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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  December 1, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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good morning. >> we have breaking news from a fire. we want to get out to lindsey. >> reporter: good morning to you. out the roof of this roof. this is the wilson park recreation center. this fire started just before 3:00 this morning. you can see here a lot of heavy, heavy smoke, still some flames and firefighters battling this from the roof and the ground. what i can tell you at this point is this entire building is destroyed. this fire burned for so long and it was just so hot
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salvageable. the incredibly sad thing about this, this recreation center was under renovation. a $2.5 million gift from the owners of the tampa bay lightning to the boys and girls club. they were coming out here to revitalize this recreation center, get it back up and running so the vulnerable children who live in this area have a safe place to go after school, on the weekends to play basket that's the part that's burning right now. the public information officer for the hillsborough county fire department just got to the scene. we are going to walk around the corner and talk with him quickly and we'll come back to you with a live report coming up. live in tampa, lind si low, abc action news. >> thank you. a convicted kill er will post bond. he was convicted of manslaughter
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duly maintains it was self-defense because james attacked him. in 2010 the two were arguing about a teenager who was skateboarding in the neighborhood. james' daughter watched him shoot her dad. she was 8 at the time. her mother said it still haunts her. >> she has nightmares that he will come and hunt her down. i told her that's not rational upset that duly is coming home for the holidays. the owner of riverview bail bonds said his bond has been paid and needs to be submit today the court. the owner doesn't expect him to be released until later today. st. petersburg police want to know if you recognize this man you see over my shoulder. he's accused of a shocking sexual assault. cameron talked to the victim. she shares how
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with. it was a friday night. >> attorney megan per fernandez consults victims but this night she game one. >> he pushed his body against mine. i was jammed up against this wall. >> she said she had never seen the man before . >> he took one hand and put it on my chest area to push me back, my breasts. >> fernandez was scared. >> i immediately put my knee up in a defensive move. you know, i kneed him basically. >> the suspect was already gone. the attack caught on surveillance cameras is too graphic to show. >> we are horrified by this happening but it's not surprising. >> while for now police are
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serious. >> i think there's a shame and embarrassment that comes with these sexually specific crimes. >> she hopes police find the man before he hurts anyone else. >> i'm not ashamed our embarrassed but this man should be. >> i'm cameron poleham reporting. a 13-year-old south florida girl and one of his adult relevant trooper is at fault -- relatives are facing weapons charges after she waived a gun a of classmates. she brought it to her middle school and brannished it in a threatening manner. the girl faces four weapon charges. the relative is charged with not securing a weapon from a minor. lake county deputies have arrested 10 men in a child sex sting. one of them used to worse at universal studios. detectives posed as 13 or 14-year-old kids online and arranged meetings with the
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instead of an underaged child they found deputies waiting for them. none were previously convicted sex offenders. a new rule is legal limbo. any companies who change their policies will keep changes in effect. it would have made salaries workers earning up pay. a federal judge is considering it. it's unlikely that the court will rule before donald trump takes office and it could depend on him. bright house network became spectrum and the switch has not been a smooth one. lisa is a spectrum customer and uses them for her cameras. she said the connections haven't been so
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phone working. i have an elderly father living here and i need a phone . i need to be able to call 911. >> over an hour for her hold time for an hour and that's her second call. the company's facebook page has been flooded with concerns the last couple of weeks, everything from lost channels to sky high bills without packages. spectrum said the prices shouldn't change unless a promotion expires. spectrum said the call volume has spiked and if you get frustrated be calling customer service you can use live chat to get help. a lot of work with the transition continues behind the scenes. now ivan with a look at your forecast. >> it's a fog bygy one. we have a couple of showers in the forecast. i want to start with
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quarter mile business r visibility in lakeland. you will get out of it towards the west. the temperatures right now, in the upper 60s to lower 70s. nice and mild still out there. the front comes in today with a few showers and that would be about it and then we get on the drier side here. this is the very front that's been causing all sorts of severe weather. in fact, one of our counties here in florida across the extreme western in fact, caught on camera coming in. as that happens it can cause tornados and this one caused some damage to five homes. a couple with some severe damage. this is the pattern that we've been in. this system has weakened dramatically as we have expected. a few little cells came in and caught this as this came in. these are the ones
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gist a few showers for us and then we clear out tonight. beginning to cool off in fact. i think our temperatures getting back to where they should be for this time of the year along with more humidity. more on that coming up in just a few minutes. >> thank you. a quick check on the roads here at 4:38. no big problems to report here. this is i-4 near lakeland. we'll check the roads again here in about 15 minutes. an elderly palm beach county man is charged with assault with a deadly weapon for going after him with his oxygen tank. he got upset with a tow truck driver blocking the entrance to the post office. he would not move because he was servicing a vehicle. he grabbed the keys and hit him with his oxygen tank.
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criminal charges. michael briton said someone stabbed the dog with an arrow and he was trying to put the dog out of his misery by throwing him out in front of two cars. they found no evidence that the dog was stabbed. officers are pulling their own money together to pay the vet bill and one officer planning to adopt the dog. a bystander helped an officer on 75. it's the second a trooper pulled over a speeding car this week and soon after that the driver started to resist arrest. jeffery show the trooper wrestling with that man on the ground as he drove by. he's a former rhode island police officer with 30 years of law enforcement experience. he said it kicked in and he stopped his car and ran to help. >> there's a possibility he's
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>> the driver and passenger were a taken into custody. three manatees have been living in lake tarpon since tropical storm collin. the water might get too cold so they are moving them. now an update on a manatee that was rescued from a storm drain in jacksonville. it's been rushed to sea world orlando. vets are giving it fluids and vitamins. she will spend the next few days in a rehab tank. biologists good sign that she's relativity helpful. 4:40 now, 20 minutes until 5:00. still ahead at 5:00, newly released video shows the stabbing of a miami police officer in a casino. what led to this confrontation and what the stabbing suspect is doing now. >> the damage left behind after severe weather through the south. winds through around trucks. >> what are the chances that
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16 minutes until 5:00. at least seven people have died from the massive wild fires burning more than 15,000 acres in tennessee. the flames have injured 53 people and scorched more than 700 homes. a steady stream of rainfall over the last 24 hours is helping firefighters to get a handle on things.
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tennessee management agency said 14,000 people have been evacuated from the gatlinburg area alone. a page from a burned bible survived the flames. the verse is referring to the end of days and mentioned a great fire burning trees in the wilderness. a employee found the flames while cleaning up after the fire. now to the deadly storms raging across the south. >> the storms are now being flamed for five deaths in alabama and tennessee. over taking aim at the carolinas. here's diane macedo. >> this morning damage assessments in the storm battered southeast. in south carolina in greensville a tree slammed into the homelanding on a child's bedroom. the mother called him seconds before the tree came down. >> i screamed brandon get downstairs, the wind is really
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he came down stairs and we all huddled in the downstairs bathroom. >> the over night storms came after tornado sirens blared in atlanta with three twisters touched down in that city. >> i never experienced this. i was shocked. it was so close. >> you can see trees on these parked cars and this roof is part of a recycling center. it wrapped around a pole a quarter of a mile away. >> it was very, very large and it hit on that driveway there. >> at this children's learning center an employee was working from her car to the building when the car hit. >> she had her umbrella in her hand and it flew right out of her hand. it was just everywhere. by the time she put her hand on the door it flew open and she was shaking. let's check in with our weather now and see if that storm is headed here. >> it is headed in our direction but not as severe.
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don't let anyone tell you that november can want be severe weather month either. these out breaks can happen any time of the year. sure, less so in november and december but they can still happen. 37 tornado reports. this was on tuesday. then on wednesday right through atlanta. i had some friends tweeting out some pictures, folks huddled down. we are talking some significant weather rolling through there. in fact, it had not rained in parts of georgia several inches of rain and severe weather with it. we are not going to get either. just a couple of showers here. this system is really weakening as it moves through. picking up on a couple of showers in polk county where we have the fog. there's the beginning of what will be our 20% coverage for today as far as showers. there's the fog. we are locked in here. this isn't going to go anywhere any time soon. half a mile visibility at times, a quarter mile in lakeland. we've had some goose eggs as well. just keep in mind it's going to be
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the 60s and low 70s. still mild and still humid. we are ahead of the front. we won't be later on today. as it moves through with those showers behind it look at the clear air. it's going to feel fantastic tomorrow morning. the upper 40s in nature coast, the 50s elsewhere. a close up of future cast is showing broken showers rolling through and then that clearing as we head through tonight. here's the way it looks on the 7-day forecast. by tomorrow we will wake up with that cool air. by saturday milder, a little more humidity ahead of the next system that will bring us our next good shot of rain next week. >> thank you, ivan. it's 4:48 right now . now we are going to go to a strange trend in new york city. apparently the end of dab. >> according to culture writers hipsters are switching to papa in overwhelming numbers.
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generation. there's good news for dad royalists. it will be limited to new york for now. >> i call my dad pop. so i guess i'm tren dy. >> i guess. rumors are swirl ing ing about some of florida's best football coaches and who could be leaving us for oregon. >> good morning. thank you for stop ing ping by. it's coaching carousel week in college football. big time schools have big time opening. texas, lsu and now oregon all coaches in the last week. texas filled the vacancy with tom herman from houston and lsu named ed odra their head coach. could we see jim mcelwain or louie tagger on the move. could they move into oregon? usa today reported on tuesday that mcelwain would be intrigued to leave. well, that's not to
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night mcelwain squashed all of those rumors. >> new -- no, i haven't heard from oregon. but i have a heck of a job. this is the university of florida and we are playing in what they call the sec championship game so it really has not crossed my mind. >> so is the thought of leaving crossed the mind of willie tagger? he has not commented publicly on scott frost is some of the names linked to the oregon ducks. according to fox sports willie tagger is the leading candidate for the oregon job. this is no surprise. last year tagger reportedly interviewed at south carolina. he has 7 years of head coaching experience under his belt. he turned around a prom at usf in back to back years. he coached them to a
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season. he's in the mix for my big head coaching job available. his resume speaks for itself so don't be surprised if you see him leave, however he has family roots in the area and could have many of these skilled players returning next year. those could be very good reasons to stay in tampa. also this morning, the lightning will return to the light in st. louis but without ryan callahan. he was placed on injured reserve last night with a lower body injury. we'll know the severity of his injury this morning. >> that's your morning sports report. enjoy your thursday. 9 minutes until 5:00 . still coming up, one man in north texas said he wants to bind up the community's wounds. we'll show you the sign he's holding up outside a mosque that's getting national attention. >> they say owe goo keeps you young. this woman is proof of that. she just celebrated a milestone birthday. wait until
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checking the bus stop forecast this morning, just plan on a couple of umbrellas out there. it's not going to be a huge deal but a light shower. still won't need the jackets. the upper 70s right through 3:00 and then we'll clear out tonight and then we cool off tomorrow big time. we'll talk about the changes coming up in the next hour. >> thank you, ivan.
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years old yesterday but that certainly has not slowed her down one bit. she's still doing yoga and he's even teach it. anne does yoga every week for years now and she teaches a class for people in their 70s and 80s. people young enough to be her children. she said her age does not matter. >> i don't feel any different. i'm just a little more careful than i was years but i don't feel old. >> she still lives in is same house where she grew up. >> that's amazing. >> that is amazing . >> you know, there's plenty of time still. >> we still have time. that's the good news. 5 minutes until 5:00. coming up in a few minutes, a major consumer alert for android owners. >> hackers may be using apps to load malware on your phone. >> in washington state a police
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shooting. ahead who authorities are y -- ahead what authorities are going to find the man who shot him.
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we are going to start this 5:00 newscast with breaking news. crews on the scene of a
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recreation center in tampa. >> abc action news anchor lindsey logue is live on the scene right now. we are hearing the fire is under control. is that true? >> reporter: deiah, that's the great news here, incredible work by the hillsborough fire rescue. they were able to put out the flames. a couple of them left but for the most part just working on the hot spots. just a lot of smoke coming from the top of the buildings as firefighters have two ladder trucks and they are working to fight this fire i can show you video that we took a half hour or 40 minutes ago of the flames as they're shooting out of the roof and out of the windows and the doors of this building. again, this is the wilson park recreation center an we are on 76 and destin in the palm river area. i can tell you just from getting new information from the fire department, when they arrived just before 3:00 the smoke and flames were through the roof and it really shows the intensity of


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