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tv   Action News Weekend Edition at 6AM  ABC  November 27, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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good morning. is 6:00. >> i promise that if you're checking out the best team today it it going to be perfect i may take my ticket outside and watch it. >> it it going to be a beautiful day for game. i would say this is picture perfect football weather. the temperatures in the 50s and 40s in the northern counties. right now 59 in tampa, 56 in apollo bee and the cool spot up to the north and crystal river 46 and brooksville at 47. this is a big temperature change from what we saw 24 hours ago.
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and nine degrees cooler in tampa and six degrees cooler in crystal river. haynes city, 13 degrees cooler right now than it was at this time yesterday. it is not going to hang around for very long and 8:00 62 and noon 74 and 4:00 p.m. 78 degrees and the workweek, the temperatures increase as well. and we have a lot of changes in the 7-day forecast. i'll tell yo up in a little bit. new developments after fidel castro's death. people can pay their at some point castro in -- respect for castro before his beautiful yell and he'll buried. his funeral is set for december 4th. the world continues to
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sadness, joy and uncertainty. this is how the news is affecting some in tampa's cuban community. >> reporter: the death of a controversial leader caused for celebration for some in tampa's cuban community. but his nearly six decade reign in cuba has left his scars for this man. he fled cuba 45 years ago making it to mexico twice finally getting political asylum to join family in tampa. >> nobody can say against him or raul because they will die. >> reporter: he's happy that castro is gone. but not everyone is the same. this man still he's castro a leader. >> sad because so much
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and his son after that and they hope that the protesters will have a new sense of courage. >> they are risk their lives asking for freedom. and that is enough for me. >> reporter: he also knows thousands of cuban will continue to risk their lives to flee the country. >> i respect those people because they are offering the life to escape so they are brave. >> reporter: his treatment is true freedom. and many cubans have access to the phone and internet and some hope that president-elect donald trump will lift the embargo. >> the cuban people and the united states have all been great friends. there's great admiration on both sides and a willingness to see our relation blossom. >> reporter: the only team they
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across the country that the back in cuba will have a better future going forward. president-elect donald trump reacted to the death on twitter. he said fidel castro is dead. he oppressed his own people and he hopes that they can move away people can live in the freedom they deserve. and president obama supposed out and he reflected on the relationship of cuba that has been marked with disagreements in the past 60 years. and he offered prayers to the
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prayers and partner of the united states. >> we'll continue to follow all the latest developments following fidel castro's death. you can find out anything on time on both directions from thins daily may burr river the police are searching for a driver that hit and killed a bicyclist overnight. he was in someone in a dark colored sedan hit them and the driver did not stop. we'll stay on the scene and ask the police if there's anymore information on who they think was behind the wheel and we'll let you know as soon as that road reopens. a heads up to driver on clearwater bee traffic may be a little rough on gulf boulevard.
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sewage spill. it spilled for almost 12 hours on the intercoastal waterways yesterday so give yourself extra time. a man barricaded himself into a home on mar avenue yesterday. and they say it involved a boyfriend and a girlfriend. >> it is a domestic related incident where the victim had a domestic restraining order on the suspect and we got here and he barricaded himself in the house an negotiators and got him out of the house. >> the standoff ended peacefully the man faces for charges for violating a restraining order. the campaign said that he has not found any evidence of hacking of voting systems and clinton said they have investigated every theory and
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and jill stine has raised millions of dollars to have the votes counted again in wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. donald trump is calling the push for a recount calling it a scam and that the election is other and his midtown building has fell victim unflattering rename. instead of truck tower dump tower. trump has not commented on t and since then, the name has been corrected if you try to google search for it this morning like i did. ron glass has died. he is best known as police detective ron harrison.
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private, general delmon. he passed away from heart fail and he was 71. a man is recovering this morning after attacked by a gator. duck hunt in the everglades. it left a ten inch gash in our thigh. >> we were in the water and probably in hip depth of water gator or something and he bit him. >> man was airlifted to the hospital but expected to be fine. 6:09. thank you for waking up with us. breaking done barriers. we'll -- down barriers and we'll tell who you is hiring in the bay area and why anyone is qualified to do the job.
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now project underway to keep people safe. it is chilly. will this air make to us? i'll let you know after the
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. finding a job with a district challenging. but 6 million people in florida with disabilitieses want to work but -- disabilities want to work but don't. >> reporter: jessie is learning the skill of the construction trade. >> there was no future. there was no light at the end
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he landed a job within a week. >> i have a reason to get up. and it helped me focus on my next step in life, my next goal instead of my past. >> reporter: thanks to a $250,000 three-year grant from the able trust career force, he'll help dozens more people like jessie with physical and mental disability there's there's a ton of there. -- >> there's a ton of the talent out there. >> reporter: because of the low employment rates, employers are willing to give the jobs to any qualified worker. >> we have people that have disabilities and do the job great. >> reporter: they can apply to take some trade classes for
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>> it helped me and i didn't want to do anything or socialize, look into the program. they will help you. >> reporter: in a few short weeks you can on the way to a rewarding career. we told you about this intersection in ruskin last week. drivers said it was an accident waiting to happen. and one d and we're taking action for you with the changes new underway. >> reporter: and 24th right now and i can tell that you is total confusion. >> reporter: intersection of 24th and shell point was an accident waiting to happen. and three days after our story aired, one day. it was a three car accident right there. and luckily nobody was seriously hurt. but it did happen.
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the near afc campus. he sees a close call here every day. we caught this near crash 7 seconds after we turned the camera on. >> people not knowing what to do. >> reporter: the problem is confusion. they say this intersection is too busy to be just a two way stop. we need some help. we knead to make it a four-way stop at a minimum. we're and we brought your concern there's at the public they stay is just a matter of drivers getting used to the two way stops. are there any plans to turn into a four-way stop? >> we're going to look at it. >> reporter: and we showed bob campbell. and after seeing the story, he put up the signs to warn drivers. and you took action. >> we appreciate you bringing
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that drive through here every display it is a serious accident waiting to happen, more stop signs are needed. the clock is ticking till the next accident. >> county admits that this intersection may need four stop signs or a stoplight but they need to do a study to take action. but that after the holidays. yesterday was nice. it's been so nice lately. today will be nicer. >> really? >> yes. lower humidity. this is our tower cam. so a beautiful start to the day and a chilly one. if you're heading out this morning. you'll want to grab a jacket because it is a bit cool out there.
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sunday, lots of sunshine and dry and absolutely beautiful day and the low humidity is not going to stick around for very long. and the next front comes through on thursday and the first really good rain chance probably by mid-week. and the current temperatures chilly, 55 in plant city and 56 in apollo beach and crystal river right now at 46. if we back out, you can see cooler degrees. but this cool air will not make its way to us. and we'll warm up quickly. our highs today will warm up into the mid and upper 70s, even 80 degrees in some areas. and hernando will see 77 degrees and for the rest of us, we'll be in the mid- to upper 70s even your 80s, 81 in apollo beach. and this tells the story, the
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yesterday were in the 60s and know when you get into the 60s it starts to feel a little more moist. and that means really dry. but watch this i'll put our futurecast into motion. you can see the dew points up to 60 and by tuesday morning, our dew points are back up to 65. that is a typical level for late spring and early summer. so the humidity is increasing quickly. so get out and enjoy it now. and you can see the clouds moving w today. and the front that moved through moves to the south. the first half of the week will be mainly dry and some of the moisture will try to make its way in here but probably not have a lot of success, at least not till mid- to late week that is the next front that should be moving through the area and thursday if you're going to the buc's game, it looks like a
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northeast 15 knots and moderate chop on bay. so the forecast looks like this. a gorgeous day. no excuses. get outside and it will be beautiful and overnight not as cool, partly cloudy skies so the temperatures in the overnight hours will continue to rise as we head into the next several days. and take a look at our 7-day forecast. our early morning lows continue 69. and that is when we see the next best chance of rain wednesday and thursday. and we cool out for next weekend. police said that ten people were shot in new orleans. one of the victims is dead it happened this morning in the french quarter and we'll work to get more details. still to come on abc action
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the growing number of dangerous weapons showing upset the our airports, including one that is meant for war, not a waiting
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security screeners are
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and weapons. >> this this is a growing problem for them. >> we look at some of the shocking things they're finding and when the tsa is doing about it. >> reporter: all of these weapons were spotted at the security checkpoints rent items are obvious weapons. but some are hard to spot like this lip lipstick that is really a knife. or these credit card knives. and the flashlights are showing up more and more. >> but it is actually a shocking device. >> reporter: and there are the flat out ridiculous things like this rocket launcher.
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okay to have in checked baggage. >> reporter: a rocket launcher? >> yes. >> reporter: tsa set a record in finding guns. and this year, they expect another record to be set. and the numbers are way up. in 2015, there were 42 gun spots. so far this year, there have been 65. that is a 55 percent increase so far. and the majority of the time, the guns are loaded. >> it troubles me a great deal. >> i can't imagine that you would forget that a gun is in your bag. >> reporter: what your thoughts why the numbers are going up. >> i can't speak to someone's insent, they all say i forgot it was in the bag. >> reporter: and tsa is also
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checkpoints and areas like this the command center where resources are managed for three local airports. >> we have a bridge call across the country if there's an incident of significance in the country or the world, everyone can hear that at the same time. >> reporter: you could face up to $11,000 in fines and possibly jail time. you can download the tsa question anything that you have. a liquor store goes up in flames. caught on camera, a manpowerring gasoline right before the fire. the stunning reason he gave the police. a christmas ornament that is sparking some debate.
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might surprise you.
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starting tomorrow cuban cans pay their respects to fidel castro. he will be buried december 4th in the eastern city. his funeral is set for december 4th. hillary clinton's campaign is taking parts in the effort to push for recounts in several key states. and her campaign said they have not found any hacking of voting systems. and the team adds they investigated every examined laws and practices regarding a recount contest an audit. repairs are being made following sewage spill. it spilled for almost 12 hours in the intercoastal waterway yesterday. portions of hillsborough
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dale maybry. the police are looking for the person that hit and killed a bicyclist overnight. someone in a dark color sedan when they were in the crosswalk and the driver did not stop. we'll stay out there. we're watching 200 traffic cameras. today is one of the busiest days of people going home after thanksgiving. >> if you're not in your car, be outside. i want to know, did you have to put your heat on this morning? >> no, i didn't. >> i had to put on my heated seat t is twilight out there. and it looks like a beautiful start to the day and it will be beautiful as we head into the afternoon and we have the backyard forecast that looks darn nice. we'll see you a lot of sunshine today and highs topping out at
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the humidity levels will be low. so will feel really comfortable. we're waking up to temperatures in 50s in most of the bay and and the warm spot is in st. petersburg at 62. we're a few degrees cooler. but what you'll notice is the lower humidity. it will be comfortable. and the humidity stick around or the lower around? i'll let you know coming up in a little bit. police have found the body of a former nba player's missing nephew. the nine-year-old who is autistic disappeared. his body was discovered two days later in a near pond. >> this is the worst possible
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they're devastated. and right now more than anything, we're comforting them. >> the boy's name is marcus and were visiting from connecticut. a community gathered to remember a nine-year-old that died in a bus crash in tennessee. the funeral was held for one of the six children killed in the crash. the bus driver faces vehicular homicide charges. a california liquor store set on fire. but this is not case of vandalism. they are blaming it on a bitter beer rival from across the street. a rival business was upset this
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really? they set the place on fire. and the man promised to two known wipe out the competition and both of those men are facing charges too. >> they were trying to get the exam mow t but everything is pointing towards a financial motive that putting that particular business would assist this particular owner. >> luckily no one was hurt. holiday shopping takes political turn on amazon. this make america great hat ornament was being sold on amazon it is not available right now the reviews on amazon have been more of a sounding board of critics of the president elect. and it is available on other sites. i if you find it on his
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listed as $149 for an ornament. law offices of -- handed out 600 christmas trees yesterday to families that needed it. >> it is so gratifying when you're trying to help a community is underserved. i came to this country when i was a little kid and it is my way to give back to the community that spots us so much. >> they have event for the past six years. elf on the shelf used to keep kids on their best behavior during the holidays. and now there are is santa cams. santa cams they have the same concept. parents are hanging them on the christmas trees and one teacher
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classroom, to lead kids to believe that santa is watching them all the time t is not a real camera, just paint like one. >>i remember as kids, i feel like would say things like, naughty and nice. but i don't feel like it was like this pushed on to you. does that make any sense? >> i feel the same way. >> i didn't feel like it was all the time. >>i have a grandmother that would say coal in the stocking if you're not good. >> yes. it wasn't all of this. >> we have a lot more all new ahead on news. >> including and important recall that you need to know before you east the thanksgiving leftovers. she's fighting a terminal illness. we're going to know where the
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paying for life saving
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heinze is reliable be grave
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laws labeled as pork gravy. so toss it. apple reporting a problem with a very small number of phones and it affects those built between september and october of last year. if that fits your description of your phone, go to and apple store if you think you may have one of these defective phones. you want to make a homemade gift instead of christmas? >> we have a special customized
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life saving medication. >> and the family said that they are denied access to one of the life saving drugs from the insurance company. >> she hates it. >> reporter: mld attacked this little girl at the age of one. the disease aggressive and often terminal robbed this four- year-old of the ability to walk and play with other children. are there any words to describe the last two years? years, she's battled through a bone marrow transplant, chemotherapy and weeks of hospitalization. >> that is why the some, so important because it keeps her from getting sick. >> reporter: her mom said that the insurance recently stopped paying for medicine that protects her from deadly fungal infection. what was your reaction when you
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>>i started crying and screaming that my daughter needs these medicine. >> reporter: they only cover it for the primary treatment for a fungal infection. but in her case, it is needed as a preventive. >> by the time she has this fungal, it is too late. >> reporter: a reached out to the group three times in three days. and they sent her in >> we feel treatment is needed for your child and we're changing our previous decision. >> if you had not gotten in involved, i don't know that they would have called me. >> reporter: we connected sarah with pfizer's patient program. and they are processing her request that may grant her the medicine free charge.
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instead of buying one this season. the diva of dit is here for special occasions. take a look. >> reporter: hi everyone. i'm showing you how to make a special gift so you'll remember all the special dates on your calendar. we'll start with a block of wood. you can take on how large you want your sign to be and we'll stain it and put whatever you want on t i put family. and then we use paint sticks and cut them with a saw making them one inch wide. spray paint in the color of your choice and give them a little sand for a little distressing and it is a matter of putting it together. i'm using just some little a hooks here that will go in
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through december and i'm using o rings to took on my little tab. let me show you how cool this. you take your little tab and i'll put on this one. and we'll put ed. and for ed, i'm going to put that his birthday is on january 8th. and then it is a matter of taking a ring and hook it on here and maybe march is on the 10th and we have anden various that is done by a color. and once you do that, you have an amazing calendar that everyone will love. i'm your diva of diy. >> that is a novel idea, right? >> yes, a lot of kids make ornaments for parents and grandparents. i have a tray full of them. >> i'm sure. >> ornaments can get expensive,
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>> just $150. this is tampa and harbor island t is a beautiful start to the day but a chilly one. you may want to grab a jacket before you go out the door because the temperatures are in the 40s and 50s for the rest of us here. and the day planner looks like this. we'll warm up to 61 by 8:00 a.m. and 77 by noon and that is the kickoff for the buc's game and a few building clouds later in the afternoon. and by the time is over, the temperatures will be in the low 70s. so right now 59 in tampa and 57 in bartow. crystal river 46. and we'll warm nicely in the upper 70s to near 80 and we'll and 79 in tampa and 77 in crystal river and hanging city. satellite and radar shows the
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are moving offshore now and we're seeing a lot of moisture in the southeast. and that will make its way for the next fuse day. so we'll stay mainly dry for the first half of the week. we have a cold front on the horizon. and that should make it into our area on thursday. and we should see some showers ahead of this wednesday into thursday and that is the next best chance for rain. and the water vapor tells the in the up are levels of the atmosphere. you can see that brown, dry air that is moving in but it is not going last very long. look at that moisture. it is heading in and it will be here in the next couple days. as we talked about, raymond james stadium today, the bucs take on the seahawks. lots of sunshine and the temperatures in mid-70s kickoff in the upper 70s and halftime, around 73.
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70. so all and all, a perfect day to be out to watch game. boaters not a term day. winds up a -- not a terrible day. the wind up a little bit with a moderate chop on the inland waters. and the next high tide is 1:51:00 p.m. here's your forecast. it is a gorgeous one. get out and enjoy it. lots of nine and high temperature 79 degrees and absolutely gorgeous with the low humidity. but overnigh be as cool and the early morning lows will continue to rise as we head into the the next couple days. and you'll see this in the 7- day forecast. monday, and tuesday, look every single day, the early morning lows continues to rise and the next chance for rain on wednesday into thursday ahead of next cold front and we cool down for the weekend.
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dominance over the gators. and we calm with the double digit win season and we'll have all the highlights coming up in
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this makes it five of the last six and this one was not close. this is thanks to cook 17-yard td run and florida state led it 7-1 after run of the and -- will find travis rudolph across the midd yards. and he comes from special teams and fumble recovery and florida state winning this one by a final of 31-13. this is the regular season and one bowl game to placement and the first ten -- to play. and the first ten game against ucf and most of the bull's
6:55 am
from 43 yards out to tie the game at 7:00. and later in the sec quarter, check this snap run out here. he exchanged hands three times down the road. and 56-yard touchdown. and the next issue with 155 yards and two tds yesterday and then there was clinton flowers on the option finds the hole and he's gone. and flowers goes 62 yards here and usf goes 31. >> it's hard to win football games. and not too long go, winds came hard around here. this is huge. >> they have shown definite
6:56 am
and company? we'll see. and we'll start talking about the playoffs playoffs if they do. >> our focus is one game at a time. we have to get the w to talk about a p. we need to stay focused and can't look too far ahead and cannot worry about what is behind us. >> i'll tell what you, the buccaneer's team may be five and three and i think seattle the find out today. and the buccaneers are healthier and they weathereddage injury storm that could have -- weathered and injury storm that could have buried them. the bolts begin a three-game
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update. enjoy your week. we have another hour of abc action news coming up after gma and we have cyber monday and cyber crime at an all-time hide. we'll reveal how to keep your personal information safe while you shop. >> and how the zika virus warning that told tourists to stay clear this year. and you might be surprised. both directis maybry. the police are looking for the driver that hit and killed a bicyclist overnight. we'll bring it to you. >> as you head out the door, grab a jacket. the temperatures are chilly, we're in the 50s and 40s. and then for this afternoon, temperatures will warm up to 79 degrees. that cool air will not stay
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viewing weather outside or inside. inside for me, most likely after a long nap. we're back in an hour after
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even when life isn't. the after thanksgiving sale at havertys. life looks good. goo good morning, america. new this morning cuba's future. what's ahead for the country following fidel castro's death? the nation in mourning. political fallout. president obama criticized for his statement. the backlash this morning and the warnings. >> raul is as repressive. >> breaking overnight, the burr ban street shooting. shots fired on the most famous street in new orleans. ten people hit. at least one killed. >> looking for witnesses. we are interviewing those victims. >> the arrests this morning. >> recount, hillary clinton's


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