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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  November 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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f0 a weak front moves through the area monday. what does that mean for your work week? i'll let you know, and i'll tell you all about tonight's
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now at 11:00, huge loss, the accident costing a local lawyer her life. the impact on the community. first, breaking news, police are investigating a shooting on osborne. one person is in police custody and police have recovered a gun. so far no injuries have been reported. the investigation is still active. stay with us as this story develops. in pinellas county a crash on the exit ramp of irk 275
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i-75. we're learning more about the woman who died in a diving accident earlier this weekend. >> her husband made a distress call to another boater. the victim was a well known lawyer working at the carlton fields firm. colleagues say she worked on a lot of pro bono cases and volunteered her time to many local organizations. she hoped to encourage othersin lending help to those who couldn't afford an attorney. >> she would quietly inspire other people to do those kinds of things. she really worked hard to get other young lawyers in the law firm to take pro bono cases. people will remember that about her and i think try harder. >> her his husband is still in the hospital recovering from
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what happened. earlier today hundreds in need of medical help turned away at an event supposed to be offering free care. organizers say they had no choice but to say no to many seeking help. there were several that did get seen waiting hours in line at manatee county's remote area medical clinic. the coorganizer says the need is so strong, they ran out of appointment slots. >> this morning we turned away over 300 people, we didn't have enough dentists and enough eye specialists. >> about 350,000 people live in manatee county. almost half needed a free clinic like the one offered today. patients could get a wide range of services from dental work to eye care, all of it free of charge. we are learning a man first thought to have died in a crash following an event at the show time speedway in clearwater
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according to pinellas park police. they say he started driving fast and crashed. when they investigated further, he had a gunshot wound to the head. beautiful day across the bay, and we had a supermoon tonight. but will people be able to see it now? >> certainly in many areas, you can definitely see the supermoon. a lot of cloud cover around, though. but you'll have another opportunity to see it tomorrow. we'll talk about that in a little bit. first let's talk about our temperatures today. 81 what we topped out at today. very comfortable. if you were at the buc's game you enjoyed it. normal high of 79, normal low 61. here's a look at our current temperatures now. 60s all around the bay area.
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river. this is warmer than what we saw yesterday. in fact, significantly warmer. 24-hour temperature change, now it's 9 degrees warmer inzephyr hills. one of the reasons is we're seeing a decent amount of cloud cover, and that's acting kind of as a blanket to keep that warm air in. i'll tell you more about that and what you can expect for your work week foreca up in a bit. more protests surrounding the election of donald trump. >> reporter: the loud voices continue almost a week after this election against the new president-elect donald trump. those here say this isn't just about the results. they know going forward this is the start of a movement that they hope encourages people to take action.
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protestors rallying sunday night in st. pete. [ chanting ] >> reporter: those here now coming to terms with president- elect trump. they don't like it, but they know there's a bigger purpose and message. >> i'm not whining. trump will be the president, that's fine. but there's things that he is trying to do that i don't agree with. >> reporter: jessica is an undocumented immigrant brought to the u.s. why her parents when she was a young child. the threat of the program going away is why she's joining this movement. >> one day i will be a nurse, one day i will be legal. as far as right now, i'm undocumented and i'm fighting for everyone else out there. >> reporter: peter and his husband are hoping their marriage will stand. he's encouraged by the huge support at rallies like this one, but says it can't start
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take their fight to lawmakers. >> absolutely, they should get out and let their representatives know they're not happy with whatever decisions have been made. they need to voice their concerns about whatever political issues that do not jive with the reason the united states of america was founded. >> just don't give up, ever. >> tonight in his first interview since winning the presidency, trump talked to "60 minutes" issues, including same-sex marriages, and how he will handle undocumented immigrants. >> probably 2 million, could even 3 be 3 million. they'll have -- we'll make a determination on the people you're talking about, who are
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republican national committee chairman reince priebus as his chief of staff. brannon will serve as chief strategist. more than 150,000 people showing their support for the lgbt community in orlando's annual pride parade in remembering the victims of the months ago. 49 people were killed and dozens others were injured. police eventually shot and killed that shooter. meanwhile, in pinellas park today, the third greater fair going on. been going on all weekend and ended earlier this weekend. you could attend concerts, petting zoo and eat plenty of fair food. victory sunday in tampa
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raymond james stadium. doug martin returned and even scored a touchdown late. one buccaneer is getting attention for his controversial pregame decision. we'll explain later. still ahead on abc action news at 11:00, rocking new zealand, a powerful earthquake hits the region. >> how this gadget monitor a dangerous disease. emeril lagasse featuring a local restaurant in his show. the one thing the business offers that intrigued this chef and the greater impact to the
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an earthquake hits new
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which put the coastline on alert. earthquakes are common in new zealand, but witnesses say this was longer and more intense than usual. today marks a year since the paris attacks. more than 130 people died after gun and bomb strikes across the capital. isis claimed responsibility for the terror attacks. the concert hall reopened yesterday with a special performance by sting. to new heights. residents of one alabama neighborhood want one of their neighbors gone. he's a registered sex offender and he's complying with the law, but neighbors put up a billboard. >> i made my mistakes. you have to pick up and move on with it. >> his neighbors say they have no plans on taking the billboard down until he moves.
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8-year-old son after he voted for trump in a mock election in school. he's holding a sign saying, my mom kicked me out because i voted for trump. she explained it was a joke, but her neighbors didn't think it was funny. those diagnosed with hiv can check their levels as easy as weighing on in a single drop of blood. it can open up doors or detecting other diseases like hepatitis. if you love seafood, we hope you got a chance to check out the 29th annual sponge dock seafood festival in tarpon spring. there was live music and of course plenty. food. make sure you check out the moon tonight or early monday if
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been to the earth since january of 1948. it will look 14% larger than the smallest full moon, and will be about 30% brighter. the moon won't appear this big and bright again until 2034. he is arguably one of the most well known chefs in the world. from louisiana, emeril lagasse has a special connection to florida and what one restaurant has to offer that intrigued emeril so much he had to stop by. >> it's all about florida. it's from key west to the panhandle. >> reporter: now south tampa, too. emeril brought his show to ava. thrusting this largely family owned italian eatery into the lime light with days notice.
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>> i have no idea. they called and like, emeril is coming tomorrow. i'm like, let's go. >> reporter: some might think ava's partner might have something to do with it. >> the cubs have won it all! >> reporter: he's only the first chicago manager to win a world series in 108 years. >> i had no idea. i've known michael, i had no idea his partner was joe madden who just won the world series, >> makes us feel great. we want to stand on our food alone. the fact joe madden is involved is kind of a bonus. >> reporter: stewart proudly serves authentic italian dishes. while emeril loved digging in, it's the pizza that piqueed the chef's interest, especially the custom o venuesed to -- oven used to bake them.
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and buy a pizza oven? >> reporter: he paid $75,000, compared that to the average commercial oven around $4,000. never did he expect his oven would pay off like this. emeril in his kitchen. >> it's huge. you think of the most famous chefs in the world, that's him. for him to come here, we're grateful. >> reporter: the exposure not only good for ava, but the area. emeril, a native new orleans, is buying a home in florida. >> it's not only just about restaurants, it's about farmers, fishermen, it's about agriculture. it's not all fancy places. a local fish shack, barbecue joint. but it's people that have a lot of passion who have been doing things a long time and have gotten no recognition at all.
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emeril's passion translating into a win/win. >> he could do a restaurant segment anywhere in the world, but he came to tampa. it gives credibility to all the hard work and the passion. >> reporter: and everyone benefits. a more successful business means more dollars and food available to local charities. >> we're very passionate about giving back to the community. >> reporter: and so is emeril. >> okay, emeril, how are we going to get restaurant he went to. he went to a few more in the bay area and it will be featured on the cooking channel in a months. >> exciting. >> awesome. >> that oven, it's so big. >> isn't that great? they traveled to italy to bring that oven back here. >> it's true, michael does have a lot of passion. >> they say after times and years of cooking, the oven gets its own flavor.
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>> who knew? tell us about the weather. >> we are definitely going to see cooler weather for the week, and especially mid-week. take a live look outside now at the river gate tower cam. it was a beautiful day. it was cooler, drier, definitely a very pleasant day, although we started out with patchy fog and possibly patchy fog once again tomorrow supermoon. several people got to see it. we got quite a few shots sent on our social media. archie saw it near paris, florida. it's so bright you can often see it through the clouds. what the supermoon is, that's a full moon that comes closer to the earth than normal and actually this full moon is the closest the moon has come to the earth since 1948.
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when it's near the horizon. believe it or not, that's just an optical illusion. if you miss it tonight, you can see it again tomorrow night. that's the good news. here's what's ahead. a front will move through on monday, just slowly move through. plenty of clouds around on monday. mostly dry. could see a few sprinkles. only about 20% chance of a shower. then clearing and cooler by tuesday. yes, iwi very pleasant work week. current temperatures now pretty pleasant, 60s. 67 in tampa. 68 apollo beach. 68 bradenton. 61 crystal river. 63 in brooksville. in the morning our temperatures will drop into the 50s and low 60s all around the bay area. 64 in tampa. 57 in apollo beach. 57 in bartow and 61 in arcadia. our highs tomorrow will top out
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of cloud cover around, also we expect to start the day with patchy fog and maybe even locally dense in some areas. leave a little extra time if you're heading out in the morning towards work. satellite and radar, you can see those clouds moving in. that's going to be the story for the next 12 to 24 hours or so, as that front begins to slowly sink to the south. now it's a stationary front. it will eventually move through as a cold front. it's a weak tomorrow. only about a 20% chance. then clearing out and cooler as we head into tuesday, wednesday and thursday, with plenty of sunshine. there's two weeks left in hurricane season. so we are watching an area which could develop over the next few days. nothing to worry about now. the national hurricane center is keeping an eye on it. winds out of the north- northwest 5 to 10 knots. seas 2 feet or less, moderate
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overnight tonight 64 degrees. mostly cloudy with patchy morning fog possible. in the afternoon, 77 degrees. plenty of clouds around. and an isolated shower is possible. rain chance, say 20%, probably less than 20% even. then as we head into the work week we clear out, cool down. looks like a gorgeous week with temperatures in the mid-70s for highs, mid-50s for lows. guys. coming up, historic touchdown for winston. plus, pregame controversy. mike evans pulling a colin kaepernick, but for a different
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we traveled the world sampling the best cheese for two reasons one, to bring them all back for you to enjoy and two, we got to each a bunch of
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publix deli specialty cheese. over 36 varieties to fall in love with. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. happy to be back, and it's frustrating, but i'm'm back. glad we could win this for our fans. >> returning in a big way. number 22 scoring his first
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on the buccaneers celebrating a victory over the bears this afternoon. how rare? with today's win, marked the fourth win at ray jay dating back to the end of the 2013 season. perfect start for the buccaneers. not so much for jay cutler and his receivers. pick six buccaneers. second interception for cutler. later on in the second, chicago bucs recover and capitalize. 14-3tampa bay. that's winston's 40th career touchdown. at 22 years and 312 days old, he's the youngest nfl quarterback to throw 40 touchdowns. bears looking for a miracle. hail mary touchdown and the prayer is answered. are you serious? meredith hauls in the catch. bad coverage by the bucs. third quarter, your play of the game.
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their own 32. winston looking to pass. pressure. eludes multiple sacks, even a safety, and gets a pass off and mike evans catches it. 39-yard gain. wow. that set up this, two plays later, to martino recently promoted from the practice squad. his first professional since last year against guess who, the bears. defensive tackle number 94 at fullback blocking for martin. just the fourth home win in the last three years. >> reporter: thank you, chicago. you've turned ray jay into home sweet home again.
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turnovers resulting in 16 buccaneer's points. >> acts like he's never scored a touchdown before. you come off after you score a touchdown, it's okay to head bump guys with helmets on. when the coach is trying to give you a hug, head butted me in the head. >> reporter: the majority of the offense was on the arm of winston. he game the youngest nfl qb to throw 40 touchdowns. >> jail >> don't plan for and sometimes things i don't like, but he's going to make plays. can't coach that out of him, he's a special player. >> reporter: wide receiver mike evans sat down during the national anthem. he explained after the game. >> i don't want to, you know, disrespect the veterans or
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indebted to them. the things going on in america lately, i'm not going to stand for that. i'm doing it for a different reason, how a reality star can become president, that's not good for america. >> i think it will be safe to say we'll hear more about this later. bucs head to kansas city next week. chiefs come back money, kc wins. how about the saints? after a new orleans touchdown to tie it, extra point blocked by the broncos. remember, the defense can return it for 2 points and that's what willie parks does. broncos stun the saints 25-23. and the falcons also lost today, so every team in the nfc south lost except for the
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orleans and sits two games back of atlanta for first place. the bucs still have two games left to play against new orleans. stay tuned. more news returns after this final timeout. havertys furniture helps your home look perfect even when life isn't. pretty! hey. umm... sign here? sure, you got a pen?
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the veterans day preview is on now at havertys.
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y262jy yy6y some patchy fog in the morning. you may want to allow extra time. >> thank you so much. as always, thank you for choosing abc action news. >> have a great rest of your night llc. (800)775-7838. email:
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