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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  November 4, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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. now at 4:30 a break in a five-year-old cold case ends in a bizarre twist, now a mother daughter. and going to the end zone and holding touchdown. mike evans. >> despite four touchdowns the bucs lose to the atlanta falcon. we are entering the last weekend before the election. today the cross bay ferry kicks off service for the general public, when you can
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4th,. this morning sheriff is going to. >> authorities lane a for the death of her daughter five years ago, investigators assisted detectives to make the arrest yesterday. back in 2011, her daughter aleiah disappeared. family members say they always suspected her and her husband rah >> this is what we've been working for the whole time is to get closure, you know, to find answers for the truth. you know, we've all had our suspicions, we've all had our ideas of what happen. and everything always goes back to them. >> the body has never been found, hoping she will lead
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the man accused of a deadly shoot something expected in court this afternoon, dirk fraser killed randolph on 5th street west. the two had been arguing right before the shooting. this is the second homicide so far this year. a suspected serial flasher in pasco county is facing criminal charges, cody hayes would drive around asking for people for directions while touching himself. deputies say this happened four times. deputies arrested him yesterday after linking his wifes car to the vehicle he was driving. set to make his first court appearance at 8:30. we are hearing from a family killed by a hit-and-run driver. a crimestoppers tip lead deputy to lake wales where they
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who had crashed into a tree as the two stood in the median, authorities say that is when louis hit them both and took off. jessica's family is relieved the suspect was caught and thoughts are now with the deputies still recovering with serious injuries. believe me we are praying for him that he pulls through, we are so grateful that jessica wean alone, that she was with somebody. >> deputy's recoveries more than a year. he admitted that he had been drinking that night, he knew he hit something but he didn't know what he hit. now to the latest in the presidential election, had weekend is a final push for dads for votes. >> donald trump will campaign in the northeast. today his running mate mike pence will appear in miami. hillary clinton is going to be
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help from some big names. >> with the finish line in assignment melania trump took his first stop. >> he knows how to shake things up, done he? appealing to suburban female voters. we must treat each other with respect and kindness. >> and in arizona another campaign first. >> tim kaine the democratic vp nominee delivered entire low in spanish. across the country surrogates are are delivering closing arguments and adds star power to the campaign trail. >> this election is just too important i couldn't sit on side lines and be quiet. >> pharrell appeared with clinton friday night. and jay-z joins clinton in ohio. the two candidates laying out
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these great admirals and great generals and these great medal of honor recipients behind me, to think of her being their boss? i don't think so. >> we are standing against the possibility of returning and normalizing discrimination, take it because it actually is -- it truly is at stake in this election. >> north carolina got an ear full yesterday, those two speeches you heard came from dualing rallies between trump and clinton there. both heading to pennsylvania. police in mississippi are interviewing a person of
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church. someone set the church on fire. the police chief says a man voluntarily spoke with investigators. the police aren't calling him a suspect just yet. online fundraiser raised $170,000 to help the church with repair. a woman calls 911 for help with squirrels, she told deputies an angry squirrel was inside their building attacking seniors. >> and it's jumping on and biting them and scratching them so we need help, it's still in there and the people are bleeding. >> two residents a a staff member did suffer serious bites. all three have been treated and released from the hospital. police say one of the seniors tossed the angry squirrel outside, so far no word on if it was caught. right now police are on the hunt for jewelry thieves armed
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stormed a jewelry both at the miami flee market. using sledgehammers and a gun. they took off una minivan. police in suburban san diego are facing a second wrongful death claim for the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man in september, alfred alongo's widow and two daughters. the city has now 45 days to respond to the claim before the family can file a lawsuit. the first wr mitt pay tale shot alongo after he took a shooting stance and pointed and object at them which turned out to be an electronic smoking device. a woman is now facing charges for running an illegal gambling internet cafe. arrested this woman, coleman yesterday. she was running the illegal cafe on the corner of 15th street east and 34th avenue.
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an illegal gambling establishment. 4:37, happening today, the cross bay ferry starts weekend service for the general public. today there will be two round trips departing from st. pete this evening, tampa 6:30 and head back to st. pete. at 9:15 it it leaves st. pete again and leaves tampa 10:30. we'll start getting small craft cautions at least here. temperatures before we get into that. still nice and cool, in fact upper 50s across the coast. dewpoints are very similar and here is what we have clear skies up above and this is the issue, too, a lot of -- this is calm winds just kind of the throw things you really need to get the fogging, it is under way especially in the fog prone areas. look at brocksville down to a
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i 4 and 75 also seeing reduced visibility. you are traveling up 75 and you got clear view and then you hit the fog. so it will be patchy and so certainly keep that in mind if you are traveling. now this morning that would be our only issue. forecast looks fantastic. mostly sunny skies. forget the east wind we have been talking about with clouds and showers, that is begun for now. we'll talk about the weekend forecast and what happens behind the cold front minute. 4:39 we want to get a look at part of your morning commute, this is i 275 at jefferson street. it looks like traffic is moving smoothly. janel is in, she will have a complete look at your morning commute coming up in just a moment. the next time you visit orlando it should be easier to get to universal. the first part of the i 4 ultimate project is open. the new bridge over kirk man road, that bypasses local
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through the attractions. today you can get free coffee because of a national chain celebrating is 00th location now open here in florida. it was not a good night for the bolts or the buccaneers,
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a south carolina woman missing since august has been found alive.
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chained up like a dog inside a large metal storage container. she says she has been kept there for two months and believes there may be as many as four people on the property. the woman and her boyfriend went missing in august. the boyfriend has still not been found. caught on camera and electronic significant rate explodes in a man's pocket. the guy put it in his pocket when it happened. you see his buddies there jumping in flames out. he did suffer second degree burns but expected to be okay. police have released new video hoping to find a man and a woman involved in this viscous attack caught on camera in new york city. saw the man punch a 64-year-old in head knocking him to the ground. that man tries to get back up but later falls back down and died. it's not clear if that punch caused hit death. police say he did have a
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dramatic video kate on camera there. a traffic stop turns into a life or death mission. an oklahoma police officer pulled over speeding truck early this woke, the driver jumped out and begs for help from the officer, it turns out his wife was having a heart attack much the officer calls emergency cpr. >> you start realizing what was taking place. it was surreal. >> it would have been fatal from what i was told. >> that officer says it was a team effort and the first responders played a big role. thankfully that woman is now recovering. ohio paramedic with ptsd gets help from a four legged friend even we he is helping
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nine years in iraq and afghanistan. he was diagnosed with ptsd after his first tour. she ride was long in the ambulance. star gives him peace of mind. >> as military that we are trained to do is watch our back or our partners back, going away from that mentality is difficult. by having her by my side i don't have to feel like something is going on because she is always watching behind me. >> an active service member donated star after he was deployed and that is how the two teamed up. the country music association is suffering controversy, one performance is getting talk online.
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dixie chicks for her hit song daddy lessons brought the house down. the cma removed all posts of the collaboration from its website after racist country music fans flooded calling beyonce the n-word and country music is supposed to be for white people. tmz remains the country music only after the celebrity contacted them about giving in to racist comments. coming to the big mac, mcdonald's launching two versions to the signature sands, the mac junior and grand mac. mac is junior. the grand mac has you probably figured out is bigger. the new burgers will only be
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lala is celebrating 100th store opened here in florida, the chain is offering free coffee in all stores lake wide. just four years ago lala opened its first store in orlando. it's been busy in that four years. >> it has been, talk about coffee. just can help myself this morning. good morning we made it to friday, how about that. upper 50s. coolest milder yesterday, northwest flow today. mostly sunny day, just a few clouds this afternoon. the issue is because of the clear sky we are going to have visibility problems here across the north. only half mile visibility right now so we'll keep you posted on that and how it could impact your morning commute. a few showers down toward south florida. moisture starved so it will pass through quietly, behind it
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atlantic surrounded by water here. trying not to have that happen. and through the weekend we are going to stay on the dryer side with lower humidity and work back up to where we started this week heading into the following week. let's get you into the weekend, low 80s along the coast here. cooler than we have been already this week, we were in the upper 80s. so warm out there. seven day forecast takes us through the weekend with temps rain chances low, overnight lows mild. 11 minutes until 5:00, quick look at traffic, i 275 year 54th avenue north. big issues to report there. atlanta falcons bets the
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good morning, everybody. it's obviously the atlanta falcons have progressed since week one and the buccaneers have not. matt ryan had a field day out there last night throwing for 344 yards, 4 touchdowns. this one was 14-13 until the falcons reeled up 27 straight points. so atlanta goes to 6 and 3 on the season. the buccaneers 43, 28 the final. half time last night former buccaneers safety john lynch was in ducked no the ring of honor. -- in inducted. and he was without a doubt a role model for any aspiring
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lightning got hit with two goals. one on this tape to tape power goal. it was 2-0 mid which through the first. but the lightning cut into that lead into the period. a nice pass to victor point and he rips this one to make it 2-1 bruins after the 1. third period bolts down 3-2. johnson with the redirect in front off the coburn shot. headed to a shootout and it when 10 dope before we had a winner. jimmy hayes winning, boston goes on to win this one by a final of 4-3. and that is your morning sports update. enjoy your day. 9 minutes until 5:00.
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thieves are operating. a u.s. park police officer shooting himself after an animal goes on attack. the alarming number of gunshots witnesses heard and an update
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concert. the star boy legend of the fall world tour stops at 'em low arena on friday, may 12th. prices start at $35. this is the last weekend before election day, both hillary clinton and donald trump will be campaigning hard to win votes. >> the florida cities, campaigns will be making stops today. also the driver accu killed a mother and injured a polk county deputy is in custody. a woman is arrested for the death of her 3-year-old daughter, the new information we're expecting later this
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. a man behind bars this morning charged with a fatal hit-and-run also injuring a deputy. i will tell you how after days authorities say they finally caught him. marco rubio taking the lead in the florida senate race.
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thanks for joining us on friday. good morning, i'm day deiah riley. ivan is first. >> if we can only start the weekend right now. upper 50s right now, nice and cool so what is happening we have clear skies, calm winds, that is a lot for temperatures to follow, look at this running from 2-7 degrees cooler. the far this morning with the calm winds and clear skies. half mile visibility in brooksville. pock hes of patchy fog will continue through the morning. not expecting a huge widespread situation here. but we'll keep you posted on that. 67 you have a clear sky will continue, a few clouds this afternoon, temperatures seasonal in the lower 80s.


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