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tv   Action News at 9AM  ABC  November 10, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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of pennsylvania. two police officers shot ambush style, who a neighbor believes is the gunman. protesters upset over the outcome of the presidential election. how people are taking their anger to the streets. at 21-year-old man behind bars for the murder of a teenager. when he faces a judge and what the victim's mother is saying.
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the gunman who shot two police officers ambush style near pittsburgh early this morning. spirit happened around 3 am about 20 miles southwest of pittsburgh. one man heard some commotion from outside his home and believes his neighbors responsible. >> i thought it was the garbageman but then i realized today's not garbage day. so then i got up and heard someone say something about my partner is down. this is what it all started from, domestic dispute. i don't know if the wife is okay, we haven't heard anything about her. she's six months pregnant. >> classes that some nearby schools are canceled because of heavy police presence. a manatee county families getting some peace of mind after deputies arrest a man they say killed that families daughter. maria good was shot as she sat inside a car.
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arrest last night. it has to be some relief for this family that has been wrapped in grief. the suspect is a get?expected to be in front of a judge today. take a look at this video. this is his photo, 21-year-old devin freeman. deputies say he shot and killed eight-year-old maria good as she sat her car on fourth street in bradenton a few days ago. the tech to say they talked to the man sitting in the car with maria to see if he knew who shooting into the car. it's even harder for mori's family to accept this devastating loss after the community help save her life so recently. she had lupus and she was 14 years old the put her in a wheelchair. her family and the community raise $30,000 for stem cell treatment.
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would take it away with a gun. because they were angry at someone else. >> marias biological mother traveled to the us on a raft with?from haiti. the goods adopted her and say they were extremely close. note freeman is expected to make his first appearance today at 1 pm. there and the temperatures are coming up pretty quickly as result. 69 in tampa, 64 in spring hill, 70 in wauchula, 72 in sarasota. we are going to continue to warm up quite a bit as we move through the day. we will be topping out near 800. lots of sunshine, dry and lower humidity and a gorgeous afternoon is ahead of us.
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275 southbound let them know there's a serious crash out there. as you can see we are right on top of it with this camera. this is to 75 southbound. we have at least two lanes blocked here. several cars are involved in this crash. we also have crash where watching woodberry road and felt it would. this is also causing some delays on i 75. so leave yourself extra time if you are heading to that area. we are learning new details about the investigation into the disappearance of diana alvarez. a newly released email shows deputies may have nosed keen? known key details of the suspect within hours of the
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issue an amber alert. the sheriff's office is refusing to comment, calling the investigation still active. just a day after the amber alert was issued the suspect was found the five months later alvarez is still missing. amendment to supporters are calling marijuana the new cash crop. and to bring thousands of drops to florida. ?jobs to florida. but for an industry that is not operated in the shadows medical marijuana advocate says legalization has its own challenges. >> overnight like it's of you are in edibles maker for example, overnight they may change the laws and you may have to throw all of your packaging out which means your products are no good. >> and assess potential to make a sizable profit far out raise the risk. many supporters expect the industry to reduce pain to the
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want to create specific rules and regulations. two men were seriously hurt after plane crashed in northeast florida wednesday. take a look at these pictures from the flagler county sheriff's office. deputies say the plane went down in a wooded area. the plan was on its way from flagler executive airport to deland. deputies say a golfer was the first to spot the crash. two thieves targeted the wrong woman in south florida. he robbed the mayor the mayor to the ground. police say she got up and chase them down, even managed to get the license plate number. officers tell she had stopped to get coffee when the two armed men rushed up to her, grabbed her purse and took off. this is a rare and unwanted critter in one space coast
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it's the first one spotted in florida in 60 years. it is the only confirmed case so far. they are on alert because tropical bed bugs tend to spread faster than regular bedbugs. unexpected and dramatic moment playing outside inside a courtroom. how it all unraveled. and urgent manhunt underway in seattle right now for several people aside a convenient store. how witnesses are describing the terrifying moments.
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protests against the president- elect. thousands of taking to the streets in at least 25 major cities in america to denounce donald trump.
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buildings. others in cities like la blocked traffic on major highways. even in the bay area protesters marched overnight in ybor city. >> with the marching new video come down by the hour from his protest in cities like new york and san francisco and boston. crowds, some into the thousands drowning?chanting things like no-trump. and carrying signs like not my president. in cities like la and portland protesters shut down major highways and burn photos of trump. in ybor city march or say they are concerned donald trump will do more to divide the country than bring it together, and are taking a stand against hate. >> we're not scared. and by we i mean the lg bt community, women in america, muslims, mexicans, >> we expect more protest today and tonight. it will be interesting to see what happens in the capital, washington dc. president. obama will welcome president-
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today. the meeting symbolically begins the transition of power that will happen in january. the two are meeting midmorning. first lady michelle obama and future first lady lonnie a trump are meeting in the white house residence. yesterday trump and his team immediately started the task of picking a and tapping hundreds of appointees to senior roles in key departments. take a look at this massive fire in a former still milk in buffalo, new york. it's contained but investigator say could smolder for days. firefighters say that bob fell onto some debris. a brawl breaks out in ohio courtroom. it starts when a man barges in and demands to speak to a judge. police of course asked him to leave but he ignored them so officers had to take him to the floor to arrest him. turns out the man had a personals dispute with police and the court.
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interrupting court and assault on a police officer. police in seattle are tracking down a gunman opened fire inside of a convenience store yesterday. five people were hurt after an argument at a busy intersection. a hospital spokesperson says the five victims range in age from their 20s-50s the injuries are to their legs, chest, and neck. grisly murder case out of south carolina. a husband and wife have been identified as the second and third audis found on the property of the suspected killer. the corner says 25-year-old megan mccraw cocci and 29-year- old johnny cocci were both shot to death. the husband and wife for the second and third parties found on tommy colditz property. the first body was found saturday days after a missing woman was found locked and
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new concerns about the safety of military jets after two of them collided midair off the coast of california. both marine pilot survived the collision and hospitalized in stable condition. rescuers pulled one of them from the ocean after he ejected from the aircraft. investigators are questioning both of them and are trying to figure out what went wrong. the same type of jet has been involved in several crashes including a deadly want same location. the military decided to rebuild several of these jets earlier for safety reasons. of suspect in a motorcycle chase collided with a car. police chase the writer through four different towns last night. after the suspect crashed his bike he jumped up and ran away. he went through some alleys and over a wall before he was eventually tackled by two police officers. they have not said why they were chasing him. wildfires continue to burn across several parts of the country.
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officials expect the fires to continue burning for several days. dry conditions and heavy winds are causing other fires to spread in tennessee, kentucky, north carolina. when your car is three or four years old the bumper-to-bumper warranty typically runs out so your automaker will contact you about extending it, or will they? we've all receive a postcard singer cars warranty is up and call the phone number immediately. technical service bulletin associated with this vehicle >> but these urgent notice cars on offer request manufacturer, though they often appear to be. they are from third-party
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warranty plan still with exclusions. the ftc crackdown on one miami- based company blessing millions of car owners with robo calls and postcards. the better business bureau says the award to scam is still alive and well in 2016. and says many car owners are now being targeted by new companies. but the one instance where you may wish about an extended extended warranty, if you drop your smartphone and break it. no warranty, you'll say doesn't that sting? us new says with a 300-$500 more found coverage from companies like square trade may be worth considering. be suspicious of all notices to renew your cars warranty. if you are confused call your cars manufacturing or the dealer who sold it to you. so don't waste your money. there is a 93-year-old
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>> peggy gruner always wanted to try zip lining and got her chance at the mall of america. she had the time of her life and the crowd went wild, cheering her on. >> follow your dream. i just can't tell you how wonderful it has been. bucket list? >> i would kind of like to do it again. >> peggy said it is back on her list. no one and done for her, she wants to do it again. she was the first of a larger group of older woman who tried out that zip line on the same day. >> she should tried outside. see the tops of the trees. >> wait a minute, wait a
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>> we have some fantastic weather. so if you would like to go zip lining today. we have got some gorgeous weather today. anna maria island is looking glorious this morning. if you are lucky enough to have the time off and go to the beaches, that is certainly one good place to park yourself on the sand. take a look at hours, nice and dry. no rain in sight things are looking fantastic with a lot more sunshine. you can see on the future cast, watch the clock. there's nothing going on. we barely have any cloud cover across the state today. just a few of those then wispy clouds living across as the dryer comes in behind the front. as we move through the day with a high out of clearwater beach
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really looking beautiful, we will be reaching highs near 80 so we are looking at slightly above average temperatures today. we have another front that will move through early saturday, almost unnoticed. it supports our temperatures in the upper 70s to about 800 each day, with morning starting off around 60 and low humidity. it is looking fabulous all the way through sunday. on monday and tuesday will see cloud cover and slight chance of rain i had of our next front. take a look, temperatures don't drop all that much behind that front. things are looking pretty good. although we do up a series of frauds. so get one coming through on saturday and another coming through late tuesday get to wednesday helping to support our low humidity and temperatures that will be just a little bit below average. our rain chances are going to be very low even on that monday and tuesday. the overnight temperatures will be as low as 600 the next two mornings and then rebound in the low to mid 60s. it's pretty culpable whether
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to the next several days. coming up, it was supposed to be a comical billboard poking fun at this year's election. but now this real estate advertisement was no joke. how the outcome of the presidential race is causing some people to consider moving to canada. on positively tampa bay this morning we are introducing you to the tampa rugby team helping many to stay strong, active, and very tough.
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what started for a joke for one south carolina real estate business could actually mean big business. >> we told you in august when one company put up billboards joking about people moving to canada after the election. they said phone started ringing off the hook. the office says they got nearly 400 phone calls twin when the election result started coming in an early yesterday morning.
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was a joke and to get attention in the beginning, we found out very quickly there are a lot of people who are very serious about wanting to sell their home because they are scared what the future's going to hold. a lot of the callers asked for help?help applying for legal status to canada which his office doesn't do. donald trump was full? soon get a fully repaired a hollywood star on the hollywood walk of fame. a protester damaged his trout}back in october. officials say the new store will be in place as soon as possible. a chicago proving just how sweet a cubs world series when really is. it's made from 45 pounds of sugar, 25 pounds of chocolate and 10 pounds of rice crispies. it's on display at chicago french pastry school but next week it will be presented to chicago mayor rahm emanuel and city council members. >> the wait is over, starbucks has unveiled this year's christmas cups. it looks like they're trying to avoid some of the controversy
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designs and created by women from all over the world. last your critics caused an uproar calling it a war on christmas. president-elect donald trump suggested a boycott of the cup. world leaders are reacting to donald trump's new title president-elect how they plan on building relationships for them. this state representative is only 21 years old. white is no surprise why she ended up in
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strong reaction continues this morning to the election of donald trump. >> outrage turns to protest. thousands take to the streets against president-elect tromp.
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as well as customers concerned about their safety. >> good morning and thank you for joining us. it is a gorgeous day. take a look at what things are looking like right now the clearwater hyatt beach camera. does this look what? we live in paradise. 690 right now in tampa. 65 in clearwater st. pete. windsor coming from the northeast at about 5 miles-10 miles an hour. what that means for us as that as we reach a high of 80 to
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humid through the afternoon. i noticed still a little muggy this morning but the dryer air is working its way and right now from north to south so i think you'll notice it more this afternoon and over the next couple of days. in just a few hours president-elect donald trump will meet with president. obama at the white house. >> it comes as thousands take to the streets to protest trumps election and more than two dozen tampa. demonstrators in oakland, california protesting into the night against the election victory. similar protest took place in cities around the nation from philadelphia to oregon and down the west coast to los angeles. some are calling on clinton to challenge the election results. but she sent a very different message as she conceded yesterday telling people to give trump a chance to lead. world leaders are responding to trumps win. one prime minister said he spoke with trump on the phone and agrees with the us military alliance australia.
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meet with trump next week. south korea's is trump has promised to maintain a strong us military readiness to help with any aggression from north korea. and the mexican president carefully laying the groundwork for a relationship with trump twitting he's ready to work with him to advance the country's relationship. a statement the trump campaign issued proposing a total ban on immigration of muslims to the us is no longer on trumps website. it was issued in december of last year. the call sparks claims of racism and serious backlash from opponents. abc news says the page was on his website until at least november 5. clearwater police are on a hunt this morning for this brazen robber you see right here. the same guy they say hit three area businesses with the last few weeks. >> investigator say this guy is very dangerous and they are working hard this morning to get him off the street. they say he walked into the 711
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money, he even jumped on the counter in front of the cashier. >> he said he just wanted the money. >> workers admit that seeing this is pretty scary. >> happen to you. but when it does it is traumatizing. civic there've been three robberies in the last two weeks. the suspect in this case also caught on, and another local walmart. all of this just moments before he implied he had a god and held up the cashier. customers we spoke with are worried about their safety with this guy on the loose. >> this is a great area and we
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i hope they find him. >> i might have to start going to a different one. because going here seem sketchy now. take another look at the surveillance pictures. investigators are hopeful someone out there is information to lead to an arrest. something else to make note of this morning. investigators say the suspect may be driving a white toyota. ri team discovers a dirty little secret behind government recall. it led to state agency answering questions. an investigation discovered local and state government agencies selling florida consumers vehicles with potentially dangerous and unfixed recalls. we track dozens of recalled cars and trucks been sold at a public auction in tampa. they include county sheriff cruisers and patrol cars. one equipped with an unfixed toccata airbag that could explode. >> it's the state of florida.
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not be sending out to the consuming public a car that is defective. thank you for your investigative piece. >> according to florida highway patrol the manufacturers have not provided a fix for these vehicles. the state sells these cars as is. to see which florida agencies without auctioning off recalled cars and learn how you can research a car for yourself that or website, abc action a young woman in pascoe county made history on election day. the 21-year-old became the youngest person ever elected to florida's house of representatives. amber mariana is a senior at ucs. despite her age she be democratic incumbent amanda murphy in the district 36 race. she won by 748 votes. she grew up around politics, her dad just won his fourth term on the pascoe county commission.
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>> she has been endorsed by governor. scott and senator. rubio. wall street is off to a strong start. despite dow futures on election night showing losses of up to 850 points, the dow opened higher wednesday and kept climbing. the index opening this morning with a 250 points higher. it's up 122 points). a county and south florida's clearing the way for the first us test using the net ?genetically modified mosquitoes the finer species and spreads the zika virus. one county allowed that test.
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traits to offspring that cause them to die in the wild dramatically and oh?reducing the overall population mosquitoes. since the neighborhood the test was supposed to happen, key haven voted against it. the final decision will be made by the florida keys mosquito control board later this month. wildlife officials are adding medication stations in the keys to combat this screw warm?warm investigation has killed more than 130 key deer. the miami herald reporting feeding troughs were antiparasitic drugs are being placed. officials say it provides another layer of protection for those endangered deer. pismo county sending aid to haiti after hurricane matthew. devastated the island going as
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health facilities, water sanitation infrastructures are still in ruins. the hillsboro county school district held a drive collecting more than 20,000 pounds of basic necessities to donate. volunteers have packed them up and put them on a ship to haiti later this morning. scientist and celebrities from around the world are gathering in st. petersburg for the opening of the blue ocean film festival. >> need to responsibly manage our oceans. more than 90 films from 24 countries will be screened, including this one. leonardo dicaprio's before the sled. it's the festival's opening night film. if you could not get to the hillsboro county fair is still another chance to enjoy the tasty fair foot?food. besides all the food there will be plenty of rides, animal exhibits and a motorcycle show and train show. admission is five dollars. after multiple delays tap is finally getting the cup cake atm. sprinkles opened back in april
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cupcakes but the opening was delayed but it should now be open by november 17. sprinkle says it will hide a $100 gift card in one random cupcake box. coming up, when the power goes out are you scrambling to find a working flashlight, worried going bad? in my angie's list report finding the right generators you can weather the storm in
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we traveled the world sampling the best cheese for two reasons one, to bring them all back for you to enjoy and two, we got to each a bunch of really good cheese along the way. publix deli specialty cheese. over 36 varieties to fall in love with.
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losing power is never convenient for millions of americans who rely on electronically powered medic
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threatening. finding the right home generator to help you through the next blown transformer or storm on today's angie's list report. >> that usually my first question when i walk up to a homeowner. how do you want to live a few lights go off? >> once you answer that question you can quickly determine if you need a standby generator to power everything in your house or for less expensive portable generator will do the job. with the naked w generator >> a portable generator might help you get the bare necessities but if you're looking for full house processes during a storm you might want it consider for house generator which will cost anywhere from 5-10 times that much. it requires a licensed electrician who will locate a power sourced a few feet from your home. you also install a transfer
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detects when the main power goes out, and triggers the generator to kick on. when the power kicks on a your home the transfer switch will sense that in switch back to limited?utility mold. the generator will run for 10 more seconds on a cool down mode and everything will go back to normal. >> portable generators are more commonly used for emergency power can be stored in a garage or shed. angie says keep in mind they need to be refueled regularly to operate. and they should never be used inside a garage or enclosed area because of the carbon monoxide. this morning the evergreen selected to be this year's rockefeller center christmas tree is going to begin its journey from upstate new york to manhattan. crews are scheduled to cut down the 90 foot tall norway spruce.
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at the 140 miles to rockefeller center. the tree will be led on december 3. take a look right now. clearwater hiett each camera looking gorgeous as we are looking over clearwater if you have the time to head out to the beach is today, it is going to be a nice beach day. not only will it be sunny and dry, but temperatures will still be topping out near 800, even at clearwater beach. we are at 69 in tampa, 68 in crystal river. crystal river and brooksville, that's what we started off in the 50s this morning. but all that sunshine is warming us up.
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of the warmest at 72. here's where the front is coming as well to the south. even after the front passes sometimes it takes a little bit of time before the dryer air filters in and that is what is happening right now. from north to south the dry air is settling in. so does still feel a little muggy in places like tampa bay and south. but the noticeable as we get into the afternoon hours and reach our highs it will feel less human than a has recently. lots of sunshine because high pressures and control. that acts like a bubble and keeps the storm clouds out. tonight if you're planning on throwing some burgers on the grill it will be great 770 by 5 pm. and then down to 72 tonight with sunshine. i forgot about the time change, didn't i? that should have been nice guys. 58 is where our dewpoint is right now.
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that's why we will feel less humid as we move through the day because the moisture level is coming down. on average we should be starting the day 61 and ending around 79. we've started the day above average and will end the day near average at 800. we will have another front that comes through early on saturday reinforcing the dryer air. that keeps our starts to the day closer to 600 and ending the day in i sunday will see some more cloud cover and we will start the day the low to mid 60s anding at 79. lots of sunshine through the weekend. a fabulous stretch of weather here on out through sunday. and monday and tuesday does not all bad, but we will have some higher rain chances at of the next front with higher cloud cover. still a beautiful forecast for
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upper 70s behind the next front just a slight dip in temperatures. rugby as an intense sport. but these guys take it to the limit and do it all from their wheelchairs. >> coming up on positively tampa bay we are introducing you to the tampa generals.
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the tampa generals are among the world's best wheelchair rugby team from the 1980s. it's a mix of veterans and civilians. as you can see from this footage this is not for the faint of heart. we are so delighted to have in our studios three members of the tampa generals visiting with us. we have just and start and then
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the newest addition to the team. thank you so much for coming in. we've been saluting veterans all month leading to veterans day on friday. the two of you on the end our veterans, thank you for your service. >> i was at the us army's special operations. >> tell us about the team. to make our team has been that we get to travel around and compete against other teams across the country. we are in the top 10 in the us so we are looking forward our season is just getting started now. hopefully we will come home with the first-place trophy. >> you are a combination of veterans and nonveterans. what are the differences that you have seen when the players come in, how do you help each
9:52 am
>> all of us are in the same boat. we've all had some kind of disability. the great thing about veterans is that they are coming over, they are gung [null] , they are excited about the sport. so it's kind of a natural progression. >> what has it been like for you since you started playing? how has it helped you physically, emotionally, and mentally? >> mentally it's a routine you always have something an objective something to look forward to. this has been something that has been really helpful with life after the injury and just getting involved and the impacts, the same drive and the wants that with experience with the service that we can acquire here. physically it's been demanding. so it helped with the rehab and strengthening. in meeting these folks it has helped out a lot. >> mike is the newest member of the team, how are they treating you so far?
9:53 am
it's awesome i love the sport. >> what kind of a workout is it? >> it's basically pushing your chair you know never stop pushing and lots of practice. you have a sore shoulder a little bit but it's a great workout. >> real quickly before we go for veterans who are out there in a wheelchair and think, want to see this and check it out, or maybe someone in the comm connect with you? >> with practice twice a week. if they want to get in touch with us the easiest way is on facebook. it's open to anyone with any kind of a disability. you don't have to be plugged? quadriplegic. we're always looking for new
9:54 am
with them and see them during the tournament, except for january 20-22 ght here in tampa all the information is for you
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now at havertys furniture, it's our veterans day preview. where you can create the perfect home. from now until november 14th, you'll save an extra one-hundred to one-thousand dollars. ur gift to you. plus, you'll enjoy twenty-four month, no-interest financing. with havertys, your home can be perfect, even when life isn't. mom...have you seen my iguana? the veterans day preview is on now at havertys.
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a higher baby today, lots of sunshine and lower humidity is working its way, the dryers working its way and it will be gorgeous all sunday. a south florida man reunited with his pitbull after she jumped off a seawall and swim 2 miles. john noticed his dog, gypsy missing monday. >> a man found to his dog struggling hours later in the water and then returned her to
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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: i'm carley boyette. >> i am natalie taylor. >> thank you so much for spending some time with us right here on "tampa bay's morning blend" where we have another busy show from food to film. >> i know! >> i will say it just because i can, opah! the tampa bay food festival is here today. i love me some greek food. you are a big greek food fan, too aren't you?


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