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tv   Action News at 5PM  ABC  November 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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reactions are pouring in after a local father rights online about his daughter being confronted with racism at school. according to donnie jones the teacher told a group of african- american girls don't make me get donald trump to send you back to africa. he allegedly made the statement in the hallway during a break between classes at wesley chapel high school.>> i am disappointed to hear that. a person that is >> the post now shared more than 5000 times. also highlighting this as an example why some minority groups feel threatened with donald trump in the white house. >> as far as the country has come, to hear someone say something like that of any color is very disturbing. >> pasco county leaders immediately placed the teacher on administrative leave while they investigate.>> if he said
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expectable -- unacceptable and we will take appropriate action.>> reporter: i learned this very teacher was punished last school year for making a derogatory comment to a student in front of an entire classroom about failing to graduate on time, as for this incident i am told the teacher faces a possible suspension without pay. live in wesley ch turning to donald trump's preparations for the white house, gaining momentum, the vice president elect mike pence has just taken over as the head of the transition team replacing chris christie. pence will work with trumpets son-in-law to narrow down the list of people who could earn cabinet positions in the ministration, some have noted by promises to drain the swamp
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staffed with longtime washington insiders and lobbyists. the team includes his three adult children and florida attorney general pam bondi we are on alert for possible protests. police in portland, oregon say this rally turned into a riot when protesters started vandalizing cars and buildings. several protests will be planned in florida tonight. to pte york has become a bona fide fortress. take a look at the armed counterterrorism officers stationed outside of the building, there are checkpoints and concrete blockades keeping anyone from getting too close. those upset are launching a new effort to try to block him from taking over the white house. almost 3,000,000 people have signed this page a
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their state boats and cast their own votes for hillary clinton. they say it could keep trump from getting the 270 delegates he needs, but this has never happened before and has a slim chance of becoming a reality. in the meantime there could be one less distraction for trump's team, his lawyers say he is open to a possible settlement in the trump university case a class-action than a moneymaking scheme, the trial is set to begin the monday after thanksgiving but could be delayed because of trump's transition as president- elect. police say this woman ditched her kid at the grocery store and now she is charged with child neglect, reporter clifton french tells us why she left the child behind. >> something most parents can't
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it is what the woman did with her kid before she took off that has irene kent scratching her head. >> parent number one, steals, number two takes the kid with them and number three, leaves them. it is awful. >> 36-year-old angela was at this public's with her child when she decided to steal nearly $200 worth of merchandise. her, she took off leaving her kid behind. >> the police have been here. >> she has only been here for a few months next-door. we talked to the man living in this home and he did not want to go on camera, he says she is a friend of a friend, he was letting her stay here for a short time. he tells us she was here with her teenage daughter and her three-month-old grandchild, leaving both of them stranded
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but it does say she refused to return to the store when her child called her on the phone. >> it is child abuse and child neglect. a sad state of affairs. >> in temple terrace, clifton french abc action news. now, abc action weather. >> how are you doing everybody? beautiful out 70s, looks like we will stay that way until next week, now we are in the upper 60s across the northern counties. 68 brooksville, 72 in kathleen, 75 in bartow, low 70s along the coast sarasota at 77, satellite shows quiet conditions as does futurecast through this evening, wake-up time saturday morning
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the low 60s along the coast, low to mid 50s across the northern counties and the mid to upper 50s down south. hour by hour partly cloudy to clear overnight, i will let you know when showers are back in the forecast and beyond in a couple of minutes. america is pausing to remember the service and sacrifice of our men and women in uniform. for his last veterans day in office president barack obama laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknn tributes parades and events taking place throughout the bay area to patriot to veterans and all of the services branches. hundreds gathering at the veteran memorial park, among them members of a high school rotc the next group who will defend the country. >> our objective was to get youth involvement with our
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we wanted to see what the program is like. >> this is how we say thank you to them by showing our skills.>> it was great to be with these men and women who have done a great thing for this nation and to show appreciation for them. >> the 52nd anniversary of doing the veterans program at this park. you see how the park has with a new resource center, and five new memorials. >> if there is a veteran in your
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with us on our abc action news facebook page where you will also find president barack obama's full veterans day speech from earlier today. consumer alert about a device most of us have to protect ourselves. the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, a recall was launched for more than 3.5 million of these in the us. usually the alarms produce a chirping sound when the do not. which could believe -- lead homeowners to believe they are still working. we have the information you need to check your smoke alarms posted on . new details regarding the search for a killer in the bay area. late last night 56-year-old gregory walker died after they found him lying on north
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before he died, but they are not sure what sparked the fight, the attacker might have been wearing a yellow t-shirt and camouflage pants. ahead the missing heirloom making it hard for a veteran's family to heal. when it comes to getting sick the reason your birthday could make the difference. download the new abc action news app for your and tablet, just search abc
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scary video tonight showing the moment a south florida firefighter falls 20 feet from a ladder while trying to get a warehouse fire under control. you could see his fellow firefighters rushed to , fortunately he is expected to be okay, he was taken to the hospital just to be safe, as for the warehouse fire, the flames were so big they burned through the roof of the building. the battle for an isis stronghold is taking a new turn, an airstrike in mosul killed a senior isis commander, he was also a high-ranking
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for more than a month. terrorism will be top of the mind in paris as the city marks the first anniversary of the attacks that killed 130 innocent people, hundreds are expected to pay tribute where dozens of hostages died last year, the singer sting will perform to benefit the victims families. on the day of the anniversary, the president of france will visit each of the attack sites. for help after losing her husband of 28 years, sarina fazan shows the irreplaceable item that is gone and what the family fears might have happened to it. >> they found love in their 50s, all of these years later it is still feeling like yesterday. >> one of the things he always did was tell me at least 12 times a day that he loves me.
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her husband a proud marine.>> we were never ever apart. >> including the day he died, the couple went to the grocery store. >> i heard a commotion and when i turned around he was on the floor.>> they rushed to saint joe's. at 87 the fall proved to be too much. for christina her best friend is not only gone most precious possession. >> it is a circle and a symbol of our love. >> missing since he passed away three weeks ago. >> i am very confident the paper trail does not match up. >> christina's son says paperwork says the ring was on his body when he went to the crematorium. the crematorium claims otherwise. >> there is no record of the
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society and saint joe's. >> i contacted your station for help. >> they hope someone will see this and somehow the ring will be back where it belongs.>> get me some money on the phone that i can talk to that will look for the ring. >> i have got to have his ring. >> sarina fazan abc action news. whether or not you get a nasty bout of the flu might depend on the year you just published the first strain of the virus you become sick with leaves your immune system with permanent protection against a similar type but you may be vulnerable to other strange. every year the dominant strains change. scientists may be able to trail the vaccines to protect people from different generations. some good news look at the cdc food tracking map dark green means there are not many cases
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in florida. now, the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. >> probably because we have such delightful weather. nobody is getting sick.>> a little cool in the warming -- morning nice and warm in the afternoon. starting off a beautiful weekend this is from the circles at apollo beach. i put in a request on facebook saying please share veterans day pictures, we have had literally over 100 we are sharing as many as we can, this is james from 1966 his wife kelly send the same, this is from iraq baghdad 2007, christina his wife said this, lastly this is back 1942, paul herrick, his grand daughter sent this, this is his wife, paul still alive at 93 years
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flooded with them. outside right now skies are mostly clear, we stay dry at least until the early part of next week they be a couple of showers monday and tuesday, 69 in spring hill, 72 wesley chapel, 70 hudson, 68 at the airport in clearwater. 74 in ruskin and 75 in lakeland, this morning we dropped crystal river, so it was chilly across the northern counties, closer to the beach upper 50s to the mid-60s, saint pete dropping 264, tampa at 60. skies mostly sunny across part of the area although tampa last report checked mostly cloudy clearwater 68 and saint pete where folks are enjoying the ribs it is clear with temperatures in the lower 70s
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seafood festival in tarpon springs and the buccaneers game sunday. a look at the satellite picture, all is quiet with nothing more than an isolated area of cloud cover, overnight we could see clouds streaming through first thing in the morning skies will be partly sunny, mostly sunny later on, most of the day mostly sunny, you begin to see a couple of clouds and showers to the north. easterly flow setting in then we have a weak front rolling in sunday night before monday. first thing monday little bit of fog otherwise partly to mostly sunny skies and the fog will burn off by 10:00 and then for the buccaneers game or anything else on sunday the weather will be fine, monday is when i think the rain chances will bump up a bit, but clearly not that impressive, nothing more than a scattering shower or two, the european through
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the area completely great free. the best chance of showers would be on the east coast, highs on saturday back to where we should be, typically we should be 79 degrees this time of the year. up top, 80 degrees across citrus, hernando sumpter, palm harbor about 81, apollo beach 82, venison and bradenton lower 80s. long rage -- range claire a cool down to the middle of next week nothing to write home about although the week of thanksgiving at the very least there will be some very cold air in the new york area for the macy's parade, some of that may make it into florida as well, 10 days out things can and often do change. i will be keeping my eye on that for part of the east coast and maybe for us by the week of dates given, for the boaters
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degrees. hour by hour, partly cloudy to clear overnight, another chilly night temperatures 50s across the area and 40s in the northern counties. a look at the seven-day forecast, 80 saturday and sunday clouds at times a nice weekend, isolated showers possible the early part of next week most of us not getting impacted next week looks great primarily staying where they should be a little below normal by the middle of next week. more than just a birthday, the unbelievable milestone this local dog is reaching and a life-changing gift her caretakers hope someone gives her soon. he fought in world war ii 70 years ago but we will explain the recent battle this
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a school bus found wandering in this parking lot next to a busy road, the i-team discovers why
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in the search for answers about this california mother missing for more than one week. authorities have husband of sherry papini as a suspect after passing a lie detector test. he insists someone kidnapped his wife. detectives are looking for any clues that may be hidden in her cell phone which was tracked the day she vanished. and honor for a man who fought in world war ii and recently fought a more personal
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in more ways than one.>> arthur was just 18 years old when he enlisted in the u.s. navy in 1942. at one point his firefighter plane went down and he survived a night on a liferaft, today he is a pancreatic cancer survivor, the cancer center honored him with a special flag raising ceremony. he is forever grateful for the care he received and never forget the sacrifice of the men he followed. coming up, going above and beyond to serve our veterans, how the community is helping the veteran hospital offer veterans the services they need. a marine left in tears the reason every tear is of pure joy. close captioning is brought
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live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. big changes coming to donald trump's transition team, vice president- elect mike pence now in charge. chris christie taking a backseat. we confirmed tonight attorney general pam bondi will have a role as well as newt gingrich, ben carson and rudy giuliani. a pasco county teacher off the job for making racist remarks to a group of african- american students. a father of a student posted online a teacher reportedly told students don't make me get donald trump to send you back to africa. the teacher who we are not naming has been with the district since 2009.
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last few hours, voter turnout in the election dipping to its lowest point in two decades. 55%, that is the lowest since 1996. it is still a tragedy, 20 veterans per day take their own lives. >> president obama marking his final veterans day as president at arlington national cemetery, a message about national unity as he laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. >> one local va hospital leading the way for the new program aimed at helping veterans get the help they need and saving lives. brendaliss gonzalez explains. the plan involves one simple goal if it continues to work leaders think they could provide even more veterans the services they need. this year the veterans day


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