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tv   Action News Weekend Edition at 7AM  ABC  November 19, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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>> that turkey better have a gold leg in there. >> a big difference -- i thought thats funny. >> that was a late difference between frozen and fresh. those are things that you need to spot. weather wise -- what you want to hear from me is the weather, not turkey. >> right. let's justta >> that's all i have on my brain. >> and we have not started on stuffing yet. >> let's talk about the circle beach. calm water, looks like a mirror out there reflecting those beautiful boats sitting there. all right. take a look at the temperatures across hillsborough county. 54 degrees right now in temple terrace. apollo beach, 54.
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right now in brooksville, 47 degrees. brook ridge manor at 51. it's a cool start but still pretty mild, right? tomorrow morning whistle we start to feel that colder air settling in because we are still ahead of the front. check this out. we start off cool and by noon, up to 76. we top out still at 80 today and we'll have lots of sunshine. no rain in sight with is move through until after sunset and then that cooler air really settles in. i'll show you how chilly it's going to be tomorrow morning coming up right now, in pasco county, deputies are keeping an eye on the robert reeves park. >> we'll see what a tipster
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sand. >> the sheriff office posted these pictures of the dig under the sand. no evidence of a body has been found but a tip has led them to the park. deputies have not commented whether this is a cold case or a missing person case. the process is meticulous and time consumes, they with anthropologyology dr. erin kimerly. >> she helps us trying to locate the scene and being able to work through as far as the dig goes and determine if there is, in fact, decomposition, bones, that kind of thing. >> reporter: investigator are not taking any -- investigators are not taking any chances on what they might find. kimerly was the lead anthropologist at the dozier
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were buried. many children disappeared without a trace. her work helped identify seven chirp and help identify with a high degree of certainty 14 others. a pinellas county deputy fired after he claimed he had to use force to subdue a woman. but take a look sew deputy wagner said that paige taylor shoved him. she was charged with resisting arestaurant. after looking at the video, the deputy lied to them and to the police report. >> it's clear, clear to anybody watching there was no contact, no push, no shove, there wasn't anything. >> taylor's attorney says that surveillance video was crate cull in the case and taylor
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dropped. pique county homeowners association wants kids to be quiet when playing outside. and if you are parent, you can guess how parents are feeling. >> i had had everything that we wanted. jamie brower and her family left chicago to set until this polk county subdivision. >> when weam marketed right towards us >> reporter: that's why she was so flown away to receive this note on her door. >> it talks about the noise of the children more than once. >> reporter: the letter her homeowners association went only to homes with children. it says that there have been complaints of kids playing outside that the street being extremely noisy and asked pirates keep the noise to a minimum. >> as neighbors, we all chose this community because it's a bedroom community. it's not a 55-plus community.
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feels attacked by the local hoa and feels their questions to keep children quiet during the daytime hours is going too far. >> i will not tell my kid to stay in the yard and keep quiet, absolutely not >> reporter: but some neighbors agree with the hoa saying that some kids are running almost getting hit by cars. the hoa says that they are worried about the safety. >> i want an apology. the zika outbreak is no longer a public emergency. this does not mean that zika is completely gone but on the global level, the spread of zika is under control. the total number of cases reported in florida was over 1100. donald trump named three men to top posts in his new
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tens of millions of dollars to settle longstanding lawsuits by dozens of his customers. donald trump abruptly settled all three fraud lawsuit against the now defunct trump university for $25 million for about 6000 student with no admission of wrongdoing. before being elected, trump vowed he would never settle personal interest and personal beliefs aside and focus on the issues that are facing the country. >> presumptive also busy with his -- president-elect trump also busy with his transition team. alabama senator jeff sessions as attorney general. mike flynn as the national
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jeff sessions faced criticism. the aclu has called him racists. >> i'm not a racist. i supported civil rights within my state. i have done my job with integrity, equality and fairness for all. >> michael flynn tweeted last february fever muslim is rationale >> islam is a mitt call ideology. it hides behind this notion of >> on saturday, trump will meet mitt romney, perhaps his harshest critic during the campaign. he may be now the front runner for secretary of stale. this morning, president barack obama is in peru traveling with asian leaders for an economic limit. he will meet with china's
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and also will host a town hall meeting people, many with two jobs struggle to put food on the table. we are looking at the problems in the area and how it may help. >> take a look. we are off to a cool starred to the day but those temperatures warm up quickly with lots of sunshine. we are still on the warp side of that cold front that's headed our way. we won't see any rain out of it today but we will definitely notice the temperatures overnight tonight and into 80. it's going to be gorgeous and warm. i'll let you know how much it is going to warm coming up in
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across the bay area, food banks are feeding nearly 20,000 new mouths this year and the food pantries, as you can imagine, they are struggling to keep up. >> we take look at why so many of those who need help are working multiple jobs and still can't make ends meet. >> the line for groceries here, minimum of one hour but the wait is something that phillip wood is more than willing to do. >> just a little bit of food to help make it paycheck, i guess. >> wood is working -- get this -- in the food industry but his part-time gig does not support him. >> it sucks because sometimes you go to sleep not knowing what you're going to eat and where you're going to go eat. >> this feed people on the edge of poverty and they supply food to dozens of people in pinellas county. their supply is at an all-time
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9000 people more than the year prior. metropolitan ministries says they are feeding about 9000 new family -- families this year. >> wages have not increased. housing increased. you have to pay your rent. foods have to last. >> 10% of florida's work force has been unemployed or under employed. even people here waiting for food say that a job guarantee security. there's people here who have two or three jobs, part-time jobs and augmenting with other part-time jobs. it's very difficult to have the money for food. you have to have that shelter. >> this food bank says that they need basics like peanut butter, soup and any sheffield good to send each family home with something. >> peanut butter and bread is
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i'm not picky >> even though the unemployment rate is going down, more than 10% of jobs that grew are things in amusement, gambling industries and those do not have high-paying jobs. >> we don't have much luck but we'll start. >> it is starting to do that slow climb. the jackpot is now 320 million. next drawing is tonight. the harry prequel thing, fantastic beasts opens in theaters -- actually opened yesterday. the film takes place 70 years before. >> the r rated coming of age, the edge of 17. lund see lindsey lnd see will be first in line. >> and my pick, miles teller
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he has a starring role and that is based on a true story, by wait, and spinal injury, a boxer came back into the ring movies in my house are utopia, that is the current film. anything with tinker bell. >> anything animated and g rated. >> so r rated comedy da not happening. >> not. i have hill ones. >> tomorrow, i'm ready for it. >> ready for the scarf and sweater that you won't sweat in. >> we are taking holiday pictures. i'm wearing -- >> tomorrow, it's going to be sup a sharp contrast to what we experience today. we all may be shivering a little bit.
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look at this, the beach on emory island looking beautiful. take a look at the conditions outside. sunny, sun's already up. 62 degrees right now in tampa. clearwater at 60. st. pete at 63 now that sun is up, we're going to see the temperatures rising pretty quickly pause we don't have any -- because we don't have any clouds in sight. the frontal boundary still off to the northwest just approaching the panhandle right now and high pressure still in control. that's blocking the storm clouds out. this is all going to push in our direction today. we'll start to see a few extra clouds this afternoon but the front does not pass through until after sunset. the cold air moves in pretty quickly behind those front. the temperatures plummet overnight. and then we'll see a brat yule warmup into next week but that cold air really settles in for tomorrow and monday morning.
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this is the day to embrace it. 79 degrees is the high at clear water beach. let's take a look at the tropics. a system grueling. still a decent chance for it to form. if it is, it will be otto. the great news is that it is away from the bad news for central america is that it could bring heavy rain and flooding rains and mudslides to portions of nicaragua and possibly manama as well. -- panama as well. so that's something to keep an eye on. as far as the averages for this time of the year, we should start the day around 60 and ending at 77. we are a little below average.
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call river and in brooksville, mid-50s in lake land, bartow. the big difference tomorrow morning is that we start off in tampa in the upper 40s. we are likely to see 30s in citrus, hernando, possibly sumpter counties. 67 is the high. would not be overly surprised if advisories because the colder temperatures. some of them may each be close to freezing. >> 69 is the high on monday. the warm start to kick in by monday afternoon. as we head through the week, temperatures will keep coming up. another front comes through. we still make it to a high of 80 and the cooldown behind is is not all that dramatic. it's just a couple of degrees. so this weekend is where the big changes are.
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and dry, plenty of sunshine. tomorrow, still plenty of sunshine. but there will be some breezes behind the front as well. it's not going to be the temperatures that are cooler. it's also the winds that will make it feel even colder especially in the first part of the day. all right. that's florida's most accurate, seven-day forecast. back to you. people visit the bay area for the sunshine and the beautiful award-winning beaches. now the area is attracting out oftowners. >> medical a very up and coming industry in the area. 90% are out of state and many cross the border from canada. many of the parents here have been diagnosed with chronic lyme disease. >> for her coming here, being away from family, the six or sean months, whatever it takes better than a lifetime away: these long-term guests provided
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they eat at our restaurants, sleep at our hotels and more. >> still to come, skyrocketing drug prices forces families to make life or death decisions. >> the one thing you can do to save money on your
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hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... there's no more room. oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
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7:22. this mopping, -- this morning, we are taking action to help you cut costs. >> it's costing more and more for prescription medicine. >> reporter: dr. dale programhammer meets people every day >> they come to the emergency department with cons conditions of not being abling to get their pre psychiatrists. >> many have insurance and it's just not enough. dr. dalehammer's advice, don't go to the typical pharmacy or drug store anymore. if there are patients that i have that i think would benefit from investigating canadian pharmacies, sure. i'll refer them there. >> reporter: the good news is
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canada. >> about 15 years ago, my brother was diagnosed with non- hodgkins lymphoma and went to a bone mario transplant as made me realize as a 20-some-year- old at the time, that made me realize what the costs of medications were here in the united states. >> the experience changed his life and he wanted to change others. >> how can i help you? >> that time of the month again. >> chris drew what the soaring costs of prescription drugs are. he pays thousands for his mother's 27 medications until he started using the canadian drug store. >> i asked drew to show me some of the medications. celebrex, $378 in the u.s. 63 at the canadian drug store.
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in the u.s. at the canadian med store, just 95. that's a savings of $864. >> does not make much accepts, does it? how can they do it? pills and pre prescriptions work. >> we met hapshur at one of his tampa areas. he told me that most of his customers order by phone. >> if it is matter of going to a canadian the same prescription maybe spelled different and not taking your medicine which in some cases are a matter of life and death. the f.d.a. discourages americans getting their prescriptions in canada calling the rack 'tis, quote, dangerous because they cannot attest. in terms of the law, you are allowed to get a three-month supply of prescription
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all you need is a prescription but they do not take insurance. >> still to come, a very special santa claus is coming to town this weekend >> santa who caters to kid with special needs making a stop at several area malls. we'll tell you which ones. and what you need to know about a vitamin recall this morning can especially if you have an allergy. and an officer on patrol going above and beyond the call of duty. what he did was exceeding expectations that has the internet abuzz. z26l7z zy6z
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y26lny yy6y welcome back to abc action news on this saturday morning. tomorrow stories stories we are following for you. investigators will be back at robert reeves park in pasco county. they are looking for humane remains. deputies acted on a tip but they are not saying the type of case this involves. we have a live report starting at 9:00. a pinellas county deputy was fired after he claimed he had to use force to subdue a
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st. pete. then the surveillance video showed up. deputy wayne wagner told them that the woman shoved him but the sheriff says that tape shows something else, that wagner lied to them. charges against taylor were dropped. the trump university lawsuit is going away, thanks to a settlement. for more than six years, donald trump fought hard against a lawsuit in which former customers accused him of settlement. more than 6000 student would be eligible for a refund if a federal judge approves. >> you go to treasure island, you have the 8th annual standing ovation which is the sculpture contest. and also a barbecue championship in plant city. yeah. >> that sound fantastic. called pig jam. that's my kind of championship.
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it. a little cooler in some spots. hook at the main sail beach. here is someone embracing this gorgeous weather. take a look at that, from anna maria island. i don't know if it's yoga or tai chi he is doing but he is embracing that weather. we're going to be warming up nicely. 55 in lakeland. nice start to the day. nice and co among, though. 59 degrees in winter haven, 57 in bartow. 47 in brooksville, in and around tampa bay. temperatures are mild. tampa, 62. mcdill right now at 56 and braun done at 52. after the cool start, we warm up to the mid-70s by noon and top out at 80 today. you can see sunshine from start to finish. each though we have a cold front headed our way.
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out of it. it passes through after sunset. and that cold air moves in very quickly behind it. tomorrow morning, you will really notice how much the temperatures drop. i will have more on that coming up in the seven-day forecast. james, back to you. caught on camera. take a look at this. this right here -- we have circled this -- is to get out of a parking ticket. a woman in argentina driving away from a parking inspector with the man on the hood of her car. the officer jumped off the moving car and fractured his knee in the process. two men in ohio were recently involved in an unusual road rage incident. one of them called 911 to explan what happened.
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this started with one driver tried to pass another driver only to the be blocked by that driver. so the man followed behind. both came to a stop, got out of the vehicle and got into a fight. the man stabbed is in critical condition and charges are coming the california officer goes above and beyond the call of duty after hearing about teen's determination. the officer saw the teen walking and offered him a ride in the city of venetia. he learned how far he has traveled. he works seven miles each day to work six day as week. the officer pulled over and
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he he was speechless. >> words could not explain how flabbergasted it was. i just treasure the bike. >> the police department set up an online fundraiser to help the teen earn money for college and help with his first car and police are rallying -- and people are rallying for a man who needs help. he is he needs a prosthesis. he lost his old one and just does not have money for the new one. kids raised more than $9000 for the crossing guard. so far. pretty incredible. soon, veterans may have a whole new way of dealing with ptsd. researchers in texas are working on an app monitoring heart rate and would alert them when an attack is coming.
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breathing exercises. >> kid do say the darnest things. they are so honest sometimes, you know. but one four-year-old in atlanta going viral for dropping some medical knowledge. take a listen. you go all wait back -- >> i didn't quite understand that but it sounded intelligent. he started chatting up a medical student while glowsry shopping with the little genius noticed the school. she pulled out her phone, and started reporting him after a 10 minute conversation. the little boy's parents have performed him performing karaoke at the age of three and reading in english and spanish at one and a half. >> i see you walking up.
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last night's performance of the broadway hit hamilton in new york. vice president elect mike pens was there. the hamilton cast earth about his attenance through social media. that's brandon dixon speaking. he read a message directly addressed to pence. he thanked the vice president elect for being there and urged him to uphold american values. hamilton's creator lynn manall miranda was a well-known hillary clinton supporter. he held a benefit raise money for her campaign. tickets sold by as much as $10,000 back then. double check your might vines. gnc is recalling its ultra vitamins saying that the supplement may contain milk which is not listed on the label. check the right membership on your box.
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almost 200,000 cars. the newest recall affect nearly 35 dodge durangos and cherokees. another 54,000 dodge dart compacts may cause wind shield wipers not to work. and mcdonald's is going upscale. you can touch the screen food delivered to your table. it is tested in california, right here and in new york. a man using krispy kreme for not using real food in its fruit dough nuts what did he think was in them in >> the class action suit also claims the plaintiffs suffered an injury and lost money.
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real fruit? i can't believe it. >> hmm. >> okay. >> i love. this tomorrow, children with autism and other special needs can meet a very special santa claus. we are talk being the sensory friendly santa and he will be at the desoto, tyron and st. pete. he will back on december 4th in other bay area malls. the deal is that these malls open earlier at santa days. lights and music lower and there is no crowd. we have the complete loss of the malls participating on our news app and i also posted this story on my facebook page. get your turkey today and pay just $6. >> win dixie is offering the special this weekend to help you out.
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the store to get deal. but then you get the turkey any size. >> what do krispy kreme puts in? >> raspberry flavor. >> come on. >> still to many could, the new cross bay ferry just set sail but there is also talk of a possible new route. where will it go? ev i flames without warning putting your family in danger. the shocking number of potentially dangerous vehicles on our roads and the sim will
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the cross bay ferry zooms from st. pete to tampa and now people want to see a knee route
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carson chambers explains the cost sayings for thousands of tampa bay residents. >> it was fun. >> have you ever heard someone describe their work commute as fun? >> i used to work in hawaii and i use add ferry as a primary means of transportation to my job every day. >> u.s. navy veteran brian burks drives to work now. >> it's pretty stressful. >> 45 minutes each way from rukk yi to mcdill our force base. >> i just to drive across upon the crosstown and fuel and maintenance on our volcanos. >> 8000 mcdill commuters fight traffic from south shore to the base every day. now a ferry making their commute faster, cheaper. >> it's a real quick hop. >> that's a real possibility according to local attorney ed taranchek. >> the right of way is free.
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having a beer on the way home. >> you can see how much shorter the route is in groan here compared to the yell re from the convention center to the quad basin. >> if you can move 4 or 5000 people off the road ways, it would be like putting an entire new interstate dual lane road from south county to tampa. >> the project would neat kowd and public the store, mo t support this, including this veteran who knows what he would do with this extra time sleep, spend more time with the kid before they go to school. >> carson chambers, action news. something for the kids if for some reason you want to be inside. going to be a beautiful day. rick world tell pa, 2016, the lego expo. talking about 45,000 square feed of space built with legos,
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ground and admission is chief. something to check out. >> nice day, too. >> yeah, it will be nice. wherever you are driving to today, hanging out, outside or like james was saying, if you want to beat warmth this afternoon and stay inside, gorgeous weather and good conditions, just overall. the cheer water hyatt beach camera showing how beautiful the morning is out there at the beaches. now, it is going to be a little cool as we are starting off. you head to the peaches. it will be around noon when you start to feel it more. over the last three hour, the only reason that we know that we are looking at the radar is the clock is moving but no rain in sight across tampa bay. really looking fantastic. the future cast shows us a prediction of how much cloud cover and how much rain we could see. so, we are looking at the cloud cove in those shades of white and green showing us the rain. that front is approaching
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this is the band of clouds associated with the line of the front. so right behind that cloud cover, at 8:00 at night. there is that cold air and settles in. it is going to be a dramatic change tomorrow morning when you wake up this evening. if you are planning on throwing some burgers on the grill or hot dogs on the grill, by 5:00, temperatures are down to mid-70s. it's of a 8:00 that that front rolls through and the temperatures really start to drop. as far as the tropics go, we have a gap of storms starting to organize a bit more and this could become otto here over the mccouple of days. we'll continue to watch it. the good news for us is that storm is not going to have any impact on us. it will sit and spin here close
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the next couple -- nicaragua and panama for the next couple of days and will move to the west and that will start to tear apart. if you man on traveling to the area over the next week heading into thanksgiving, you could be encountering some nasty weather including flooding potentials and mudslides. so you want to check ahead if you are planning on traveling into that area for safety reasons, of course as far as the weather is concerned, you can se and then monday morning, even colder, we could see somes from advisories for citrus and even northern sumpter county just depending upon how quickly that cools in for sunday morning, if not monday morning because temperatures will be near freezing in some those spots. as we work our way through the week, a nice warmup. we are still hanging at 80
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not quite as strong so the temperatures come down a bit. but nothing too dramatic like what we are seeing between today and tomorrow. lots of sunshine today, warm and dry, light winds. tomorrow morning, the winds will be a little bit breezy so it's going to be colder and will feel much colder as a result of that wind and topping out at 67. you can see that afternoon warmup that starts to kick in as early as monday afternoon. that's florida's most accurate seven-day forecast. if you have any questions about holiday travel wearl, feel free to reach out to me on took. guys, back to you. the next story is really startling. >> cars catching fire, while not each running in people's driveways. many of these millions of vehicles are still out on the roadways. >> we have simple ways to find out if your ride needs a crucial repair. >>
7:49 am
it's okay. i called the fire department >> reporter: the mini cooper burst into flames second after the owner smelt smoke, cut the engine and got out. nieves that car one minute before it started. >> reporter: fires like this one in tampa takes place every few hours in the u.s. that amounts to close to 300,000 vehicles a year. >> i saw my car in smoke and i saw the lakeland fire department. the went up in flames two hours after she parked it here. we obtained database from the safety research and strategy. >> vehicle fires represent a huge portion of all the total fires in the united states. >> reporter: more than 300 recalls reletted to fire dangers in various makes and models going back to decades. we are talking over 42 million
7:50 am
coming from my car returned the hood. >> reporter: in pasco county, another hyundai owner glen says that his parked right burst into flames. >> i just want to warp other people as to, you know, a car catching on fire in the garage. >> in all three cases, the fire appears to have started in the engine. >> it's crazy. >> the manufacturers often send out their own investigates as they did in the hyundai states, it is not possible to conclude positively this the fires were part of the vehicle defect and we found no fire danger on the hyundai elantra. >> in the case of the mini cooper, bmw recalled 20,000 of them over a smoldering water pump issue, a recall that denise's documents show she had repaired. i felt comfortable knowing that the recall was fixed so there was no worry for fire.
7:51 am
and whether it is fixed remains under investigation. there is no way to estimate the true risk for the fire risks in your car but checking the make and model of your car and looking at the recall list could help you. >> we have the link. go to and click on taking action. still to come, what is thanksgiving dinner without stuffing? it's not a dinn stuffings to figure out the best one for your holiday meal. ? turkey neighborhoodle. i
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thanksgiving is just a few days away. many of you already started making your menu and buying your food >> one thing you can't cheat on is the turkey but the stuffing? there are short cuts for that. >> weather you're preparing thanks dinner or just bringing
7:55 am
short cut could be stuffing from a box. consumer report food expert cooked up nine popular stuffings to determine which was tastiest. all prepared using unsalted burr and lower sodium chicken broth. some dereks called for fresh veggies. five were the herb or chicken categories. isn't standouts that would make a yummy side for your family. pepper ridge farm flavorful white and whole wheat stuffing. stove top lower sodium mix for chicken is a mild base that could be topped with carrots, apples, chestnuts. pep pers ridge has a satellitely grapey corn meal mixture. whatever you prepare, don't take the risk of making your guest ill at thanksgiving.
7:56 am
suggests that you bake it separately from the turkey. and consumer report found that most pop-up thermometers are not accurate so invest in a good thermometer and roost your bird to 165 degrees. and gluten free options were also tried. alia called for the addition of fresh carrot, celery and they are very good. there is a shot of tasting stuffing. stuffing tasters. please tell me how i become a stuffing taster. >> does anybody sell stuffing done? if you know when there is a stuffing taster position open. let me know. i'll give you my e-mail right now. we have another jam packed edition coming up. >> we'll talk about dangerous toys. are they on your child's wish list?
7:57 am
groups say stay away from. and perfect time to head out to holiday events. we'll tell you about festive situations around town that you and your family can enjoy. >> first, here is what's coming up on gma. >> good morning, everyone. coming up on gma this saturday, the president-elect is facing brutal backlash after his picks for attorney general and national security advisor. his chief strategies, steve ban none is seemingly embracing the criticism in an explosive interview. and now trump is facing with a former rival, mitt romney in new jersey. could another pick be in the cards and a plane full of people crashed in nevada the faa is investigating how that plane went down and who was on board and the furs major blizzard
7:58 am
mcnabbing that cyst tomb for us this morning. stay tuned. it's coming you on gma. hope to see you soon. >> none of that nasty weather here. 80 degrees is the high today. cooldown just brings us to the upper 60s. do you guys remember kenny rogers' roasters? >> from seinfeld? >> no, a fast food restaurant. they had stuffing muffins 365 days a year? loved them. >> speaking of stuffing. >> yeah. >> in a hundred. >> have a thanksgiving pot luck. >> i have to digest figuratively and literally.
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good morni good morning, america. new this morning, the trump transition. the president-elect inviting a fierce former critic mitt romney to a meeting at his golf course compound in new jersey. is trump teeing up romney for secretary of state? this as other new appointments come under fire over accusations of racism. plus, what's being called trump's stunning reversal. why he is suddenly settling those trump university fraud cases. casting callout. mike pence's broadway visit to "hamilton" overnight. the vice presi the vice president-elect's divided welcome and the message


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