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tv   Eyewitness News 4  ABC  February 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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was found. they low katd enough evidence to believe they're looking for a light gray chrysler vehicle. for hours, we watched as troopers collected evidence in west cocoa along sat site boulevard attempting to identify a hit-and-run driver. he was struck and and killed early this morning. >> dusky out here, the visibility gets low, there's somebody, you can't see a thing. i'm not sure what happened to this individual. but it's a shame. >>reporter: fhp tells us that the victim's girlfriend and friends went searching for him when he didn't return from his jog, they sdoved him in a ditch. when troopers arrived, they also found pieces of the suspect's vehicle, a light gray chrysler. there were no witnessess. but troopers hope the remote location of the crash may actually work to their advantage. >> be looking for surveillance video in the area, trying to help us, it's a dirt road, so probably a limited amount of
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road, that does give us hope that we may be able to identify the vehicle. >>reporter: the driver will face a felony charge for leaving the scene of a crash. >> i'd hate to be the person that did that, you've got to live with that for the rest of your life. i mean, even if you get a away with it. still got to live with it the rest of your life. >>reporter: and i've been talking with troopers a bit about just how often they have dealt with this situation in the past year, and for eyewitness news at 5:00, what else they're doing to solve this particular crime. live here in brevard county. the florida highway patrol kicked off a statewide campaign about hit-and-runs today. they are rising statewide and they've killed dozens of people. we asked the troopers how the campaign will protect you, we're reviewing the plan sdmou update -- now and update you in the past hour. the weather will change big
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certifieded chief meteorologist tom terry is over in severe weather center 9 can and tracking showers that will be coming while many of us are asleep and those are the dangerous type storms. >> a lot of our fatalities, not that we're expecting tornadoes tonight. but a lot of the issues happen in the middle l of the night. we do have a storm system with active weather, two different tornado watch boxes, you can see the latter box on the east side until 10:00 at night with isolated celled over the gulf. the main batch is back to the west in mississippi and alabama. the storms will be developing, rain moving from the south and coming in mainly from the gulf of mexico. the squall line of storms developing now, plus scattered stuff out ahead of this. we have a lot of weather moving our way. future track bringing coastal showers along the brevard county and volusia county showers, later on this evening, but really kind of waiting until after midnight. that's when the squall line will
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2:00 in the morning, it could be faster. we'll keep an eye on things this evening. i'm running an update cycle now. after midnight, especially after 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 a.m., will be getting active. what kind of storms we're expecting in a minute. new this afternoon, at 4:00, a new case of zika boosted florida's total to 21. florida is leading the nation in cases. santa rosa and st. johns countiess have one confirmed case. hillsborough and broward has 4. miami-dade has 7. we're also now hearing from a student who got sick before zika made it to florida, we're reviewing what he said and have that story in 30 minutes. a developing story in orange county, deputies say the couple wanted for questions in the connection of a stabbing death of an elderly man are in custody and one of the suspects is the victim's own daughter. deputies found the man's body on
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investigators have uncovered the victim's car. >>reporter: they told us that there might be some kind of firearm in the vehicle. they've been looking for it since saturday night when they found 81-year-old gresham's body dead inside of this house. orange county deputies say they picked up tes si gres ham and her boyfriend, yesterday morning under the baker act, because they were afraid they'd harm themselves, investigators say the deputy who picked them up had no idea the two were persons of interest in a murder investigation. deputies say they found gresham's father, 81-year-old julianne gresham, stabbed to death, snid of this house on third street in taft, before 10:00 o'clock saturday night. >> i couldn't believe it. i couldn't believe it. >>reporter: that's when the deputies started searching for the couple and the victim's car. a 2006 ford taurs, similar to this one. >> just old guy, minds his business, man, messed up. >>reporter: jason greenwood
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crime scene, and he says he knows gresham and even ran into them just the other day. >> i would just say hi and bye, but i would see them at the dollar store or something like that. >>reporter: we found court errors that show he has a criminal history kate dating back more -- dating back more than 20 years for burglary and rag vated battery. an orange county county deputy shot him in 20007 after he threatened the deputy with a knife. it didn't end there. we also found out that he was found not guilty by reason of insanity in his own mother's stabbing death, tonight at 5:00, i'm asking how he walked free. for now, live in orange county, channel 9, yns news. -- eyewitness news. we'll have to wait longer to see what happens at trial for the teen accused of running over an orlando police officer. in court earlier today, the
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delayed to give both sides more time to prepare. he ran over officer william anderson on camera. he was charged with taefrnted urd manyer. officer anderson is are you covering. the co-defendant was also in court today, right before the hearing he was was put in handcuffs and taken into custody on outstanding warrants. investigators say he is the person you saw on camera run away from the car before the driver runs over officer anderson. he was an accessory in this case. well, right now, hillary clinton has a former president and close ally, campaigning for her in south florida. >> bill clinton took hillary's place while she was in nevada. riveria beach as we continue to help you decide who should go to the white house. michael, president clinton made a big appeal to black voters. >>reporter: considering the timing of all of this, the south carolina primary, is right around the corner, and clinton needs to win the black vote in
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where she was not here today, so she could spend more time campaigning in nevada. the campaign used the race there as being tight with bernie sanders. about 800 people showed up to the rally here, in the location of this event is also key, and that's because rivera beach is an african-american community. there was a lot of praise for president obama today. former president clinton was talking equal rights and wage. a head start in florida, which will play a key role in the general election, an otherwise calm rally when a man held up a donald trump sign. >> before he became a republican, or when he was -- >> you took his money. >> i certainly did. and i -- i certainly did. and i i took his money for my
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better than he's using it now, i'll guarantee you. >>reporter: republican couldn't resist taking jabs at the clinton campaign today saying her absence is a sign that the campaign is in trouble. they're hoping the former president's appeal will help in this race, working on that angle for 6:00 o'clock. live in rivera beach, channel 9, eyewitness news. and exactly one month from today, voters will head to the polls to cast their ballots in florida's presidential primary, and remember, you must register to vote or to update your v information like your address or your party affiliation by tomorrow. florida has a closed primary, that means you must be registered with a specific party, to vote for a candidate in that party. you can get constant updates on the 2016 race for the white house, by going to, click on news, then on our election section. behind me, this is all that's left of an rv that crashed and then exploded and at
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to find out who caused the crash, that left one person dead, and another in the hospital today. we first saw this story unfold if you were watching eyewitness news this morning. now, the crash happened around 1:00 this morning off u.s. highway 1, near i-95 in ormd beach. the rv was already on fire. witnesses who heard the explosion say when they saw the flames, they immediately tried to help pull out the two people inside. they were able to save one, but not the other. because the flames were just too intense. the victim who survived was taken to halifax hospital, and is being treated for serious burns today. there's no word yet on the identities or whereabouts in terms of where these victims are from. this afternoon, new helicopter video is showing what it took for the brevard county deputies to catch a wanted man. they say they spotted ontario mccoy in a stolen vehicle, he fled a task stop attempt down
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he lost control and then crashed. he then ran off, but a deputy was able to tackle him. he was wanted for aggravated assault and burglary and drug charges. a second helicopter -- the seminole county sheriff's office helicopter was called in help yesterday when the suspect hit a car and flipped over. one of them tried to run away but was quickly stopped and ended up on the ground. the police found large amounts of drugs, and money and a loaded firearm in the car. breaking news in orngs two people were found -- orange county, two people were found dead. orlando police sent out a tweet about the death investigation. we have a crew on the way to the scene and calls into the police department to get more information. and we'll ip date you on this breaking -- update you on this breaking news shortly. far too many central florida families have been impacted by
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>> three men say they frp trying to get to -- were trying to get to work when they were robbed at gunpoint. >> i thought he was joking. . >> ahead, what happened to one victim who tried to fight back. >> and it's a race against the clock, to find a missing boater whose boat washed up along the brevard county coast, what his loved ones told us was inside of the boat that has them concerned. >> waves were up over the weekend, right now, clouds are with us, showers trying to sneak
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ner ulha peed would vehoht atnye ulfi tt do tha make tt o othr y r . right enrit er i codn bie i he waso lpl i kn is ch smalthg litt tng simplehi but me sle madee pp made mda share urto. publ. ershpi is pase. you're watching channel 9 eyewitness news at 4:00 with greg warmoth, vanessa echols and certified chief meteorologist tom terry. the coast guard has spent all day searching for a missing boater, as you can see, here, the man's boat washed ashore along the coast of satellite
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but he's still nowhere to be found. channel 9's phil sutton spoke with the loved ones today. >>reporter: none of this makes any sense to them. the boat you saw was on this stretch of beach until not that long ago. there's a small craft advisory in effect and it's not something that you want to be out in. sky witness 9 flew over earlier today and saw the search efforts underway, the coast guard brought in a large boat, a plane and a helicopter to search the zone they think 38 would lloyd chamberlin might be in. they tracked the cell phone and tracked it to the boat here today, but they're searching from here as far north at jetty park, closer to where chamber lan got on the water on sunday
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toeked to the coast guard, they believe they could still find chamberlin alive. >> we go into that operation with a sense of optimism that we're going to find somebody alive. >>reporter: and talking with chamberlin's family today, they say he is a professional fisherman, they describe him as experienced, and cautious on the water, and they are holding out hope like the coast gaur. i also just asked the coast kaurd how long they plan to search, and whether civilians can do anything to help. i'm working on that story for tonight at 5:00. channel 9 yns news. and we'll be posting updates on the searching for the missing boater on facebook throughout the evening, if there are any breaking developments, you'll find first by liking the wftv facebook page. well, in less than two week, we'll be seeing the first space x rocket launch from cape canaveral station.
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booster onshore, instead, they will try to do it on an ocean platform. previous attempts have failed. well, a president's day snowstorm is coating the white house this afternoon and more snow is in the forecast t.d.c. area could get 4-6 inches of snow tonight. the snow follows a dangerous weekend in indiana and pennsylvania. bad weather in new hampshire led to these dramatic rescues. at a ski resort. 48 people were trappedening hahhing more than 40 feet off the ground. >> -- trapped off the groubd. >> swung hard, one back and we knew there was a problem. >> in boston, sub zero temperatures shattered a 60-year record, negative 9 degrees yesterday, not included the wind chill. neighboring new york state, the coldest valentine's day in 100 year, a warmup is expected by next week. lots of cuddling on valentine's day in the northeast. >> wow, that's cold.
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>> i don't care who you are. >> you still have your valentine's day tie on. it will be warming up. but we have storms on the way. one of these early morning things, we also watch these el nino storms that like to steek in under the cover -- sneak in under the cover of darkness, 73 downtown. nice day today. winds out of the southeast, what a fantastic stretch of weather for all of our many fest valves over this past weekend -- festivals over this past weekend. temperatures 70s and slowly cooling down, but only mid 60s tonight with that southerly flow flowing into big storm system to our north. that will keep the clouds kind of variably overhead and also the shower activity moving in along the coast, watch this batch that's sliding in from the south by stewart from st. lucie, brevard county this evening. and the big fireworks are brewing back to the west, tornado watch in effect for the western panhandle until 10:00 in the morning. they may go a ahead and create a second tornado watch that would
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or 3:00 a.m., maybe 4:00 for our the northern zone, southern georgia. we'll be watching this all night tonight as the timing will be early in the morning. you may be suddenly awakened here by weather around 3:00 or 4:00 a.m. around the i-4 corridor to the west. sanford, mostly cloudy and scattered showers and were nos between 4:00 and 6:00 a.m., in seminole county. we'll get the storms later in the day, first, we get a few showers tonight and early morning drive time for brevard county. probably after 4:00 or 5:00 a.m. a. winds out of the southwest. scattered storms along the coast, an isolated downpour through 9:00 p.m. the timing of this, 2:00, 3:00 in the morning, gainesville to marion county could have severe wind gusts over 50 miles per hour along the leading edge of this. it bows out. that's the sign of some strong straight line winds, 4:00, 5:00,
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and after that, we clear out, and it's going to be very nice. highs near 80 for daytime highs tomorrow. so overnight tonight, heavy rain and wind gusts over 40. could easily have some wind gusts over 50 miles per hour. that will be the major issues, can't rule out an isolated tornado either, especially north and west, where the tornadoes have been a bit more prominent across the gulf coast so far this winter. the five-day forecast with your weekend always in view, likely rain, early in the morning tomorrow. and then drying out during the afternoon. high is 79. look at that week coming up. as you won't find very many weeks in february as nice as that. updating the stormy weather moving in, in the next 12 hours coming up at 4:30. >> we'll check back in. >> breaking news right now the pine hills area, where investigators say 2 people were found dead in a home as we zoom in from sky witness 9 over the scene on santa barbara road t. police tape surrounding the home
4:21 pm
the officers have blocked off part of the road and again, the house is surrounded with crime scene tape as they try to figure out what happened and who it happened to. we have a crew on the way to the scene, we'll bring you any updates as they come into our newsroom, but again, sky witness 9 also flying over the scene in pine hill hill hads. another deadly shooting near bethune-cookman university left a young father dead and two others injured over the weekend. we ask the university whether anything can be done to help protect the students at off campus universities. >> and a daily walk to catch a bus to work, nearly cost three men their lives. >> he pulled out a gun can clicked it. so i gave him my wallet. >> next, the evidence the investigators are looking for. >> all new at 5:00, the state wants to shut down an orange county home day care, amid claims a child was touched inappropriately.
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at this hour, no one has been arrested for the dangerous robberies that took advantage of three men who were just trying to catch a bus to work in orange county. deputies say it happened around 6:00 o'clock this morning near kayly avenue, more disturbing,
4:24 pm
that the one victim that tried to confront the robbers ended up getting shot. >>reporter: that victim is expected to be okay, the investigators tell me all three men were walking down this sidewalk to this bus stop on their way to work this morning when they were approached by two men who robbed them at gunpoint. >> we was trying to -- thanking god that they didn't shoot me. >>reporter: routine walk to the bus stop this morning almost turned deadly. to head to work when they were robbed at gunpoint. >> the guy approached me, and said, give me your wallet. i thought he was joking. >>reporter: what did you do? >> i looked at him. he pulled out a gun can clicked it. i gave him the wallet. >>reporter: told him to walk away after he handed over his wallet, but a third victim tried to fight back and shot. >> they told you to walk away. >> yeah, don't look at me, walk away. >>reporter: the victim was
4:25 pm
serious but stable condition. the lanes were shut down at deputies searched for two suspects is. the lanes have since reopened but the gunman remains on the loose. as for for what gibson said. >> get help. pray, god will take it away from you. a national newspaper glaif florida a c -- gave florida a c grade when it comes to teacher misconduct. >> the problems in school l that could be putting your children at risk. >> plus, while flags flew at half-staff to honor antonin scalia, the battle for who will fill his position continues to heat up. how his death is impacting the race for the white house. >> and troopers say they've been dealing with more and more hit can run crashes every year, what
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we are following break news in pine hill, where orlando police are investigating the deaths of two people inside of a home.
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top of the house, the home the police are investigating is on santa barbara live. ty, what can you tell us? >>reporter: just talked to orange county deputies moments ago and they say that this is suspicious, now, we are in the media staging area, near santa barbara road and sunny land drive. the home where two bodies were found, next to the patrol car where you see two investigators standing. we even have a view of this scene in pine hills from sky witness 9. overhead. now, a resident at the home found bodies. we are still working to figure out how the two died, whether there are any suspects and whether neighbors are safe. again, this is near the corner of santa barbara road. and sunny land drive. where investigators have conifered to me moments ago two bodies were found inside of a home and a resident at that home discovered those two bodies. we're going to continue to stay out here, and ask deputies about
4:30 pm
whether neighbors are safe. we are live right now in orlando, ty russell, channel 9, yns news. we have covered them enough here on eyewitness news, that it was no surprise to hear troopers say the number of hit-and-run crashes in the state goes up every year. >> channel 9 anchor nancy alvarez was there as the families join the state troopers to find out what needs to change to reduce the number. >>reporter: the number is so big, it's almost hard to believe. in 2015, law enforcement officers investigated just over 92600 hit-and-run crashes across the state. and 186 people died in those crashes. but statistics only tell part of the story. >> she was like my best friend. >>reporter: travis was left with a brain injury, after a driver slammed into him and his sister, as they rode on a bike together in december of 2013.
4:31 pm
found and charged. and is awaiting sentencing. his 17-year-old sister, melanie, died. >> not just an accident that occurred. it's a family criminally damaged. >>reporter: travis and his mother spoke out along with other families. jamie mcwilliams lost her 20-year-old son justin in 2002 and the driver who hit him served in time. she helped create a law that stiffenned the penalties. >> you're raised to think when you hit someone, you stop. >>reporter: the families are part of an annual cam fine raise awareness. >> if you have issues, if you have been drinking, stay and teal with the issues. >>reporter: if you don't, you could face up to 30 gleers prison. and if -- years in prison. and if you do stop and help, a tragedy may be prevented.
4:32 pm
>> some of the ynss also taking -- witnesses also taking down numbers. the ex-wife of a deland man run over. stop using grand jurys if the accused works in law enforcement. dashboard cameras recorded the moment that he struck and killed marlin brown while he was running from the police in 2013. the former officer was fired by a grand jury chose not to indict women had a crime. attorneys for a deltona man are demanding na the trial happen in the next 60 days. lewis's trial was set nor month and continued when the u.s. supreme court struck down florida's death sentence procedure. their bodies were never recovered. an escaped inmate and his girlfriend accused of running a away from slooush with the woman's -- volusia county with
4:33 pm
stay in jail. they were arrested there friday. investigate, say quickly helped him take off his gps monitor and escape from a work release site in daytona beach shores. bullock is expected to face a judge in kentucky on thursday. 20 years in prison for threatening to bomb two tampa mosques. pleaded guilty to a hate crime today. we told you about the threats in november. which came right after the paris terror attacks. investigators say they left voice mails saying he would fire bomb the mosques and shoot people. they said he did it in retaliation for paris. the race for the white house is a new controversy this afternoon, what should happen on the u.s. supreme court following the death of antonin scalia. >> bob looked into the debate about a justice who was appointed to the court by president ronald reagan 30 years ago, and everybody has an opinion on how justice scalia should be replaced.
4:34 pm
scalia was known for his conservative view. many worry that president barack obama will fill the spot with someone more liberal. many republicans say that decision should wait because this is an election year. >> we also have i a big, big deal issue in this campaign, now, because of the passing of justice scalia. >> we're one justice away from a radical five justice liberal majority. >>reporter: on the campaign trial, the death of speem court justice -- supreme court antonin justice he dies, one second -- they're starting fighting about politics. >>reporter: found dead at a hunting retreat on saturday, foul play is not suspect issed, and his body was returned to washington, d.c. today. ted cruz, appeared to be the first with this political ad. >> we're just one supreme court justice away from losing them all. >>reporter: he went on to attack donald trump, saying he would
4:35 pm
trump called that a lie, but trump did hint that a third party run if he didn't. >> i signed a pledge, but it's a double-edge pledge. >>reporter: outside of the supreme court, protesters braved the winter storm. with signs reading: fill this vacancy. president barack obama says he has every intention of replacing scalia. the u.s. senate must approve the nominee. the white house says president barack obama will announce his selection after senators return on february 22nd. vanessa. a new investigation says florida could do better when it comes to reporting teacher misconduct. a usa today investigation gave florida a c on checking teacherer's backgrounds and sharing misconduct information. the state scored high for laws that require misconduct to be reported, but the report also said that some teachers with problems in florida were not listed in a national database. thus, making it easier for that
4:36 pm
as we told you at the top of the hour, there are 21 confirmed cases of zika virus in florida, the most of any state in the nation. the latest case was reported in broward county. and now we're hearing from a medical student from miami, who contracted the zika virus months before it hit the state. the 27-year-old is a medical student at fiu in miami. on a medical mission in haiti in november, he says he had a debilitating headache, rashes and very weak with a fever. initially, he tried to diagnose himself with other diseases, but after a trip to the doctor, he was told he had something that the in the next few monthsings would have the cdc scrapabling to find a -- cramabling to find a cure, zika virus: hi no idea what it was, i knew i was sick, i thought it might be some other kind of disease, but back then i'd never heard of it. >> he was given a clean bill of health after suffering through the virus for four days. meanwhile, tomorrow morning, the health department and the
4:37 pm
their plans to help orange county residence safe from zika. it is a big threat here after the widespread impact on brazil. the presentation at the county commission meeting will look at controlling the local mosquito population. orange county was named mosquito county. we've date dedicated a special section of to zika, zika virus. more troubling news for voek owners this afternoon, new -- volkswagen owners this afternoon. the company did not want to recall vehicles at risk for having potential explosive air bags. an orlando woman died when tackca made air bags deployed. the recall wasn't necessary, they eventually complied. the recall impacted 850,000 voeks vehicles. -- volkswagen vehicles. now on the way to port
4:38 pm
of the seas hit hurricane force winds and 30 feet seas, the damage forced the boat to return to new jersey. now, the cruise is back to its itinerary. meanwhile, a disney cruise that was on its what i to the cameen islands made a quick stop. to pick up 12 suspected migrants southeast of cuba, the crew spotted the group on saturday and brought them on board. the pt issed migrants were returned over to the authorities, coast guard fishes say it's not clear if the -- officials say it's not clear if the group was headed to the. a manatee is getting treatment. they rescued this manatee yesterday. they say it swam from the st. johns river, then somehow got through several locking mechanisms, and got sick from the cold. wildlife officials say they believe another manatee took a similar route. skwl the second state wiet burmese python hunt is over, we won't have the final numbers
4:39 pm
its goal was to remove pythons from the everglades. as a of fry, wildlife officials counted 102 captured python, 40 or so more than the hunt last year. today, florida hospital flagler and palm coast is breaking ground on a 15 million dollar expansion that will help treat more patients, the hospital will be adding 32 new beds on the second and third floors, during construction, parking and some entrances to the hospital will be blocked. the project is expected to be finished by the end of the year. >> becoming a go-to for thousands of people looking for extra income. >> coming up, consumer advisor clark howard got behind the wheel of lyft and uber to find out if they're worth the drive. >> rain and storms are on the way, approaching the florida panhandle now, updating timing straight ahead. >> this is the man the police say shot three people near
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quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, home of the original steakburger. rising stocks in europe and japan helped reassure investors in the state, the nasdaq was up almost 71 and s & p 500 rose about 35 points. just the last hour, new 911 calls are giving us an idea of how scary it was for witnesses to a triple shooting that killed a bethune-cookman university student over the weekend. jorge estevez was working to find out if anything could have been done to protect these students. and jorge, this happened outside of a party that was off campus. >>reporter: yes, it sure did, in fact, i checked with the sheriff's office and they took 17-911 calls, when someone shot
4:43 pm
them. >> yes, we have people shot at the apartment clubhouse. >>reporter: the chaos erupted early saturday morning of the indy go lakes apartment house. >> pow, man, that sound issed like a gunshot, and then screaming. >>reporter: reported dozens of people outside during and after the shooting, listen as one man kept dispatch on the phone as he hovered over the body of one of these victims. >> whatever you do, you better keep breathing, you better keep breathing, whatever you do, whatever you do, keep breathing, please. please, keep breathing. >>reporter: we were there as the man suspected of pulling that trigger went before a judge yesterday. lamont postal with his head in bandages. the man is suspected of opening fire, t shooting three people, killing a bethune-cookman college student.
4:44 pm
involved in a fight before he shot and killed 23-year-old johnson, early saturday morning. johnson, was the father of a 5-month-old girl, two other students were shot but expected to survive. he is charged with first-degree murder, and 2 counts of attempted murder. >> the shooting happened off campus, but related to a fraternity kind of event. we have calls into the administration of bethune-cookman to ask about what can be done regarding security for events like these and we're waiting to hear back. greg. jorge. sharks are on the move in florida, and in big numbers. >> it's so cool these sharks are literally a stone's throw away from shore. >> depending on your definition of cool. a lot of you were checking this out on wftv's facebook page, thousands of sharks were seen off the southeast coast of the state, professors at florida atlantic university found these sharks hovering around palm beach and rivera beach last week. in this still frame, they say all of these gray specks add up to more than 150 sharks. >> yikess.
4:45 pm
sharks migrate to warmer r waters this time of the year to mate. a lot of sharks. >> uh-huh. well, how fitting that i have our daytona beach cam pulled up right now, waters generally cool, in the 60s, low 60s, not a lot of folks out there. >> tonight will be the big story for us. >> get some storms through here and it will be early in the morning, right now, 71 degrees. you can see the folks out there enjoying the temperatures in the low 70s. which is about average for this time of february. but we will continue to see even warmer temperatures tomorrow, but we have to get storms through here first. right now, 73 downtown. town towards osceola county and harmony and deland. winds out of the south and southeast. and that southerly flow feeding into a storm system here to our north. also dragging some showers up the east coast. these will be mainly just some light showers in southern brevard county county, maybe a sprinkle elsewhere between 7:00 and 9:00 tonight. the big about guns are back here to the west, though, this is a
4:46 pm
do have a couple of tornado watches and the most recent one in effect west of tallahassee through 10:00 tonight. more than likely, if these storms hold together, one report of a tornado out of this, probably extend this watch across the northern portion of the state, possibly into marion, flagler county, maybe until 3:00 or 4:00 a.m. i do expect this to weaken as it approaches. because it will be moving into more stable environment overnight tonight. but any time we get storms like this, in an el nino pattern, we know from the history, that we can get storms overnight that can produce some damage. we're going to watch this carefully. 6:00 tonight, the showers mainly offshore tonight. otherwise, pretty quiet here through around midnight. monitoring the progress of this line of storms back here to the west. and it looks like rain moving in to the western zones, nearing orland by 3:00 o'clock -- orlando by 3:00 o'clock marching through and a good line of storms.
4:47 pm
line wind event, which could produces winds 45-50 mile an hour. we will be monitoring it for rotating storms on the northern end of this. as it moves past orlando. when you join brian shields on eyewitness news this morning on tv 27 at 7:00 a.m. we'll be f whatting this. visit our flee weather app. we know -- free weather app. we know this winter if there's a warning, it will stound a little -- sound a little alert and start talking to you. orlando tonight, mainly just some clouds, mild temperatures, and the closer we get to 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, after 8:00 a.m., we're all dry in a fantastic week ahead. look at that. five-day forecast with your weekend always in view. early morning storms will yield to a high near 80 degrees tomorrow. with sunshine and it just doesn't get betteren than that towards the great american race, the daytona 500 this weekend still new information coming in
4:48 pm
county, we're now told another resident found two m haves dead inside of a -- victims dead inside of a pine hills home. plus, a new japanese restaurant wants to sell alcohol but it's next to a local middle school. why the eatery says they should be allowed to sell. >> a local insurance agent is accused of preying on senior, coming up, how one victim told us he stole her identity and her money. >> and next at 4:00, consumer advisor clark howard got behind the wheel to find out if working
4:49 pm
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if you took an uber ride in the last three years, you night have cash coming your way. they have agreed to pay nearly 30 million dollars to settle a federal class action over background checks, the company had claimed it had industry
4:52 pm
it didn't run fingerprints. if you're eligible for a refund, you'll get an e-mail. meanwhile, many people have turned to uber and lyft to make some extra money, as drivers, so consumer advisor clark howard got behind the wheel so he could drive for both lyft and uber and found out firsthand what it's like. >> the on understand company's uber and lyft provide cheap transportation. as a driver, i expected a ride to pop up immediately, but it didn't always. so i'm going online, right now. >> my first location, was a bust. >> i'm going to go broke sitting here. >> when i moved just a few miles down the road. >> good morning, how are you? >> good, how are you. >> i got my first fare of the day. the entire road took six minute, i made about $3. minutes later, i have was headed to my next pick up. >> would you care for a bottle of water? >> as a driver was perfect, many
4:53 pm
>>reporter: heading -- surge pricing when an area has mores passengers than driver, fares go up, sometimes way up. >> while i'm t sitting here, surge pricing is just gone into effect, all around me. right here, i got one and a half times the fare, here, i got 1.4. >>reporter: but what about tips? i pulled out all the stops. >> i have water and sparkling water. >>reporter: people appreciated the water. >> i love these lyft drivers. >>reporter: and getting to their destination safely. i'm no expert in drive, but he seemed fine to me. >> he's a great driver. >>reporter: not one tip. >> i'm clark howard. and at least somebody slould given clark a tip. how much did clark make? he clove 4 hour, he -- the drove 4 hour, he made under $58.
4:54 pm
you and posted a lot of consumer resources on line. at clark a major update now on breaking news in investigators say it was a mother and daughter found dead inside of a pine hills home. >> they just gave a quick news conference and next at 5:00, we're working to find out whether the police have any suspects. then, claims of sex abuse has a home day care under investigation in apopka.
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
this is channel 9 eyewitness news at 5:00. coverage you can count on. and breaking right now, deputies just updated us on a death investigation at this orange county home. a mother and her teenage daughter, found dead inside. we've been working for the past hour to get more information on this story. >> ty russell is at the scene now.
4:57 pm
pine hills, as soon as ty gets the information, we'll go live to him. this man, accused of murdering his mother, was found not guilty by reason of insanity. tonight, he's now a person of interest in the stabbing death of his girlfriend's father. and new this hour, we're asking if the system failed by not monitoring him more closely. >> if you were watching at 4:00, you heard that suspect and his girlfriend are both being held for mentaling health evaluations. >> and deputies think this pair is connected to the about staing death of the 81-year-old father over the weekend. channel 9's mike -- spent the day covering this case. you ask fd that suspect should have been monitored after that 2007 case. >>reporter: martha, we found
4:58 pm
he was supervised by mental health professionals, deputies say he stabbed his own mother 23 times. tonight, the question is how close was that supervision? orange county deputies say they picked up gresham and her boyfriend, david, yertd morning under the baker agent, which a allows the deputies to take someone into custody if they're a threat to themselves. that happened just hours after the investigators found 81-year-old julie gresham stabbed to death inside of this home. >> it's a sad situation. >>reporter: this court order eyewitness news about taned shows he ended up in the court system again in 2007, that time, deputies charged him with stabbing his mother to death. but a court found him not guilty buzz a judge determined he was was insane. >>reporter: these court documents say he ordered him here to lake side behavioral healthcare for psychiatric evaluations, but the records
4:59 pm


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