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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  November 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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now at 6, hitting the roads and hitting the skies, many of you trying to get to your thanksgiving destinations. the key things you need to know to make sure you get there before the pumpkin pie is gone. parent concerns over school bus safety. the measures meant to protect your children and the flaw with making sure they are in place. a florida deputy hit and killed running after a suspect. the alarming past the man he was chasing has, showing he didn't belong in florida at all. thank you for waking up with abc on this early wednesday. i'm dan schaffer. >> and good morning.
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the weather will look like as you head out this morning. we will check out with janelle and ivan. >> reporter: the difference today, we are wake up with temperatures in the 50s. when should i start to thaw the turkey? >> too late! >> you're in trouble. >> maybe you should beg to go to someone's house at this point. >> i will be right here with all of you. temperatures 20 warmer than yesterday. all of us warming up this afternoon. no rain or issues as far as i can see on the roads with the temperatures in the upper 70s by the afternoon. it's expected to be a busy day for travel. all the experts say to leave before 3:00 p.m..
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avoid u.s. 92. crash there around bethlehem road. if you want to head eastbound, you may want to try i-4. that's moving great right now, and westbound into tampa on i4, looking good as well. 22 minutes to get into county line road from downtown tampa. 2 minutes after 6:00, and many of you are planning to hit the roads and the skies today. >> aaa is predicting 50 million americans will be traveling for thanksgiving, and cheaper gas may be the nationwide it's around 2.13 a gallon, and in the bay area, it's even cheaper. airlines are anticipating the busiest period ever with 27 million people flying. >> if you're headed out on the roads, expect to see a lot more troopers through sunday. the florida highway patrol is adding extra patrols to keep you safe from impaired or aggressive drivers. fhp says 84 people died and nearly 10,000 accidents occurred during the
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last year. tonight is one of the most popular nights of the year to party. if you plan to drink, plan on a designated driver. you can get home safely with a ride sharing service like uber or lyft. we have all services on our web app. a fire forced a mother and her two children out of their home if st. petersburg. there's significant damage to the house, but thankfully no the family will be staying with relatives. we are learning the school bus driver charged with the deadly crash in tennessee was involved in another car in september. >> the 24-year-old sideswiped another driver in oncoming traffic. no kids were hurt in that incident. on monday johnthony walker was driving when he crash intoed the tree.
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memories for hillsborough county parents. >> it was just last year when the bus lost control and flipped into a pond with the kids on the bus. rodney dunigan is live. parents said they want to see seat belts on the school buses? >> reporter: they would, deiah. it's estimated adding seat belts to a current fleet like the buses here would cost about $7,000 each, however, following the tragic crash in tennessee, parents right here and across the country say definitely be worth the cost. check out the dramatic video we got from the group safe guard for kids. it shows what would happen during a roll over crash when kids have on seat belts and without in tennessee case, it's believed seat belts could have possibly saved lives. we spoke to one parent whose son was on the hillsborough county bus that crashed last year this tennessee scene brings back tough memories.
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and i really can't even imagine. i do think of our situation, and i do feel terrible for them. >> reporter: and according to the florida statute, school buses purchased after december 31, 2000 are required to have seat belts, but it doesn't say anything about enforcement or making sure the students wear them. parents said more needs to be done to ensure the students are safe on reporting live in hillsborough county, rodney dunigan. tampa police need your help right now, they are looking for a man reported missing who has dementia. timothy bergeron walked away from his home yesterday afternoon. he has several medical issues, and if you see him, call police immediately. developing this morning, we now know the name of the officer shot in detroit, and this marx the fifth police
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week, and our scripps affiliate getting the photo of officer collins rose. he worked for wayne state university, and he is right now in grave condition. investigators are questioning d' angelo davis. rose was investigating possible car thefts at the time and had just called for backup before the shooting. we are getting look at the deputy killed while chasing a suspect. this is deputy eric oliver. the man he was chasing when he was struck struck by an suv
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was struck should not have in the u.s. because he was deported two time. >> he was a good police officer. >> he was a navy veterans and leaves behind a 6-year-old daughter. he was 32 years old. the woman who struck him stayed at the scene and is cooperating. authorities later arrested two other illegal documents that drove away. >> food bars, and apparently that's not only time. we will tell you about the boy who ended up being his victim. and more reports phones exploding, but the owners are not getting any word from the company. the reason it could be more
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wednesday before thanksgiving. big travel day. we will talk about that for the next hour. temperatures this morning, big story. much milder than yesterday and the day before. looking at temperatures in the 50s, and we have replaced the 30s and 40s, thankfully. too cold for most of us. 60s, and hitting mid-70s by lunchtime already, and that means we are going up to around 80 degrees, and we will do that with mostly clear skies, but upstream, the front will be
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the midwest in a few minutes. thank you, ivan. a 12-year-old boy had to be rushed to the hospital, and it's believed someone tampered with his food this is surveillance video from another case last week. you can see the man putting something into the hot food bar at a grocery store. the same guy put something in the salsa bar at a restaurant that made the boy sick. they believe he hit a third they arrested a man in the case yesterday, and investigators are trying to test the food to find out what exactly he put in it. one pensacola man says his galaxy s6, which is currently not under any recall began to overheat as he was charging it in his truck. brian gerde started to smell the burning plastic and
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phone. he pulled over, threw it out the window, and that's when it exploded. samsung offered to replace the product, but he is not sure he wants another samsung product. the new obstacle in place for the macy's thanksgiving day parade that is meant to stop terrorists. z26lvz zy6z
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park accident in kansas city that killed a lawmaker's son last summer. the water slide he died on will be demolished. the water park and the family that runs it saying yesterday the 168-foot ride will be torn down. it's been closed since august when 10-year-old caleb schwab was killed on the slide. a california father crime, police saying he drown his 4-year-old daughter in a church baptismal pool. he drown her on sunday and then carried her body to the police station across the street. his attorney wants an
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most cases the owner lefts the -- the owners left the key in the vehicle. these are the adults who were arrested. the unlocked cars were stolen over the last 2 months, and they all happened in southern hillsborough county, and three of the minors have been with misdemeanors. 41 of the 46 stolen cars have been found. devin acquisto robbed a man while he was walking home from work. acquisto had a scarf around his neck, and when he went to take off, the scarf fell off, and the victim saw his face.
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earlier in the night. the macy's thanksgiving day parade will have more security than ever before. there's going to be 3,000 police officers deployed including heavily armed counterterrorism units, and 80 sand-filled trucks will be parked at every single interception to drivers from attacking the parade that i are working to vet the volunteers, and the process has been going on for a year. the winds could potentially be an issue. it will be a raw day up there. mostly cloudy, drizzle in 40s. can you imagine?
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begun. we lost the 40s this morning. this will continue for thanksgiving and black friday. turning cooler and less humid for the weekend. i think you will like that the next few days, we will crank it up too far, i think, in the over direction. 50s widespread this morning. that's 10 to 20 degrees plus from yesterday. thes just across panama city, about to move to tallahassee. haas from the frontal boundary that awhile but as it does, we will tap into the southeast wind, and that will get the temperatures back in the lower 80s and also increase the humidity to the point i think you will notice it, especially with the 80-degree weather today, tomorrow, and into friday. the front will move in for the weekend, not cold air behind it, but slightly cooler and drier. lower humidity back in the forecast for saturday and sunday. fantastic stuff here.
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you. the airport will not be below 60 tomorrow morning. upper 70s across the coast, and that's what we will be today. 79, some of us hitting 80. and there's the extended forecast through thanksgiving and black friday. that's slightly cooler and drier, moving in in time for the weekend. >> good morning, everybody. we are starting this busy travel day with a serious crash in st. pete. look at the north. a serious crash with injuries, and it looks like from my map, the westbound lanes on 22nd avenue, just west of 275 are completely blocked. avoid the area if you can. you may want to try 39th avenue or 5th avenue instead. we will continue to watch this i will keep you posted throughout the morning right here and on twitter @tampabaytraffic.
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the time is less than 10 minutes for all the bridges this morning. a clearwater hair salon is changing the lives for people with can. is la poshe salon is fitting, trimming, and braiding beautiful away. michelle said having cancer was and losing her hair was like changing her identity. >> i'm so appreciative. >> if you know someone who is battling cancer and has lost their hair, they have more than 100 wigs to give away for free. each is high quality and would usually sell for $250. there's a new "dancing with the stars" champ this morning. >> there is.
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gold medalist won the covenant two -- trophy. >> lori and val! >> she seems surprised, but no one else was. the 17-year-old hopes she can be an inspiration to anyone. >> it's an honor to get the mirror b. i hope through the crazy journey, whether it's gymnasti - - i nspire others. she and the other finalists and her dancing partner val chmerkovsiy are on their way to new york to appear on good morning america this morning. one man was arrested for the disturbing items he gave
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hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there's no more room. oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy.
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and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
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6:25. even though thanksgiving is tomorrow, one texas community is talking about what happened on halloween, and you will not believe it. police say a texas man handed out adult videos to trick or treaters. brad collins is charged nearly a month after halloween. he said he was helping neighbors pass out bibles to thousands of kids, but he included dvds he burned, and he says he told parents to check them first because he was not
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parents checked them and found the graphic material. he says he didn't mean anything by it. doctors may have to amputate a 21-year-old's arm after she was injured during a protest at the pipeline in north dakota on saturday night. some say law enforcement officials used a concussion grenade, but they said they did not use any, and they gg cocktail. >> the sheriff's office said they blew up their own bombs or something. that's ridiculous. a nearby indian reservation says it could destroy the historic sites and contaminate their drinking water. the pine line is building built to carry water from north dakota to illinois. a man is shot trying to use
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life. the busiest thanksgiving travel week in at least 9 years is upon us. today is likely the busiest day of all. we are looking for the best places to gas up and the worst days to come back home. >> we have you covered, and no delays headed out of tampa, but problems across the mid-part of the country. >> if you're headed to the airport, you should have no trouble getting there this morning. a crash on 22nd avenue z26k3z zy6z
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z26kzz zy6z . time to hit the road. next at 6, what you should be thinking about right now to beat the holiday rush. and airports will be packed today with a record number of travelers passing through.
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time and we have tips to make it through the crowds. thank you for waking up with us. i'm dan schaffer. >> and i'm deiah riley. we have team coverage to make your holiday drive a smooth one. with everything you need to know from gas prices to how busy the airports we have had upper 20s a couple of days ago, and that's all gone. the air mass has moderatedded, and we are looking at nice weather here, and a little more humid and -- the air mass has moderated, and we are looking at nice weather here and a little more humid and the system will impact us through the weekend in a good way. we will talk about that, but
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couple of minutes. good morning, everybody. we are watching a crash in st. pete on 22nd avenue north. looking like we have roadblock on the westbound lanes, and captain al is flying over the crash right now. what can you tell us? . >> reporter: good morning, janelle, just arriving in st. petersburg now, and you can see 22nd avenue on the right, that's going on to 34th street, and they are in the process of clearing this up, there. we also have some good news on u.s. 92, and the crash we have been watching right at bethlehem road. that's in the clearing stages, and that's good news there. if you're headed out the door, i-275 around gande up to speed in both directions. this is pushing down to the
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today, you're certainly not alone. 45million people are traveling by car this holiday, and a lot of them are leaving today. >> probably early this morning. abc action news' reporter, ryan raiche has tips on how to beat the rush and the best places to fill up. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning, guys. here's the thing, if you are leaving today, the best thing you can do is hit the road in the next couple of hours. everyone has th you're going to be dealing with trouble, and you will battle with so many other drivers out there. the sooner rather than later is the best bet. as far as gas prices in the brandon area, 185. we were at thorntons, and we found what is probably the cheapest gas in the area.
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the vast majority of people will be traveling by car. could be the most thanksgiving travelers in almost a decade, guys. whether on the road or in the air, patience is the key today. i know we have not gotten through thanksgiving yet, and so many people have not thought about the trip home, but maybe you should think about that. the best day to travel home, believe it or not is the day after that's probably the most popular day. it's best to leave earlier in the morning than later. over to ivan to see the airports this morning. hi, ivan. >> that's interesting, but i guess folks need an extra day to decompress. if you're headed out to the airport, looking good weatherwise. you want to get there 2 hours before your scheduled departure. charge up your phone, but there
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phone number so in case something changes, you're aware that happened. 79 for the afternoon. looking great. if you're headed out of tpa by florida, the roads are looking good, you don't have to deal with any rain. not the case for the midwest. rain in the forecast and earlier in the day, snow as well, mixing in. certainly the upper midwest into wisconsin and minnesota. that could cause issues for the airports for minneapolis, chicago, rain fall, should not be a big deal here. that's where we have the front and the new system moving through the pacific northwest. the front headed our way, we will talk about the weekend forecast coming up. >> thank you, ivan. this just in. a palm harbor woman charged with stalking for allegedly mailing naked photos of her ex- husband to her parents. she admitted to taking the pictures for his flash drive
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she dropped it off to his employer and it was labeled requires immediate attention. a central florida man was shot during an attempted robbery during an atm, and he managed to escape with his life. it's all because he kept his car in drive this is surveillance video from 2 weeks ago. with are just seeing it for the first time. the osceola sheriff's office says the men demanded he get and he hit the gas and took off. deputies said that likely saved his life. >> we suggest anyone who has to go to a drive-thru atm to do it at a well-lit area and during daylight hours. >> the victim took a bullet to the arm, but other than that,
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these two outing a fork to short sir -- caught these two using a fork to short circuit an atm to steal all the money inside. officials will rethe toxicologist report larouf.. -- will release the toxicologist's report on lil' done larouffe later today. this surrounding community around donald trump's florida home has been secured. this is video of the trumps arriving at airport. as many as 500 members of the
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acre water front estate, and they each have to get a new background check. before leaving for vacation, the president-elect had a busy few days. he's speaking out to the new york times saying there's connection with humans and climate change, going against his previous remarks it was a joke. he also said he 79s to the move past investigations for hillary clinton. he officially offered ben carson the head of the housing and urban development this is after carson said he was not interested in serving in trump's administration. carson's business manager said he would consider a senior role if mr. trump convinced him there's no one else for the job no word on his decision. we are learning joe biden is not interested in leading the democratic national committee. a spokesperson for the vice president said he doesn't want to be chair, but he will be deeply involved in shaping the direction of the party. a new chairman will be pick in
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have both expressed interest in the job. many of you are beginning to prepare your thanksgiving meal as early as today. but you may have a cooking 911. there's free help, just a phone call away, of course the perennial butterball hot line. questions can be answered until 11:00 tonight or 7:00 a.m. the u.s. department of agriculture's meat and poultry hot line will be open today and tomorrow. you can also live chat online. got a baking problem? betry crockeries hot line will open at 8:30 tomorrow, and
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be open at 8:30 tomorrow, and if you didn't get all of those numbers we have them all online. the carey and leisure law firm will be giving away free turkeys meant for families in need. clearwater will police will be helping with the distribution. pilots on strike could put a delay deliveries. the striking workers carry packages for amazon and dhl. avx air says they are go to strike to end the strike. pilots understaffed and forced to workweeks at a time without any time off. one of america's tall ships will sail under the skyway bridge in a few hours.
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petersburg its winter home it will soon be docked next to the ferry. the plan is to open it up for public tours and sailing trips next weekend. a consumer alert you need to know about before heading out on a road trip. toyota is recalling minivans because the door could slide open while you're driving. the japanese awe auto maker recalling the model years 2000- 2016. the company says it's an extremely rare occurrence, but they are working toyota will start to recall the vehicles in mid-january. some people are getting surprise checks in the mail from facebook. you wonder is this is a hoax? we can tell you, it's real money. it's frahley versus facebook, the name of the class action lawsuit filed in 2011 for using names and photos without permission.
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a $20 million settlement. we are not sure what changes are coming to disney yet, but epcot will be undergoing a major transformation. it came at the most recent fan convention in orlando. what exactly they have in store for park, it's a closely kept secret. there's arguments about the guardian of the galaxy ride be moved into the empty 3, 2, 1, and there you go! the vegas golden knights. >> this you go lightning fans, now you know the latest opponent. the vegas golden knights unveiled their name and logo last night. the new franchise will begin play next october. >> golden nuggets. >> covers a lot of ground.
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ground today. they will be headed to 74 or 57. maybe you're headed to south florida or the panhandle, and we are looking good or warmer. you don't have to bundle up all that much. the 50s, that's all the lower we will go. 15 to 20 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. with a little more humidity, and the temperatures not falling as much. zephyrhills reporting .75 of an inch of visibility, but if you're traveling in the area, reduced this morning, otherwise, looking good. the clouds this afternoon, look at the high temperature, pushing 80 degrees. we will talk about the forecast for black friday weekend in a few minutes. a federal judge blocked overtime pay for millions of americans. what it means for you and your
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great deals this morning. you could get a neiphone for
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6:45. new this morning a story that affects millions of american, many in the bay area. late last night a federal judge belonged the overtime rule, just days before it was supposed to take effect.
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down what it could mean for you and your family. we spoke earlier, and it seemed like a done deal but not until last night. >> 21 states not include colluding florida sued to block the rule, saying it would cause an uptick in government costs for their state and made it mandatory to pay millions in additional salaries. last night a federal judge in texas agreed. we are crunching the numberings for you this morning it will affect 4 million more thans who were -- who were expecting the overtime pay to start december 1st. employees who worked more than 40 employees a week would have gotten full-time and a half, but up the judge issued a preliminary injust agreeing that the salary threshold is too much of a jump. many are calling it a disappointment for the millions
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extra pay. the department of labor is considering their legal options. deiah, back to you. breaking news just in. the associate press reporting in that nikki haley will be the u.s. ambassador to the united states. she is the first woman picked for trump's cabinet. this would be governor haley's first post in the federal government new developments on the deadly tennessee bus crash. the driver, johnthony walker, sideswiped a car in september while driving a school bus. walker was speeding when he crashed on monday. the jar killed five children, and walker is facing vehicular homicide charges. a detroit police officer was shot in the head, colin rose is in grave condition.
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officer shot by gunmen within the last week. officer rose stopped a man on the bicycle while investigating car thefts while he was shot in the head. investigators scheduled a news conference for 8:30 this morning to update us on the case. a few days, of course from black friday, and there's good news if you want to buy a smart phone. t. mobile is offering a free iphone 7 if you sign up for 2 years and trade in trade in an iphone 6, and it's just $100. dangerous recalled toys are still available online according the florida public interest group. they found a toy will lead paint. there's another with mag nets that come loose and can cash into a mild. the group is urging parents to
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toy safety lists before shopping. we will closely watch the stock market as it opens in record-breaking territory. it's above 19,000 for the first time ever. good news for your 4001k. the nasdaq and s&p opening at record highs today. nearly 50 million americans will be traveling for thanksgiving. and cheaper gas may be why. the nationwide the average price is 2.13. in the bay area, even cheaper. just $2 a gallon. janelle, are you seeing congestion out there? not yet. we expect things to get busier around3:00 when people get off work. the interstate is looking great. no crashes or breakdowns to slow you down this is right at fouler, and both direction, in and out of tampa looking good this morning a couple of
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28th street at 22nd avenue north. that's clearing, and the delays we were seeing are no locker there. and also down in sarasota, westbound university parkway at cattleman, i'm seeing a delay headed to i-75, and leave yourself extra time. if you're headed north through wesley chapel, dead city, we are seeing patchy areasover fog, and i expects this to last most of the morning. >> a little longer here, and patchy. no camera there. clear skies, no visibility issues except for the usual areas. full visibility not a problem right now. temperatures warmer than yesterday. look at this, widespread temperatures mid- to upper 50s, a big change from where we were, and that's courtesy of the south easterly wind that
6:51 am
humidity the next few days. the front with the moisture will fix that it will be gone by the time it gets here, and we will get the slightly cooler air for the weekend and lower humidity as well. think i you will notice the low 80s, and things are stickier than they were. lower 80s, getting above average, quite a difference from where we started the weekend f you're headed to grandma by boat. temperatures upper 60s, and there's the ciders for the wrest of the day. the extended forecast into thanksgiving. 80, above average, and her humid for thanksgiving and black friday. the weekend, the front comes n drier, lower humidity, and comfortable. getting the temperatures back to where they should be this time of the year, mid- to upper 70s. we will be right back. you're watching action news this morning.
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look, the wreckage of the school bus and the wreckage of family. this mother says her daughter complained about the driver before the crash. >> i have been calling the school since the first day. >> we learned the 24-year-old driver received his real license in april and in september he had a crash, hitting a car. >> -turning fa on the curve. >> he had me, and that's when the freeze went through the bush. >> hundreds turned out to remember the lives lost. we will have a live report from tennessee coming up at 7 :00 a.m.. with your gma first look, i'm david curly, abc news, chattanooga. flash
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z26krz zy6z y26kry yy6y good morning. took a look at this beautiful shot with the sun coming up. no problems across the sunshine skyway. the howard frankland, courtney campbell, all less than 10 minutes, and no issues on the interstates. >> beautiful stuff. 3 minutes away from the sunrise. as far as the weather is concerned, looking milder.
6:56 am
70s, and eventually the forecast is warmer for tomorrow with the highs near 80. many of you are talking about ellen getting emotion as she gets the presidential medal of freedom. she was alongside 20 other americans yesterday. she was not allowed inside at first because she had forgotten her i.d., but once she was inside, she led a star studded mannequin challenge right there in the east room. >> i don't know who you as millions of americans get ready to turkey in wyoming, there's one thing that -- there's one turkey that will not be eaten. casper police have posted a warning about this turkey.
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town! >> that's right. good morning america is coming up next. >> stay up to date on our mobile app, facebook, and
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good morni good morning, america. holiday travel nightmare. two winter storms moving across the country right now. alerts from california to michigan as slick roads spark accidents overnight a m angeles freeways. now tens of millions of americans on the road and in the air on the busiest travel day of the year. the best ways to beat the holiday rush. breaking right now, a big announcement about donald trump's team naming formal rival governor nikki haley as u.n. ambassador as he reverses course on some of his most controversial campaign pledges. he now says he may not seek criminal charges against hillary clinton, rethinks his positions


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