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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 5am  ABC  February 16, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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we will stay with you. tornado expiring we have a severe thunderstorm warning until 5:45 am. we will watch for the warning expiring over the next few seconds and severe storm warning and hang with you to the warning as it races through brevard county. 5 am joining us on eyewitness news this morning as we track severe weather i'm meteorologist brian shields. were going to show you what's going on. news in traffic as well. tornado warning and brevard county has expired. officially we have a trainable watch for brevard and osceola
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the warning we're seeing in brevard county the yellow shading, a severe thunderstorm warning isolated chance of a tornado with it but the biggest threat will be straight line damaging winds. and warning for central so the brevard county goes until 5:45 this morning. one more warning for line moving during -- moving in a lot of sunshine full forecast today. >> looking at brevard county you can see heavy weather working into brevard county moving across melbourne, palm bay, indoors and away from windows. this morning until 5:45 heaviest weather moving to palm bay in melbourne and will stick around for the next 30 minutes crossing i-95, blinding rain. rusty and i were -- will dissect this to see if we have signs of a rotation or brief tornado.
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seeing melbourne moving in, palm bay and this will continue to move to the east and northeast at about 30 to 45 -- 30-40 miles an hour. we will hang with you throughout the hour and new severe thunderstorm warning until 5:45 we will take it out street-level coming up we will the corner. 5:01 am. nhtsa, jamie. a busy morning on this tuesday and jc -- jamie a homes. >> on nancy alvarez. we want to look at the roads if there's ever a morning to take extra time it is this one. >> deneige. >> spots along i-95 i have not seen crashes popping up and i will let you know if i see that the i 4 westbound issue and conroy we have 2 lanes blocked for crash i 4 westbound . that is a different camera
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two lanes an emergency vehicles on both sides east and westbound at conroy and we have a crash in cocoa 528 was found after the split with 407. they been able to get the crash off to the site but keep in mind the wet roads and rain has not stopped. if anything pops up i will keep you posted. back to brian in a moment . he is tracking the storms. overnight. this morning there are a few interesting who killed a mom and her 16-year-old daughter inside a home in pine hills. house, and dedication to afternoon. deputies do not have any suspects. janai norman is outside the home in orange county. the deputy has been parked outside the house all night. >> reporter: jamie, neighbors are an easy because of these are not saying much about the
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all they know is a man found her woman and her teenage daughter dead inside a home yesterday but the two not know why -- why or who did it. deputy keeping watch over the home that was a crime scene monday afternoon. sky witness 9 captured the investigators in this neighborhood where we confirmed that debts of the 36-year-old woman and 16-year-old daughter are suspicious. >> he told me his girlfriend was on the phone and he thought she was dead. >> reporter: neighbors have told us they know a man lived at the home for two years but did not know others will living there. accrue spoke with the women -- they did not want to show the faces. they were the only neighbors willing to go on camera until deputies told them they were safe. so far this morning deputies are not releasing additional information. they have not said whether they have anyone in custody -- custody anyone -- have not
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speaking with the neighbors about the man who found the two women dead. reporting in orange county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. by now the coast guard is waiting for first light to continue the search for a missing fisherman. we told you about the search this morning. lloyd chamberlain's empty boat was spotted off the coast. he never returned from a trip on sunday. his family tells us he's an experienced fishermen who spent most of his time on the water. state troopers are following several tips to find the driver who hit and killed a jogger and took off. fhp says 39-year-old jason roe care was out for a run on satellite boulevard, cocoa yesterday morning when he was hit. troopers believe the suspect vehicle was a light gray clouds -- light gray chrysler. the story is one hp says
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data shows -- they kicked off the campaign yesterday and affected families met with troopers to come up with solutions or 2 percent no matter the reason leaving the scene of the crash is never a good idea. us officials are in cuba today to finalize a deal that will bring back commercial flights between the us and cuba that could begin soon. that will be the first time in 50 years they could start running by the summer. health officials will give orange county leaders an update on the local fight against the zika virus. florida has the most confirmed cases in the country but none of them were contracted here. roy ramos is with us this morning. the county says mosquito patrol is limited and how they can fight the virus. >> reporter: they are. they say the way they usually contribute -- mosquito control will not necessarily work with the way that they -- mosquitoes carry the virus a special discount of you.
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the new zika case to pop up the broward county has put the title -- cases to 21. leaders are scrambling on how to fight the problem. spring will not help in during cool month treatment is less effective. that's because experts say the mosquitoes spread this dangerous zika virus do not read unusual places like ponds and lakes. for some reason officials say the zika caring mosquitoes drive and breed and man-made containers you can find in your yard like buckets, birdbaths, pulls. mosquito control workers have been on the lookout for these type of breeding grounds because the same mosquitoes also carried the dengue virus and other viruses. commissioners will hear from county health managers about how the community can event creating breeding grounds for the mosquitoes but the vigorous danger remains were pregnant women who can pass the virus onto their unborn children
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defects and miscarriages. at this point all 21 florida cases our travel related. i'm working to find out what will be discussed in the meeting at 9 am. i will have more the next half hour. if you are more than six take the family of four young black men in lake county will receive a public apology for what's been called central florida's biggest shame. ,67 ago 4 black men in lake county with chocolate waiting a 17-year-old white complexes that time documents have been released that prove they did not do it. we sat down with the upper of a book written, focuses on the sheriff mccall who explains how 1949. people of lake county to deliver swift justice so when the supreme court came in an overturned the verdict, he took capital punishment and attempted to execute two of the
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>> reporter: the global city council said to issue a proclamation calling for exonerations for the informant. today the owners of a new japanese restaurant will try to convince orange county commissioners to allow them to sell alcohol across the street from the school. it is on lake underhill road and was denied a liquor license because of the proximity to the middle school. a hooters was there previously installed alcohol but the zoning board said he was there before the school was built. orange county commissioners voting to show support for a way to alleviate traffic. the city of orlando is testing traffic trackers with bluetooth readers when you drive by the sensor is sent the signal to your cell phone to see how well traffic is going. the storm system that have thus under a tornado warning spawned tornadoes in the panhandle. >> tornado tore down power lines to neighborhood and one man said his home was damaged. they moved in two days ago and there is no word on if there were injuries. we were not under a tornado
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let's get over -- severe thunderstorm warning under a tornado watch officially in brevard county. this one sector we are watching now in brevard county. severe thunderstorm warning until 5:45 with a heavy weather is. lots of lightning and a few indications of rotation. we will zoomed down with the radar. when you see yellow that is not the surface as mid-level. we will watches for chance for a quick drop of a tornado but strong if not damaging winds will be the greatest threat as it moves across i-95, rockers, finally doing better. indian river city, blinding rain. melbourne beach, informant is in 13 and mikko that is the heaviest rain working in now and we could see winds gusting over 50 or 60 miles an hour as it passes by. have our weather app with you it has information and alerts tab for situations like this to let you know what is going on.
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the weekend is always in view. 73 in noon, gorgeous today in the 70s and sunny skies. we will track changes that the system brings us ahead in maine went through. 5:10 am. a crash on i 4, i 4 westbound and eastbound at conroy that we have 2 crashes. 2 lanes are blocked in each direction at conroy for this crash. vehicles are on scene within the last 10 minutes. you will need extra time slowdown going to the area. i've been checking the cameras along i-95 and along brevard county especially have not seen major issues and i will let you know. on traffic tracker, a crash 520 westbound, cocoa after 4:07 am. we told you one firefighter was caught using an ambulance to drop off his children. investigation is complete. punishment he's facing for doing it.
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tracking a storm warning for brevard county over the next
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we will get into what's next . sunshine in the forecast and i will join you in five minutes. 5:14 am. 9 investigates discovered an ethics complaint filed on behalf of apopka father who says he felt threatened by an orange county school board member who also works as a campaign manager in the city council race. leroy bell has gone door-to- door to how politicians meet voters in south apopka but he said he refused to support samnites bid for reelection. school board member christine moore is running the councilman's campaign. bell claims she made comments about a special school program is son participates and when he refused to show support. he worries his sunken removed our -- out-of-print lake elementary. >> my son is thriving and for our, ms. christine moore to take and try to intimidate me about my son being moved, that don't set well with me or my wife.
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belvin perry file the complaint on behalf of him. it could be months before the ethics commission takes any action. the trial of the teen accused of running over an orlando police officer has been pushed back. both sides told the judge yesterday they need more time to prepare. investigators say kelty ran over officer william anderson during a traffic stop last july. kelty is charged with attempted murder. officer anderson is recovering in a new trial date has not been set. counties codefendant was arrested before the hearing yesterday. investigators say angel bms is the person running away from the car in this video here before the officer was run over. he was arrested on an outstanding warrant and is charged with -- as an accessory in the case. eatonville residents do not
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that is good news. a boil water notice was finally lifted yesterday. he saw the story unfolding one we showed you a flood along e. kennedy blvd. after a water main break. test results show the water is clean. police are taking a step to stop crime in a troubled part of town. they created a task force of offices to focus on carver heights and are bringing officers on bikes to help keep an eye on the area. this comes after a string of shootings in carver heights we told you about last year. we will be a volusia county this with webb county the destructive he got what to do about homeless shelter. the city of daytona beach submitted a 20 page agreement that holds the city responsible for paying for the operation at the shoulder. the county has simplified the property and pay $4 million to build it. the agreement does not require a specific location. speedway -- week in daytona beach will bus routes will be detoured there is day to avoid traffic and daytona international speedway ticket
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flea market will be shut down temporarily. routes 11, 18 and 19 should face delays and service should return to normal monday. i-70 name where the weekend is always in view -- we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. and more if necessary and today was necessary. >> you have been here all night. >> severe weather threat will last the next 30 minutes and that will be it which is good news. we will monitor to see if we have damage reports and everything coming in. lots of heavy weather in the southern sections. northern zones are better with a severe threat over but we are watching in brevard county i 4, north and west in better shape this morning. this is officially what is going on. a tornado watch osceola dropping shortly. a severe threat and osceola county is over. tornado watches up for brevard county and that should be a friend of a few minutes along with a severe thunderstorm
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minutes of the severe weather threat. not since of -- signs of rotation. titusville indian river city port st. john blinding rain earlier with a potential tornado moving from osceola into brevard county. we will keep tabs. it was in rural sections. heavy rain, melbourne, palm bay. hold off on your commute for 20 to 30 minutes to be safe. lightning in the sector moving in. 38 strikes over 30 minutes. be in doors. not only is it pouring but we have lightning around malabar. watching markets, green indicating a strong if not severe storm moving to the northeast at 50 miles an hour. the catch is a small hail. flooding a localized reflecting because the heavy rain we are seeing zooming in but elsewhere this is going to be zooming out shortly and we will lose clouds and seymour sunshine working in for later today. 50s and 60s now. it will be a gorgeous day.
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do not need the umbrella today. 75 at noon, 78 at 2:00 and winter springs. future track you see the rain quickly moving away. leftover shower is possible but may day, sunny and sunny skies to the good portion of the day. great weather in the wake of this mess from last night and early this morning. one, breezy and early shower -- warm and breezy. 70s and 80s winds 10 to 15 clearing out and sunny. tonight it will be chilly 40s and 50s under clear skies and tomorrow sunny with mid-70s. five-day forecast, where the weekend is always in view 72 and cooler on thursday and we warm up this weekend. sunday is the 500. mid to upper 70s. a warning minutes away. 5:20 am. i 4 eastbound problems in and conroy you can see the
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two and three lanes at the spot. seeing delays build on the westbound side. keep that in mind. you will get stuck in some of this. they are letting people through. keep that in my. light traffic tracker, we have not had any serious crashes in the spots with a heavy rain falling. 528 westbound, after 407 a crash to the side and has not been causing problems. lake county high school coaches is the taken away from heart off the court. >> i have no regrets. >> these standards he set that got him fired. 2 women found dead in orange county home coming up, speaking with a neighbor about the man who found the victim's. a local woman is fighting to keep the state from shutting
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5:24 am the state is trying to shut down in orange county home daycare business after the unlimited one child and abruptly touched another child. she has been caring for children and old home for almost 20 years in the zip file
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home daycare registration. she claims the only reason dcf found about the incident is officially reported to the child-abuse hotline herself. >> i was upset because this is crazy. now they are threatening to shut me down because of this. i was very upset. >> she says she did not see the abuse because she left the room for less than four minutes to create a mess. she's asking for a hearing to share her set. florida's secretary of state want to stay in the states redistricting issue. can that their senses is asking a federal appeals court to dismiss him from a lawsuit filed by congressman brown overheard redrawn district. state lawmakers had to redrawn maps after the assault -- florida supreme court ruled the original maps were unconstitutional. investigators are working to see if there are possible victims of an orange county insurance agent accused of stealing from one of its customers. >> investigators say the man
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woman but never bought insurance with the money. he is also accused of taking more money to buy policies the woman never ordered. the state division of insurance fraud is looking into two other cases. the victim was talked about why she trusted the agent and she also has a warning for others. listen to the interview on click on the video section. at this a cruise ship made a stop at the cayman islands. 12 month stranded on a makeshift boat in the water southwest of cuba. the men were turned over to the again -- crank chamber. computers, ice makers, ovens are things you paid for but are missing. >> 9 investigates what happened to the hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of county equipment that has disappeared. orange county deputies still have not cleared the scene where a mother and daughter were found dead. at 5:30 we're hearing from neighbors. a warning until 5:45 am for brevard county.
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will come to an end and also a huge change for the day. 5:26 am.
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5:30 a m to live look at brevard county. paying attention to the band of rain moving across but it will be out quickly and what a day stewart. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. . >> roads are wet. >> it's been busy. watching brevard county witnessing damage reports. the desk is checking around rockledge, reports of a few issues. they had power outages as well. look at early warning dopler 9 hd, a severe threat done for almost all. watching for brevard county for


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