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tv   Eyewitness News 11  ABC  February 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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tt4w`t3n`!$%" mnh! `pf@ tt4w`t3n`!$%" nz(l `"8@ tt4w`t3n`!$%" on(l `r< tt4w`t3n`!$%" qzh! `5n< this is channel 9 eyewitness news at 11:00. coverage you can count on. >> two men arrested, they were hauled off to jail and we're digging into their history. in the last 90 minutes, the shooters of the glitz nightclub shooting were taken to jail.
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these men were arrested for murder. >> and only one of them is charged with attempted murder. and he's still being held in the police department at this hour. in the last hour and a half we saw jose lopez being led away in handcuffs. >> police walked 23-year-old jose lopez from the police department, we were on the ground to question him. >> what was the plan? he was rearrested on charges of throwing a deadly missile in a structure and use of a firearm as a felony. he was arrested within a week of the shooting, and was released on bond. meanwhile, 20-year-old louis is facing murder charges.
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trafficking in heroin. but was released on bond. 10 people were shot at the lounge earlier this month and 300 people were inside, they were killed around another person hospitalized in critical condition. the remaining shooting victims didn't have life threatening injuries. >> and police have not said what led to the charges. we'll be there when they make their first appearance. >> and we'll monitor that throughout the night for when the second suspect is taken into custody. and tomorrow morning, investigators will be back out along international speedway blvd. to search for more human remains. a land survey spotted what appears to be a human skull, late this afternoon, deputies
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>> we'll work do locate anything else, and get those in for testing. that will hopefully identify the person and bring closure to the family. >> deputies say the area they're searching is swampy and is not a place where there may be homeless camp. >> we asked whether the remains are connected to this woman and her two children. they were killed 2 years ago, or if they could be connected to the bodies of four women killed in daytona beach by a serial killer. they said it's too early to tell but they're not ruling anything out. breaking news, a major crash has blocked all westbound lanes of i-4 near the turnpike. a live look at back up, still lots of brake lights. drivers are being routed off at conway rd. once we found out more we'll update you.
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from school district if there's going to extra security after st. cloud was on lockdown. the student sent us this fight in a locker room and a fight in the cafeteria. things escalated after a threat was made over social media. >> they went classroom to classroom and they took our backpacks and searched it and then we had to go into a metal detector. >> they didn't find anything during the search. not clear if any students will be disciplined. >> the board of harbor house cut their ties with carol wick and no explanation. it happened after the executive gave her a heads-up. it was not her idea to leave but she's proud of the work she's done. the board said it will name an
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nationwide search for her replacement. >> no sign of baby willow abandoned by her mother moments after her birth. channel 9 is live at the apartments where that baby got her nickname. the neighbors want dive teams involved in the search. >> i'm standing in the parking lot where the search began. evidence in this parking lot of a childbirth but tonight neighbors tell us they want police searching an area two blocks away from the spot. >> neighbors guided us to this pond along silver star rd., they want to know if police will search this area as a precaution. >> there's a pond over there, they should check it. >> they found it to be a 10 minute walk from the apartments where baby willow was born monday. we took the concerns to police an sent an e-mail but have not
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>> they're waiting to hear what happened. >> 30-year-old susan richardson is in jail tonight and she's being represented by a public defender. her boyfriend said mental health issues may be to blame. she said she rest the child on someone's doorstep and couldn't remember which one after the baby was born. we were there yesterday when they took dumpster away, we were there as they checked sewers but tonight, the neighborhood is quiet without knowing where the baby is and if more search efforts will happen. >> if you leave a child unattended, i mean come on. >> they've left balloons and candles and tonight, i reached out to a city government spoke
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here searching for her, but they she told me only police can answer those questions. >> questions. now confirming they knew about a policy violation by an internal affairs investigators under investigation herself. this video of officer after she admitted to drinking and driving her city car. we then uncovered an incident where she allegedly had a drunk passenger in her car. she was not disciplined. >> . >> the number of confirmed zika cases have risen to 24.
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>> the jeep was involved in a deadly hit-and-run monday. fhp found the jeep that hit a man along this road. today we found out the owner of the suv has hired an attorney and had not talked with investigators. the brother of the victim says they hope they can find the driver. >> they found the jeep and we're looking for the driver now. >> fhp said the damage to the vehicle is consistent with the parts found at the crash. family lost thousands of dollars after they hired a roofer who bailed after they gave him a check. only after that, the guy didn't have a license to do the work. it's illegal to do contracting work without a license. it took them two years to arrest him. and if there's more victims, he
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>> even with towering oaks and a view of downtown orlando. nothing extravagant about this duplex but the roof cost $9,000 to replace. after investigators say this man took part of that money and ran. >> did you get your money back? >> no. >> in april, 2014, the owner found a website forever seal roofing and she came in contact with david george who promised to rebuild it in two weeks. >> he responded to the call and he gave two stories. >> the first story, he had to remove these trees even though they're not near the roof. yes. >> that's a lot of money. >> that was actually the down payment. >> yes, so he took it and we couldn't find him. >> that's when she did what she wished she had done.
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department of business and regulation website. we found several david georges but this man wasn't one of them. it took two years of her calls and complaints, but seeing this mugshot, it eases the pain of the thousands she lost. >> finally he's arrested and others can't be taken. >> as you say, it's easy to double check a license, you can go to my florida and click verify a license from there search by name or license number. contractors are required to put that number on construction permits. we have a link on our site. important information for anyone, and the south carolina primary begins in less than two days and 3 more gop presidential candidates are trying to sway voters. donald trump and jeb bush and kasich were in the spotlight,
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and ben carson and marco rubio. they discussed healthcare and immigration but the pope's spotlight. >> i think he heard one side of the story, that's probably by the mexican government and he didn't sigh the tremendous strain that the border is causing us and the drugs pouring across. >> a poll has him leading in south carolina with 38% followed by ted cruz at 22% and marco rubio at 14%. investigators are trying to figure out what led to a shooting in winter park. it happened just blocks from park avenue. jordan ingram and frank freeman were killed in a shootout. >> this drunk driver is suing the state saying his rights from violated when his license was suspended.
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could put thousands of suspected drunk drivers back behind the wheel. >> the clouds and temperatures and even more changes as we head towards the weekend. hundreds of residents may have to wait an entire
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refuse a breath test. channel 9 learned in this lawsuit is successful it could put them right back behind the wheel. >> you're saying you haven't had an alcoholic beverage today. >> he stumbles during a sobriety test and records show he refused a breath test so they suspended his license. >> suspended for one year and no judge and jury. he's pursuing a class action lawsuit against the state because the license is taken and suspended before the judge reviews the case and he thinks that unfair. >> you're not going to get in court for months for someone to decide if you're guilty but they take your license. >> the suit is asking for money
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a new license even if the charges are drop but suspects still have rights. >> when it's eroded for an up popular group of people, we're next. >> legal analysts say it has a slight chance of winning but faces an uphill battle. >> they've not been successful in other states. >> but it raises unique questions and that's up to the court to decide. >> he was found guilty of dui but his attorney doesn't think the conviction will hurt the case. the woman who was sexual assaulted by a massage therapist. police are investigating two more incidents involving this
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his license is still clear and active. a final vote on a shelter deal, we were there a few weeks ago as police dismantled a homeless camp. they fought it initially because they couldn't afford to run it, and now they're considering a deal with the private sector to run the shelter. >> it's about now, right now, you can go down there and to that area and you're going to see people suffer and this contract doesn't fix it. >> on march 3rd they're going it vote to work with the city of daytona or go a different route. people living in one community, they're tired of toxic water. the water is so bad, they're forced to rely on bottled water. they're waiting for a water line to be built, but we found
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could be another year away. >> the ball is in other people's court at this point. >> you can't say if they'll break ground? >> i have no idea. >> once the permit and contract process is done, it will take months to install the pipe. >> racing will go live in a while but perfect evening for that, chilly but nice. >> it's february, and it's going to be nice including downtown orlando where you didn't have a jacket on tonight. >> i didn't need one, so many people down there and we had a fun time. >> it was nice, it was refreshing and it was positive. >> very positive energy on the set tonight. >> here's a live view, that's orange avenue and church street where wahlberger's opened up. temperatures are comfortable
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53 tonight and winds off the north and a little nip in the air, over in lake county, it's in the low 50s and 48 for the villages and we're in the low 50s mid to upper 50s along the east coast. the interior. 55 as you start your day tomorrow and we're back in the low 70s by 2:00 p.m. and the same over in lake county. that will be in the low 70s as well. winter park and downtown winter park, 72 and we head to the union park, that's the lower 70s, all standard for february
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up and down, and these cycles of stormy weather and we're in a lull now. one issue we have along the coast, the winds, 20 knots and seas up to 7 feet and a high risk of rip currents. water vapor shows dry air and dry skies. trying to bring a sprinkle along the coast but not much will reach the ground. pretty nice day, look at saturday, looks fantastic and leading to a nearly perfect weekend for the races in daytona and the races are both days. if you're out there early, 51 degrees and a nice 72 as drop
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mid 70s tomorrow and upper 70s on sunday and 80 degrees monday. neighbors say this cemetery is over grown and the snag they hit when they tried to clean it up. update the warm up this weekend
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tonight a closer look at criminal history of a man accused of shooting a man. a judge decided to revoke his bail after reviewing his records and that includes dozens of arrests. >> a chiropractor accused of raping a girl years ago. it dates back to 1995. he raped a girl younger than 12 over several years. she came forward several years ago and pressed charges this month. >> volunteers wanting to cleanup a cemetery will have to wait longer. they've been trying to clean brush and debris off the graves
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permission from the owner, they tried to contact the owner but have gotten no response. >> the steps they're taking to beautify the city. a home here was reduced to rubble. you can see the fire destroyed it. it was finally torn down, one of the many homes the city plans to tear down. issues with the new park in shanghai can be blamed on cut hours here at disney. they will get their hours cut during the spring season. they said the company's is over budget in shanghai and that is what is causing the local cuts. tonight was the grand opening of wahlberger's.
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to say about orlando by going to this is your 11:00 sports presented by lexus of orlando. >> drivers can start a game plan for the daytona 500, the 40 car field is set and we'll start with duel number two, matt and his bright yellow toyota. it's the other yellow car, kyle busch, surging to the lead and jamie mcmurray and they get together and they wreck and matt, and martin get caught up and they'll have to go to back up cars and have to go to the back of the pack. kyle busch starts 2016 in victory lane.
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advantage and the leader has the advantage but it's a smaller one. >> earlier, duel number one, elliott leading the pack and the rookie lead a couple of laps and took care of 24 chevy. cole loses control and loses a shot at great american race. he's not on the high banks sunday. and dale earnhardt jr. pulls away for the win. >> your instinct tells you, when they lineup, you try to win, no matter the circumstances. and i think that worked well for us, we ended up doing well and being successful. >> next up, the 500 practices tomorrow and then the night race, under the lights. going to have cash to play
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magic, they sent harris to detroit and shed the contract of fry with a trade to cleveland. and they got jared cunningham and they could have as much as $45 million to work with to go after free agents this summer. >> the lions made it official. much needed depth and played alongside for a season with milan. >> he's a good player and talented so he's going to add things for us. >> high school school basketball. they rolled to the champ you
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keep cooling down overnight and we'll be right around 53 degrees and lots of sunshine later in the day and back to an
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