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tv   Action News at 530PM  ABC  November 23, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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street with more than 49 people expected to drive on the road this thanksgiving. this polk city man accused of holding that woman hostage on his property. police say ronnie davis threatened to kill her if she left and tonight davis actually belongs to a group called an extremist terror organization. good evening everyone. tonight movers accused of stealing jewelry from a family. >> clifton french tells us this is more common than you would think. >> reporter: the owner of this franchise would not go on camera, but we uncovered many complaints of damaged items and stolen belongings. it is a beautiful home in odessa surrounded by a wall and security gate. according deputies employees of
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$75,000 worth of jewelry. the report said they were told to stay out of the master bedroom but went inside anyway taking gold and diamonds. 25-year-old herbert moore pond the jewelry for $362 -- pawned feature early for $362. >> we will continue to work with we found more complaints at this location in new port richey. >> i keep finding things missing all of the time. >> reporter: carol filed a complaint from her move in 2013. she says the members took $14,000 worth of stuff including a coin collection. >> household items, electrical
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>> reporter: in 2012 another report claiming $15,000 worth of coins were stolen from a veteran. jeff paul said his employees passed background checks and according to our research the man just arrested has been in and out of jail nine times since 2004 never for theft. according to the state, the owner of the franchise has had relatively few complaints. they do about 10,000 rooms every year in the majority of people giving them great reviews. in hillsborough county, clifton french, abc action news. >> something to think about. if you are hiring movers, this is where you want to go. and search for the company. today is considered the worst day to leave for your destination but millions of
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the road and flights. take a look right now in los angeles. if you saw it in looks like a complete parking lot and traffic building today in tampa some people are definitely on the moon. right now a look at traffic in the tampa bay area and at i-4 westbound. you get the picture. a lot of people are expected to get on the roads prices are at an eight year low. abc action news reporter ryan smith is in our live drive vehicle. what is it looking like right now? >> reporter: we have been driving around for a couple of hours now. so far so good until we are seeing red right here because we are in the exit lane on i-275
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bit. traffic is moving smoothly in both directions on i-275 from this area with the trouble spot for the most part just getting on to the exit ramp to head east on i-4. we would like to mention today the worst day to leave for your thing to the destination. the best day to come home will be the day on friday. so when you head back home, make sure you are leaving bright and early friday morning. ryan smith, abc action news. >> beyond the planes and trains it is the heart of what thanksgiving is all about. today i discovered that at a place most of us cannot wait to get out of. >> reporter: at the airport the waiting can drive you mad but
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paid off. >> i am waiting on my wife coming from los angeles. >> reporter: charles just landed a new job here, and now he is waiting for his wife to land. >> i'm not see my wife in about two months. >> reporter: while he waited -- >> ivylog to be thankful for. >> reporter: -- another detail. >> i had a kidney transplant. i waited one year and a day on dialysis. >> reporter: a new kidney and a new job. >> i have a new lease on life and my queen is coming to visit me. i am ready to have my wife home. she is gorgeous and blonde and beautiful. >> reporter: charles didn't wait to cook the turkey. >> i already did it.
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there are some skills behind all of this sweet deliciousness. >> reporter: but not as delicious as at the moment. when you see a familiar face in the crowd. >> yes. >> reporter: together again. king charles finally has his going. >> it has been a long time coming. it has been great. giving. now the most accurate weather team in florida. abc action weather. >> i love that story. that is what thanksgiving is all about. in florida it is also about sunshine. for those traveling, we still
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chicago but still most of the other spots whether you are expecting someone coming in or maybe you're heading out this evening, the weather should not be a major issue or a problem for us under clear skies and temperatures right now mostly in the mid to upper 70s. overnight partly cloudy and mild first thing in the morning on thanksgiving. they be getting up to watch the parade and a little football. we will talk in a couple minutes. in just the last few hours a standoff with a man police say killed a k9 officer coming to an end. deputies say they shot a 34- year-old andy powell multiple times. they were looking for a wanted fugitive at a home in deltona when he drove by recklessly on a dirt bike.
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and he was rushed to the hospital but later died. 300 officers spent the day looking for powell . a central florida man is scared after he was attacked at a gas station by a trump supporter. >> this happened earlier this month right after the election. the victim says this all started when a man got out of a car and headed straight for hi for trump." >> he came behind me and hit me. i looked back and i said what was that for? he said that is for trump. >> police say they arrested the accused attacker charged with battery. since election day there have been hateful harassment
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center with 65% of the incidents occurring in the first three days after the election. we have breaking news with action air 1 giving us live pictures showing the arrest of a homicide suspect. tampa police arresting a person connected to a death in st. petersburg. st. pete police tell us the suspect shot the victim home on 40th avenue north. we have a crew headed to the scene. download our mobile app for the latest updates. if you are looking to do some holiday shopping, you might want to think beyond the big items. the other items you might want to keep right here in your cart
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tonight the orlando police officer is seen punching a handcuffed man. a judge ruled that the city had no cause to fire him. william was charged with
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he says he is defending himself. according to a squeaks plus works in he will be assigned to a unit based on vacancies. the person he is hitting was awarded $15,000 in september. a kansas waterpark has decided to close the world's toss waterslide for good. the slide at the schlitterbahn waterpark will be demolished after a 10-year-old boy died the ride injured. take a look at this video here. that is a cat and this is a pole. the owners of the cat suspect a dog scared him up the pole. he sat up there four days as officials try to figure out how
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finally, the local electric company reached the cat and got him down. it was dehydrated but for the most part he was okay. the electric company at some equipment to make sure it never happens again. many of you plan to shop and tonight kera mashek shows you that the best deals are for what you do every day. >> reporter: this is not the best fan of does like discounts to check off his wish list during the holiday season. >> maybe some electronics or some nice headphones. >> reporter: pablo and his friend are taking turns in this tent outside best buy in citrus park trying to get a tv. >> we are trying to get a tv so i can play my video games and have a nice tv in my room.
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more you can save on. you have got to make one of those grocery lists and stock up on the items you use most often. other items easy on the wallet? bath and beauty items including cosmetics. also handy household items like paper towels and tupperware. if you have little ones, check out savings on car seat and even diapers. with so many different discounts you might as well stock up and said on the things you will need to save -- said on the things you will need. >> you might want to call a travel agent because he can find pretty good vacation packages at this time of year. to make sure you are getting the best deal possible, you should head to
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the budgeting advice at your fingertips. you can find a link to it on our website at a lot of deals. >> denis said he already got some black friday deals already. >> you can find them online. if you don't want to fight the crowds you can really go online and find them. why not? looking outside beautiful. this is about as good as it gets. in the north day -- they have cold and snow but we have this. tomorrow temperatures back up around 80 degrees. up north it is another story where there is snow across the northern plains. for as low to mid 70s across the area topping
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from 15 degrees below normal just four days ago, temperatures are now above normal today and tomorrow. 77 right now in tampa with humidity at 52% and the dew points at 58. we talked out at 79 which is a few degrees above normal. 70 degrees last year and this is the same ballpark income thanksgiving morning with 75 in st. pete and a few clouds but not many with the dew points 58. we talked about this yesterday. you can see some of those clouds coming in from the east coast. they just sort of cover the sun at times. the water vapor also telling the tale of the dry air we had
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humidity is on the rise until the next front comes in on saturday. so there you see it with the forecast through thanksgiving morning waking up to sunny skies and a warm day but i want to remind you tomorrow night and into friday it will start to see some fog and especially offshore. if you are taking a boat out be extra careful on that and ev burns off and later on friday afternoon more fog. rainfall on the east coast with a sprinkle in our area staying dry into the middle of next week with a stronger front coming this way. upper 70s to lower 80s across the entire area topping out at 81 on thanksgiving and the same thing with beautiful weather no
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travel conditions on thursday have rain in new york after the parade and it will be mailed with temperatures below 50s. there are these delays from chicago to minneapolis with some white snow. through the day on thanksgiving sunny skies and a mixture of clouds and sun. the top out at 80 degrees. looking at florida's most accurate seven-day forecast sunny skies through saturday with the front arriving saturday morning. a little bit of cooler on sunday with with rain chances return by the middle of next week. i want to update you on the breaking news tonight. firefighters on the scene of this large house fire. >> this is all happening on crest hill drive near west habana avenue. it is just breaking out one hour ago. abc action news reporter cameron polom just arriving on
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>> reporter: it is a devastating start to the holiday for this family of six who lives in this house. this entire area is completely gutted out. the fire started in the backyard. there was two adults and a child in sight. they all made it out safely. one of the cats was pulled from underneath a bed and it was not breathing. you can see now it is on oxygen. th obviously the family is trying to figure out what they are going to do for the thanksgiving holiday now that they have lost everything. we will continue to update you on this story on i am cameron polom, abc action news. as we head to break, take a look at the gridlock on the george washington bridge. it is in new york city with so
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and here in florida the roads
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are you planning on buying a new tv? there is good news. sizes are bigger than ever. ab advice. >> reporter: josi is on the lookout for a new tv. he says there is only one way to find the set that is right for you. >> a lot of research. >> reporter: experts expect to see major brands like samsung and sony as part of some holiday deals. in the past those deals have included budget brands.
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but it puts pricing pressure on the major brand. >> that means your money goes farther. for $500 you should be able to get a 40 inch tv a top performing brand. >> as it matures they are expensive and then they become less expensive. >> reporter: that is why you ultra hd set from a major brand which can do better in value brands. spend a little more and you will likely get a larger screen and more of the latest features which can yield better contrast. >> because most people key tvs for 10 years, it is worth it to spend the extra hundred $50 if
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i am deiah riley , abc action news. a disturbing warning after a man-year-old vines -- 9-year- old finds a man in her bed. law enforcement looking for drunk drivers tonight. the areas police will be targeting and how you can get there safely without driving. >> i was really embarrassed. >> reporter: fake websis millions and how to protect
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live from the station taking action for you. this is abc action news. >> a child finds a stranger in her bed. the crime deputies charged him with and the reason this family worries to find out more about an arrest that shut down part of us-301. action air 1 near i-4 just moments ago for tampa police captured a potential suspect. they say this is connected to the shooting death of an elderly man. someone shot the victim on 40th avenue. we have a crew headed to the
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updates. >> thanks for joining us. a family fears further safety after they can't a man inside their daughter's bed. -- caught a man inside their daughter's bed. >> reporter: the woman does not know exactly how this man got inside the home. but now it is the that has her on edge.'s work i am really frustrated how the system is working. >> reporter: she is losing sleep. >> i feel unsafe in my neighborhood now. >> reporter: a few weeks ago her daughter said a man was on her bed. >> really? >> reporter: she snapped this picture of the stranger. >> it was pretty shocking to


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