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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  November 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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front moving through. i'll see you in just a few minutes on abc action news at 4:30. live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. now at 4:30, students return to class at ohio state this morning after an attack on campus, and authorities have one big question today. >> first this morning, breaking news, a break-in at the tampa arms company. it happened at the waters avenue store before 3 th and breaking overnight, at least five people now survived a plane crash in columbia. that charter flight was carrying a brazilian sock soccer team to a regional tournament. there were 81 people on board. the crash site is difficult to reach. good morning and thanks for waking up with us on this busy tuesday morning, i'm dan shaffer. >> and good morning, i'm deiah riley. the battle for higher minimum wage could cause you trouble
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in some city airport workers plan to strike. uber drivers could also join the protest. a noon rally is scheduled at st. pete city hall and at 5:00 people are going to gather at centennial park in ybor for a march. mcdonald's says it employs hundreds of thousands of people and offers programs for employees to complete high now to the rampage on the ohio state campus. classes resume while police are trying to determine if it was a terrorist attack. that attacker has been identified as abdul razak al liartan. he deliberately plowed his car into a group of pedestrians and then he got out and began stabbing people with a butcher knife before he was shot by a campus police officer. the president of the university is praising that officer. >> and we all live with a fear
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happen to us. by being diligent and focusing we believe we can be as safe as possible and with our safety personnel and officers here to respond we're pleased this was no more serious than it could have been. >> the suspect was born in somalia but was a legal permanent resident. authorities searched his townhome. usf police are closely monitoring the attack at osu. lieutenant charlotte domingo incidents on other campuses to determine whether they need to make adjustments to their own plan. students are told to run, hide and fight. it's what they want people to do. it's the same alert osu students got yesterday morning. >> we thought about your plan of action, which is what we want people to do. then your more likely to respond quickly to the incident and take action that may save
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their officers constantly receive training. they want to ensure students and staff there are a number of safety protocols on campus. ivan cabrera joins us again, another mild start to the day. >> a mild start and a mild finish and a mild start again tomorrow. we are in a pattern here that is so unusual for december that you will certainly be talking about it by later on this afternoon. partly sunny and warm certainly with temperatures getting back into the mid-80s. we'll have high humidity as not feel like the season that we're in, and by thursday, though, especially late and especially on friday, we'll get back to seasonal temperatures. that means just mid-70s. the cold front moving through is not going to plow through with frigid temperatures as we have so far, but it will get us back to where we should be. mid and upper 60s right now by the afternoon. take lunch outside if you like the warm weather, low to mid- 80s by 4:00. thanks. a quick check on traffic here
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i-4, alexander street. no issues to report. you can see that. another update on the roads here in about 15 minutes. it is coming up on 4:34. cuba is observing nine days of official mourning for former dictator fidel castro. right now there's a ban on music and alcohol. abc action news reporter michael palusa talked about why cuba foreign politics than domestic politics right now. >> there's not supposed to be any alcohol consumption or music for the next nine days. >> we talked to the cafe's owner via facebook. abc action news profiled the american business owner there after the first american cruise ship arrived at the port of havana in more than 50 years. >> we're seeing lots of americans in our cafe, lots of exchange and also lots of $that are immediately helping the
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elect donald trump threatening to terminate barack obama's policies have cubans on edge worried the u.s. government will bond them again. >> it would be disastrous for the cuban people, and so i think anyone who cares at all about the cuban people would be really working to find a diplomatic solution, and you know, maybe really working to find a business solution because, you know, that's sort of where the two worlds can meet. >> her business opened two years ago. she has lawyers and engineers working as bartenders, waiters and cooks they can get. and even with more flights, more tourism, more money, cubans still aren't any closer to living the loves they want to lead. >> there's nothing tangible that's changed. the big change is that it started to feel a little bit like there's not that much change, and so it kind of i think is slowly putting a damper on a lot of people's feelings on things. 4:35, a hunter says a black
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into a survival situation when the hunter became the prey for a gator. he and his buddy were wading in waist deep water in the ever grades when the gator attacked. the gator bit crit's leg and let go when crit's buddy stepped in. >> his mouth coming towards him again. my buddy shoves the kayak in between the alligator and me. i think if he hadn't done >> two off-duty firefighters happened to be hunting nearby and one applied a tourniquet around his leg and put him in a truck. he is out of the hospital telling his story. fort lauderdale police are looking for at least one suspect after an officer- involved shooting. it started yesterday when an officer tried to pull over a stolen car. the driver stopped at a mcdonald's. two passengers jumped out of
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the driver took off. the officer is expected to be okay, but police have arrested at least one suspect in this case. a fort myers couple is in jail on child abuse charges. deputies found them passed out in an suv in a gas station with a 9-month-old baby in the backseat. the baby's diaper looked like it hadn't been changed for hours. that baby is in dcf custody. now to a warning to anyone who has turkey in the refrigerator. a michigan turkey producer is recalling mo make you sick. the u.s. department of agriculture says the turkey breast products packaged the under the mason brand are contaminated with an unidentified black material. it made it easy to find the product codes of these recalled turkeys, head to our website in california three deaths
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by a church. eight elderly people who attended the dinner were admitted to the hospital between friday and saturday. they appeared to have foodborne illnesses. 835 people ate the same food, part of it was prepared by volunteers, some donated by restaurants. local health officials are now investigating. florida is not the only state anymore with zika. texas now reporting a locally health officials say lab results confirmed the virus in a woman living in brownsville last week. that's in south texas near the mexico border. that woman has not traveled to an area where the virus is circulating. call it a sign of the times,'s word of the year is seen phobia, the site defines xenophobia as fear
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to june 24th. that was right before great britain voted to leave the european union. searches spiked again after president obama used term to describe donald trump's campaign rhetoric. today is giving tuesday, a day to think of people in need. this global campaign urges people to give to charity with time or money. one way to give is to adopt an angel from our angel tree. our tree is decorated with the and they really need people like you to help make their holiday wishes come true. you have to bring your gifts back by december 9th. go to and check out our mobile app for more information. 4:39. coming up at 5 this morning, a wildfire forces people out of their homes in tennessee and destroys a popular tourist town. the workers at an aquarium had
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says his white house win makes his brand hotter than ever but that could present ethical problems. we've got a look at which overseas projects could come under the microscope. >> the buccaneers have the day off but we have a couple of injuries we're keeping an eye on. we'll tell you what they are
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a woman who jumped out of a plane at houston airport is
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witnesses say she opened an emergency door after united flight from new orleans landed. she climbed on to a wing and then jumped out on to the tarmac. police officers arrested her on the tarmac. so far it does not look like she's going to face any charges. >> donald trump is your president every [ bleep ] one of you. if you don't like it, too bad. >> a rude passenger on a delta flight is banned from the airline following this rant caught on camera last week. you hear the man yelling hillary clinton supporters. in addition to banning him, the airline is now refunding ticket costs for all the passengers on board that flight from atlanta to allentown pennsylvania. and after the white house transition president-elect trump may choose retired general david petraeus as his secretary of state. mr. trump will meet with tennessee senator bob kosher today. >> and as a vote recount gets
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if not for millions of people who voted illegally. there is no evidence of widespread election tampering. jill stein is basing her request on recount on limited reports of possible discrepancy. she admits there is no evidence of fraud. she's seeking recounts in wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. she's raising money to pay for the recounts. she only needs about $600,000 to reach her goal of 7 million. the facing the president-elect, his business interests. the constitution forbids anybody holding office in the u.s. from accepting considerations from foreign states without congressional consent. >> reporter jessica schneider runs down the potential conflicts of interest. >> president-elect trump brushing off questions about his business ventures around the world. >> in theory i could be president of the united states and run my business 100%, sign
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perfectly and then run the country perfectly. >> his business encompassing 150 companies. the projects will continue to pop up in trump's presidency. in the works trump tower in the philippines, a $150 million tower licensing the trump maim. developer jose antonio flew to the work following the election for a meeting with trump and his children, and antonio the philippines a special trade envoy to the u.s., further blurring the lines between business and government, and then there's the trump towers project in istanbul. >> it's a tremendously successful job. it's called trump towers. >> last june the turkish president demanded the tower be taken down. in july after trump defended the right to crack down on
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the trump name ceased. trump admitted on breitbart radio the project could pose a problem. >> i have a little conflict of interest because i have a major building in istanbul. >> it was just one week after the election that trump took time to meet with indian business partners at trump tower, seen in this tweet later taken down. the scrutiny over his continued dealings is mounting. democrats now demanding the house committee on oversight and government reform his responsibilities as president calling his conflicts of interest around the world unprecedented. even republican congressman justin amash tweeting this. you rightly criticized hillary for the clinton foundation. if you have contracts with foreign governments it's certainly a big deal too, hashtag drain the swamp.
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ethics lawyers warn if trump doesn't go further to separate his presidency from his pet projects there could be problems. >> i think it jeopardizes the country because the danger is that he'll make decisions that benefit him financially but are not the best decisions for the country. . and good morning on a tuesday from the weather center here looking nice if you like the mild temperatures and you want no business with this cold forecast for you. temps in the mid and upper 60s. not only have we heated up during the afternoon but we've lost the cool air at night. forget that, 5 to 10 degrees. a lot of red on the map. that shows you where we've been here. cooler the last few days than we are this morning. the dew points are also on the climb. that will make it feel humid this afternoon with temps in the mid-80s. it's going to be feeling more like october. south, southeast wind, rain over my shoulders.
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going to be in this protected little pocket of south winds and partly cloudy skies, and the rain will hold off to our north and west. it's not going to rain the next couple of days. for thursday the front does begin to push further south and east. in fact, it rolls through here with some clear weather behind it. that will be nice for thursday. it will just get us back to average. we'll drop a good 10 degrees at night, and during the day, that means 50s at night and mid-70s by the end of the week. futurecast showing a few clouds developing with the heating of the day. that would be about it. breezy conditions as well, so by 11, 12:00, we'll start getting those gusts out of the south and southeast. temps this afternoon, mid-80s, and it's so warm, in fact, that we may get a little breeze off the water there keeping you a little cooler the next couple of days right along the immediate shoreline with overnight lows still balmy. mid and upper 60s. and then mid-80s for tomorrow
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right along the coast. seven-day forecast will show the front coming in with our next rain chance for showers on thursday behind a dry and cooler air with temps in the mid-70s for friday and saturday and overnight lows in the 50s. it's 4:50 now. in sports, worrying news for the bucs and tom korun talks about one piece of good news and one piece of bad news in college hoops. >> good morning everybody. you know, what would another week in the nfl be without a buccaneer injury report. two more injuries we're definitely keeping an eye on. safety chris connie left with an injury, gerald mccoy also injured sometime during the first half. he was testing it on the sidelines and left ray jay wearing a boot again, and coach said they're going to run some tests and he'll have more on those two on wednesday. tiger woods is set to make his return to play this week
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who's in his foursome two tampa guys. they're in the bahamas for the hero world challenge that benefits the tiger woods foundation. college hoops, the gator men's team in the top 25. they're parked at 24th. usf women did not make the top 25 which is rather surprising. they are sitting 26th. and the usf men beat kennesaw state last night, 71-69. that's your morning sports update. 9 minutes until a coming up on abc action news, a man falls into a huge sinkhole in north carolina, how search crews finally found him. >> and this ice dance has shocked people around the world. coming up, the theme of that
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make your holidays more delicious. right now, when you buy $20 in gift cards... get a $5.00 gift certificate for yourself. only at steak 'n shake. good morning, temps warm this morning. we'll be in the upper 60s by noon, temperatures right around 80 and above average for this time of the year with high humidity, 83 at 4:00. extended forecast with the next front cooling us off. we'll have that in the next half hour. now to one of those stories that makes you ask what were they thinking. a pair of russian ice dancers
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themed performance ? tears, a tidal wave of tears. >> the act was based on the award-winning italian film life is beautiful which tells the story of a jewish father who tries to hide his son from the horrors of the holocaust. they performed this on a russian reality tv show. one of the dancers is married to russian president vladimir putin's spokesman. unbelievably tasteless is what some are calling the performance. a woman thought she was being scammed when attorneys told her a painting hanging in a french museum belonged to her. it turns out it was not a scam. henrietta chubbier's grandparents sold the painting to pay for their escape from nazi germany to america. the french government is looking to return art. the painting called portrait of a man was returned to them yesterday.
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have much more coming up on abc action news including donald trump's likely pick for health and human services secretary. >> plus breaking news in tampa, a smash and grab at a gun store. we'll have a live update from the scene with what police are looking at right now. >> and police are asking for help solving a deadly stabbing
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abc action news starts right now with breaking news. now at 5 we want to start with breaking news, a burglary reported at the tampa arms company. >> the call came in just before 3:00 this morning. abc action news reporter rodney dunigan live on the scene right now with more details. rodney. >> reporter: well, dan, it was the security company that alerted deputies to exactly what was going on here. i'm going to step out of the way. investigators inside right now trying exactly what happened here. if you can see the entire storefront here has been ripped out. at this point it appears that maybe a vehicle drove in there and pulled out basically shattering this entire store front here to the store, but at this point investigators cannot confirm that. they're in the back if you can see right now trying to look at surveillance video of exactly what happened here. if you can see right to your right, the shelf here is completely empty and investigators aren't sure at


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