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tv   Action News at 5AM  ABC  November 4, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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thanks for joining us on friday. good morning, i'm day deiah riley. ivan is first. >> if we can only start the weekend right now. upper 50s right now, nice and cool so what is happening we have clear skies, calm winds, that is a lot for temperatures to follow, look at this running from 2-7 degrees cooler. the far this morning with the calm winds and clear skies. half mile visibility in brooksville. pock hes of patchy fog will continue through the morning. not expecting a huge widespread situation here. but we'll keep you posted on that. 67 you have a clear sky will continue, a few clouds this afternoon, temperatures seasonal in the lower 80s.
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and good morning everybody, this is a great way to start your friday. we have no reports of any crashes or break downs. on 275 right here through downtown tampa looks great. up to speed in both directions. across the bridge, the sunshine skyway looks great. dan. 5:01, the man arrested for a deadly collision killing mother and injuring a deputy. is a bell is at the polk county jail, how did they finally track him down. >> reporter: it's been nearly week since that crime happened. investigators are still asking for witnesses to come forward. 71-year-old charles lewis is behind bars right here. but, before he made a full
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deputies before he was caught. now early saturday morning, deputy adam pennell stopped to helped jessica enchautegui who crashed into a tree. deputies says charles lewis hit them and drove off leaving deputy pennell seriously injured. a tip of a blue truck brought them to lewis. >> it is being done. >> reporter: deputy pennell's recovery could take as long as a year. lewis admitted he left a party that night and had been drinking. he says he didn't know exactly what he hit. now lewis could have his first court appearance as early as this afternoon. live in polk county abc action news. panel is county a west
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her 3-year-old daughter. lena lunsford was taken into custody. investigators assisted detectives from west virginia in making this arrest. lunes ford's 3 -- lunsford's daughter's remains were found. indian river county mother is under arrest after she allegedly told her chi deputies say she sped away during a traffic stop earlier this week. as they were chasing her car, two children fell out of the passenger door when she made a sharp turn. the kids, a 12-year-old girl and 10-year-old boy were taken to the hospital. the girl told officials her mother told them to jump and run. that mother was later caught and arrested. 53:03 he democracy 2016,
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lead over donald trump. >> recent polls have her up by a few points. trump has been critical of polling speaking to crowds, claiming the polls are underestimating clinton's lead. claiming the polls are volatile than voters. left leaning coalition groups said they received more from florida than any other state. the election protection coalition says it's gotten 1700 calls from florida since early voting started, most calls are from people complaining who say they haven't received ballots yet. donald trump is returning to tampa. >> we want to build safe zones, we'll do it in syria, we'll get the gulf states to put up the money, they'll do it. and you know we'll take care of
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happening in germany and sweden and lots of other places, look at france, look at paris. i have friends that used to go to paris, they say no paris somebody paris. we can't allow this to happen. >> both clinton and trump were in north carolina yesterday. they'll both be in pennsylvania today. final days of the campaign season both campaigns now out with new ads. donald trump linking hillary clinton to pervert anthony wiener. hillary clinton is using more of trump's own words criticizing minorities and women against him in new ad cam papers. the clinton campaign is spending more than $53 million in this final week compared to $30 million trump plans to spend. clinton is using scare tactics on what she thinks life will be under donald trump. we would have a commander in
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incredibly dangerous. someone who wants more countries to have nuclear weapons, that could he's illegally -- easily start a war. >> tim kaine will be in sarasota tomorrow. president obama is heading to kissimmee on sunday. senator marco rubio will visit today, spring hill and the villages. he is making the pitch to voters that he will act as a check on presidential power no matter who is is elected. i know no matter who is is elected president, we need to is senate and senators i am the only one running in this race that is prepared to do that. >> rubio has a 6 point lead over democratic patrick
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>> murphy is getting support from big named democrats. he the president slammed marco rubio's voting record. police in mississippi are interviewing a person of interest in th the police chief says a man voluntarily spoke to investigators yesterday but police are not calling him a suspect just yet. meanwhile online fundraiser has already raised $170,000 to help with repairs. st. pete mayor says opening
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spending 45 million by 2018. the city will spend 2 at million by 2021. right now the city still needs to raise half that. the bad knew the work wouldn't be finished before the next raining season. after this weekend it should be easier to get to universal studios orlando. the first part of the i 4 ultimate project opens. the first step is a new bridge near kirkman road and takes you straight to the local a tractions. i may have noticed a giant volcano. it will be part of the main a traction at universal's volcano bay park. you won have to stand in line to experience any of them, well, at your choosing. the park will hand out special bracelets to each guests. even though it doesn't open
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park will be available starting november 15th. locking for a new job orca rear? you can take a first step at hillborough community college. 50 employers including amazon, mosaic and walgreens, just to name a few are participating in the annual job fair. that fair runs from 8:30 until noon at the student services building. they've got more information posted right now on our mobile app. let's check in with the forecast. this will be the last late sunrise, temps in the upper 60s. sunrise 7:34. quarter of 7 by the time we get into monday. by 3:00 today 93. weekend -- 83. weekend forecast is still straight ahead. 5:09, coming up, lights out
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power outage put people in dang xer a raccoon attack but the
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ac 13, a squirrel went on attack at a senior center biting and wounding several people. a woman called 911 for help. >> and it's jumping on people and biting them and scratching them. so, we need help. it's still in there and the people are bleeding.
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tossed that angry squirrel outside. volusia deputies say they don't know what the fate of the squirrel is. this one ending with a park police officer shooting himself. it started when someone called 911 saying a raccoon was acting odd at a garden. when the officer showed up the raccoon when into attack mode. neighbor shot himself. should make a full recovery. >> i can get him. a power outage forces thousands of gas out of a las vegas casino all right. >> they aren't able to get back to their rooms for important medication. the lights went out at the paris resort. people had to walk downstairs
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people from five different elevators. the outage was caused by a contractor damaging a power line. coming up at 6:00 we'll hear from a gambler who says he thinks he lost money in all this. good morning, now seeing in the cameras, we are talking about cooler temperatures right, upper 50s clear sky, calm winds, those two combined about make for visibility issues i think, this morning.look how compared to yesterday. the front hadn't come through. the front will lower humidity. but there it is, the winds are calm, already dropping down. zephyr hills down to 2 miles. we are only a couple hours from sunrise and then some. doppler radar nothing doing as far as rainfall. showers down toward south
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plenty of sunshine, low 80s through the afternoon. next weather system rolling through it this one, not moving with too much action as it heads through tonight. a light band of showers but that will be about it. as soon as it moves away we'll start getting into gusty winds by saturday. that will be an issue for voters and breezy for us as well. perhaps you don't have a boat, i don't have a boat. sunday afternoon looks good. the periods of clouds because of the northeast wind. i don't think though that we are going to have any issues with rainfall, keep in mind not a crystal blue sky the entire weekend. temps this afternoon. low 90s right along the coast. mid 90s across the inland areas. let's check out the seven day forecast as we take through the weekend, our first poll of november, right? and the fall back that is
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hadn't changed. low 80s by early next week. including election day. should be dry with temps around 82. and i have been talking about areas of fog, so let's zoo areas where we can pick up fog. this is the area shaded in yellow, up through spring hill, toward brooksville, if you are driving toward u.s. 41, use some caution out there, put on the low beams and the wheel. opening up our cameras st. pete area. 275, visibility looks good here. traffic up to speed in beth directions. no crashes or breakdowns to tell you about. veterans is looking great. we are still in the groan 18 minute from 54 down to 275, dan. 5:17, authorities in ocala are investigating rob ber rows
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generals, they thought they might be connected. in one robbery a store clerk was held captive at gunpoint. others were tied up with duct tape and locked in an office. during one robbery someone even fired a shot into the ceiling. seems like the entire internet is asking the question, who would pay $66 for collard groans. >> not somebody from the south. neiman marcus is offering groans on its websit get this, they've already sold out. southerners know collard greens are are inexpensive. weekend is coming to tampa. ahead, what you node to do to
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pay more for the ticket price. first, just about 5:19 a warning this morning about a scam that could have you boys gift cards when you don't need to. hello, in today's tech bytes, a consumer alert. >> involving gift cards that most of us use to redeem online. scammers call on the phone claiming they are from a government agency, they demand payments using gift cards from itunes. >> government agencies never seek payment use be gift cards. now some high tech items. first a wifi connected cookie oven, the chip smart cookie oven is designed to bake enough cookies for one, it has wifi capabilities so you can turn it on before you get home. >> because don't want excess
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>> it hold 265 pounds, 11 miles an hour and travel some 14 miles on just one charge. those are your tech bytes.
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. it is 5:23. you probably have seen stickers on gas pumps when you stop to fill up, they are man dated by
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tampered with that pump, installing a scammer, that may not protect you as much as you might think. it didn't take long for abc action news reporter to find broken stickers. he found broken stickers on every pump. when clifton reasked about it. >> now you are telling people that it's fixed. that they hadn't been tampered. >> i local the company, they will check this one. >> not all pumps need stickers, some gas pumps are tamper proof shutting off if they are opened. law enforcement says the new law isn't going to stop all criminals so still take precautions like using the pump closest to the cashier. and when in doubt pay with cash instead.
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pete noise fest kicks off. the festival features more than 3 dozen fans with awful sounding names trying to make as much noise as possible. but this guy is not one of them. all right. this is grammy award winning musician the weekend, brings his first world arena next spring, prices start at $35 but that doesn't include parking or service fees. coming up, how young is too young to work at a so called restaurant. the accusations against a florida restaurant that is raising eyebrow. if you want to avoid long lines, time is running out,
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. presidential campaign could come down to who your friends are. the pitches high powered
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making on the campaign trail. new this morning on a five- year-old case, her mother arrested in st. pete. what investigators believe she knows. plus, it's your chance to avoid traffic and try out tampa bay's new east form of transportation. thanks for joining us, i'm deiah deiah and i'm dan shaffer. it looks great, upper east right now, cooler than yesterday. we lots of 50s, clear skies and light winds allowed for radiation cooling. we are in the 60s most of us. back into the lower 80s. 2.5 zephyrhills. a couple miles before sunrise. tampa, st. pete if you are


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