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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  November 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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unexpected spot they realized their mistake. >> reporter: there were two mac os drivers involved in the incident, one a senior bus driver teaching the other one how to do it right. they left a child on the bus in this parking lot, the child was wandering around the parking lot next to a very busy road as you can see it gets a lot of traffic. >> when you are telling me this it is like wow. alone on a school bus roaming around this parking lot. while bus drivers are inside publix at the corner of a very busy east bay drive and belcher road. >> my stomach drops. >> luckily a shopper found the child and waited until the bus drivers return, the child is okay. >> obviously we have to do a better job with protecting the kids. >> according to this report
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christopher valentine, ballantyne was dropping students off at the elementary school and supposedly did a search but he missed a student sleeping in one of the rose so they drove five miles to this parking lot and went inside only to learn about 10 minutes later one of the students had been roaming around looking for them. the shopper told the drivers the child was looking for them after waking up on the bus alone. >> there is no ex their keys and resigned, the elementary school pins up willl notify the parents of the child but did not notify other parents at the school. >> reporter: another look at the road next to the parking lot which gets a lot of traffic, even more so on a nonholiday. we are talking to school officials and school district officials did not want to go on
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district holds our transportation specialist to high standards we expect policies to be filed -- followed. i'm investigator jarrod holbrook taking action for you. >> this is not a first for pinellas county schools, in september another bus driver left a student alone on a bus the child was okay, the bus driver is no longer on the job either. we stop as a nation to honor th million military veterans. patterns like staff sergeant joey jones working on the most dangerous jobs in the world a bomb tech tasked with disarming explosives until the day he stepped on an ied. >> it is so loud you don't hear anything. the dust is so thick. i looked down to see how much of my legs were left, when i
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history. >> jones is part of a new wave of men and uniform, 2000 vets each year return to civilian life. positive things happening in the bay area, 25 formally homeless veterans are off the streets, agencies in hillsborough county and across the state gave them a free home of their own completely furnished, the operation is working to end veteran homelessness by giv to succeed. the homeless initiative will help to help the veterans with mental health finding a job and managing their money. >> my heart is pounding, i want to thank god and the housing authority. >> the organization has helped 300 vets in the area, you can get in touch with them through our website,
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>> we have been sharing some of pictures you have sent to us on facebook, this is charles, april harbor survivor. holding some of the papers that came out right after pearl harbor, we have been sharing many, we have more coming up during the weather cast there is a look outside, things are quiet and the weather is beautiful this morning. 40s in the northern counties, low 60s right now, if you live even parts of pasco county you will wake up to actually start for the day the dew points are pleasant in the 50s, satellite is clear for the time being but will it be clear for the weekend? we will talk about a coming up. president-elect donald trump just announcing florida attorney general pam bondi is joining his transition team executive committee. this is not the only major
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transition team leader, chris christie had the role but now christie will be a vice- chairman along with jeff sessions. mr. trump's campaign and election day upset captivating much of the nation. tonight in a special hour-long 2020 abc news is taking you inside his rise to the oval office including the uncertainty trump's family had about his political aspirations. >> did you >> i would be lying if i said i gave him 100% chance to make it to the white house. i think we were all very surprised. early on by the number of people that got behind him.>> donald trump the making of a president errors tonight at 10:00 on abc action news. president obama asking congress for an additional
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troops in mosul. the funding would bring the total price tags to more than $85 billion. secretary asked carter said the money would fund president obama's decision to maintain a larger presence in afghanistan into 2017. we showed you this rescue effort live last night at female eagle has injuries all over including punctures in her leg and chest and a cracked speak, specialists are saying it appears they were fighting before they got stuck. >> somebody didn't belong in the territory showed up and the other one said you don't belong here. the evil is recovering in maitland, it will take about six weeks before the eagle makes a full recovery and is
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reminder to never leave your keys in your car. take a look just seconds after a woman walked into a convenience store, a thief jumps in the car and tries to drive off but the victim quickly runs out and grabs the car as he tries to get away. you can see the thief pulling forward and backward with her hanging on the car. well, the woman was not hurt, he manages to get away, police have not found the thief victim's car. for the first time today, the widow of a murdered polk county convenience store manager is speaking publicly, the night he never came home changed her life forever. ryan raiche explains the hardest part for her family and a new plea to the public work >> the morning it happened, she had a bad feeling. >> something is wrong with my husband.
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for her husband to go home, he had just called her on the phone one hour before closing up shop at the convenience store that he managed in lake wales. on his way to the car, two men who figured he had the night deposit shot him and ran off with his pants wallet and cell phone. he died at the hospital. and was described as a hard- working businessman, he had two kids ages 11 and four. >> the toughest question she has to answer is when is that coming home? >> investigators found the victim's cell phone a couple of miles from the scene there waiting to see if the fingerprints on the device help track down the suspects. for now the best piece of evidence is grainy surveillance
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received leads to a dead end. >> we become hopeful with each call that comes in. >> crimestoppers is offering a $5000 reward for information on the case leading to an arrest. they remind the community you can remain completely anonymous.>> please help. >> tonight the widow makes an emotional plea for justice. in lake wales, ryan raiche abc action news. a woman facing charges after she tried to shoplift left her teenaged child and infant grandchild behind. at a publix in temple terrace, the 36-year-old tried to steal nearly $200 worth of merchandise, she took off when loss prevention try to stop her, she refused to return to the store when her child called on the phone. it took police calling to get her to come back. we are finding out more about a high-speed chase
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it ended in a st. petersburg shopping center, the car veered off the road on 49th street hit palm trees and flipped multiple times, crews rushed people from the car into the hospital. still to come, 95 years old and going strong, a tuskegee airmen shares his message. you know her voice but you may not know her struggle. this air force veteran and her mission to help people overcome a debilitating as we continue to share your pictures of loved ones, the better -- weather was absolutely perfect.
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your extended family. to learn more about our marketplace plan, visit or call (877) 753-8816 courage and goodness and selflessness is possible and stop and look to a veteran,
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telling stories of their heroism, so it is up to us to ask and to listen. to tell the stories for them. >> tonight we are doing just that, you are about to meet a local veteran who served at a time when the military was still segregated. >> he had to fight for the right to serve his own country. paul lagrone brings you the story of one of the few remaining tuskegee airmen from world war ii. >> on a crystal blue veterans day, these children pay their respect. >> veterans are still people who are trained to use powerful weapons. >> to the men and women who fought for the future. >> all veterans are important. >> from the malthus of the innocent, to the eyes of the
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sitting in the front row, the message is the same. >> they have done a great job. >> every aggrieved fought for freedom when he wasn't free in his own country. he served in world war ii as a mechanic with the tuskegee airmen the first african- american military pilots. >> we have our training. >> at the time the military was racially segregated, he essentially had to fight for the honor to serve. today airmen reeves is a plant city euro. >> you are like a town celebrity.>> thank you, but i do my best. >> at 95 he feels for the veterans today. >> some of them have got their legs messed up. >> he realizes he is one of the few airmen left. >> most of them are gone.
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with they are gone. >> gone but not forgotten. mr. reeves going strong. >> i learn the more i walked the better it is.>> paul lagrone abc action news. >> much of the bay area knows this woman as the powerful voice behind the national anthem at tampa bay lightning games but she is now raising her voice to help people with a debilitating disease that she knows about first-hand. she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis for many it causes severe pain and fatigue. but she has not missed a note she is helping others struggling with the disease to her newly formed nonprofit.>> everyone knows about hearts and diabetes and cancer. but ms is one of the disease is not a lot of people know about. i wanted to fill the gap even if it is giving someone a right
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making sure their yard gets taken care of or anything else that is helpful for day-to-day things. >> for more information on the nonprofit and information on how you can help just visit people in oklahoma getting a shopping experience, cameras capturing a deer crashing through the window of an american eagle store. a man who works next-door recorded the video, the deer got in did a few laps and jumped to the window running off, for you but no word on the condition of the animal tonight. experts at the zoo are we having a two year old manatee calf, they found debris and plastic bags in his stomach, he is doing much better now, he was named emoji because of the no campaign to create a manatee emoji. she will call the zoo home for two years before being released
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has been fantastic. i would like it to stay this way. >> how about until the end of the weekend? you look outside there is apollo beach we started off 40s and 50s this morning, we will see it again. we have been flooded from pictures, what is awesome so many of the viewers have been sharing their stories about the loved ones friends and family throughout the last 50 to 60 years, this war ii in germany, paul weaver and his stepson lives locally in the bushnell area, we got this picture a pretty amazing picture sent by crystal from palm harbor. her grand uncle is one of the men listed here. this is two days before d-day in normandy and 21 of the men were killed in the invasion of normandy. this picture and amazing
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continue to get a lot of the old folks from vietnam, maybe korean war through world war ii, this was 1971 aboard the intrepid where peter, this is his father he is being reenlisted aboard the intrepid in the vietnam area, back in 1971. thank you so much for sharing we could not show them all, we have more we would like a few more on tonight as well, here's a look at titan doppler radar a beautiful day with temperatures in the upper 60s to the middle 70s, this morning we were in the 40s. 46 crystal river, 60 tampa, 64 saint pete yet we warmed up to the upper 70s to the low 80s, brooksville 78 degrees, tampa 80 , 82 sarasota, outside 70 and partly cloudy at the airport in tampa, clearwater 64, saint
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skies are clear a little bit of cloud cover coming through this afternoon i would not be surprised to see waves of high clouds through the weekend, the water vapor imagery member the orange color the dry air, it is gone you can see when the moisture comes through the clouds come along with it, i would say later tomorrow and again sunday we will see the same thing, maybe 3/4 of the day will be sunny and then 25% you might an overcast milky look to the sky that will only be for a couple of hours until more sunshine pops through and the same thing at night, if you're looking for meteors tonight we have the peak of the torrid meteor showers the skies may be clear, some fog sunday morning if you're going to raymond james for tailgating sunday you could run into patchy fog, long- range forecast keeping us a
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week but toward the end of the weekend we could cool off rather dramatically. something to look forward to for some folks. a look at our seven-day forecast, the weekend looks nice showers monday and tuesday but not many highs in the mid 70s a little bit below normal for the end of next week. for kinnear fans and fantasy football owners want to know if doug martin will play sunday. next in sports.
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thanks for stopping by, doug martin getting closer to returning for the buccaneers, today after practice the star running back is a gametime
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surprise knowing how far he has come from his hamstring injury that he suffered in week two, he practice all week upgraded to full participation in today's practice which does not mean he will play. if you follow the buccaneers you know they take hamstring injuries seriously. does not take much to re- aggravate that. martin did that once already so don't be surprised if they hold him out sunday. he will go right up until he did more every day this week increasing a little bit more. you know, he officially is not cleared, but there is still a chance, 48 hours we will see what happens. >> usf and memphis kicking off tomorrow night, usf on the outside looking in when it comes to playing in the acc conference temperature game,
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and the final two games and hope for a temple loss to earn a spot there is a lot that can happen between saturday and the next three weeks.>> we have a lot to play for, conference championship, we have to take care of our business. we have to lock in to the next three ballgames starting with memphis.>> finally if you watched the lightning beat the islanders you noticed he did not play again out a hit to the head, john cooper says he could return next week. for today's top headlines go to
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e company should treat you like family... [phone rings] operator: health care customer service caller: hi this is patricia ramirez. operator: oh, patricia! colleague: i love patricia! colleague 2: when is she getting married? operator: it's about time, lady! this is the real question: how's that man you're dating? where's the ring? ...we mean more like this. operator: we can do this together. i'll schedule an appointment
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member: thank you. you deserve compassion. you deserve molina healthcare, your extended family. to learn more about our marketplace plan, visit or call (877) 753-8816 tonight, we take you inside trump tower. president-elect donald trump, building his cabinet. members of the trump family in on the the shakeup the shakeup already. plus, will he not repeal obama care after all? america divided. the protesters, did they vote? messages of hate in schools across the country.


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