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tv   Action News at 530PM  ABC  November 30, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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extending from south carolina to florida. this is a squall line, you mentioned around atlanta we have to go back over the last six hours, right there those were multiple reports of tornadoes to the north of downtown atlanta. that line continues to lift to the northeast where there are still tornado warnings and the yellow boxes are severe thunderstorm watches f m charlotte down to greenville and spartanburg. this line goes down to florida so while our threat is rather slim for severe weather, the impact from this front will arrive by tomorrow morning. look outside skies are cloudy across the area, still leading to a beautiful sunset, a mixture of clouds and sunshine today we will see more of that
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temperatures now in the upper 70s to the lower 80s and the satellite picture a breezy day today afternoon hours gusty winds tropical feeling with temperatures in the 80s. a few isolated showers east of i-75, overnight skies will clear early on and then after midnight we are looking at showers first thing tomorrow morning an issue for the commute , hour by hour partly cloudy morning and the front has a big impact on the weather for the we can. we will talk about that coming up. the tampa bay hurricane hunters will soon leave their longtime home at mcdill air force base but they are not going for -- far. they're moving to lakeland. ryan raiche tells us the main reason that could be a big deal. >> it is a different view of the storm.
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storm, the hurricane hunters flying all day and night into the thick of it so everyone can prepare accordingly. the crew has saved lives undoubtably. today they are staring at their new home at the airport, the move has been a long time coming, for more than 24 years the hurricane hunters called mcdill air force base home, last year they were told they files from mcdill air force base we have 110 people many have been with us for decades. >> they considered moving to saint petersburg clearwater but ultimately landed on lakeland after the airport improved its runway. >> the hurricane hunters will bring more than 100 jobs along with nine planes. renovations to this anger will
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move in time for hurricane season.>> it is a total game changer for us having them here occupying this facility. >> this could pave the way to new opportunities in lakeland and maybe someday a return to commercial flights. in lakeland ryan raiche abc action news. no charges will be filed against the officer who shot keith scott in september. the district attorney says officer brentley vinson acted lawfully during the shooting. the officers are heard in the video telling scott to drop his gun. at least 10 times.>> mr. scott's gun was recovered at the scene. it had one round in the chamber, the safety was off and the gun was cocked.>> scott's wife and family insist he did not have a gun.
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the nation for identity theft and fraud. according to wallethub there are more reports of identity theft per capita here than anywhere else. florida trailed only washington dc and california in the report. the upside, the thieves aren't taking as much money here as other places. florida ranked 15th in average loss and 23rd of amount due to fraud. an update from hillsborough county firefigh could be the cause of this deadly house fire that happened in odessa on monday. a surviving woman told investigators her and her husband fell asleep while the candles were lit, the woman's husband was killed in the fire. he was a former new york city police officer. his wife paulette escaped. police officers launching a program to reach out to young
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mentor 12 teenagers hoping to build positive relationships encouraging the teenagers to get a higher education. the first ice rink in pasco county is getting close to finishing. florida hospital center ice is under construction, when completed it will be the largest ice facility in the southeast. busch gardens will have their logo at cent sad news into the newsroom, the bobcat that was rescued thanksgiving day after being hit by a car has died, the humane society performed a surgery tried to save the bobcats life but it did not make it. the wild bobcat was hit by a car on temple terrace highway. he broke several bones. veterinarians were concerned he
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but they wanted to try anyway. more than one year after two florida teenagers vanished while fishing near jupiter last year we have learned the biological father of perry cohen could be seeking a wrongful death suit. it might be two more weeks before the judge rules if the other parents have to turn in the information the attorneys requested, the iphone is in apple's possession and they are looking at d efforts. the families are waiting for the report related to the examination of the recovered boat. a historic part of st. petersburg is seeing the new life. the area off 22nd street south was an economic driving force for the black community but they have taken a hard hit to the area losing businesses and money in the area. there has been an all-out effort to revitalize that town
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while keeping the old shops up and running. >> the city is really disappointing from the past. we are looking forward to that changing and for things to be different. >> the city was able to get community redevelopment money for the area. in 30 minutes there will be a big event to showcase the new businesses and everyone will come together bringing new life to the area the event will take place at the marine center former florida gator and new england patriot aaron hernandes filing a lawsuit suing a technology company after some jailhouse phone calls were listened to by an unknown person. the lawsuit claims the calls were hacked in 2014 while he was in a boston jail awaiting trial on a murder charge. he wants to know how the company accessed his phone
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an attorney says they plan to respond to the complaint. being a five-year-old and only going out once per week is hard. download the new abc action news app for your mobile phone and tablet just search abc action news in your favorite
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a health alert, the cdc says the nation's progress to slow down hiv is in jeopardy. a study citing growing opioid addiction as the reason, more and using dirty needles spreading hiv. a vaccine is being tested in south africa right now. it is the first large study of an hiv vaccine since 2009. the study will involve 5400 sexually active men and women, they hope the vaccine will eradicate the virus. the final results are expected in four years.
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after eating a charity thanksgiving dinner, they had a meal served by a local church group, five more people were put in the hospital after the holiday. a health official says it won't be easy to figure out what went wrong. >> this food comes from different sources. it comes from retail establishments, some was prepared at the site some came from volunteers. >> the three people who passed away a same home. the group served the dinner to more than 800 people. the goal was to provide a meal to those who would otherwise be alone on thanksgiving. netflix users can download and view movies or shows off- line the future is free with all memberships. members will want to make sure they have the most recent netflix app on their device to access the download button.
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amazon prime embraced off-line downloads more than one year ago. a brevard county bus driver unpaid leave after dropping a kid off at the wrong bus stop. the mother of the three-year- old says she panicked when her son did not return home from school. he was later found alone in an apartment complex two miles from where he was supposed to be. brevard county officials say the driver did not students must have a parent or designated individual meet them at the bus stop. many parents say the trend of eliminating recess is having a negative impact on their children. a bill would make recess mandatory in florida for elementary students. adam winer with why the proposal could have a better chance of becoming law. >> school recess no longer
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lot of schools but parents are fighting to bring it back. >> they are in school for seven hours. they need that balance of concentration but then a break. >> she successfully petitioned polk county schools to bring back recess for elementary school students, her student is getting 20 minutes of playtime every day. >> it has made a night and day difference he is much happier to go to school. >> pinellas county made similar changes this fall but in many districts kids don't get daily recess. a new bill would require elementary school students get 100 minutes of recess every week. >> there are no groups against school recess, but when the state started mandating students be required to spend a certain amount of time on things like reading and math
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subjects to cut and recess was an obvious target. representatives that killed the bill last year think recess is something for county school boards to handle not the state. >> the state can mandate all these things taking up so much time keeping the kids at their desk then they can mandate a break. >> the house chair of the education committee wouldn't even take up the idea of mandatory recess the latest bill will be debated in early 2017. in polk county adam winer abc action news. we know that you want answers about issues facing all of us now we have a way to get your questions answered just click on the story on, look for the good question logo and let us know what we can answer for
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these pictures of a large alligator on facebook. that gator was spotted in a neighborhood near a field police told the public not to worry. they were able to wrangle the gator and relocate him. today marks the official end of hurricane season what a season. the first above normal atlantic hurricane season since 2012. there were 15 named storms five making landfall in the us florida. they could pop up anytime remember alex happened in january last year. the ones that everybody worries about the big strong ones nothing to worry about until june or july. except for the cold front bringing heavy rain at times
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a lot of this, last day of november looks like the last day of december and january and february. even on the cooler days we warm up to the 60s and 70s. there is a cool front coming tomorrow that will cool off afternoon highs to the mid-70s friday and saturday. we will be dry and cool especially saturday morning, comfortable not a blast of cold air although the next cold front while the models are differing the euro model of cold air next weekend, we are still a few days from getting a real good idea about whether or not we will see a strong cold front nine or 10 days down the road. outside of that partly cloudy and muggy that will be changing by tomorrow as the cool front comes in plowing the way for cooler and drier air. upper 70s now across the area,
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tampa, 81 sarasota, lakeland 82. in tampa, 76 degrees and partly cloudy skies, the dewpoint 69, southwest winds coming at 10 miles per hour kind of gusty today. we will see that again tomorrow morning and then winds shift out of the northwest ahead of the front tomorrow evening and they will be gusty, 83 the afternoon high last year that is where we were but that is 80 degrees above normal, we should sarasota looking good clear skies 77. southerly winds at 15 gusting up to 22 miles per hour, satellite today notice showers trying to pop up most of it not making it to the ground this can happen with that southerly flow in florida. if the air is coming from up north it is bound to be dry unless it is a front.
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increasing temperatures increasing humidity often the cloud cover as well. tomorrow morning here comes the front. this is the same front that created the weather in the deep south which was good news for the gatlinburg area. by the time the front comes to our neck of the woods there is not a lot left. a few stray showers for tomorrow will be generally cloudy, more clouds and friday morning another story we get dry and cool air with more sunshine that continues into the weekend. saturday and sunday look good, maybe late sunday into monday we could have a chance of showers. overall rainfall totals through saturday most folks might pick up .1 inches but down the road next week that is when the stronger front
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air by next week. high temperatures are where they should be tomorrow in the mid to upper 70s, cooler in the northern counties. warmer down south because it will take time for the front to make it into these counties. we mention the tropics all is quiet but this is a look at all of the storms that we had the entire hurricane season focusing in on the state of florida see how we were around the bay area immediate area we lucked out. a look at our seven-day forecast rain chances 20% tomorrow the weekend looks great by early next week a chance of showers with colder air next week. christmas is just around the corner, santa has posted new pictures of his home in the north pole on the zillow 2500 square feet. i want to show you this, here
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likes to do meeting you see the fireplace. let's see, the kitchen not bad, a lot of wood there are cookies being prepped. you can see more pictures. here we go, more pictures on zillow his house retailing for $650,000 although the market. this means he is doing pretty well. still ahead, brand-new designer clothes sold at way below retail prices, it is not a prank. the massive savings you could see and the reason these items are winding up at consignment shops. discounted flights available
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is is and fraud against a father and son team of doctors conspiring to commit fraud make millions of dollars. the doctors made 5500 warranty claims over 14 years to a breast implant maker for faulty products. the lawsuit alleges they benefited from the deflated implants making money on necessary revisions. the doctor's office says the legal complaints will not hold up and has asked the court to throw them out. jetblue at it again
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you have to act fast, the offer will last until the end of the day. a few stipulations, you must travel from december 17 to february 15 and blackout dates are from december 16 through january 8 all you have to do to get the deal is go get the jetblue on the website. enter your travel plans you can see, enter the promo code celebrate. tonight at 6:00. >> the top problems people are experiencing after bright house became spectrum. the men convicted of shooting and killing his neighbor can get out of jail early. why the widow of the victim doesn't think he deserves a
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live from the station taking action for you, action news. i kind of got used to having the service. >> this local woman says problems with her cable company have her worried for her father safety. her big concerns and the reason you might see the impact.
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>> i'm paul lagrone, if you have noticed a bigger cable bill you are not alone. >> bright house networks recently became spectrum the company is getting flooded with calls and complaints.>> kera mashek looking into these issues and why one woman says it is a matter of life and death.>> lisa likes to check in on her 87- year-old dad and disabled husband, she can do that by checking her home cameras on her cell phone. >> i need to make sure i can pull up the camera and see. >> those cameras need the internet and that has been less than reliable lately. so was the home phone and cable all pervaded -- provided by bright house networks which switched to spectrum. >> that is not acceptable. i need the phone working. i need to call 911 the cell phone is not always reliable. >> getting help from the


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