the campaign trail, hillary clinton will be in north carolina joined by bernie sanders. tim kaine delivers remarks in spanish at an early voting donald trump holes another rally in florida before heading to north carolina and mike pence campaigns with ted cruz in iowa and michigan then holds a third rally in pennsylvania. >> do count on abc news for your election night coverage. our political team will be here all night as a result cops in? a long tinight. a person of interest being
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the words "vote trump" were spray painted there and it's a possible hate crime. still ahead, news this morning the country's best and worst airports. >> can you guess which ones they are? plus, an arrest made in the shooting of two police officers in iowa. two new details about the suspect's past run-ins with the cops. a group of american firefighters trapped on a mountain in a blizzard. how they made it out alive. and game seven that clinched it all. more coverage of the world
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we're back with breaking news from pakistan. take a look at these images in
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tracks. we're told at least 19 people are dead and injured dozens of others. investigators say it collided with another train. causing that crash there. also breaking overnight, the leader of isis has a new message to militants fighting u.s.-backed forces in iraq. fight to the death. in an audio recording released abu ma car al baghdadi told his followers not to retreat as they close in on mosul and called for countries. the battle retake the city of 1 million is now in its third week and some residents are emerging from hiding. a protest outside a david duke senate debate turned violent. demonstrators were angry that the former kkk leader was using dillard university as a platform for his views. police used pepper spray and tasers when some protesters tried to push their way into the debate hall. six people were arrested.
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the west, the worst right here in new york city. the travel site the say phoenix, sky harbor is the best of the country's busiest airports and laguardia in new york city, the worst. >> so not surprising. >> no. >> with the other two airports here nearly as bad. vice president joe biden famously once described laguardia as something from a third world country. it's currently being renovated so the problem is being fixed. >> we hope. facebook has paks with a staggering quarterly revenue $7 billion. that's a 56% rise over the same period last year. but shares dipped after the company warned that growth will slow next year. nearly 1.8 billion people now use facebook worldwide. >> impressive. when we come back caught on camera this terrifying moment. an e-cigarette explodes in a man's pocket. and at lease, the chicago cubs are world champions after a
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now for a look at morning road conditions, drivers are likely to encounter wet roads in the southwest and ohio valley and later in the day in the northeast. because of that if you're flying airport boston. republican vice presidential candidate mike pence among those paying respects to the two iowa police officers killed in that ambush-style attack. >> the man suspected of killing the officers, george michael scott has had numerous run-ins including being told to leave a high school football game after he displayed the confederate
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pipeline protesters tried to cross a creek and wanted to pray and protect sacred sites. it's the latest confrontation in the months long protest. president obama says the government is looking into rerouting the pipeline to tie to avoid those sacred lands. attorneys for bill cosby say his eyesight is so bad he can't take part in his own defense and cannot identify his near blindness. they claim he was a political pawn. if the charges stand cosby is set to go on trial in june. some firefighters from south florida are recalling a narrow escape from death in california's mt. whitney. the men were tuck in an unexpected blizzard near the summit. wind whipped at their tents all night long burying them in feet of snow. they tried to make it out in the
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base camp. they plan to do it again, just not in october. e-cigarettes are being blamed for another fiery accident. this time in france. this man suffered second-degree burns when an e-cigarette suddenly exploded in his pants. the man could be seen vaping outside a nightclub then putting the cigarette back in his pocket. he believes the hot battery came in contact with loose coins. ever blinded by the high appreciate this. traffic police in southern china are punishing drivers who forget to turn off their brights. those caught have to stare into police car headlights for 60 seconds. the police department described the program on social media page and went viral. one reader saying a minute was too short. but others questioned whether staring into bright lights might not cause permanent injury. >> after that they get waterboarded. >> yeah. >> kidding.
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tresemm? botanique a blend of coconut milk and aloe vera in a professional-quality formula, inspired by nature. blended by professionals to replenish for stunning healthy-looking hair. tresemm? botanique professional. at your fingertips. ? time for "the pulse" and we'll start with what's already being called a world series instant classic. >> absolutely. >> chicago has plenty to celebrate this morning. now that the cubs have won the world series. >> so, of course, this was the scene around chicago's wrigley field in wrigleyville after the final out. thousands of fans on the streets of the city's north side there. and inside the bar, none of them had ever seen this happen
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title now over. >> the curse reversed. it wasn't easy and it was dramatic. the cubs had a 6-4 lead in eighth when cleveland tied it with a two-run home run. then before extra innings everyone had to wait out a 17-minute rain delay. >> when it started again this is what happened. the cubs driving in two runs and they were feeling pretty good. cleveland, though, got a run back in their half of the tenth, then it was nervous but it wasn't enough. this is the moment. >> makes the play. >> 108 years in the making. >> and the cubs have finally won it all. >> it ended on an infield ground ball. the celebration for the cubs and their fans was on. final score, cub, 8, indians, 7, cubs come from three games to one down to win the world series. >> yeah. >> very impressive. >> and a great story featuring a rather well-known cubs fan.
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michel didn't pay a dollar for his ticket. >> he handed me the ticket and i was like, god, i really appreciate you giving me this ticket. he said not only dam i giving you the ticket, you're sitting with me. >> how cool. >> murray wouldn't let her buy she's planning to send him a thank you gift. >> take a look at this. i saw this on twitter. fascinating. an indians fan posted this image there hours before the game ended. you see it there. indians, 2016 champs. whoops. >> major, major oops. >> he says he has no regret, though. finally last play of the series ended with the ball in the glove of cubs first baseman anthony rizzo, of course, now,
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couldn't put the feeling of winning a world series into words. >> but rizzo had plenty to say in the dugout during the game. listen to his chat with veteran catcher david ross. >> i'm an emotional wreck. >> it's only going to get worse. continue to breathe. that's all you can do. that's all you can do. >> glass case of emotion right now. >> yeah, yeah. >> glass case of emotion. nothing quite like channeling your inner ron burgundy i >> one on, two outs. >> i'm in a glass case of emotion. >> fontana. >> you can look for that -- this is my body of proof. proof of less joint pain. and clearer skin.
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a new lawsuit could put the amendment on hold. >> president for hillary clinton in florida. >> and baseball's longest championship drought is no more. the chicago cubs finally win the world series in what many are calling the greatest game seven ever played. 4:30 and good morning. many calling it the greatest ever. >> joe madden o want big win. we'll have those stories? just a moment.


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