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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  November 21, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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abc action news starts next. live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. now at 4:30, we're getting our first look at the person of interest in the murder of a san antonio police officer. investigators are certain the officer was targeted. this is one of just several attacks on officers this weekend. good morning, and thank you for joining us on this monday, i'm deiah riley. >> and i'm dan shaffer. we'll start sanibel. a the suspect fled into a neighborhood forcing police to put it on lockdown. officers tracked that suspect down and arrested him after a shootout. jaconi was taken to the hospital where he was treated and released. this is the first time a sanibel police department in their history that an officer was shot. police released this picture of a person of interest
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reporting the u.s. marshals are talking to a person of interest. police are still searching for the gunman right now, benjamin marconi was killed in broad daylight yesterday. he had just pulled over a vehicle and was writing a ticket when another car pulled up to him and shot him in the head. the suspect in the shooting of a st. louis police officer has now been killed in a shootout. police say the gunman ambushed one of their officers while his cruiser was beside him and someone shot the officer twice in his face. the city's police chief says the victim is expected to survive. the gunman took off after the incident. undercover officers found his abandoned car and later found him which led to a shootout after midnight. one person is in custody. someone fired shots outside the pegasus lounge last night. one person suffered minor
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north port shooting investigation. police say two kids were firing bb guns and one ended up being hit in the head. that juvenile airlifted to the hospital but was released shortly after. charges are pending. detectives are trying to uncover how a polk county jail inmate died. deputies found 23-year-old brandon levin unresponsive in his cell. he was under suicide watch. he was facing numerous ch a boat's pump may be responsible for an explosion that sent two people to the hospital. two men were working on that boat outside jacksonville saturday night. they thought they turned the electricity off, but one of them thinks the bilge pump kicked in sparking a fire. we turn now to pinellas park. police are searching for a
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they've identified a man who died of blunt force trauma. two people collecting cardboard saturday found the body of 38- year-old joe hollands near the shoppes at park place. the cross bay ferry between st. pete and tampa is giving free rides for the next three days. you'll be able to ride free every third seasoned sunday you must be present to get them. we want to check in now with ivan for a look at our chilly forecast. >> you can see all those jackets there boarding. i hope they have the heat kicked on. not one of those days you want to be on the water, create your own windchill out there. temps in the low to mid-40s. the warmest spot across the entire area, of course pinellas
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more degrees. we do that, and we start getting in trouble up there crystal river. 32 right now, likely to go down a couple more. very triple digit this morning, mid-30s in brooksville. we woke up cold yesterday, but even more so today. that means temperatures are running anywhere from 5 to as much as 16 degrees colder, 20 degrees colder than the front had already moved through. it's just the winds became calm, and you allow all that heat that we accumulated yesterday to escape, and it has done so very efficiently across the rest of the southeast as well. as far as our recovery today, we'll do that slowly, very slowly. by noon 65. it will feel better and then, yes, we'll get near 70 degrees by later this afternoon and even warmer. we'll talk more about that heading into thanksgiving in a
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in st. pete, members of the transgender community came together for a vigil to remember who who had been murdered. kera mashek told us why they think this march might help save lives in the future. >> 26 names read one by one. >> crystal edmond, maryland. >> these are the transgender people who have been murdered in the u.s. in the past year, just a fraction of the nearly 300 trans murder victims around the world. >> it we know it could be us next. >> many in the lgbt community know while 225 trans murders is a lot, the number is probably even higher because identities are often misrepresented. that actually happened in may when mercedes successful of haines city was killed and police initially reported it as a man's murder. >> we're all different people, we're different orientations, different religions different
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can thans we will see the hate crimes decreased. >> while candles are lit and heads are bowed, there's also an important message about moving forward. >> there is hope within every person here open to working towards the future, a future that values diversity, acceptance and the importance of life. >> educating friends, neighbors, and the community is key to overcoming the obstacles they face. >> together unstoppable force. >> i know that eventually, just like with everything else a change will come. >> those here hope that education will help stop acts of violence against the lgbt community so that lists like this get smaller every year. reporting in st. pete, kera mashek abc action news. 4:36. now we're hearing from a south florida family who was shocked to learn a teacher's aide is under investigation for possibly abusing their autistic
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he was enrolled in collins elementary in dania beach. the school district contacted his parents about the potential abuse. his mother says they were told the aide covered damian's mouth to keep him from screaming and then hit him. she might have also used his own hand to hit him. the teacher is out of the classroom but that isn't enough for damian's parents. >> i would like criminal charges. she shouldn't be working in a school with children. i think it takes patience to be any kind of teacher, but it takes a around children special needs and she doesn't have it. she failed. >> the broward county school district is still investigating. the sheriff's office there says there have been other incidents involving other students. a tampa law firm is giving away turkeys this morning. anybody in need can drop by the pendis law firm between 8:30 this morning and 10:306789 the event is first come first serve. in clear water one family
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than a thousand people. their backyard is being turned into the serving line. the kitchen is a place for pies. this community meal started back in 2000 when o'neal larkin decided he wanted to give back to his community. >> gave me the idea and thought about cooking some food instead of giving away a thanksgiving basket to a needy family. >> their first year they served 85 meals, the second one 220 and 1600 meals. examples of generosity all over the tampa bay area this holiday season. hundreds of people lined up outside steinbrenner field as the outreach center gave away 1500 turkeys. organizers say this give away gets bigger every year. toys"r"us is putting one line of tonka trucks off their shelves because one family
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flames. the truck caught fire on their way home from the store. luckily nobody was hurt. the store pulled the truck off the shelves. hummus is issuing a voluntary recall. some may be contaminated with listeria. check your bridge if you have a container with the best before date january 23rd 2017 on the lid, just toss it coming up at 5, a confrontation between pipeline protestors and authorities escalates overnight in north dakota. the extreme measures the sheriff's office used to subdue the crowd. >> and after the break, president-elect donald trump takes to twitter to talk about potential cabinet choices and to continue his weekend tirade on the cast of a hit broadway show. >> it's a victory monday thanks to the buccaneer's stunning
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ok, so here are two cans of vegetables... this one i paid for, this one was free. because they're bogo maybe this one was free. either way... that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. another round of marathon meetings for president-elect donald trump as he works to assemble his administration. >> he's already announced five picks, promises to reveal more soon. janay norman joyce us from washington with what else kept mr. trump busy over the weekend. >> from president-elect to king of twitter, this weekend we saw both sides of donald trump.
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>> smiling and statesman like trump lined up more than 20 meetings in two days using twitter to tease possible announcement, he tweeted sunday general james mad dog mathis a contender for secretary of defense was very impressive. >> the transition team promising to announce more picks soon, like national security advisor lieutenant general michael flynn who called islam a cancer. >> is he in line with how president-elect trump views islam? >> i think so i mean, look, phrasing can always be done differently, but clearly there are some aspects of that faith that are problematic. >> also meeting with trump this weekend, former new york mayor rudy giuliani, new jersey governor chris christie and mitt romney once a staunch critic of trump. >> his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. >> the president-elect taking to twitter to address that issue, trump university's and
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to end the fraud cases against the now closed school writing the only bad thing about winning the presidency is that i did not have the time to go through a long, but winning trial on trump u. too bad. followed three fiery tweets, calling the cast of hamilton rude writing they harassed vice president elect mike pence friday night. >> i wasn't offended by was said. >> they're going to turn now to weather, it might be chilly in our area. it's certainly nothing like the cold hitting much of most of the country. there was snow from california to new york. in ohio, icy conditions are blamed for a series of accidents involving 40 cars. police say a car was rear-ended causing several others to slide into that crash. authorities shut down the roadways, rheumed the vehicles before opening roads for traffic. -- removed the vehicles before
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>> so ivan we can't complain about our chilly. >> sure we can. we can complain all we want. you noticed not much snow out there. the issue there was ice, and that's always treacherous. you can't see it. we call it black ice. that continues there with obviously cold temperatures. here's a big swirl. that's what's left and there's plenty of it. the attendant cold front extends from that low is all the way down into cuba. in fact, i'll widen out the shot. this is as been able to punch cold air. current temperature in havana 55 degrees. that is frigid for folks down there, and for us this is as well. low 40s, mid-40s, and low 50s. pinellas, that's where you want to be this morning with water temperatures still in the upper 60s to around 70, keeping you a little warmer. a lot warmer than we are at crystal river. brooksville at 35, not much of
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over this would be even more treacherous, just walk slowly. that way you won't create a windchill as you head to the car. what's going to happen, the pie that has now taken over will shift east, and that will bring us a little more moisture off the atlantic. that will produce partly cloudy skies. the huge thing it will do is bring our temperatures up beginning tomorrow. i still think tonight after we only reach upper 60s to around 70. we'll have another cold night tonight and then we'll begin recover: mid-70s with temperatures overnight lows not as chilly. today will be close to 70. may not make it there, north wind 10 to 15 knots for voters. the big warmup begins. tomorrow continues wednesday and really gets going with temps around 80 degrees by thanksgiving and black friday. in sports news this morning, a big upset for the bucs, the moment that changed the momentum. john sabol has that in sports.
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stopping by. buccaneers win yesterday bentz the kansas city chiefs on the road will do wonders for the bucs confidence. including winning 10 straight at arrowhead stadium. it's one of the toughest venues in the nfl. in 2014 arrowhead set a guinness world record for the loudest crowd noise. how loud is that, your eardrum ruptures that's loud. mike evans, as promised standing during the national anthem during the game. early 4th quarter, casey trying to drive. this is a huge momentum shift with the bucs leading 12-106789 he had a pick last week against chicago, another one yesterday. 55-yard return on the int, the lodgest bucs interception return in 3 seasons. bucs offense capitalized, 6:30 to play.
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touchdown bucs. bucs tight end comes through on his second nfl catch. bucs up 19. 10. they go on to win snapping the chief's streak. the bucs did what many thought was impossible, and that's winning in kansas city. >> operator: you know, this is a very tough place to play. a team that's won 17 of their last 19 games. i'm proud of these the way we came in here. awesome atmosphere. >> the world's loudest stadium. we knew they were a good team, but we believe we're a good team and this is my sixth year in the league and i always see that good teams find ways to win in november or december. today was a huge win for us. >> we were talking in the showers, it was like man, it felt great and then gerald mccoy he's like but that's expected and i just paused and
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right. >> so if you want to see how huge this win was, besides winning in arrowhead stadium. the victory pushed the bucs to the 500 mark and now one game back of the falcons for first place in the nfc south. this win gives the bucs big confidence. it couldn't come at a better time because the seattle seahawks comes to ray jay next sunday. that's your morning sports report. enjoy your monday. giving a ct scan usually isn't all you're a vet giving a ct scan to an alligator. >> jungle island in miami is worried their albino alligator may have cancer. the 13-foot white gator named casper has beaten melanoma cancer once. they brought in mobile veterinary imaging equipment. the vets are working to analyze
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biggest black friday deals, that's coming up at 5. >> and after the break, the biggest winners from american movie awards and two moments that everyone will be talking
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frigid start as we've been talking about. brace yourself, it is the coldest morning this season so far, low to mid-40s right now
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heading into pinellas, a little milder there so not as brutal for the walk over to the car. by the afternoon we're going to shed these 30s and 40s and we'll get back into the temperatures a little more manageable, right near 70 degrees by the afternoon. another chilly night tonight, we'll talk about more about that in the next hour. 6:05. ? [ music ] ? >> the hottest acts performed at the american music awards. even a string of chart toppers did not score the chain smokers the new artist of the year award. that award went to zane. also ariana grande took home artist of the year. drake was a big winner with four amas. it was the first time he won. and no surprise, politics came up at the show. >> listen to the added lyrics
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>> ? no trump, no kkk, no fascist usa. >> ? ? >> the moment from the show that may have haded biggest impact was from selena gomez. in her acceptance speech she talked about her struggles with lupus and anxiety and depression as a result of the disease. >> if you are broken, you do not have to stay broken, and if that's anything whether you respect thing you should know about me is i care about people and thank you so much for this. this is for you. thank you. >> the award for merit was handed out last night for the first time since 2008, and sting was honored for his exceptional contributions to music. we have a lot more still to come in our 5:00 hour including the latest on president obama's visit to peru. >> why the current president
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come around. >> and the body of ha man found in pinellas park over the weekend, what progress police
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and we begin at 5 with breaking news, tampa police are
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>> this happened around 3:30 this morning. we know the officer was traveling eastbound on kennedy boulevard when a wrong way driver entered his lane. right now we're told the driver was not hurt, but that officer is at tampa general hospital. >> according to police the officer is being treated for minor injuries. we have a crew headed to that scene. we'll check in with them as soon as they arrive. >> right now we want to get a look at your forecast. ivan standing by with a cold start today. >> frigid stuff here, we're talking temps in the 30s. we reached the freezing point in some areas. we second here. there are the temperatures, mid and upper 40s, 42 in brandon, 42 at sun city center, milder along pinellas here, 53 pinellas park and 56 in st. pete. compare that to the lower 30s right now, literally freezing in crystal river. we hit 32, may drop a couple more degrees, lower 30s as well. we're doing this without wind. no windchill out there. we don't need it.


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