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tv   Eyewitness News 530  ABC  February 15, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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channel 9 eyewitness news continues right now at 5:30. 140 town homeowners near windermere claim their houses are not safe and blame a major home builder for defective construction. >> i just think what is it that we're breathing in? what is it that we're stepping on. what's next? >> all through this hour, action 9 confronts the builder for answers. the owners say a mold probe problem turned into something worse. >> todd saw the problem for himself today and as he explains, the owners are getting help from an orange county commissioner. >>reporter: matt says it's not safe to live in. >> i'm horrified. about it. what is it that we're breathing in? what is it that we're stepping
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>>reporter: first, he and many neighbors discovered mold and rotten wood inside of their berkshire place units, built by -- homes, an engineering company blaped defective stucco. when they opened up outside walls. >> they just taken the strength out of this joist. >>reporter: they found this. wood joists that support the second story, cut wide open near the walls. their attorneys engineer called that critical code violations that jeopardized the structure. >> defective construction. it's outrageous. >>reporter: they took pictures inside three other homes to document risky floor joists. and bad stucco in at least half of the 140 homes. >> owners here claim the repairs to make their homes safe again will cost at least 6.6 million dollars. >> they told me it's aware and working to resolve this issue asks honoring the warranties.
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cannot file lawsuits. both sides begin mediation tomorrow. >> just praying to god that this gets settled before a disaster happens. >>reporter: now, they're disa pointed that the homeowner's attorney has not supplied all of the documents requested. this is a public safety. thank you, todd f wre staying on -- we are staying on top of breaking news in orange county where a mother and her teenage daughter was found dead in a pine hills home. here's a live look from sky witness 9 now. deputies told us they do not believe it was a murder-suicide. we're told that the victims were discovered by a man who lives in the house. >> it doesn't appear at this point that there was some sort of forced entry. >>reporter: they say don't have any suspects, so they're talking to neighbors to see if anyone saw anything. we have live coverage on this breaking news story at 6:00. tonight, health officials have confirmed there is a new
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the newest one popped up in proud ward county. florida leads the nation in the most confirmed zika cases, in osceola county. orange county leaders will discuss how everyone can help prevent the spread of the virus. cathy is live. mosquito control can't go it alone? >>reporter: it can't, because the way it usually controls mosquitoes, doesn't really work. w the mosquitoes that carry the zika virus. especially at this time of the year. the problem is on the agenda r meeting. mosquitoes that carry and spread the dangerous zika virus, don't breed in the usual places like retention ponds and lakes. so spraying won't necessarily help. and during the cooler months, spraying is less effective. for some reason, the zika carrying mosquitoes thrive and breed in man made containers.
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bath, wading pools, pool tarps and vases. orange county might have a head start on the problem, because mosquito control workers have been on the lookout for these types of breeding grounds, because the same mosquitoes also carry the ding virus and other viruses. tomorrow, orange county commissioners will hear from county health managers about how the community can prevent creating breeding grounds for the mosquitoess. the biggest danger remains with pregnant women, who can pass the zika virus on to their unborn children, resulting in severe birth defects and even miscarriages. county leaders are not expected to take action tomorrow. so far, all 21 cases in florida are travel related. reporting live in orange county, cathy belich, cham 9 yns news. he offered licenses for people to buy legal medical marijuana. but after 9 investigates started asking questions, the police shut him down, mr. 420 has been
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last year, 9 investigates was the first to ask ray cunningham, questions about his brevard county business. he told us he was offering a license that would allow people to legally smoke marijuana, but only for medical reasons. now, cunningham's been convicted of selling and possessing cannabis, and he was sentenced to fur years in prison. -- four years in prison the ser as much continues for a missing brevard county boater, nearly 24 hours after he was reported missing. >> the coast guard is searching on the water and from the air, they're focus on a stretch. field sutton joining us live now in brevard county. and indian harbor is where his boat turned up trrp coast guard used his cell phone to track that boat because it was still on board, it was still working. as of late last night, it led them to this stretch of beach, but that seems to have been a dead end. they're stuck searching these choppy waters. sky witness 9 flew over that
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looked for clues in the disappearance of 3-year-old lloyd chamberlin. the coast guard, brevard county sheriff's deputies and fwc have been looking for chamberlin since 10:00 o'clock last night. when the man's friend called to complain he never made it in off the water. and now, nearly 24 hours later, the coast guard plans to continue its search indefinitely. >> well, on the field level, we're not looking at the time line or the expiration date of our search effort, more on the command level. we're more focused on getting out on the water and just getting as many eyes out there looking for him as possible. >>reporter: off camera, chamberlin's family told eyewitness news, it's been hard waiting for answers that don't seem to be gets closer. he was an experienced fisherman who spent most of his time on the water and describe him as experienced and cautious when he's out fishing. tonight, the coast guard says it has the search under control, and doesn't want civilians risking their own lives to get out and try to help.
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the -- leave it to us, the coast guard has had years of training in this particular operation. we have the technology, we are the personnel. >>reporter: his family members say they've been humbled by the outpouring of support and tonight, they're hoping for a miracle. >>reporter: and out here, this afternoon, we have not seen them in a while, but the coast guard has been both a plane and a helicopter, up searching as far as we know, those will be back up tomorrow morning to continue the search. live in brevard county, field sutton, channel 9 yns news. and there's a search for two other men tonight, who robbed a group of people just trying to catch a bus to go to work. >> deputies say three men were walking to the lynx bus stop around 6:00 o'clock this morning, when armed robbers approached them dpangd money. we spoke to -- demanding money. we spoke to one victim. >> one of the people that was with you, didn't give up? as easily? >> well, no, because another guy
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look and walk on, and that's when we heard the shot. >> the three victims were just on their way to work. investigators are talking with area businesses to see if they can get any surveillance videos. right now, arctic air is beginning to move out of the country, as millions of americans try to warm up from a brutal with the blast. chief meteorologist tom terry has been following the front and tom, the new storm is moving through. >> that's right, well, we're going to get some storms here early in the modern, but now, there's rain, snow, and ice concerns for 20 states, from georgia to maine. >> snow in d.c. and virginia, quickly transform the area from a winter wonderland to a travel nightmare. temporarily closed runways at reagan international airport and that's causing a ripple efshth at the airports across the country. snow and ice are wreaking havoc for drivers from iowa to illinois, indiana and pennsylvania. i 78 finally reopened, after this massive and fatal pileup over the weekend. and now, a new storm, is now
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plains, and the south, making its way north bringing heavy rain, and warmer temperatures. a welcomed relief for the millions of americans in the northeast new england. in all, 18 major cities in the east survived sub zero temperatures. that left entire city blocks frozen in philadelphia while firefighters battled a blaze. in boston, a 60-year-old record was shattered and in new york, a record set a century ago is now history. a century ago. well, there is some relief fl this dangerous cold, a storm coming in from the south and at the coast, bringing warmer temperatures for us and for them through the middle part of the week. abc news will have more coverage on this winter brutal last. world news with david muir begins right after eyewitness news at 6:00. bob. all right. tom. central florida's largest health insurer is teaming up with hundreds of local doctors, to make the practice of medicine more efficient. and to drive down insurance premiums.
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to find out how these so-called accountable care organizations work. >> you get a group of doctors together, that can share information about patients, electronically, and therefore, don't do all of the duplicate tests. >> a network of 1,000 central florida doctors, five years ago, the country was on its way to brups city due to medical costs, he says this provision in the affordable care act, helped turn that around. and here's a money saver. medical patients have a new lower cost alternative to the emergency room. a florida emergency care center opened its doors in winter park today. the center is located at the florida accountable care services office on north cimarron boulevard. this facility will be part of the accountable care organization. 9 investigates, fifrs expoedzed a -- first exposed an
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kids to the ex-wife. >> he had no choice but to do it. while on the clock. and florida's primary is one month away, you need to be registered with a party in order to vote. ahead, checking to see how many voters are signed up in orange county. >> and a local deputy is retiring from his department, and then running to take it overment if he's elected, his paychecks will cost taxpayers $20,000 a month. next, 9 investigates asks if elected officials should be allowed to double dip. >> i'm watching this line of thunderstorms, including a tornado watch in effect for the
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we've been bringing you live updates from pine hills. still no word on any possible suspects. the chief deputy sheriff of osceola is running to replace retiring sheriff. >> 9 investigates learned if he's elected, he would collect to paychecks from taxpayer, which would total five times the median income in that. if he's abusing the system meant to save you money. >> i've always had a service heart drp dave is the apparent front runner for osceola sheriff endorsed by retiring sheriff. >> i am a good steward of the taxpayers dollars. and that i will make sure that they are spent wisely. >>reporter: he will be a well paid sheriff if elected. he'll collect a lump sum of half a million dollars, earned through the retirement option and then, 8,000 a month from
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$12,000 a month as sheriff. $20,000 or $240,000 a year. >> it's all lawful, understandable, you me, the question is why should they. >>reporter: florida tax watch is against employees to retire to return to the same agency for the same sally. drop was intended to save taxpayers money. >> that pension is defined not by me, but by the state. >>reporter: would you consider donating any part of that. >> well, i already do. i'm very involved in my church and very involved tighter. >> this state database 9 investigates obtained shows 3600 public employees in central florida are in drop. and we learned sleria is following the exact same path taken by brevard county sheriff and orange osceola state attorney ashton. >> a situation where some of our
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better and far higher standard of living compensation, and assets than the people they serve. and so, it's kind of, you know, public service in resers. >>reporter: we learned tax watch is pushing the state to prevent rehired employees from collecting health benefits. and perhaps, creating a salary cap. >> if it matters to the media, that much, that there is a mechanism for which to bring that up and bring that to the legislators and lobby for change. >> the state implemented stricter ruless to discourage retired public employees to return to receive a check. martha sglchlt thank you. commercial air traffic between cuba and the u.s. is expected to restart soon, this weekend, an agreement will be signed to bring back commercial flights. the u.s. transportation secretary will go to havana tomorrow to finalize the deal. officials expect flights to be up and running by this summer. the decade-long battle over an abandoned golf course is
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most of the 970 home owners around the were foer sable -- former sable point country club have approved plans to develop part of the 100 acre property. more than 250 apartments, the plan also be discussed next tuesday at the county commission meeting. kissimmee is getting a new fire station that should prove useful during severe weather. crews broke ground on station 64 today. it's being built to withstand severe weather. with wind speeds up to 150 miles per hour. that will allow firefighters to stay in the community during storms, to provide quicker response in the aftermath. the new 4 bay station is being built off pleasant hill road. we have storms moving in tonight. >> overnight, a little bit of rain now, by the morning commute, leave early. you've got an early morning doctor's appoint. 8:00 o'clock downtown, you may get into traffic issues. southwest thwarts the international airport, and a little bit of light rain now as 71 degrees.
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showers showing up on early warning doppler 9 radar. zooming in on the southeast i'd of orange county. -- side of orange county. the avalon area, meadow wood subdivision t 417 lake nona. all of the showers moving north at about 20 miles per hour. with a prevailing winds. a couple of showers near highway 60. nothing heavy. evening showers and more rainfall to the west. storms developing in our area overnight with the line of stofrms developing here to the west. -- storms developing here to the west. that is all marching in our direction. during the early morning hours. 6:15, clouds passing showers, future track keeps it about a 20-30% coverage of rain during the evening tonight. it will be a quick hitting shower, nothing to cancel plans over. by tomorrow morning, here comes our problems with some scattered
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here comes the line of showers and some gusty thunderstorms, mixed in. from 2:00 all the way through around 5:00, 6:00 in the morning. approaching seminole county, back through lake county, 4:30, 5:00, 530. so as you start daybreak, brian shields will have a boat load of rain to track for you, as you get your day started forming. we have a as a matter of fact craft advisory in effect, we had issues over the weekend there. now, our storm threat index overnight tonight, wind gusts over 40. the main issues we'll be dealing with in addition to scattered lightning storms, a very low risk of a tornado, but it's not 0. we're going to be watching for nay developing storms off the -- any developing storms off the gulf coast. rain closer to 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 in the morning, finally moving out after 8:00, giving us a day in seminole county, write this down in our books, 81 degrees in oviedo. fantastic warm weather, and a
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this has been a crazy winter. five-day forecast with your weekend always in view. rainstorms likely in the morning, clearing out by the late morning hours. how about thursday, my peach day, of the week, 72 degrees. and in time for the daytona 500. 79 degrees. martha. thanks. at 6:00, new information keeps coming out on breaking news, a mother and teen daughter found dead inside of their home, deputies say it was suspicious, the help they need now from the neighbors. >> a daytona beach sergeant with a history of trouble is under investigation again. 9 investigates the latest claims against him could cost him his gun and badge for good. >> also, at 6:00. >> you've got to live with that for the rest of your life. >> what troopers are now doing to track down the hit-and-run
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florida's primary is one month from today. and tomorrow, is the deadline to register to vote in the election. the state has a closed primary, which means you have to be registered with a specific party to vote for a candidate in that party. channel 9's steve barrett is outside of the orange county elections office and you found out more than 100,000 voters have not registered with the party. >>reporter: yeah, that's exactly right, this place was pretty busy, this is the ong elections office. they closed about an houring a, that means tomorrow is your only opportunity to register if you want to vote in the primary. this afternoon, voters were stopping by the orange county supervisor of elections office at a good clip. trying to beat the deadline for
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>> i've been putting it off. >>reporter: shannon has never voted in a primary, in florida, you must have claimed a party affiliation to even vote in the primary, so independents cannot vote. mccrae says she has voted in the general election many times before. >> i really haven't felt the need to be registered as a democrat or a republican before. >>reporter: that is different now? >> yes y. >>reporter: more than 280,000 voters are registered democrats so far. nearly 200,000 registered as republicans with 43,000 registering with some other party. 164,000 not registering with a party at all. and if you are waiting until the last minute, coming to an election office like this, is not your only o option. you can pick up all of the forms that you need at a library or a post paufs, as long as you -- office as long as you get those
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reporting live in orange county, steve barrett, channel 9 eyewitness news. and we've got your covered from now until the november general election. go to the news section of and click on the elections tab, to keep a close watch on the biggest races. if you use vote trend to get around volusia county. boat tran will will start using detours. the company says riders should expect delays on routes 11, 18 and 19. there will be no service to daytona beach airport. the service should return to normal next monday. there's still no word of any arrests in that breaking news in orange county. >> but a large group of investigators is working the scene where a mother and daughter were found dead in a pine hills home. at 6:00, we'll be checking in with our reporter on the scene. >> plus, why senator bill nelson is warning the fight over the next u.s. supreme court justice
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>> 9 investigates why a daytona beach police officer was (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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channel 9 eyewitness news continues right now at 6:00. it's become tonight's major story, and it broke right here on eyewitness news. right now, at 6:00, a mother and her daughter are dead. and deputies are on the hunt for a killer. because they say this was not a murder-suicide. deputies say a man who lived in the home found the victims. >> we broke this story during eyewitness news at 4:00 and ty russell has been working at the scene off pine hills road and ty, to investigators have any leads so far? >>reporter: well, martha, we've
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gathering new detail asks still, right now, more than a dozen deputies and investigators have been here along santa barbara road, they have a stretch of this road blocked off. the bodies of that mom and teen daughter were found inside of a white home on the right side of the road. here's a look from sky witness 9, this is a neighborhood filled with families, deputies say the bodies were found by a man who lives at the home. we don't know his relation to the two. but deputies also told me this doesn't appear to be a murder-suicide. and here's a look at the scene on the ground. deputies are now talking to neighbors to see if they heard anything strange. they don't are any suspects right now, but we talked to a spokesperson with the orange county sheriff's office earlier today. who says this is unusual for this type of violence in this neighborhood. >> this is not a neighborhood that typically has this type of violent crime. so we're just asking neighbors to be patient, as soon as we can figure out the nature of this, we're hoping people can help us.


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