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tv   The Now Tampa Bay  ABC  November 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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it is election day 2016 in the drama is almost over. >> but th down naked in new york. to florida where police were called and two poll workers were fired at a loss but it also filed to try to get minority voters tossed out. plus, what might make don trump ditch his own party tonight. and when it is all said and done some guidance on where to go from here. it is 4:00. time for the now tampa bay. we start with breaking new with action air 1 flying over this
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are closed. you can see the backup just mounting took you'll have to get off on fowler avenue instead. we have heard at least one person is dead. if you plan on driving this way soon you can expect delays. also breaking right now bre school crossing guard hit by a car. this video just happened before 3:00 in this is from moments ago when action air 1 flew over the scene in the school crossing guard is in the hospital right now with the condition on my own. we will be -- unknown. good afternoon, everyone on this historic election day i am paul lagrone in for ashley glass. >> and i am laura harris. for those who have already
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the numbers start rolling in. >> here are the things we are watching very closely. the polls the people are voting today. this is a live look from hillsboro with closing in less than three hours. remember part of florida is central time in the panhandle so we likely will not see the state officially called until after 8:00 tonight. as long as our state is still up for grabs, so is the white house. two election workers in this is something we've been talking a lot on the now. the one worker was a democrat and the other a republican. we are told it was a fight about where volunteers were allowed to stand. in nevada the judge has rejected the trump campaign's lawsuit that was filed this morning alleging some early
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to be closed on friday. they are alleging folks were moved to a different polling place because they were one -- the one they were out refused to stay open. while that may not sound like a lot of votes in question, keep in mind what happened in 2000 with president bush winning by 500 votes in florida. more on this later on in the show the lawsuit. we have a team of reporters in new york and spread all across the tampa bay area on this historic election day. we will be checking in with them throughout the hour. let's start with the white house. newsweek is ready for results that making two commemorative covers for whichever way it goes. it goes without saying only the winning candidate cover full go to print. >> both clinton and trump voting in new york today and clinton the her home in chappaqua and trump in
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listen. >> so many people are counting on the outcome of this election. what it means for our country. i will do the very best i can if i am fortunate enough to win today. >> before donald trump voted today he gave money to some kids who were selling cookies at his polling place telling them i am your future president. >> during early voting we were seeing democrats taking a lead in hillsborough county. >> more republicans are going to the polls coverage in east tampa. >> there is there a line -- now a line of cars because the parking lot is full. so far it has been like this all day with 300 people voting here but that is not even 10% of the people registered to vote at this site. around the county we are seeing big numbers.
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so far things are calm but we spoke with the voter who described a different scenario at her polling site. it was the jimmy kimmel library in north tampa. >> that was very hostile territory. they were very aggressive for their candidates and not my candidates. so when i had to leave because i did not want to get in a confrontation with anyone. >> reporter: there is an election protection volunteer at this location. he is here to help with any type of voter intimidation. so far we have seen a couple of them around in the county. we have not heard of any incidents at any of those locations, including this one. right now we will head over for the latest. >> reporter: kind of a
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turnout at some of the voting locations in east tampa. it has been slow and steady lots of people coming in and out at the center in clearwater and earlier today when they first opened it was lines that abrupt down and around this building and that was the same case for somebody locations just across the way in st. petersburg. if you take a look at some of these pictures we have very long lines earlier today. the good news is people here in the county have already voted. you might see a little uptick tipping up with rush hour. those numbers may pick up a little bit but the last numbers we heard from the pinellas county supervisor is over two thirds of all registered voters here at pinellas county have already made their way to the
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a lot of people here say while they are frustrated with the selection of the candidates, they think with the amendments on the ballot the local candidates it is still extremely important to make their voices heard. >> because i think that is what as americans we should do. >> the last four years. we have got to change what is going on in the country. >> reporter: and of course things again pick up a little bit as we head into 5:00 and 6:00 with the polls closing at 7:00. as long as you are in line before 7:00, you will still be allowed to vote. just bring some patients with you in case those lines do come back. we are waiting for updated numbers with more than two thirds of voters in pinellas already casting ballots in this point. i am kera mashek.
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right now. jackie callaway has been checking across our area. have seen any problems? >> not a whole lot. we went as south as sumter county and the main thing we heard about was people who actually moved to another county but never filled out the change of address form. they may have to go back to old some other instances people not showing up at the right precinct in a few cases with people not bringing the right idea. the supervisor of elections was telling me they were overwhelmed this morning with 12,000 people show up in three hours. >> and jackie, there was a hotline set up but that is actually sponsored by one of the candidates? >> yes. it looks like a generic 1-800 number, but it is actually a
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it is the trump campaign giving out this number two media outlets all over the country and here is what you get when you dial that number. >> thank you for calling the donald trump for president campaign. our goal is to make america great again. to report any problems voting or disruption, please press 2. >> so you get the gist. they want to hear about any problems at the polls. every single supervisor of threat the area this is what they say. if you have anything unusual, simply contact your local office. >> thank you so much for your time. this is where paul and i will be stationed throughout the night bring a new updates on life -- online and everything you need. be sure to like the abc action news facebook page and
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>> looking forward to it, laura. a truck slams into the front of a plant city marshals. the woman behind the will suffer in some kind of medical episode. she was taken to the hospital but otherwise was not hurt and the there was anyone else. a lot of calls coming in about smoke coming from gibson 10. you can see it in the distance. this is in fact a controlled burn it is time to take a look outside. shay, it will definitely be dark and we have this huge traffic backup happening at 75 anna fletcher right now. >> fortunately the weather is not going to get anybody's way. we have clear skies across the river gate tower tampa camera. looking at the radar they are scanning the skies life and not
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on the east coast we do have some showers and and east to west flow so you may see something in our interior counties but otherwise these are looking great with still a few more hours to get your vote in. we are looking at temperatures still in the upper 70s and then the temperatures falling through to the mid-70s 7:00 after the sun is set. if you are really looking for a cool down, it has been hot recently. please hotter than average. we are going to see some cooler temperatures. i will show you how long it will stick around coming up in my next forecast. it looks like a beautiful day to vote. we just getting started here with her election coverage on the now tampa bay. where do we go after the results come in? some guidance from leaders of a local church. and we have some other election news. the reason many of you should go grocery shopping this
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money. we will explain. you are watching the now tampa bay . to vote. we are just getting started
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what you are watching our topless women protesting this morning at the place donald trump was voting at. they were stealing about some of trams comments. trump was not there when it happened but a person inside took this radio. the women have since been arrested. for some people voting today has been a really special to limit. >> we found some people taking a different approach. >> a place for peace and prayer. before heading to the polls. this is the second catholic church cilia as walking into
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>> i am here to pray. >> and with her rosary in hand. >> this is like my weapon. >> reporter: she heads into mass in the chapel where others are singing a similar to. >> no matter what, i think a lot of good will come out of all of this. >> reporter: just outside the door the catholic church is also precinct number 139. despite who father says to pray for understanding. >> we have to continue to pray because there is a lot of division in our country and uncertainty and issues that are challenging. that is something that regardless of whether the person you voted for one or loss that you have to pray. >> long after the polls are closed and the campaign signs are gone the doors here are
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. >> the tampa mayor taking his daughter to vote and on twitter he has been talking about a little-known confusing question on the ballot. it would allow the city council in tampa and to order internal -- internal audits of the social agencies. he is encouraging people to vote no on saying white metal -- why has worked so well? the now's isabel rosales is at the university with the power this group has but are they really going to use it? >> to put it into perspective some of the youngest millennials are now old enough to vote and according to the
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force. both generations take up 31% of the electorate. millennials are less likely to vote than other groups. the data alarm some of the students who tell me they understand why some are skipping the polls. >> a lot of people fail us so they will not be heard. that is really sad. >> i felt like an adult. it was the most adult thing i've ever done. >> reporter: others are excited to vote and safe millennials has immense potential. as they age their power to decide the next election will only increase. it is something major parties need to watch out for. millennials are more than likely to vote third party candidate. in hillsboro county, isabel rosales, abc action news . >> isabel, thank you. hopefully by friday we will be able to focus on our veterans. >> veterans day is friday and
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to plan for is this amazing deal. >> publix is offering 10% of groceries on friday. for the discount you will need a military id card and a discharge document or a drivers license with the veteran designation. start your engines. another big local story for us today with tickets the firestone grand prix in st. petersburg. this year is happening march 10 through the 12th. all right, shay. checking in on the election day forecast. it looks like a beautiful day to go vote. >> we have a little bit of rain but other than that temperatures are pretty decent. there is nothing dramatic that i would say keeping anybody from the polls. very little rain and very
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weather will cause problems today. you can see right now we have this frontal boundary and that is what is causing some of the rain showers through the great lakes into texas and louisiana but high pressure is ahead of that so we are still on the dry side but this front is headed our way bringing an -- us cooler temperatures. right now we still have the east west flow staying dry side with high pressure keeping the storm clouds out so at least for this evening partly cloudy skies cool and dry. tomorrow the front is on top of us and that is where we start to have a chance for isolated showers. nothing that will cause any major issues but it is different than what we have seen lately. tomorrow at some point you could encounter a shower. the high temperature tomorrow
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welcome back to the now tampa bay. a technician in orlando has died on the job. he was working the men in black attraction. the park said it has nothing to do with the actual right now. they are not saying exactly what happened. the worker has been identified
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soon as we get details we will share it with you. the pulse nightclub in orlando will not reopen. the city of orlando has now reached a deal to buy the nightclub for more than $2 million to turn it into a memorial. since the tragedy it has become an informal gathering place. remain that way in the next year or so while the city gets input on what type of permanent memorial they want to create. we from christmas and if you don't have a lot of money to spend or you just don't want to buy new electronics, walmart has unveiled its list of refurbished devices cheaper than the brand name once. and walmart isn't the only place doing this. let's just compare and contrast. the new ipad $399. you can also get that same ipad refurbished on groupon for one
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literally looks the exact same. how about the new iphone? maybe have a child in the market for a phone. a brand-new iphone will be 649. you can get the refurbished model 4179 or groupon right now for 139. >> thank you. looking at photos and columbus ohio. like florida, starkly, whether all. ohio has predicted every single president since 1896 with the exception of two. when they got wrong last time 1960. next we will take you into new york city that both clinton and
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a lot of breaking news right now. out of st. petersburg we are just finding out that the school crossing guard we told you about who got hit by a car has died. he was 72 years old. we have just learned this information. it happened at 3:00 this afternoon on ninth avenue near 44 street. we have action air 1 over the scene. there is no word yet on any charges for the driver school crossing guard was killed after being hit this afternoon. >> a sad story for you right now. we want to update you on the part of i-75 still closed. it happened near the fletcher avenue exit. all of the northbound lanes are so close. you can see the back up and the tragic accident that happened there.
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this crash. we will bring it to you when we get it. back to election coverage we are 2.5 hours left before the polls close in florida. we are turning our attention to new york for a minute that >> that is where both candidates will be hosting victory parties tonight. clinton on the west side and trump on the east side of manhattan. they are talking just 15 blocks apart from each other. the last time two candidates expect our team is covering both camps. we start with mike sacks with the clinton watch party. >> reporter: right now we are at the javits center in new york city and this is where clinton hopes to deliver her speech this evening. the stage is america shaped. and this is a actual glass ceiling that clinton hopes to
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united states. she has reason to be hopeful because she has been up in the polls and already won in guam which has been voting since 1980 and is gone the president elect each time. clinton herself voted this morning and westchester county where she calls home. she will be coming to the javits center tonight. the doors open at 6 pm with a line since this morning around the corner here by the those lucky enough to get a ticket are hoping to come and celebrate history should clinton win. meanwhile 1.5 miles down the road in midtown manhattan is the trump event where todd walker is there we are very close in the hilton hotel in midtown manhattan. it is starting to fill up but we will see poor people coming in this evening around 6:30.
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feet or so and so fairly slow and they are hearing donald trump wanted to keep this a fairly intimate event in contrast to his rallies across the country. last night he blitzed all of the swing states trying to get out the vote and rally his base at the last minute. the only time we have seen him today as when he went to vote down the street from trump tower which is only a couple blocks from us here right now. the question is concerns donald trump may not even come down here if things don't go well tonight. that all remains to be seen as we get numbers in the next few hours but the headquarters are calling the victory party here starting to fill of headed toward -- heading toward who will win the election. todd walker, the now tampa bay . >> thank you so much for those
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already present that is election day? >> is best to wait it out? >> no. you shoot some hoops. >> that is present obama heading into a gym with some friends. he will be watching the returns from the white house. we don't expect to hear from him tonight in person but some kind of statement could come overnight. he actually did this when he was president in 2012 was waiting for results. and the entire world watching our election process. just look at what the airlines tweeted out today. just in case he wins, travel to the u.s. while you are still allowed to. that is in reference to trump's at one time reference to banning muslims coming from jordan. the all-important i-4 quarter.
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of that quarter. let's check in with clifton french in lakeland. how is it going? >> reporter: you know, we have seen a steady stream of people all day at this precinct. we are in lakeland right now. people are coming and going. we have had a rush of people around 4:00 when folks are picking up their kids from school. here is the deal. historically polk county is presidential election. they do not keep count during the day but early voting already account for more than 40% of registered voters. so why is polk county such a focal point? a quarter of the voters are either registered as independent or no party affiliation. those are the voters the candidates hope to sway and even those aiken county -- passionate about their
4:36 pm
>> i was actually registered independent until this year. i changed it to republican so i can vote in the primary. and i will vote trump. >> reporter: and everybody here is very passionate about who they are voting for and either hillary or trump on the road. they are holding signs and getting plenty of honks either way. but there are so many in 4 quarter. that is why we have seen candidates and others coming here for candidate to rally support from them toward election day. i'm reporting for the now tampa bay , clifton french. >> thank you so much. we are stay on top of election that there is other big news to tell you about including the picture of a person that should probably be getting sheared more than donald trump and
4:37 pm
we will tell you about this when the now tampa bay
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developing news here today. investigators believe they know who chordae of the deadly terror attack in paris. top of the world's most wanted list because of the fact of the two others in brussels last march. investigators think he directed the attack from syria who injured hundreds of others. >> another big story right now. the second officer killed last week in iowa was laid to rest
4:41 pm
his car last wednesday when he was shot. 20 minutes later a police sergeant was killed the exact same way. the suspect has been arrested and is facing murder charges right now. we are also waiting for a particularly hot car trial in georgia. this man is accused of purposely leaving his toddler in a hot car all day and he died. the defense sa relationship with his son and this was just a tragic accident. with both candidates in new york city on election day the stakes are higher. i am kumasi aaron and what people are saying about the actual security. a big mistake in new york from tim trump and what we are hearing from nevada.
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happening right now two hours away until polls close and we want to check in right now on what may be the most important county in order. >> we from the hillsborough county of election office. adam, what is happening? >> reporter: smith and steady here. this is where people come to drop off those ballots if they requested a mail-in ballot they will get a little help that they put these ballot vote by mail ballots right here to cast them and then at those books standing in line for people who could not vote in their own precinct so they have to fill
4:46 pm
reason why. here goes one of those vote by mail ballots right now. it has been a busy day so far when poll open at 7 a.m. this morning with 24,000 ballots cast with not first hour. since then there's been a steady stream of voters casting ballots so far 3000 poll workers have had no real issues in terms of any voter intimidation or voter fraud. early in the day at one precinct those problems were resolved quickly and that did not affect the vote in any way. now the supervisor of elections believes that by the end of voting tonight the totals will be big. >> we historically in a presidential year have 74% turnout. so when you look at that, you realize you have had a pretty good amount of the electorate out already.
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voting prior to election day. >> reporter: about 130,000 people have cast ballots in person so far today looking at the totals on an hour by hour basis we can determine more republicans have cast ballots in person before democrats cast ballots in the early voting so it may be a long night here at the election supervisor headquarters. i am adam walser, abc action news. >> line. let's just hope they don't take pictures of themselves in the booth. posting pictures of your "i voted" sticker is okay. that is fine. >> but your ballot is not okay. that is illegal here in florida and other states including new york. >> reporter: apparently eric trump did not get the memo. he pictured -- posted this on twitter but we know how it goes
4:48 pm
there someone grabs it so we grabbed it. maybe he should have learned a thing or two from the justin timberlake ballot selfie. don't do it. all eyes are on new york city as both candidates are holding their watch parties and both are new yorkers. >> and just 15 blocks away from each other. we have kumasi aaron in new york talking with the folks who live there and the extra attention it is getting today. >> reporter: you can definitely tell this is not an ordinary check out the police presence on every corner here in this area. but new yorkers told me they are excited to be a part of history. there are plenty of reasons why new york city is one of the most popular and powerful cities in the world. now the 2016 election is adding to that list. international media coverage and both candidates voting in the city on election day.
4:49 pm
headed to the polls too. >> i have voted in every election. i wouldn't miss an election. >> reporter: despite hiccups in the voting booth -- >> the scanner wouldn't read my boat. >> reporter: -- this new yorker cast her vote probably pick >> i can walk and i am alive. and i am serving my country. >> reporter: in a city of 8.5 million people, safety is key this election day. and there are more than 5000 new york city police officers out patrolling them counterterrorism and even bomb- sniffing dogs. it be to protect not only new yorkers for the thousands of people here visiting for election day. >> i made these reservations back in may. we are actually staying at the trump hotel. i said donald trump is going to do it so i want to be where the excitement is. >> reporter: michelle stein is
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work next to trump tower. hillary clinton was a senator from new york. they are both hometown people. but you have got to vote for one or the other, and i am with her. >> reporter: sheet and so many others are left to wait for the results to come in expect the election is not over until the last vote is counted. whether i will be happy with the results depends on the results. >> reporter: for the now i am kumasi aaron. >> thank you. we have a lot more than just the presidential race to watch. >> that's right. control of the u.s. senate is also up for grabs tonight. democrats need to beat republicans in just five races to take control of the senate. here are the states we are watching what that could happen. here in florida marker reveal and patrick murphy raise an early indications suggest this is closer than polls have portrayed. also illinois, indiana,
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wisconsin. 51 is the magic number the democrats need tonight to get the majority if there is a 50- 50 split the vice president gets his party control. >> the house is up for grabs with republicans expected to keep the majority in florida. right now they had 60 more seats than democrats. they could lose some of that advantage tonight still keep control. the last election gave republicans control of both the house and the senate for the first time since 2007. there are places you can watch the results in tampa bay with like-minded friends. the florida democratic party is having a watch party at 7:00. it will be at the hilton in tampa. the republican party of hillsborough county is also having something going on right now at 8:00.
4:52 pm
are also having watch parties at 7:00. democrats will be at the amc woodlands square and republicans will be at amc regency 20 in brandon. you have to be a stabs member. that is someone who is part of the rewards card to be invited and be able to go. all right. we are talking to shay ryan right now. the good news is people don't have to fight with the weather. in our nation and the rivergate tower cam is showing sunshine out there and the futurecast is showing us a nice, quiet pattern before this front moves through tomorrow. you can see how quiet it is at 8:00 tonight with a brief shower that rolls through but probably nothing that is even going to reach the ground. tomorrow at 8:00 in the morning we have a little more cloud
4:53 pm
and you start to see by noon a little bit of moisture building in the gulf of mexico and then in the late afternoon we see a few showers trying to work their way in from north to south. maybe we will get a sprinkle or a light shower. for the afternoon and early evening the best chance is going to be from tampa bay on north continuing to push south. but not a lot of rain out of that system at all as it rolls through. right now 82 degrees in with 79 in brandon and 81 in brooksville. lake wales at 78 degrees and by tomorrow we are in the upper 70s. so not a dramatic shift but definitely a difference especially as we look at the next couple of days and into the weekend with another front rolling through to support that cooler air so that's temperatures will be coming down over the next couple of days holding into the weekend.
4:54 pm
next week. we will have an update with denis coming up on action news at 5:00. a beautiful day to vote and it is an election year that may truly to find the saying that every vote does count. you might be surprised to know there is no federal law that guarantees you can take time off to vote. bernie sanders has proposed making election day in national holiday to do that but right now that up in community -- committee. researchers say the number of people who vote in the u.s. is generally around 55%. a smaller turnout compared to other developed countries which have closer to 80% participation rates. no matter your political affiliation, this is pretty cool to see hundreds of people lined up to place "i voted" stickers at the grave of susan
4:55 pm
york. she was a champion of women's rights and the 19th amendment giving women the right to vote. it is also known as the anthony amendment. that is really cool. a lot of us proudly posting pictures of our "i voted" stickers. >> that is right. but it is a mystery who invented these stickers. the phoenix realtors association claims it invented the "i voted" stickers in 1985. businesses in florida were giving people discounts for wearing the stickers as early as 1982 according to the miami herald. >> and the national campaign supply said is started telling those "i voted" stickers in 1986. the designs are different across the country now but the message is still the same encouraging other people to vote and intimate work. researchers at three major
4:56 pm
to be asked about voting will make them more likely to vote. other research shows if you get thanked for your vote, you are more likely to vote in the future. >> we want to go back to the lawsuit filed today in nevada by the traffic app. abc action news legal analyst jeff swartz look of us a breakdown of exactly what was being alleged. right before we came on the air the judge basica >> reporter: he basically said i will not bother to do anything at all. they are not sure it was the way it should have been ruled upon. at the right really would have been something like i will not disenfranchised voters. it never hurts anybody for all of the voters to vote. i am still waiting for the appellate rulings. i think there will be some sort of appellate within the next hour or two.
4:57 pm
well. >> right. in north carolina there were five counties which has asked the board of elections for at least 90 minutes more work they were processing people with paper as opposed to the computer. >> reporter: jeff swartz be with all night. you can watch all of us on the facebook live. just look at abc action news. >> the whole gang will be here. we cannot wait. we need a few clouds and twitter is actually helping so take a look at this. just check out what happens when you tweet of the hashtag #myvote2016. you get a little ken bone emoji. >> the red sweater guy now turned famous. if you tweet election day you get a little ballot box. we have had our fair share
4:58 pm
bashing during this election. >> but our station in detroit on an entire business suffering. daphaney smith explains why this restaurant is now empty. >> reporter: inside the 1917 american bistro the shop can usually be found cooking for the lunch crowd but this week empty chairs and tables pepper his restaurant. >> it hurt. >> reporter: the drop in captured by the detroit news on camera the shop tells me he was simply picking up his dishes but that did not stop the calls from rolling in. calls to boycott his business. the public outraged a block business owner would cater an event for the sun of donald trump. >> i cannot -- the son of donald trump. >> i can't take size.
4:59 pm
>> just because he catered a business, that is what he does. he voted for hillary. >> reporter: while the public is divided, the bottom line remains. the chef's employees are showing up to an empty workplace. >> i don't deserve it. this is my living. not just my living, but my employees as well. >> reporter: the chef tells me he hopes this all blows ov soon so he can get back to what he loves. cooking. >> that is it for the now tampa bay. >> abc action news at 5:00 starts right now. decision day is here. >> so it is now official. it is tuesday, november 8.
5:00 pm
>> i will be a president for all americans. >> hillary clinton and donald trump have had their say and the rest is up to you pick >> with florida expected to be key, we have teams all over the bay area watching the polls and breaking down the numbers.>> abc action news at 5:00 starts right now. if you have not already voted, you have less than tw good evening and thanks for joining us as i am wendy ryan pick >> and i am jamison uhler. we have hillary clinton with a one-point lead over donald trump. of course the real vote count is now hours away. we begin our coverage in hillsboro county. >> in 19 of the last 20 election the winner of hillsborough county has won the entire election. the executive


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