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tv   Action News at 5PM  ABC  November 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm wendy ryan. >> and i'm laura harris. authorities are revealing the attacker who put the campus on alert today he is 18 years old and osu student and somali descent, our first look at him, his name is abdul razak ali artan the motive still not clear tonight, investigators say they have not ruled out terrorism and the deliberate and may have been planned in advance. >> the suspect plowed a car into a group of people on the sidewalk he jumped out and started stabbing people. >> there were 11 victims taken to local hospitals including one person could agree injured. >> a scene on the campus of ohio state, a heroic lease officer by the name of alan horujko stop the person who
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campus critically injuring one. we have information that says the suspect was a student at the university. it came as an active shooter called shots fired. >> people started running. people said don't go to campus.>> police swarmed the campus after reports of a gunman on the loose. the university alerted students and staff tweeting active shooter on campus run fight. >> there were three gunshots. >> around noon a student captured this cell phone video they shot and killed the scene secure. it turned out to be a man that police took down after he crashed his car into a crowd of people. and then, police say the
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we have a man running around cutting people. >> a male suspect drove the vehicle over the curb stroke pedestrians. he exited the vehicle and used a butcher knife to start cutting pedestrians. >> there were multiple injuries related to lacerations or cuts stab wounds from the butcher knife. >> investigators identified the suspect as an osu student, abdul artan. investigators continue to dig into his background and motive, they have not ruled out terror at this point, sources say at least one social media post shows he was upset over recent attacks on muslims. kenneth moten abc news, back to you. a prayer vigil for ohio state will start any moment at a campus ministry we will
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updates on the victims and the suspect's possible motive. we will keep you up-to-date through our push alerts and on plant city investigators are looking into another stabbing, the victim a woman found dead on the side of the road. kera mashek is live at the scene. >> reporter: this section of sammons rode alongside landscaping company is blocked off as they investigate the stabbing that happened down this road, across the street from commercial concrete. action air 1 captured these images late this afternoon, the victim is a hispanic woman and she wasn't breathing when they arrived, a group of workers saw part of this tragic incident unfold police think the victim knew who attacked her
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in figuring out what happened. >> we did make contact with some potential witnesses in the area from one of the nearby businesses. we do have some other information that has been relayed to the detective sergeant and captain. they are in the process of vetting that information. >> reporter: police are stressing the public is not in danger, but right now we don't have details about possible vehicle that might have been used during the incident. if you have information please contact law enforcement, officers are trying to figure out how to get a hold of the victim's family. from plant city kera mashek abc action news. an update from citrus county deputies about a body found in a burning car within the last half hour detective say the car belongs to linda
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deputies have not identified the body found in the vehicle, deputies made the discovery while checking out a reported brush fire in crystal river. deputies are calling this a suspicious death but have not said if someone set the fire on purpose. the tampa man accused of nearly burning down his apartment is out of jail. the men had a fight with his roommate in their south armenia avenue home just before taking their close them in a bathtub and set the clothes on fire. the fire caused about $50,000 worth of damage to the apartment. the man is charged with arson. now, abc action weather. >> good afternoon, hope you had a great holiday weekend, very nice weather over saturday and sunday, cloudy and dreary today
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a couple of light showers otherwise temperatures are warm and we will have warm and muggy weather. a little windy out there making it feel more comfortable winds gusting up to 50 miles per hour in tampa a lot of moisture and a little bit of rain this evening look for partly cloudy skies most areas stay dry we are tracking two cool fronts over the next seven days maybe a couple of isolated showers but a better chance at rain later this week, rain that we need coming up. to the death of a dictator and thousands of people paying tribute to fidel castro. as the official mourning period for him continues. take a look at the massive crowds in havana. today's commemoration included a 21 gun salute and a 90 foot tall memorial for the man who ruled cuba.
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remains will be brought to cities across the island. a funeral that president obama and vice president joe biden will not be attending. although this coming as the first regularly scheduled flight from south florida to havana takes off from miami. american airlines will operate four daily flights from miami to havana. coming up people in cuba and beyond our reflecting on castro's legacy, a tampa man who saved hundreds fleeing the castro regime talks about the change he hopes that will occur. donald trump and his tradition team working to fill out his cabinet. this man leaving trump tower saying the meeting went very well.
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he would serve in mr. trump's cabinet if asked, former nominee mitt romney not out of the running for secretary of state yet, trump plans to meet with him tomorrow. officials in wisconsin are preparing for a recount of millions of votes being spearheaded by jill stein, officials are saying they are confident in the results and how they were counted but have no authority to stop her petition. hillary clinton's campaign says it is backing will begin thursday. trump beat clinton by 27,000 votes. michigan certified its election results confirming trump beat clinton on election day earning the 16 electoral votes, however jill stein has until wednesday to request a recount in that state, if she does michigan will have to hand count nearly 4.8 million votes.
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to an end but you still have a couple hours to grab some great cyber monday deals with more than 100 million americans expected to show online today. you can imagine today is the one day amazon prepares for all your. james tully takes us inside the amazon fulfillment center to show us the best deals. >> the shipping and receiving never stops at the amazon facility. the company expects million individual online sales today. a sign that the orders are pouring in, looked behind me, these containers flowing down the conveyor belt, a belt that runs for miles around the facility that is over 1 million square feet. if you live in florida and order something there's a good chance your item is in one of those containers. this amazon facility opened in
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thousands of full-time and part- time jobs especially during this time of the year. >> a little over 3500 full-time jobs, thousands of seasonal associates. we are excited to be here on cyber monday to fulfill these shipments. >> by the time friday is over they expect to ship out tens of thousands of items from this facility alone. the amazon workers tell me the best deals are the amazon electronics like the kindle and fire off. happy shopping. james tully abc action news. >> cyber monday isn't over yet right now on our website we have linked you to 21 of the best cyber monday deals on amazon. a woman's desperate efforts to save her husband inside this burning bay area
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investment pays off, the program giving people who never finished college another chance
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welcome back i am in our
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impact is through giving tuesday which kicks off in a few hours on their website they are doing the countdown organizers are hoping the social media fueled campaign will raise millions of dollars for charities around the world, even if you don't have money to contribute you can give back, for example metropolitan ministries says you can help them out by volunteering their time, i have tweeted out a link for the information you need find me on twitter at millions of floridians went to college but never finished getting their degree, a new program could mean a second chance as adam winer reports it is designed for people working hard to make ends meet. >> a usf tour guide is showing prospective students the campus, many usf students about three out of 10 will graduate here with a degree.
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reasons or they decide when they are 19 colleges and for them. >> the associate dean is trying to recruit former students back to usf a statewide program called complete florida is aimed to help those that never finished. >> maybe when they are in their 30s they want to come back. or they want another opportunity , they need the degree. >> the cornerstone of the program personal coach for free. >> they have probably been out of the classroom for a long time and have forgotten study skills, they have a full-time job so they can't come to class>> they will help students do everything from register to juggle their schedule, the online degrees were specifically chosen because they fill a great employment need in the area.
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in some way in those fields if that's even more. an estimated 2.8 million floridians have college credits but no degree and the difference in earnings can be big young adults with a degree earn about $17,000 more per year than those without one. at usf adam winer abc action news. >> previously earned credits might be counted toward finishing the college degree. more on the new now, abc action weather. >> it is warmer than it was a few days ago. >> we need a little bit of rain, clouds more than anything today a dreary day. there you go. some sunshine returned we have
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wendy and lauren mentioned muddier and warmer but in terms of dryness this will be an extremely dry month of november. we have had .01 inches of rain, not a lot of wet weather in the bay area in november, typically we get 1.35 inches. the good news we are 8.5 inches above normal for the year because of the wet summer but it has been very dry increase unless we see more rain, those chances will be rising thursday and maybe into the weekend. right now nothing more than a couple of squiggles, temperatures in the middle 70s, earlier this morning we dropped into the low to mid 50s from lakeland over to bartow, winterhaven 57 earlier this morning we dropped into the low to mid 50s from lakeland over to bartow, winterhaven 5760 in
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a couple of fronts out here and that will help give some changes by the time we roll into thursday and into the weekend 72 saint pete mostly cloudy skies covering the area temperatures well into the 70s, early on this morning pretty quiet and then all of a sudden we look at clouds streaming in and there have been a handful of showers just a couple of sprinkles, that is a chance until 10:00 tonight and clearing and by tuesday even though there is a front to the north i don't think it will make it here, because we have no cool front, we stay warm and muggy, tuesday wednesday and into the early part of thursday more of the same. if you look down the road thursday afternoon then we have to look back to the north and west, there is a cold front
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a line of decent thunderstorms, very often in january and february you look at this and it hangs together bringing decent storms and rain, i don't see that there's a butt there is an outside chance of scattered showers, it gets interesting down the road the long-range models hint at another chance of rain, too early to pinpoint timing but if you have plans outdoors this weekend you off. we are back to the low to mid 80s but check this out normally we should be in the mid to upper 70s look at the highs tuesday, 84, 85, 86 and high humidity. certainly not the weather you would expect to find for the end of november and early december. southerly winds at 10 to 15 knots bringing in the warm air
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humidity is increasing. here are your tides sunrise and sunset, partly cloudy maybe a few showers this evening, otherwise we stay warm and muggy a look at our forecast rain chances 20% thursday, highs in the low to mid 80s, the weekend very much in the air it could be okay, right now there is a decent chance of rain rolling in sometime sunday into monday. th and the way deputies say her husband tried to cover it up. the family of the driver killed over the weekend says he worried about his own safety. what he did to try to protect
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right now authorities in
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for these dangerous inmates behind a daring jailbreak, deputies say they spotted one of the men in gilroy southeast of san jose. they searched the days in and arrested at least one person but chavez is on the run, last sunday the men cut through the bars in the window of their jail. efforts to allow people to bring guns to airport terminals, state law bans people from bringing guns into the terminals. but the bill would change that. guns would be banned in any place covered under federal law like the area beyond security checkpoints, lawmakers will consider it next year. still to come a house fire kills a former new york city police officer.
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the reason some fitness trackers may do more harm than
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live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. tonight we know the man who drive a car at pedestrians and started stabbing people was a student at the school identified as 18-year-old abdul razak ali artan you see him in that picture. the attacker hurt 11 people. the motive for the attack is not entirely clear. investigators are seeing it seemed illiterate and planned.
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area turns deadly police say they were called to the seven -- 2700 block of sammons road this afternoon they found a dead woman on the side of the road. please do not know why she was attacked there is no danger to the public. >> a developing story in tampa bay we are learning about in early morning mobile home fire that killed a retired new york city police offir. was taken by a neighbor showing flames completely out of control. brendaliss gonzalez is live at the silver dollar rv park where you talked to a neighbor who saw someone trying to save the man.>> he tells me the wife living here got out of the house but tried getting back in but no one could get back in. the flames spread quickly they were so hot they melted the


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