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tv   Action News at 9AM  ABC  November 23, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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live, from the station taking action for you. this is abc action news. are hitting the road this thanksgiving holiday. if you are one of them, you could hit some snags. the best time to leave and when you will hit the most traffic coming back. following the tragic school bus crash in tennessee, parents in florida are asking tough questions in regard to bus safety. ahead, the laws on the books right now and if they are being
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shirt, take off your shirt. expect a florida man is accused of crossing the line after the election. he allegedly got physical with another man at a gas station. why did politics fueled the violence. at 9:00, we are looking at record travel today with 50 million americans expected to hit the roads this thanksgiving holiday. >> that is the most thanksgiving travelers in almost a decade. we check in with gas station. what is the best time to hit the road this morning? >> reporter: i tell you, if you haven't left, you should do so in the next couple of hours. do what these folks are doing, fill up and hit the road. google said the best time to leave is this morning and the worst is waiting until after 2:00. after 2:00, you deal with a lot
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traffic and the likelihood of accidents. gas prices are the best. this lady, you found the best place? >> $1.85. >> $0.10, down to $1.75, that looks like $0.35 cheaper than if you filled up in tampa. remember that as you hit the road. i want to show you video of gridlock in l.a. this is incredible. it looks like a light show from the air. those are brake lights and headlights as far as the eye can see, just incredible. if you think tampa has bad traffic, and if you are sitting on the veterans or i-4 in stop and go traffic, remember that it could be a heck of a lot worse. bring your patience. if you haven't thought about your return trip, the best time to come home and hit the road again is friday, the day after
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google said the worst time you can leave is saturday. if you leave saturday, hit the road early. >> we've been watching the roads all morning. traffic has been very light this morning. we have one issue with a crash on northbound 235 in pinellas county at 54th avenue. adjusting with a slow down through st. pete on 275. this is nothing compared traffic in los angeles. 57 is the average speed northbound. looking great southbound to the sunshine skyway with average speeds from pasco and the veterans to 75 and i-75 are all in the green. locally, we are in good shape and ivan has the latest. the last thing we need is problems with the weather. in tampa, we will be in fine
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temperatures in the upper 70s. perhaps you are flying to other cities in florida or driving, either way, great shape weather- wise. jacksonville, a few more clouds with sprinkles possible but nothing to impact your travel. nationally, the system across the midsection of the country may impact chicago or o'hare. check with your carrier. we not only have rain but mix of snow and across the pacific northwest in seattle, some rain and mountain snow moving in and that may be an issue. it is from minneapolis into the gulf coast with snow, showers and thunderstorms. 95 looks good if you are shooting up, and it will be cold, but no weather related delays. we will talk about the weekend forecast in a few minutes. an update to a story you
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tampa and it turned out it wasn't harmful, just something left behind by a tampa electric crew which prompted investigation around 8:00 this morning near dr. martin luther king boulevard and havana avenue. president-elect donald trump selected a woman to serve in his cabinet. he chose south carolina governor, nikki haley, to be the united nations ambassador. she is the second asian- american to serve as a u.s. governor and outspoken critic of the president-elect during much of the campaign but said she had a nice conversation with mr. trump last week in new york. president-elect donald trump and his family are in south florida this morning. this is drone video of their sprawling estate in west palm beach. the estate and surrounding community are under tight security this morning with the airspace, and their restriction, already in place by the time the trump's landed
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arriving at the airport. a palm harbor woman is charged with allegedly mailing naked photos of her husband to his parents. detective said eva gaitan admitted to taking the photos from the flash drive and burning them to cds and then dropped the cds off to her ex- husband's employer. it was labeled, requires immediate attention. an overnight fire forced people out of their thankfully, no one was injured. there is significant damage to the home and the family will stay with relatives. the cause is under investigation. new information about a deadly bus crash in chattanooga, tennessee. >> we learned that the driver charged was involved in another crash in september. abc news found out 24-year-old johnthony walker sideswiped another driver after crossing
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no kids were hurt in that crash and investigators said walker was speeding monday when he crashed into a tree and five children died. six others are in intensive care right now. parents in florida are questioning what the laws are concerning seatbelts on school buses. expect we are live at the hillsborough county bus depot. florida has laws on the books regarding seatbelts for school buses? >> reporter: you are right. florida is one of six states across the country that require seatbelts on school buses. a number of parents that we spoke with don't rules go far enough. >> check out this dramatic test video. >> reporter: safeguard for kids shows what would happen during the rollover crash when kids are wearing a seatbelt and without and you can see without the belt, kids can easily be tossed about. last year, the students in hillsborough county had to be
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control and ended up submerged in a pond. for parents of the kids on that bus, the tennessee crash brings back tough memories. >> i remember when i ran to the lake to see if my daughter was there. >> it was sad for those people. i really can't imagine. i think of our situation and i do feel terrible for them. >> reporter: according to the florida statute, school buses purchased after 12/31/2000 are required to have seatbelts but it doesn't say anything about enforcement or making sure students wear them and it is something that doesn't make sense to chantel, whose young son survived the hillsboro crash. >> as a mom, i make sure they are clipped in all the time. we put them on the bus every morning and after school with no seat else on, as far as i know. >> reporter: it's estimated that adding seatbelts to older buses like this would cost about $7000 each but a number
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bus crash in tennessee, the cost is the cost is worth it. in hillsborough county, rodney dunigan. an update on the teen accused of killing a martin county couple and biting off part of a man's face. officials will release a toxicology report on the suspect and we could learn if there were hallucinogenic drugs in his system. he walked away from a dinner and ended garage two miles away and they said harrouff brutally beat the couple to death and stabbed the neighborhood try to stop him. a central florida man is scared after he was attacked at a gas station by a trump supporter. it reportedly happened after the election and the victim, hispanic, said it started when a man got out of the car and headed straight for him, saying that this is for trump, reportedly.
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i said, what was that for? he said, that was for trump. take off your shirt, he said. >> police said the alleged attacker was arrested and charged with simple battery. central florida man is shot during an attempted robbery at an atm but managed to escape with his life because he kept his car in drive. this is surveillance video capturing happened two weeks ago. we are seeing the video now and osceola county sheriff's offices say two people approached the car and demanded he get out. he didn't do that. he had his foot on the brake and hit the gas and took off. deputies said the decision may have saved his life. >> it's something that can help you in a situation like that. anyone that has to go through a drive through atm, do it in a well lit area during daylight hours. expect the victim took a bullet
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the two suspects. still ahead, thanksgiving night and black friday may not bring the lowest prices on everything. when you can find better deals, coming up. an officer is in grave condition after yet another attack on the elan -- on a law enforcement individual this
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a wayne state university police officer in detroit is said to be in grave condition after being shot in the head. authorities question a man about the attack and they said colin rose had radioed last night to say he was investigating car break-ins and was about to speak to someone on a bicycle. officers found him on the ground. i heard it was three
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expect no word if charges have been filed in the shooting. >> investigators are working to determine who hid an explosive device in a piece of mail and they said the package exploded after the men mistook it for medication he ordered and he recovers from wounds to his face, chest and left hand and it reportedly had a power source and a switch and when it detonated, there sulfur. investigators do not have a motive but are looking into someone known to the victim and his partner. you may remember a scare involving zen candidate mike pence. new details are emerging about what happened. the ntsb said the plane overshot the runway at laguardia airport, floating down the landing strip before
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the jet was prevented from barreling onto a busy highway. the flight crew didn't report mechanical irregularities and no one was hurt. thanksgiving night and black rot -- and black friday is thought to bring the lowest prices. that may be a myth. why big assumptions can be wrong. >> reporter: black friday, now thanksgiving evening, is the most anticipated shopping day of the year. people suggest that other days over the coming weeks may give better bargains. even though dozens of stories say no to opening on thanksgiving day was thanksgiving day in 2016, millions will skip out on dinner and stand in line for a chance to rush the store. it's not worth it according to new analysis by the wall street journal in a report titled the myth of the black friday deal. hundreds of gifts from barbie dolls to blenders are priced
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on and prices are checked at 50 retailers. when you remove the midnight door buster deals, prices could be lower closer to christmas. how super black friday door buster deals fell out so fast. $200 tvs, $100 laptops are all great. they may have no more doesn't that stink? it gets us in the door to buy items not at lowest prices. if you want a super low price on a 4k tv, waiting for cyber week often yields better deals. for clothing and toys, there may be better deals later. i -- fire officials say a fire may have been deliberately
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officials say there are 44 uncontained large fires in the south covering a total of more than 120,000 acres. firefighters are gaining grounds in their efforts to suppress them but more fires are started each day. arson investigations are under way in georgia, tennessee and kentucky. it has been unseasonably dry including florida. in florida, the forest service warns property owners careful with fires at below normal rainfall for the past few weeks with the index high to the extreme range from the panhandle down the west coast and there are dozens of mostly small fires burning across the state with officials asking you to not burn trash and keep campfires enclosed and never leave them unattended. from drought to wildfires, it is different across the
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snowfall already falling and the system is trekking north and east, and wisconsin and minnesota in on it, as well. slushy roads and icy roads with 3-5 inches of additional snowfall on the low-end and the storm dropped a couple of feet in some areas. the white thanksgiving, no doubt about it. hurricane otto unfortunately has turned deadly, killing three in panama city. you see all the water pooling up. several are involved and three did not make it. i want to show you what's been going on and why it has produced very heavy rainfall across the region. it has been stationary for the past few days. watch as panama spins and the tropical rainfall is falling
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otto has moved and weekend and now we are back to the tropical storm. it will be a big rainmaker for the mountains and we have had thousands under evacuation orders, particularly across costa rica. nicaragua will take the br we have a hurricane, the last week of hurricane season. it's astonishing and it picked out its own environment because the dry air has been under the influence with the blue skies and these images, dry air is pushing south and east. at the surface, it means more clouds and humidity up. not oppressive, but the 80-
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day, it will be warm and a bit humid and on the weekend, we will be on the backside of the front. it won't cool us off big time, but back to everett and humidity will be fine the next couple of days. current temperatures much better and we are in the upper 60s to around 70. we will do better than that, upper 70s to lower 80s and feeling sticky. boating looks good. the are brave enough, the tide and the forecast take us to thanksgiving with warm and a bit more humid forecast through black friday and a great weekend shaping up with a lot of sunshine and lower humidity and highs in the mid-to upper 70s. coming up, most of us will
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others will be celebrating in zero gravity. astronauts on the space station will enjoy their thanksgiving meal tomorrow. a suspect was no match for convenience store.
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an a would-be an armed robber entered a california
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down by the fearless owner. >> the violent encounter was captured on surveillance video. the suspect walked in with a gun and demanded money from the register. the owner was inside and jump into action. he jumped on the robber, tackled him to the ground, wrestled him to the ground and the fight spilled onto the sidewalk with cars passing by and the suspect eventually gave cat stuck on top of a power pole. the cat, known as fat boy, scampered up the pole after being scared by a neighbor's dog and didn't come down for eight days. the utility crew came and said cats almost always jump. fat boy enjoyed his ride all the way to the ground. turkey and foot tall are the main headliners this thanksgiving on earth and in space.
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we will hit this up and it will taste really good, just like at home. >> i don't know about that. shane kimbrough is serving as the chef for the crew on the international space station. he showed the specialties they will be preparing. warm up pouches of freeze-dried turkey, candied yams and cobbler. victory. >> for the fifth time, and olympic gold medalist one the mirror ball trophy. >> laurie hernandez bested james hinchcliffe and calvin johnson. the 17-year-old hopes she can be an inspiration to anybody, no matter the age. still ahead, more reports of exploding samsung devices.
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live, from the station taking action for you. this is abc action news. a pay hike for more than 4 million people in the u.s., now on hold. federal rule was blocked. we are now learning about the florida deputy who was killed while chasing a suspect. how he is remembered by the sheriff. thank you for starting with us. a busy day for everyone. let's get a check on the forecast with ivan cabrera. it is warmer than yesterday. we are looking at temperatures with upper 70s to around ad. a nice shot with blue skies and
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warmer than you want because we are going in the other direction. quite a difference. we started with folks scraping ice off the windshields and now a bit more humid and 80-82 this afternoon, going into thanksgiving. into the rest of the week, it is turning more humid. a front will turn the weekend and we will talk about that. for now, it is getting mild with mid-and upper 60s and all the way up to 80 by this afternoon or close to it was sunny skies and we will talk about that in the next forecast. a story that affects millions, many in the bay area. last night a federal judge blocked the overtime rule days before it was scheduled to take effect. lindsay logue is live. people thought this was a done
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would happened and in 21 states, they were soon to block the rule. florida was not one of them and the argument was that overtime pay would have caused an up tick and government costs and made it mandatory for businesses to maim -- to pay million in additional salaries. last night, a judge agreed. it will affect 4 million working americans expecting overtime pay to start december 1 and that would have doubled the salary threshold for overtime pay from $24,000 to skip $47,000 and employees who work more than 47 hours would have gotten time and a half. the judge issued a preliminary injunction agreeing that this new threshold is too big of a jump. many on the other side called the ruling a disappointment to millions of americans who work long hours with no extra
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what is next? the labor department considers legal options raising the possibility of an appeal and that is something we will be watching. if you are going out on the roads for thanksgiving, expect more law enforcement officers to keep you safe from impaired or aggressive drivers. the florida highway patrol will add extra patrollers through today and sunday. last year, there were nearly 10,000 accidents during the holiday weekend. many people might have survived if they had been wearing seatbelts. if you plan to drink, plan ahead. use a designated driver and if you don't have one, use the rideshares service like uber and lift. we posted the phone numbers and web links for these services on our free mobile app. health officials in miami say they have not had any locally transmitted cases of
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days. two zika areas are active. one is a section of north miami known as little river and the other is at the southern tip of miami beach. zika can cause severe rain related birth defects for women who become pregnant and get infected. we're looking at a deputy killed in jacksonville. the nassau sheriff's office released this photo of deputy eric oliver. the man was an undocumented im reported. the suspect ran from a traffic stop while being questioned by border patrol and two deputies ran after him, crossing a road and one made it through traffic but oliver didn't and an s.u.v. struck him. the sheriff broke the news. >> very tragic and sad. we told them that he died doing what he loved to do and that he
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>> deputy oliver was a navy veteran and leaves behind his six-year-old daughter. he was 32 years old. the woman who struck him stayed on the scene and cooperated. two other illegal immigrants drove away and they were later arrested. police need your help finding a missing man who has dementia. here is a photo of him, he walked away from his issues. contact police if you see him. 11 women are suing a tampa strip club. the women claimed that 2001 odyssey used their photos without permission to advertise adult events. none of the women ever worked at the club and the plaintiffs include playboy centerfolds, tv personalities and jamie edmondson, the wife of tampa bay rays star, evan lange goria.
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vehicles. these are pictures of some of the adults. most are between 15 and 20 years old. they were stealing cars over the last two months, usually at night. mostly around the bloomingdale avenue area with three of them charged with misdemeanors and deputies have found 41 of the 46 stolen cars. there are reports of exploding samsung devices. the pensacola man said his phone doesn't fall under a recall. he said he was driving and smelled something burning i looked down and realized it was his phone. he pulled over, threw it out the window and the phone exploded. samsung offers to replace the phone but he hopes they fix the problem before anyone else gets hurt. for the sick -- for the sixth time since the election,
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it is climbing and up 13 points. pilots on strike could put a delay on your holiday shopping. striking workers fly planes that carry packages for amazon and dhl. they said they will go to court to end the strike, including 250 pilots. the strike comes at the start of the holiday shopping season and could have a major impact on your deliveries. the pilots said they are understaffed and forced without time off. one of america's tallest ships will set sail under the sunshine skyway bridge. this is making saint pete it's winter home and will eventually be docked in the yacht basin next to the ferry. the plan is to open it up for tours and sailing trips next weekend. some people are getting surprise checks from facebook and they wonder if it is a
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address of facebook, with a class-action lawsuit filed against facebook in 2011 for using photos without permission. in 2013, a judge ordered facebook to pay $20 million to amend the damage. one popular holiday gift is expected to be drones. prices have dropped and there are guidelines that hobbyists need to follow or you could have police knocking on your door. you must pay the faa $5 to register a drone if it you are supposed to stay five miles from airports and there are different rules and strict rules for people in the business of making money with a drone. the lives of cancer -- the lives of people with cancer, a posh salon is fitting, trimming and braiding beautiful wigs and
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battle with ovarian cancer and said losing her hair was like losing her identity. all that changed yesterday thanks to the stylus. >> they changed my life and i am so appreciative. >> if you know someone battling cancer and they lost their hair, there are more than 100 wigs to give away for free and each is high-quality and they will usually say a -- usually sell for around $250. it has been cold in drive insects inside your house, like this one, for example, the black widow spider. where this insect was found and what you need to know. changes to a water park in kansas.
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no official decision on the competency of dylann roof to stand trial for church shootings. the two day hearing ended in south carolina yesterday and it was closed over fears it could taint potential views of dylann roof. nine worshipers were killed in the shootings at the emmanuel
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arm after she was injured during a violent protest in north dakota at the access pipeline. law enforcement through a concussion grenade at her and it exploded as it hit her arm. authorities said they didn't use compression grenades and suggested the protesters had molotov cocktails. they're trying to stop the pipeline from being built to carry oil from north dakota to illinois. a tragic waterpark accident in kansas city killed the state lawmakers son last summer. operator said the waterslide will be demolished. the schlitterbahn waterpark and resort and the family that runs it said 168 feet of slide were been removed and should be torn down. the slide has been closed since august when caleb schwab was killed while on the slide and two other riders were hurt. a 12-year-old boy was
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someone tampered with the food he ate. officers in california released surveillance video of the suspect from another incident last week. you can see him putting something in the hot food are at a grocery store. they said the same guy put something in the salsa bar at a restaurant that made the boys sick. they're testing the food to see what he put in it. this cold snap could bring unwanted guests in your home. >> widow spiders in their houses. tamra instantly recognize the red hourglass mark on the spider in her garage and froze. it was in the area where her kids play. she snapped this picture and sent it to a pest control company. they get calls every year from families like this. >> people have arachnophobia, they are scared of spiders and they can't stand spiders.
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powerful than a rattlesnake but death by black widow is incredibly rare. if you see one, vacuum it up. spiders like to hide in dark areas. >> i don't understand that. i can't stand it! invite family members over politics. get outside and throw the football. you can do it today and i tell you what, you won't freeze or need gloves. a nice recovery as we take a look at some photos and going to crystal river, it is where we had the incredible freeze
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we did have temperatures in the upper 20s to lower 30s. what a turnaround, 52 and it is not freezing, but we are doing better and the air mass moderated. upper 70s and low 80s with a good head start. with this cool front coming, we will not dive into the temperatures we saw earlr we will get warm, it may be a little too humid and then back to dry air. the dewpoint, and the surface, the scale -- we were off scale earlier. teens, 20s and 30s and now we are climbing out of the 50s and
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won't feel fall like at all. upper 70s, low 80s today and tomorrow morning, not as cold with 50s and 60s and by the afternoon, we will warm things up to the lower 80s. a little bit cooler along the coast with upper 70s. your thanksgiving day planner, turkey trot in the morning looking good at 70 and warming up to 80 by the afternoon. the weekend forecast looks better the front coming in quietly and no rain with it and we clear out with drier times and cooler temperatures, mid-and upper 70s and the next front is in the later part of the week with the best chance for rain. now, staying dry. ahead, this morning, the search for the sippy cup goes international. a father's plea for help turned intoto a worldwide effort to he his autistic son.
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we are next to the angel tree and abc action news and the salvation army have teamed up to help families in need and we have made it easy and throughout the years we've helped thousands who normally would have no gift to open on christmas morning and we made it easy for you to help. >> our lobby at 4045 north hines across from raymond james stadium and we are open between 8:30 and 5:30 during the week. an angel from the tree and buy a gift and return it to the lobby by december 9. abc action news and the salvation army program have made it easy for you. come down to. an angel. make a child's christmas morning brighter.
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look in town, find it at abc action tree and we hope you will consider adopting an angel from our tree this year. a public interest group said dangerous toys may be pulled off the shelves but they are still online. >> they found the toy with high levels of lead paint. it was recalled months ago because the charging cord can overheat. recalled penci swallowed. they said every three minutes a child seeks medical services for a toy related injury. people from all over the world are answering a father's plea from england for a very special and very particular blue sippy cup. >> marc carter son, ben, has severe autism and he is now 14
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refuses to drink from any other cup. the cups are now discontinued and the one he has is disintegrating. carter took to social media to find more and he said several cups are now being shipped from as far away as australia. tommee tippee is helping coordinate the social media efforts and the delivery to the family. popular walt disney world theme park. we aren't sure what they are. epcot will undergo a transformation and the announcement comes at the most recent disney fan convention in orlando. exactly what imagine years have in store is a secret. there are rumors about a guardians of the galaxy ride or a roller coaster. stay with us.
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a warm-up with temperatures approaching 70 by the afternoon dose 80, and we will hit 80 by thanksgiving with a warm day for tomorrow. if you have some pictures, keep that in mind. >> yes. and elephant ditch filled with water in zimbabwe and some folks who scouted the area saw him and called for help. >> he was pulled out with the tractor and released into the wild. today's top story is on abc action "tampa bay's morning blend" is next. happy thanksgiving. time for the salvation army angel tree challenge. >> what challenge? we are shopping.
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this. >> what if we don't find it? we challenge you to help a family in need. stop by the station and pick up your angel today. the angel tree is sponsored
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? good wednesday morning. thanks for spending time with us on "tampa bay's morning blend," the day before thanksgiving. >> thanksgiving eve, and we were chatting. ironically, it doesn't surprise me that when you think about it, they said it was the biggest night to go out, even surpassing new year's eve. >> in my small hometown, all


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