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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  November 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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there are a few that raise questions. like this one, when an official told his colleagues this is the fourth or fifth sinkhole in his time. i'm thinking this is not compatible with florida geology. the very plant where two formed in the last decade continues to operate. ted jones is 1000 neighbors demanding the company keep testing their private wells. in the back of their mind they are anxious about what happens next. >> there will be more out there. these are the necessary evil in making fertilizer, the byproduct from phosphate during the fertilizer manufacturing process. companies stack it high. you can see when the sinkhole opened up this summer the gypsum and radioactive water disappeared like pulling the
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us why the sinkhole occurred but because there is a history of sinkholes on this property people feel it is just a matter of time before the next one opens up. >> the best thing they can do is keep running the plant. it won't help much if they stop. >> dr. brian burkey with industrial research institute, he hopes this crisis will start a discussion about what is next for the industry. >> it is a good conversation to have, fit. >> the world depends on fertilizer but try convincing people nearby it is worth it. ryan raiche abc action news. >> dep officials contradicting their own worker telling us in a statement they don't believe the stacks are a concern given the dep has rules in place mosaic releasing this statement saying in part our plants must
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approval by state and local authorities, anyone who questions the necessity of the phosphate industry must consider there is no substitute for phosphate to feed our nation. the state offering additional testing to people who live near the plant in mulberry. testing has found contaminants in 57 private wells but the contamination is not for mosaic according to officials. a child has fallen off of a balcony at the lake when investor resort near walt in their third-floor room packing to return to michigan when they heard a scream, the mother looked and saw her boy on the ground, the child is alert conscious and able to walk. right now doctors at arnold palmer hospital are making sure there are no internal injuries. tampa police releasing video in a jaw- dropping ybor city brault --
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fighting outside of this bar early tuesday morning and seconds later you see the car come in unidentified driver hitting the gas plowing into the crowd, sending a man flying through the bar window. luckily no one was seriously hurt but police are trying to find the driver right now. school leaders making the decision on a controversial rezoning plan a committee signing off on a plan to move the longleaf neighborhood into the river bridge parents say they are turned the community apart. the school board will have its first public meeting december 20, they are expecting to vote on it january 17. now, the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. good evening everybody, what a beautiful day, mornings are cool, but we warm up to the low 80s completely dry rain
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that is not changing even with two fronts over the next 10 days, temperatures from the mid- 60s to the mid-70s, 74 tampa, 75 sarasota, topping out in the lower 80s, lakeland hitting 84 degrees, wake-up time tomorrow morning mid-50s across the area , low 60s closer to the coast under clear skies. by the weekend skies are clear and the 80s are long gone we will look at that and the extended forecast coming up abc action news obtaining this video, st. joseph's hospital discharging a 20 month old girl caught in the crossfire . isabel rosales spoke with the mother of the toddler the moment the gunshots flew through their door. >> just hours after getting shot she had the strength to play and sing in her hospital room.
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sound. >> i heard that and they kept going. >> moments before her husband ran inside the home trying to get away from a group of men that were threatening him. in seconds at least 15 bullets tearing through their home, one of them ricocheted off of a wall hitting her youngest daughter. >> the 21 month old shot in the leg. >> her mother willing to speak with me about these moments but did not want to show >> i was totally scared. i thought i would lose my baby yesterday.>> they are left with the reality of where they live, the family feels the bullet holes are a reminder of a parent's worst nightmare, they don't feel safe in the neighborhood and they want to move out. now they are holding tight to their little girl. >> i hope they find them that did this. >> a wish to hear more of this
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in tampa isabel rosales abc action news. a venice teacher on leave and under investigation, island village school officials confirming their teacher is accused of misconduct, they did not say what the allegations entail but police are investigating. deputies releasing videos showing a suspected burglar roaming a gated community. he somehow got into the eastlake woodlands community and broken to 12 different vehicles. specifically at the woods of binding townhomes. he took a gps, sunglasses even a 32 inch tv. all of the cars were unlocked. if you recognize this man called the sheriff's office. a firefighter wanted for battery is on paid administrative leave stemming from a story we broke yesterday, clint walker is a known member of the outlaws
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police say cameras caught walker throwing punches in the middle of a biker brawl in key west. jarrod holbrook has a major update on the lack of gain policies that allows these members to work their. >> reporter: we started asking questions a year ago, as of today local fire departments don't have an anti-gang policy for the firefighters. we have learned the state fire marshal office is working on a statement legislation to keep gang members out of fire departments. fire chiefs are concerned about a lack of gain policies inside their fire departments. the i-team uncovered this issue in november where we exposed firefighters and emts who were also members of motorcycle organizations that had been labeled eskimo gangs by the doj. since the report the standards council recommends in this letter a statewide policy change
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office. that agency policy affects all fire departments in florida, fire chiefs met in saint pete in july to bring their concerns to the state fire marshal office. an effort dennis jones supports, he says when revised to state standards are set hillsborough county will follow the guidelines and add additional ones at the county level as warranted to further ensure the safety of our residents and firefighters. hillsborough county administrators confirmed state legislation will be proposed -- proposed this state legislation session. injured by an exploding toilet, a former library is suing the city. claiming in 2012 city maintenance crews were working on waterlines at tarpon springs elementary school, she says a toilet exploded in the women's
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her it was safe. later that day another one exploded. injuring her with porcelain shrapnel. a new look at the future landscape in bel air, crews are breaking ground at this hotel, in its place crews are building the bellevue place a luxury condo complex. there will be a 132 resident building including four midrise condo buildings. it will not be cheaper to ride the new cross bay ferry announcing a new commuter value pass starting next week you can get a pack of 20 tickets for $100 making them half-price. seven day per week service will start next week and the first three days of thanksgiving weekend will be free. the ferry will start serving wine beer and cocktails this evening. problem after problem.
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brand-new homes. the easy steps you can take to make sure your dream home doesn't turn into a nightmare. video showing a hard landing on a hot air balloon. the lucky break that saved four lives. another beautiful sunset we are on quite a roll, sunny skies clear and cool in the morning warm in the afternoon.
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everywhere in the bay area creating what may become the next big building boom. many homeowners are saying they don't build them like they used to as they encounter construction problems builders often are not quick to resolve them. >> adam walser has teamed up with brian ross and his investigative unit as part of a nationwide investigation called new-home heartbreak.>> a lot of cracking.>> marie is talking
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home. >> screws coming undone through the ceiling. >> she bought it new in 2005. $428,000.>> when you spend almost half $1 million you expect it to last forever. >> one block away homeowners can't park in the driveway because bricks are falling off the jimmy. water leaks in the walls and wood is rotting.>> collins says his 2006 home is defective. >> look at the house, you can see they are rapidly deteriorating. >> these homes once sold for nearly $300,000, collins and other neighbors sued the company. >> they were just profit driven they did not try to put quality
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last as long as the mortgage. >> josh burnett has filed hundreds of lawsuits against national homebuilders. >> it is generally the larger builders, particularly during 2004 two 2008. when homes were being put up rapidly. >> big builders often cut corners to ensure double-digit profits. >> they are looking for subcontractors to provide the services and materials cheaply as possible. >> i think the quality is better than ever. >> the national homebuilders association president discussed quality complaints with abc chief investigative correspondent brian ross after ebc and its affiliates uncovered complaints about big builders. >> you feel there is a big issue with homes being built too fast? >> no, the real trend in the society that frightens me is
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>> collins settled his claim, since january 1 other homeowners have filed complaints with the attorney general's office, this one says owners have issues due to shortcuts being taken. another complaints has 30 days after purchase the home started falling apart. the company says we work with homeowners and our partners to make repairs. it is important to understand it is not mistakes happen. >> we called multiple times leaving messages no phone calls back. trying to send emails no response. >> time has run out for coughlan to take legal actions since there is a 10 year statute of limitations for construction defects, homeowners are trying to have it reduced to seven years. if you suspect defects you should act quickly.
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who aren't necessarily associated with the big builders. >> it is okay to make a profit but put a quality product out there. >> i'm adam walser taking action for you. now, the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. >> you definitely need a jacket when you are up at 7:00 am it is really chilly. >> in the 40s and 50s, tomorrow warmer but sunday morning that is when the real cool weather. it is going to be chilly especially for us floridians. looking outside at apollo beach another beautiful sunset, we are on a roll. a beautiful day on friday saturday turns out to be nice as we are up in the lower 80s both days, on sunday and monday much colder, highs in the 60s, by thanksgiving day, another florida tradition here 80
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conditioner and build a fire in the fireplace. same thing on christmas. does not look like the cool air will continue into thanksgiving or black friday, but we will have to make very chilly and nice days, titan doppler radar rain free temperatures cooling to the mid-60s from lakeland bartow, lake placid 69, 74 tampa and 75 in sarasota. low 60s in crystal river and brooksville, 65. the dew points are very low and comfortable. as dry air covers the entire viewing area, tampa as i mentioned 74, look at clearwater, 11 degrees cooler, 63 degrees under clear skies, saint pete also clear in the lower 70s, satellite picture no changes. we haven't had much to deal with, overnight skies remain clear, by tomorrow morning we
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up coming friday and saturday. if it were september or october we could see a few stray showers but the air is so dry i don't see anything, typically this time of year through april you need a cold front or area of low pressure to give us rain chances, by saturday here comes the front in the afternoon but the moisture is gone, behind it you will notice it will be cooling off big-time. even though we have a cold rain chances remain nonexistent through tuesday and you can probably extend that another week it will remain very sunny and very dry with forecast highs on friday and saturday in the upper 70s to the lower 80s. we should be 78 this time of year. 82 in dade city, port richie holliday and hudson in the lower 80s. same thing over to apollo beach
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the pattern sets up with cool mornings, sunny and mild afternoons until the front comes in, look at the ring fizzling out so this will dry us out and cool us off quickly, really cold air up north by thanksgiving not just on monday but thanksgiving black friday and maybe even next weekend there could be more issues for trouble along the northeastern side of the us. the tropics, still a little bit of fizzle, don't expect development over the next day or two. an outside chance this becomes a depression. a look at our seven-day forecast another beautiful stretch of weather, 80 on friday, 78 saturday, highs on sunday in the 60s just as cold monday until the warm-up returns next week. scary moments in philadelphia, a hot air balloon making a hard landing on a
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a group nearby sprinting over to help grabbing onto the basket to keep the 80 foot balloon from going anywhere else. thankfully nobody was injured. police say the balloon encountered strong wind and that was the safest place for them to land. still ahead, lightning captain steven stamkos headed for surgery but there is help
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hello folks, the decision has been made, lightning captain steven stamkos will repair the torn meniscus sows this in-depth procedure will keep them out as long as four months, the good news jonathan
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clearheaded and the news could not come at a better time. as the team takes on buffalo. the third game in a five-game road trip so far they are 2-0. if the buccaneers pull off the wing in kansas city their defense will need to go instant replay from the chicago win. arrowhead will be rocking it will be loud there is no better way to silence the chief fans than to produce turnovers the problem kansas city doesn't turn this year. the buccaneers are dead even 15 and 15 takeaways and turnovers, nonetheless the game will be won or lost by the buccaneers defense, showing signs of improvement against chicago, that is for sure. >> we are trying to play to their strengths, we have some guys back feeling better and healthier. that helped us as well. we spent a lot of time
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nine days you had to do some soul-searching. >> down the road at usf cornerback quentin flowers getting some love one of 15; for the player of the year award. this puts him in with players like coke, jt barrett and the march action he will make the finalist list. on our website at we will see you back here at 11:00. have a great night. e company should treat you like family...
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tonight, b tonight, breaking news. will it be a team of rivals? president-elect donald trump, now set to meet with mitt romney after both traded bitter words during the campaign. is romney now being considered for secretary of state? also breaking, the deadly snowstorm, bracing for the blizzard. nine states now under a winter alert. and this system moving east. in some places, 80 degrees one day, 20 the next. the two explosions. the deadly gas blast in a town center. investigators on the scene tonight, after another explosion, this home incinerated. and tonight, authorities with a $30 fix. the confrontation on camera. the police officer trying to arrest a woman, then seen


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