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tv   Eyewitness News Saturday at Noon  ABC  February 13, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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next on eyewitness news at noon, breaking news in volusia county. the search is on for this man, accused of shooting three bethune-cookman university students killing one of them.
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>> it's terrible somebody lost their life. i know college kids party and have fun. in the age we are with guns and everything, it's scary. >> daytona beach police say one bethune-cookman student is dead and two others are injured from a shooting. we have been following this story since this morning. daytona beach police say the
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lakes country club a mile from the international speedway and four miles from bethune-cookman university. the gunman fired shots after a fight broke out at a party. about 200 people were at the party. the search is on for the shooter. they believe he is headed to south florida. we have live team coverage. two students are still being we begin with julie salomone. you just spoke to the police chief on the investigation. >> he told me several of his officers were out here last night because this clubhouse, as you see behind me, is in a neighborhood. so, they were doing regular patrols when this fight broke out in the parking lot and he said that there were plenty of witnesses. daytona beach police are looking for 23-year-old lamont postell. they believe he might be heading to south florida after he shot and killed a bethune- cookman university student,
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sunday morning. the suspect, according to police, also fired shots that hit two other students. a fight started inside the clubhouse on indigo drive and spilled into the parking lot. >> postell runs to a car, retrieves a firearm and fires three shots. >> nearly 200 kids were having a party in the clubhouse. it's located in a neighborhood with homes everywhere and a golf course. police were doing usual patrols in the area around 1:00 in the morning. they were very close to the clubhouse when the shooting happened. >> it's terrible to hear somebody lost their life. i know college kids party and have fun but, you know, in the age we are with guns and everything. it's a little scary. >> reporter: police now need your help to track down postell. >> we have some good witnesses that identified the shooter within hours. we believe he is heading to south florida. that's where he is from. >> reporter: earlier this
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out here in this parking lot looking over the area in the daytime hours because, again, the shooting happened at 1:00 in the morning. as for the suspect, there is a warrant out for his arrest. he faces first-degree murder charges as well as two counts of attempted murder. reporting live in daytona beach, julie salomone, channel 9 eyewitness news. we continue our live team coverage with phil sutton live at the hospital. one of the victims is still in critical condition right now? >> reporter: she is fighting for her life inside the hospital. justine cunningham was at the party. she is being described as an innocent bystander, somebody in the wrong place at the wrong time. she was shot in the head and taken into surgery as soon as she got in here. i am working to get an update on her condition and find out if she has been able to talk to police at any point during all of this. there was a second victim that survived the shooting, too. his name is trey williams. he got shot in the back.
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and stable. today a lot of the students at the university are just praying because they don't know what else to do. they had an impromptu vigil at the campus. on twitter, one said he didn't know how else to help. live in daytona beach, field sutton, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> we will continue to follow the breaking story and bring you developments throughout the day at and we will have coverage on eyewitness news at 6:00. developing right now, police are working to bring back an escaped inmate. his girlfriend and her 3-year- old son. u.s. marshals caught them in kentucky on friday. three months ago gary bullock junior was at a release program site. natasha showed up with her 3- year-old son, cut off the monitor. >> this could have gone in so
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can't tell you. it's a relief. >> bullock and quigley are facing charges in the escape. last night a woman in briefed came home -- brevard county came home to find this, a car in her kitchen. take a look. this is in melbourne. it's unclear what caused the driver to crash. the homeowner said this isn't the first time she had a car in her home. no injuries were reported. state troopers are investigating the incident. meteorologist monica jurica is in severe weather center 9. a beautiful start our saturday. >> it is. cold front moved through earlier this morning. now pristine sunshine which is fantastic kick off to our valentine's weekend. as we take a look at the upper-60s. that's pretty much where we will stay as we head into the rest of the afternoon. we are already up to 11 degrees cooler than yesterday behind the frontal system. that cooling trend will last
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as we move into the day today, we are talking 63 in ocala. 68 orlando. 67 kissimmee. 63 cocoa beach and our cool spot 57 in palm coast. our northerly winds will be kicking in 10 to 15 inland and 10 to 20 on the coastline. it will allow things to feel nice and cool as we head into the day today. leaders across central florida are working to stop the spread of the zika virus. why one county says the most powerful tool is use less. >> plus, why the brevard county sheriff's office is asking for
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we continue to monitor breaking news in daytona beach. three bethune-cookman university students were shot. police are working to track down lamont postell that you see here. they say he opened fire and shot three students killing one of them. investigators say it started as a fight during a party at the indigo lakes country club. they say nearly 200 college students were there for a party. police say officers are usually on patrol in the area and were very close when the shooting happened. police believe postell is heading to south florida where he is from. a new prosecutor will take over a case of alleged sexual misconduct involving a brevard county deputy. barry taylor is accused of
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the sheriff's office asked for a new prosecutor because they saute lour is relate to a brevard county prosecutor. mount door la official condition a search for a city manager. they stopped looking for a candidate earlier this week conflicts. they will now continue interviewing applicants until the end of the month. it could cost about $50,000. three federal agencies are investigating possible health risks that could be linked to crumb rubber. we told you about the artificial turf found on playgrounds and sports fields. it's made up of scrap tires. ground zero have been released for -- grades have been released for schools across the area. brevard county and seminole
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this is the first time all nine of the high schools earned a's. >> the teachers taught it, they had to learn it and show they learned it. >> some district officials questioned the validity of the new standard assessment. orange county sent out a tweet saying the grades hold little value. a lake county firefighter was honored for saving a young girl on vacation. what the family did to thank their hero in person. >> and, ahead, the warning port orange city leaders have for residents visiting a library. >> because of the cold front, we will be a little cooler on this valentine's weekend. good snuggling weather.
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right now the republican candidates are gearing up for
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the site of the next republican primary. front-runner donald trump is coming off a rally in tampa last night. march right bruce reports the six remaining candidates continue their -- mary bruce reports the six remaining candidates continue their attacks. >> reporter: don't expect the candidates to act like southern gentlemen. >> as it gets closer it will get nasty and personal and ugly. >> ted cruz, find out where he gets his money. >> front running candidates shouting out obscenities in front of children. >> reporter: after the big win in new hampshire, donald trump took a positive turn. >> i won't use foul language. >> reporter: but no more. trump is launching blistering attacks against ted cruz and threatening to sue. if ted cruz doesn't clean up his act, stop cheating and do negative ads i have standing to sue him for not being a natural born citizen. cruz laughed it off. >> there is more than a little irony of donald accusing anyone of being nasty.
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trump on the airways. >> trump uses power for personal gain. imagine the damage he could do as president. >> reporter: after his debate performance, marco rubio is hoping to rise again. >> when i am president, i will not ever divide you among other americans to win this election. i will never pit you against each other. >> reporter: john kasich off the strong second place finish in new hampshire, keeping his vow to keep it clean on the trail. >> i didn't have anybody in politics. we have nobody in our family who is rich but my mother and dad taught me one thing, never except nail year. >> that was mary bruce reporting. democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders are working to rally voters. last night both candidates spoke at a democratic party in minnesota but at separate times. the democratic primary in south carolina is february 27th. the republican preliminary is february 20th. you can get the latest on all
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app. alan grayson is refusing to senate. yesterday harry reid called for grayson to end his bid. he questions his connection to a hedge fund. grayson says the fund is legal and it's part of a political attack. a pay raise is on the way for sea world employees. employees earning 9.50 an hour will now earn 10 discrimination an hour. 100 other positions will see increased wages. the increases take effect in july. former orlando magic star shaquille o'neil may soon join the nba hall of fame. he won four titles with the lakers and heat. allen iverson and yao ming are among the 14 finalists. the class of 2016 will be announced in april. good luck to o'neil. >> yes.
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i love it. is perfect. >> great day to head out and sunshine. a nice cool northerly breeze that is not as gusty as it was earlier this week. it's looking good. daytona beach we can see the flags. they are waving. we will continue to see windy conditions at about 10 to 15 as we head into the day today. our satellite and radar is crystal clear. the cold front brought in the sunshine and it will be sunny for the rest of the day today. big picture, there is the cold front down into miami and south florida. of course behind the front ushering in colder air and breezy conditions. temps are great. they are in the 60s. a couple of folks in the 50s in new smyrna and palm coast but you will warm to the 60-degree range shortly.
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in -- inland 5 to 15. like daralene said, it's improving. beach forecast today and especially into tomorrow. but we have a small craft for the day today. otherwise seas 3 to 6 feet. rips moderate. if you swim in the chilly atlantic, make sure that you swim near the life guard station. we have nothing to track for the rest of the day and tonight. clear skies. tomorrow morning, this is 8:00, you can see a couple of the light coastal showers popping up. then it bleeds in toward the i- 4 corridor by about 2:00 then coastal showers continuing sunday into monday morning. the best chance for the showers coastline. however, we could see a couple of those sprinkles move into chance. it will be isolated. the next front monday into tuesday morning is going to be the one that we will be looking at for more widespread rainfall totals into our tuesday morning before we clear that out by
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so, tonight, clear and it will be chilly. it will be different. if you got preval len continues plans to go out and about 45 daytona beach. it will be cooler. five-day forecast, with your weekend always in view, looking good. tomorrow. better chance for rain monday into tuesday with the passing of the front. this front is not as strong. we will look at low 70s the rest of the week. if you are looking for something to do, head to a lot of events including right eola. great day to take your four- legged friend for a walk. a young girl and her family drove 14 hours to meet the lake county firefighter who saved her life. taylor and her family watched as her firefighter, shannon bush, was honored as firefighter of the year. well deserved honor.
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vacation at the fountains resort in orlando. he saute lour being pulled out of the pool. that's when bush rushed over and performed cpr. >> go to school and draw pictures of him so the whole teachers, everyone. >> the two families say they are connected for life. awesome story. you can learn that same orlando. fire department is offering free cpr classes. the first class is going on right now. it will run until 5:00 p.m. there will be classes tomorrow from 10:00 until 4 at lake eola farmer's market.
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are trying to figure out how to stop the spread of the zika virus after two cases in osceola county. there are fears the mosquito- borne virus can cause pregnant women to miscarry. fog machines which are one of the most powerful tools they have to trap and kill mosquitoes they say don't work in cooler months. >> our main focus for our program is to search for larva and kill the larva. and hope we get that down before they become adults and become a problem. >> orange county mosquito control officials told us they plan to meet with other counties in the next few weeks to come up with ideas on how to best attack the mosquito population. orange. listen to this. city officials have been library and around city hall. you can see one of them flying over our camera yesterday. a woman told us one of the birds attacked her mother. others are worried they could cause serious injuries.
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protected so they can't be removed. hawk nesting season usually lasts about three months. we continue to monitor breaking news in daytona beach. police say three bethune- cookman university students were shot. police say eyewitnesses helped them identify the shooter, 23- year-old lamont postell junior who you see here. they say he opened fire and shot three students killing one of them. it started during a fight at a party. nearly 200 college students were there. police say officers are usually on patrol in the area and were close when the shooting happened. police believe postell is headed to south florida. meteorologist monica jurica has a final look at the forecast. >> we saw the cold front move through earlier. now we have a beautiful picture perfect day. pristine sunshine and northerly winds 10 to 15. that is making a big difference because it's not as blustery as
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quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, home of the original steakburger. it's a sight that says "danger ahead" for a diver. >> she gets closer to the shark, the shark turns around, the terrifying moment it attacks and why it had a pretty good reason. a beach goer is nearly hit by a bolt. >> mother nature's like wham! >> why she's fine but her boyfriend not so much. >> oh, my god -- it just missed you.


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