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tv   Action News at 530PM  ABC  November 8, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> right now time is taking with 90 minutes if you want to help decide america's next president. the polls close tonight at 7:00. >> this is new video hillary clinton and donald trump casting their ballots on election day. >> right now the latest polls showing clinton with a one- point lead over donald trump. well within the margin of error. and florida is expected to play a major role in our next president. right now people in the i-4 quarter still casting their ballots tonight and polk county is right in the middle of that territory. >> clifton french is live in lakeland right now. how are things going? >> reporter: right now a big part of what makes florida a swing state is the i-4 corridor and the large number of independent affiliated voters
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>> this is it. all of the debates and campaigning. >> reporter: coming down to the county sitting of the long stretch in central florida called i-4. polk county on the western edge where the voters we spoke to her as divided as the candidates themselves. >> i voted for hillary clinton. >> i don't trust hillary. >> reporter: south florida going democrat and north florida republican but it is right in the middle for a quarter of the registered voters have no party affiliation. there are nearly 150,000 registered republicans and polk county nearly the same number of democrats in 111,000 people registered outside those main parties. >> we need to clean up this country. >> reporter: this voter was independent until this year. >> i changed the republican so that i could vote in the
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and i did vote trump. >> reporter: and then there is the x factor like voting for the first women. >> when i think about it the injury -- the angrier i get it took us so long. >> reporter: tonight the country will be watching the largest swing state to see what these voters decide. and it is not clear what the turnout has been today. polk county doesn't keep tally until after counted. historically between 70 and 75% of voter turnout right here and polk county. i can tell you there is at least a 40% turnout because that is how many people voted early or mailed in their ballot. and polk county, clifton french, abc action news. >> his burke county could play a role in how -- hillsborough county could play a role in how
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>> we have where officials are keeping an eye on voting tonight. adam, what is happening? >> reporter: that is right. big numbers are expected here in hillsboro county because it was a record early turnout. 500,000 people cast ballots before the polls even opened today. right now what is going on is people are bringing in those mail-in ballot and these people standing in line for people who cannot vote for whatever reason at their own precincts. 50 fill out vote here. very few problems reported in the 340 precincts today. there were some equipment issues early on but those were quickly resolved and did not affect the vote count. he spoke to the supervisor of elections about concerns regarding any possible voter fraud or intimidation. >> we had 60 early vote sites
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saw no intimidation or suppression or fraud. i did not see anything. >> reporter: they do tracking numbers here in hillsboro county. so far 150,000 voters have voted in person here in hillsboro county. 24,000 people cast their ballots between 7:00 and 8:00. they expect a people get off work during the closing hour. i am adam walser, abc action news. >> if you are still trying to make it out to vote tonight and don't have a ride, you can get one for free. hearing catch one with hart for free and the pinellas suncoast transit authority is offering them as well.
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senator marco rubio and patrick murphy will battle it out for the senate seat. rubio has a pretty good chance of keeping that seat. the university reports he leads murphy by 7 points right now. rubio plans to watch the results come in at an election party in miami tonight. presidential power no matter how or who is elected patrick murphy will spend election night in palm beach gardens. this race is getting national attention because it determine which party gets control of the senate. we will have more tonight at 6:00. let's not this thing out right now. you are looking at the latest cnn polling numbers in the state in the gray are the ones likely to go over the other. all eyes on florida with north carolina a battleground state and nebraska in arizona and the states in the red typically go
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the candidates need to 70 electoral votes -- need 270 votes to win the white house. amendment one is the controversial issue you are agreeing -- being asked to vote on today. the firefighter demanded this affect the polls after hundreds of its members complained. the ad which featured a firefighter implied rooftop solar panels could be a fire critics say it is a way for utilities to control the solar market. utility companies claim it protects the consumer. voters today taking a second shot at legalizing medical marijuana. it has been one of the most controversial topics. abc action news reporter ryan smith live in clearwater tonight with how it could impact thousands of meridians if it is passed. >> reporter: good evening.
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tampa bay's only licensed marijuana call -- medical marijuana dispensaries. they plan to expand the business across our area. you can but if an amendment two passes the customer base will increase significantly. right now in the state of florida there is a limited use law. it unless patients with chronic seizures and cancer to access low thc products. amendment 2 list up to 10 conditions including ptsd, crohn's disease, and parkinson's disease. many believe it will improve the quality of life for potentially hundreds of thousands of suffering floridians. we spoke to a mother spearheading the fight against the amendment who is not quite so sure of the hail benefit.
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when we see the california style medical marijuana that is out there are, that is the plan for florida. >> and for amendment 2 to move forward it must receive 60% of the vote tonight on voting day. ryan smith, abc action news. right now we will turn our attention to new york where both candidates tonight will be hosting parties >> clinton on the west side and trump on the east side. the last time two candidates were from new york is 1945. >> we kickoff with mike sacks. >> reporter: the music has begun playing at the clinton election night event. hillary clinton is on her way to manhattan after spending the day north of new york city
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with her family. clinton tonight hopes to deliver a victory speech right behind me. the stage is set like the united states of america and write off of clinton will be a literal glass ceiling that she hopes to break by becoming the first female president of the united states. she is reason to be hopeful up in the polls and guam has already voted for her. so clinton herself is going be supported by campaign staff and family and friends tonight. the doors open at 6:00 and people have been waiting since this morning around the block and corner to get in and hopefully in their minds share a piece of the action tonight. todd walker is just down the street at the >> reporter: election event. todd? we are at the hilton hotel in midtown manhattan. it is starting to fill up.
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left in, it will be a very intimate environment. the big question is will donald trump show up tonight? . some concerns he may not show up if the election does not go his way. he has a tough road to go but it is not impossible for him to hit the mark and yesterday he was blitzing all of those states he needs to win. he will be watching from trump tower today and we will be watching to see if he comes here after the todd walker, abc action news. >> thank you. newsweek is ready for whoever wins the white house. anyway the election goes they have made two covers however the election turns out. only one candidate cover will actually go to print. there they are right now. we have posted everything you need to know this election day. . you can see everything you need to
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app has the results coming. now the most accurate weather team in florida. abc action weather. >> mother nature definitely helping out today and into a very nice day across the area for election day with temperatures still warm. we had the low to mid 80s and a satellite picture while we are clear now there are clouds in the gulf but they are coming this way bringing a chance of a few tomorrow morning from the low to mid 60s. it will be a little bit warmer than this morning. partly cloudy skies and i will tell you what time i expect the rain to arrive at about the weekend coming up in a couple of minutes. hispanic voters fired up and turning up in record numbers. i am isabel rosales and i will tell you the data that has even
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y25qmy yy6y hispanic voters are shattering turnout records and the numbers continue to go up
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>> abc action news reporter isabel rosales is in front of the library voting precinct with what some experts are saying is surprising them. >> 36% is the number of hispanics that have voted so far that did not vote in 2012. that is important because hispanics are usually dbs likely to do early voting. according to the university of florida, 560,000 hispanics voted as of saturday. experts say it is a 100% increase over 2012. jenny is puerto rican. she has been making calls and analyzing datadonald trump's
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one, you are talking about all of us. that is a motivating factor. you are offending our families and they are not happy with that. >> reporter: the washington post says trump will get just 19% of hispanics. hillary clinton, 76%. >> reporter: have curveball could be the cuban vote, which typically means republican. so far trump has 52% of their suppor isabel rosales, abc action news. >> in an update to breaking news statewide polling system is back up and running in colorado. it was down for just under three minutes a little while ago. they are still trying to see what happened but the polling system seems to be back up and running like it should be. now the most accurate weather team in florida.
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tonight. >> not just here but for most of the country too. it could be worse. we could be looking at snow. it is quiet across the area for us. if you are waiting for the last minute to get out you have another hour and 13 minutes. the cloud cover you see will not give us any rain nor is there any on any typing de boer -- titan tomorrow we have a front coming in giving us at least a chance of a couple of isolated showers. temperatures right now anywhere from the upper 70s and still 80 degrees at the airport. we got some cooler air coming in and i think toward the clouds cleared by thursday we are in for a stretch of two or three days of nice weather. 80 and partly cloudy at the
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as i said, we hit 83 today and we were above normal. last year we had a stretch of two weeks with upper 80s and low 90s. we broke a record last year. these warm temperatures we have had, this is the second straight here we have experienced that. the winds are light and the skies are partly cloudy with 82. a very nice day but you can just beginning to see the cloud cover streaming in from the cold. this is not a strong front. most of the area gets nothing more than clouds but i think you will notice the clouds roll in overnight. tomorrow morning we will see showers offshore and by lunchtime into early afternoon a few of them will roll in with
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once a front comes through the skies clear out and temperatures drop with humidity levels dropping and a stretch of beautiful weather from thursday, friday, and maybe someday into early next week we might see a few more clouds. in terms of measurable rain, anything that does pop would be tomorrow. we could use some rain as it s it is gaining into a prolonged period of time where we could use a few showers. the forecasted high on wednesday is about right and instead of 81 we will be more 79 or 80 degrees. the long range forecast. if you are looking for cooler air, you will need the jet to start dipping down. by early next week we see another one.
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seasonal and maybe the low normal in the early part of next week. the winds will be gusty tomorrow and then i think they will subside later in the day. here is your upcoming type and sunset. a very pleasant evening after you have done voting. temperatures will be in the 60s. looking at florida's most accurate seven-day forecast partly cloudy to mostly cloudy tomorrow wi the rest of the weekend looks great with upper 70s for highs and low 60s. maybe a chance of rain returning early next week. in hillsborough county the polls have an open since 7 a.m. this morning. one of the first in line with the tampa mayor. we caught up with him and he told us he likes to vote it person and he is relieved he is
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>> they need it ingrained in their dna how important this is in fact you cannot miss an election. if you don't show up to vote, you have no right to complain. >> the mayor had been campaigning for hillary clinton for quite some time. he wants his daughters to say woman -- see a woman become president. checksum people are having we found many stopping by the catholic church for mass. the main topic was praying about what to do before voting. they also have a voting precinct and we spoke with the father about what he is advising people to do if things don't go their way tonight. >> you have to continue to pray. there is a lot of division and uncertainty in our country.
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you voted for won or lost, we have to pray. >> at last check with hillsboro election numbers this precinct had a 14% turnout. >> you have been tracking the election four months and tonight is the finale. so why not watch the results role in on the big screen? the two theaters that are dedicating their screens tonight to this historic election. this is reporter campaign headquarters for tonight in new york city 15 blocks away from hillary clinton. you can see a crowd already starting to gather. he is supposed to speak on the stage tonight but our reporter said there are rumors right now that if trump doesn't win, he may not show at all. stay with abc action news for all of your election coverage.
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why not go to the movies tonight? amc theaters is teaming up with cnn to give you live coverage. its regency 20 theater is going to republican supporters. they are separating the two. the doors open at six >> 30 tonight with >> here is wendy ryan with a look at what is happening at 6:00. >> it all comes down to today. voters in the bay area are still getting out to make their voices heard. take a look. this is the trump campaign headquarters in new york city. we have got you covered with the wait times at some of the busiest polling places in the reason one group saves they
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live from the station taking action for you. this is abc action news. >> right now at 6:00 one more hour to help shape history. >> it feels good. >> millions of floridians making their voices heard in a state that could tip the scales. >> our crews are across the bay
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for florida state and looking for problems at the polls. >> our coverage continues right now. >> good evening and thanks for joining us as i am wendy ryan. >> and in jamison uhler. we will monitor the elections as the results come in. >> at 7:00 this evening the polls clone -- the polls close. >> for the most part things have been moving smoothly throughout the day for folks casting their vote in hillsborough county. >> east tampa. with one hour left, how are things looking? >> reporter: things are picking up although at this polling place it has been pretty busy all day. there is a line of cars outside the library because the parking lot is full. despite voters telling us that this election has been frustrating describing it as something stressful, the


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