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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  November 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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breaking news. election day anger exploding on the streets. >> anti-trump protesters march in ybor. sampling the best chee for two reasons one, to bring them all back for you to enjoy and two, we got to each a bunch of really good cheese along the way. publix deli specialty cheese. love with. publix. where shopping is a pleasure.
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y24zwy y12fy breaking news right now. take a look. there are protesters out by the thousands nationwide, people upset over the outcome of the presidential election, taking to the streets at this hour. here you see protesters in here in ybor city. thanks for joining us. i'm wendy ryan. >> i'm jamison uhler. all these protests come after a seemingly calm and quiet day. abc action news reporter marisela burgos is live with more on what protesters hope to gain. >> reporter: they went several blocks this way stopping by that bench right there, and all of them want to fast-forward
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election anger boiling over in ybor city. frustration after months of campaigning. >> this is not what our country is about. >> reporter: and over the newly elected commander in chief. >> i'm scared. but the thing is, things like this matter. >> reporter: marchers say they're taking a stand against hate. >> i came out here even though i had a couple of death threats and someone called threatened to get me fire. >> reporter: victoria organized the march. >> we're not scared. and by we i mean the lgbtq community. i mean women in america. i mean muslims. i mean mexicans. >> reporter: some of these marchers fear significant setbacks under the new president. >> we are facing lot of setbacks. a lot of things are going to happen that are going to be different.
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we will be heard. >> reporter: she says she has seen several petitions circling around, calling for the newly elected president out of office. she also says there are going to be future protests. marisela burgos, abc action news. >> forces are joining forces in chicago meeting in front of trump tower, then shutting down the miracle mile in chicago. several hundred people are marching causing road closures and disrupting mass transit. and protesters chanting outside the white house "we are all americans." they also protested outside the trump hotel on pennsylvania
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newscast. jam son. tomorrow, in keeping with tradition, president-elect donald trump will visit the white house. today mr. trump started receiving all the same intel briefings that president obama gets. president obama and president- elect trump have both said they look forward to a peaceful transition of power. there was good news on wall street today despite futures showing losses overnight, the dow today closing up more than points of its all-time high. the movement towards legalizing recreational marijuana scoring victories today in several states. meanwhile the passing of amendment 2 could mean a big boom in business for the bay area. the industry could eventually
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those jobs may look like and when they will be up for grabs. >> reporter: forget the ripe red tomatoes of plant city or the citrus fields in polk. amendment 2 could open the way for marijuana to become florida's biggest cash crop. >> you need farmers. you need distribution to the farm with nutrients. you need accountants to run everything. >> reporter: garrett angel makes the machines that turn cannabis into bitter you can eat. the amen >> for the most part this is a mom and pop industry still. the amount of jobs that will be created via small business can't be understated. >> reporter: everything from growers to dispensaries, pickers and plant scientists, and that doesn't include security and transportation. but angel also sees potential challenges for entrepreneurs. >> legislation changes overnight like that. so if you are an edibles maker, for example, overnight they may
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out, which means all of your products are no good. >> reporter: however, angel believes the potential to make a healthy profit will outweigh any short-term setbacks. cameron polom, abc action news. good evening everybody. with that cloudy skies over most of the area today and even some light showers over the last few hours, they went through the pinellas and hillsborough county areas and now very light temperatures right now mostly in the 60s. a few low 70s closer to the 70. tomorrow morning waking up to low 60s under clear skies. a refreshing change again as that front comes on through and moving in from the north, dryer, crisp air with temperatures 50s to low 60s not just tomorrow under clear skies but right on through the weekend. and then we could be looking at a stronger front down the road. an update coming up in a couple
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second-degree murder. detectives believe this man, devon freeman, is connected to the murder of a taken age girl sunday. someone shot her on fourth street. witnesses drove her to the hospital where she died. police need your help tracking down this guy. they say he is a serial armed robber targeting businesses in clearwater. michae behind me. the clerks were inside this store right here when the guy jumped up on the counter, and now customers we spoke to tonight are concerned and worried that he is going to strike this area again. police say this 7-eleven is the third business the robber has held up with a knife in less than two weeks. he hit this store on sunday. later the same day he walked into a wal-mart on u.s. 19 holding up a cashier with what she believed was a gun.
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market. >> it is a little crazy, man. i did not expect that. when you came up i was expecting that it was going to be something like threatening. i didn't expect him to jump up and -- yeah, that's crazy. >> reporter: customers we showed the video to now worry about their safety. >> i might have to start going to a different one maybe, because going here seems kind of sketchy now. >> i hope they can find him to keep it safe in this area. i have never been afraid of coming to the store a least three stores all within a five-minute drive of each over. if he tries to strike again, this woman says she will be ready. >> at knife point i think i would have tried not to let him get my money. >> reporter: late tonight clearwater police telling us that they are looking for a possible white toyota. it is a car they believe fled the area so they're asking customers to be on the lookout for a white toyota. live in pinellas county,
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a former orlando officer heading to jail. the officer's mother in court today begging the judge for mercy. >> this happened on his way home. he said, mom, pardon my language, but i really bleep up. >> he was caught on camera kneeing a drunk inmate in the stomach that blow rupturin the judge ordered him to pay the man's medical bills after he is released. police say a guard and student exchanged words before things got physical. witnesses say the guard threatened to throw the student over a railing.
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deputies four days to issue an amber alert. she is still missing. melting dashboards and exploding air bags. consumers are urged to listen. tonight abc action news discovers a dirty little secret behind government recalls, a secret that left a top state agency answer tough questions and a u.s. senator demanding some answers. help me. >> the air bag knocked my head back like this. >> these are real-life stories. >> my neck was broken. >> reporter: car defect gone wrong. >> right now a huge new recall. >> reporter: and the government's response. >> general motors announcing the largest recall. >> tonight hyundai is recalling nearly 63,000 cars. >> reporter: on a grassy lot
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tampa you will find high wheels, low wheels, random wheels, all up for grabs. but nestled in this buffet of retired steel we also discovered very active recall after recall after recall after recall. >> it doesn't surprise me at all. >> problem? >> big problem. >> reporter: this consumer attorney spent years designing air bags. >> i one of those vehicles thinking it's a death trap. >> this one you could actually lose control of the car. >> reporter: the very florida agencies with missions to keep you safe. from headlights that could dim to tires that could crack, and air bags that can sploa.d we found recalled cars from city government, county sheriff's departments and dozens from the
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tahoe with an air bag that can potentially run tiewmplet or this crown victoria with potential wheel issues that can cause to you lose control. and this city of clearwater dodge charger with not one but two air bag recalls. leaving this lot are recalled cars, the same state agency that warned floridians to immediately repair potentially deadly takata air bags. rn takata air bags on its own suv and various others, all sent to auction, all without the fix. >> it's extremely hypocritical. >> i wouldn't say it's hypocritical. >> reporter: the florida safety counsel promotes safe driving. >> you would think that a government agency would want to do all that they can to make sure any vehicle they are going sell has been repaired proper
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responsibility falls on the consumer, too. >> reporter: fhp pointed blame at car manufacturers who have yet to provide a fix on most of the recalls that we fow.d while governments don't disclose if a vehicle has an open recall, they are sold as. >> if it's state of florida car, my goodness. >> reporter: still, our findings alarmed florida's u.s. senator bill nelson. >> the state shouldn't be sending out to the consuming public a car taken care of before the car is sold. >> reporter: but these government agencies are to the highest bidder. >> that's absolutely inexcuse i believe. >> reporter: taking action four. >> meantime a spokesperson for the agency who handles these sales tells us there are no policies requiring state vehicles with open recalls to get fixed prior to sale.
11:14 pm where we have also posted responses from the local agencies and cars with open recalls still listed for sale. good news from the labor department. they say job openings in certainty close to hitting a record high, reaching 5.5 million. this could be a good sign employers are looking to hire. it could also be a sign they're facing the job skills cap. right now gm the first time in six years. 2,000 factory workers in michigan and ohio will be repositioned or forced to look for new jobs starting in january. the cuts are affecting plants making cars such as the chevy camaro and cadillac cts. a trend going against the black friday sales. target will launch a black friday presale the day before
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stores have chosen to close on the holiday. the world health organization introducing a new set of guidelines for the care of pregnant women, the new recommendation suggest women get healthcare services at least eight times during pregnancy. now, with five of the visits taking place in the last trimester that's double the agency's previous recommendations. the agency saying this will cut down on the deaths of expecting mothers and newborns. the number of double worldwide in the next 14 years. the american cancer society saying tonight the increase in deaths will mostly come from low and middle income countries where healthcare is limited. doctors are urging developing countries to take some basic steps to curb the trend like promoting self-examinations and campaign against smoking. a sick kid in wisconsin using cutting edge technology to cut down on missed classes.
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association, uses a robot to be there virtually. check it out. he uses his laptop to move around his robot andy can even participate with his classmates thanks to a camera and a microphone. pretty cool. a heart warming story out of india. a small pack of stray dogs being credited for saving a life. witnesses say four dogs chased away crows and other animals guarding a seven-day-old infant abandon and in the bues guarding the newborn. he said when he approached the dogs wagged their tails and sat down, seemingly happy he was there to help the baby. there's a trending post you may want to check out. apparently there's a post that reveals a summary of season 8 of an hbo hit show.
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be based on the book. >> or mine you don't want to check it out. >> they say winter is coming all the time, but i guess not in florida. >> i was going to say, definitely does not feel like it is coming here. it's nicer than two weeks ago but it is still warm. sthoots going to be cool but not winterlike. it is going to be clear. there's a spectacular meteor shower coming up. it's actually been around. you are not going to cease many shooting stars as you usually do in a i've seen one. three or four days ago i was driving home from work and literally a fireball through the sky lasted three or four seconds. so these go on after midnight picking up on november 12th. it does not matter where you look as long as it's up. it should be spectacular. the weather will cooperate. outside of the clouds we have we are looking good. the showers that move through the area since about 6:00 this
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dunedin, down to indian rocks, brandon, over to ruskin, everything now beginning to fizzle out. by first thing tomorrow morning skies will begin to clear. temperatures will be cool but not really not much cooler than they typically should be for the middle part of november. upper 60s to lower 70s right now. at the airport skies are cloudy. we're clear in st. pete. temperatures upper 60s. we will be dropping down into the lower 60s by morning. there's the satellite picture. the reason we have the clouds and the showers, it's a front. that's not a particular strong front, but it is a cool front. as it moves through overnight what will happen is skies will clear from north to south as you can see they really already are in many cases. and with that tomorrow will be a beautiful day. we will start off in the low 60s. maybe a few upper 50s in our northern counties, then warm up to 80 degrees. so a nice cool morning, a very warm, pleasant afternoon with low humidity.
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we are going to get a little bit of a reinforcing shot of cooler air friday night into saturday, so i think saturday morning will be the coolest morning that we will see. a lot of 50s. highs in the upper 70s. rain chances pretty much nonexistent after we get rid of what is going on out there now. by the early part of next week the models are hinting at a better chance of a few showers especially on tuesday. and then back behind it we could see another round of cooler weather by the middle of the week. so every three or four days we are looking air but sort of setting us up where we should be, which is an afternoon high of 79. afternoon highs should be below 80. of course, they won't be tomorrow. they will be about 80 or 81, but at least we are not talking about mid to upper 80s like we had just about 10 days ago. now, here is that long range pattern i talked about. and by the middle of next week we begin to see a little bit of a dip so there is a chance we could see some cooler air but
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i really don't see much of a blast of cold air, and that likely continues right on into thanksgiving. now, there is a lot of big dips out to the west, so we will see down the road if some of those have an opportunity to move east. but usually our coldest air comes in from up here, not out in the pacific. the bottom line, kind of status quo right on through the next 10 to 14 days. northeast wind at 10 to 15 knots. the winds will come down in the afternoon. moderate chop on the bay 73 degrees. there are your tides. sunrise 6:48, sunset at 5:40. skies are partly cloudy waking up to mostly clear. sunny skies the entire day. we are going to top out at 80 to 81 degrees. here's a look at florida's most accurate seven-day forecast. 78 on friday and saturday. i do think saturday morning we are going to see a lot sphrifts. a great weekend for rib fest at the park.
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later on in the afternoon and evening, and maybe a few showers returning by the early part of next week. >> all right, thank you. bucs running back doug martin is back but is he ready to go sunday against chicago? t.k. has that story next in sports. before we go to break another live look at protesters marching in los angeles. earlier they burned an effigy of donald trump. also protests tonight in dallas where police are heavily you may remember a couple of months ago during a protest there were police shootings that turned into a terror event when a lone gunman opened fire. we will continue to monitor these protests and bring you any late breaking details as they become available. abc action news at 11:00
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hello, folks. at least this week the buccaneers have their number one running back on the practice field not wearing a floppy hat. doug martin went through his first practice in almost two months. a good sign, yes. but is it one that tells us he is a go sunday against chicago?
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>> reporter: the buccaneers' back field problems became a lot clear we are doug martin finally returning but is number 22 healthy enough to actually play sunday against the bears after not playing in almost two months? >> that is an excellent question, and i do not know the answer to that. that depends on the guy, who the guy is, the severity of the injury and how fast he comes back, how he looks in practice. >> reporter: martin looked back to his regular sifnl the 30 minutes allotted for media to watch practice. he seemed to effects of his hamstring injury but dirk koetter wouldn't he will lab bore fly. now we're crossing over into injuries and game plans. >> reporter: so there's still a lot about doug martin we don't know. the buccaneers back field will consist of james and barber. like they have shown all season it doesn't matter who is in the back field because the number one goal on offense is to establish a running game.
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offense. that's the only way we really get things going. we have to establish the run. >> reporter: reporting with the bucs, john sabol, abc action sports. >> wide receiver mike evans continues to practice but he is definitely working his way back to playing on sunday. evans will have a concussion test and by the end of tomorrow we are going to know if's go for center joe hawley did return to practice. this guy has been injured almost every week, and he comes right back. willie taggart's usf bulls are ready to head to memphis. the bulls would love to follow up that win over navy with another w in a place they have had zero success under will lee. plus a win just keeps the season going that this group of seniors planned on four years ago.
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they didn't have to, when we didn't have anything to show that we were going to be successful, and they wanted to be here and wanted to turn this football program around and stuck to the. they stayed with it. now they're reaping the benefits from it, and we all want those guys to go out the right way. as for the gait to it's home sweet home, and south carolina on deck. the gators laid an egg in arkansas last weekend but sometimes when nothing goes right, you overfix it. mcilwain says he is avoiding that approach. >> staying the course. we've got a plan. you know, our guys understand it. there's some tweaks here and there that you do in reevaluation investor week, and this week is no different. >> the gators need a win this week and next at lsu really to get into the s.e.c.
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we have continuing coverage on all our top stories on our website. just head over to >> have a great night, and we will see you back here tomorrow
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? ? >> jimmy: get >> jimmy: get me the hat. and the bush. all right, and the stakes. >> no, no, not the stakes. >> give me the stakes. >> okay. and the wig. the sensible pantsuit and the statement pearls.


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