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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 6am  ABC  February 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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home in south florida and back to orlando. right now on eyewitness news this morning, a baby has been reunited with her mother, after being kidnapped from her home in south florida and back to investigators unravel the plot, and rescue the baby. >> we are going to when a victory. >> friends do not let friends vote for con jobs. early voting kicks off today early voting kicks off today in orange county. the party turning out with bigger numbers before the polls even open. >> things are getting heated. good morning, your time good morning, your time right now 5 a.m. on mondayf e bruary 29. we check weather a traffic we check weather a traffic every 10 minutes let's get started with certified meteorologist, brian shields. >> we will see warmer weather moving in, to 79 degrees for today. a little bit cool this morning,
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54 claremont and mineola 55 degrees, orlando, hunters creek and back through the hiawatha sea area toward oak hill elementary, 56 in melbourne, 60 in cocoa beach. a couple of extra clouds around it will be a gorgeous sunrise. we will see a few more clouds today but we will still be on the dry side. if you are working outdoors, not a big issue. daytona beach 72 at noon, then this afternoon along the coast we will have submit 70s around him and we are going to be a little bit warmer, a few of us will approach 80 degrees for today. coming up we are going to track that city by city and get into that bigger warm-up moving in. let's check in with deneige on the 408 coming into downtown orlando looking pretty good in both the directions. you are looking pretty good, if you are about to leave the house and get onto the 408.
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ridge road right at kingsgate drive you to have at least one lane locked there in orange county -- orange county rescue is on scene. if you like to avoid that area take conroy also getting word of a crash on an accused kidnapper and her americana. i will have that update in about seven minutes. an accused kidnapper and her teenage accomplice are waking up in jail this morning. >> police say the pair kidnapped a two -month-old from her mother at gunpoint down in south florida. that triggered a statewide amber alert. kimberly eaton is live in orange county were that baby is abandoned. -- was abandoned. >>reporter: i put in a call to my investigators this morning to ask when the baby and her mother will be reunited. i f it could be sometime today. that two month old was found abandoned down this stretch of road at an apartment complex. that is 200 miles away fromher south florida home. the 17 hours statewide search is the 17 hours statewide search is over for the baby taken at gunpoint from her mother's home. a kidnapping plot carried out
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a teenage accomplice started to unravel in orlando saturday afternoon. 200 miles away from where it started. b roward county deputies say 24- year-old stephanie augustine and a 14-year-old stormed into a home on 14#th# court near fort lauderdale on friday. at gunpoint, they kidnapped two m onth old baby while she was lying next to her mother. he triggered a statewide amber alert. then on saturday, orange county deputies found the infant abandoned at an apartment complex on long road. her kidnappers made it out of orange county and more than halfway back to south florida before a state trooper pulled them over near fort pierce. augustine will face a judge this morning answering to charges including kidnapping, armed burglary and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. her accomplice shares two of those charges, armed burglary and -- burglary and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. the child and her mother will be
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deputies say the suspects targeted the baby, and her mother, they were not random victims. coming up we are looking at the connection at -- between the suspects on the victims. orange county, kimberly eaton,e yewitness news this morning. the woman who deputies say the woman who deputies say hit and killed a 23-year-old is still sitting in jail. they tried pulling over cindy for speeding, but then she led them on a chase. t h at is when deputies say she crashed into a car at the intersection of john young parkway and americana boulevard. she is charged with vehicular homicide and driving with a revoked license. testing for the florida standard assessments begins today. students will take the writing section of the test, it has fixed bugs to avoid the problems that we saw last year. w e will be in touch with the state and central florida school districts and we will let you know if there any issues. you will pay less in property taxes this year, thanks
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legislators boosted publics chool funding by foreigner 58 million dollars state dollars for the increase and that means prock -- property tax rates charged by school districts will go down slightly this fall. early voting begins in some florida counties today for the presidential primary. before the candidates find out how florida feels about them they will do battle in 11 states tomorrow for super tuesday. janai norman joins us live in the studio now. t here has been a surge in early voting in many states? >>reporter: by last week, 500,000 people cast absentee val -- ballots here in florida. there is already an uptick in early voting. it is the eve of super tuesday when 595 delicates are up for grabs for the gop, and 865 are democrats. republican presidential candidates are feeling thep r essure, ahead of the single biggest day in the primary >> if we nominate donald trump,race. >> if we nominate donald trump, and all likelihood hillary wins, and if that happens we lose this country.
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racked up support from big names like chris christie, but also the ku klux klan former grand wizard, david duke. >> honestly i do not know david d uke. i don't believe i've ever met him. i don't know anything about him. >>reporter: for the democrats, hillary's heads into super tuesday on the heels of a big win in south carolina. g i v ing her more delegates >> we got decimated george, wet han bernie sanders. got decimated. got decimated. >>reporter: we are still two weeks out from the florida primary. for our next half hour we are taking a closer look at early voting county by county and breaking down who is already showing up in big numbers. the new orlando city soccer stadium will reach a milestone today. a ceremony will be held to commemorate the start of the installation of the steel infrastructure. we flew over the construction site last week, you can see some o f the walls starting to take shape there. the stadium is expected to open
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season. r e member, our sister station tv 27 is the home of the orlando city soccer matches. the team opens the new season of l ess than one week on march six . you can download our free wftv app and check out our orlando city page under sports. well, maybe have not heard, hollywood's most famous walked the red carpet for the 88#th# annual "academy awards." >> actor leonardo dicaprio took home an oscar. a lack of diversity was a huge topic last night. >>reporter: a thoughtful film about a newspaper investigating sex abuse by boston's catholic priest took oscar's top prize last night winning best picture. >> if they nominated a host,i wouldn't even get this job. >>reporter: it was oscar host, >>reporter: it was oscar host, chris rock, who owned the night addressing the controversy right out of the date -- gait. placing back -- black actors and
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i lms. even calling hollywood racists. >> hollywood is sorority racist. >> hollywood is sorority racist. it's like, we like you rhonda, but you are not a kappa. >>reporter: after five acting nominations, leonardo dicaprio's losing streak finally ended. his performance as a wounded frontiersman seeking retribution w i nning him gold for the revenant. his acceptance speech a dire warning. >> climate change is real, it is happening right now. it is the most urgent threats facing our entire species mac - - . >>reporter: best actress went to brie larson. >> the thing i love about moviemaking is how many people it takes to make it. >> remember you can get a full recap of the oscars includingi n terviews with the knights big winners coming up on good morning america. it's live at 7 a.m. right here on channel nine after eyewitness
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an old apartment complex, orlando firefighters were exposed to asbestos during training is set to be sold today. orlando city leaders are selling the property on mercy drive for about $1.2 million for the city knew about the asbestos problem which was documented in files. those firefighters will have to m onitor their lungs to see if they have been affected. in polk county, here commute - - your commute in bartow may take longer than usual. traffic could be tied up on boulevard street between broadway and mill street. pieces of concrete for a new parking garage in the polk county government complex are being delivered. the delivery starts today and continues into next month. time now we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes, certify meteorologist, brian shields in severe weather center nine, a chilly start? >> yeah, it is cool outside, but we will see a warm-up in the next three days.
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here's a look at volusia county for the day ahead, you can see we will get a little warmer 78 deltona, mid- 70s over toward the beach, but either way i touch warmer. and then in lake county mid to upper 70s, clermont, grove land temperatures in the upper 70s. a nice warm day. as we string through seminole county. 79 winter springs over toward red bug elementary and castleberry. we should just miss out on 80. it will be pleasant today. then tonight it is going to be a little milder temperatures in the upper 50s with some patchy fall developing. coming up we are going to track 80s in the forecast and to front on the way. i will see you ahead in maine weather at 6:17. we have a couple of crashes out there, this one does have a partial roadblock oak ridge road at kingsgate drive in front of sadler elementary school. you can take conroy if you want an alternate.
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rio grande avenue they have a crash onto the site. you will still see orange county fire rescue on scene as well as troopers. we have new information from health officials that you will want to hear. the warning about a dangerous drug and why it is hard to know if it sitting in your cup --
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a large response to a pizza hut there was a fire reported in that building about 35 minutes ago. we do not see any flames but obviously a very larger turnout. we will continue to monitor the situation for you. good morning, after a good morning, after a beautiful weekend, another nice day ahead. 50 for degrees right now we will let you know what you can expect we will have a full check of your weather and traffic every 10 minutes. an orange county student was tased while out of school, now his mother says it was all caught on video. the video is not being released. police aide started with a 14- year-old got into a fight last week at wolf lake middle school. police at a school resource officer tried to pull the teenager away but could not. so he tased him in the thigh. the boy's mother says he was defending himself i was tased after he had stopped fighting. >> how do i explain this to my child, what has happened to him? i am disappointed and hurt. >> the boys mother says he suffers from asthma and has to go to the clinic and now every day. she and her attorney are now asking the district to stop allowing students to be tased. the man who winter park police they may be behind two robberies is still on the loose this morning. police are looking for this man. hard to make him out.
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mcdonald's on aloma avenue on st. andrews boulevard saturday afternoon. the man wearing the same outfit robbed a clothing store on park avenue the day before. lake county residents say police efforts to reduce crime in their neighborhood are working. more than 100 people have been arrested since the initiativeb e gan. police say they have also worked with the city to board up and demolish vacant homes. they say their next step is to connect with people living in the neighborhood. this week, we could find out how a missing fisherman died. divers used sonar to find the body of 76-year-old william robel. orange county deputies search for him since he did vanished from his vessel on wednesday morning. the orlando police department consumed get some new - - can soon get some new cars, the city council is expected to approve $1.5 million for 48 vehicles. it is costing them more to fix
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have that are more than a decade old. new squad cars should be on the road sometime this year. ucf leaders will push for more money for proposed downtown orlando campus this week. they are set to go before the florida board of guster -- governors. they need $60 million for the new campus for they are asking the state for 20 million. 15 acres of land at the creative village in the center of emerging media. today we will ask space x when it plans to make a fourth attempt to large -- launch it's a falcon nine rocket. >> when the rocket tried to >> when the rocket tried to launch a 30 minutes later it's liquid oxygen levels were too high from waiting on the pad. meanwhile up in space not -- time is counting down for kelly's trip back to earth. he has for the last year in-- spent the last year in space,
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tests, that's an understatement. o v er the last two years he has spent 520 days in space on for different missions. he is most excited to's -- to share a big meal with his family. >> i cannot wait to see what >> i cannot wait to see what that is for that first meal he has. >> something that is not in a bag, and you squeeze. beautiful weather this weekend, you went camping and were able to enjoy the chilly nights. a little warmer the next few days, here's a look at downtown orlando looking up off to the south, 55 degrees now. have a sweatshirt on this morning i the afternoon it is going to feel great. a few 40s around, little bit chilly, northern tier towards a de leon springs toward the land and stetson, temperatures around 48. mid 50s as we get into orange
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winds our lights, no fall, but by tonight patchy fog will be a visible -- a possibility. a few extra clouds around this morning. we are going to stay try today, it will be a decent day. a couple of the clouds will pop up through the afternoon but good stuff. 73 at noon, mid to upper 70s, this afternoon and then we will be in the low 70s by the time we had 6 o'clock. this is late morning through the afternoon but when you see tom terry here at 4 o'clock he will be tracking a few more clouds rolling in. overall, see how we are staying on the dry side for today. this is tomorrow, for our tuesday, still dry, our new friends will be a weakening one panhandle early on wednesday, a slight chance of a shower by wednesday afternoon as that front moves in. beaches we go, water temperatures in the 60s, air temperatures in the 70s, high
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numbers mid to upper 70s and len with the mid- 70s right along our coast winds southwest five- 15. tonight it will be milder, upper 50s to low 60s. we will get some patchy fog settling into night and early tomorrow. tomorrow is a great-looking day, warmer, nothing to hop at low '80s and one with the 70s at the coast for our tuesday forecast. here's the rest of the forecast. 79 today, 81 tomorrow, 82 wednesday. wednesday, like i showed you that many front works and that will knock us down into the 70s thursday and friday. friday another 20% chance of a shower with another front that rolls by, that will bring in mid- 70s this weekend. 76 on saturday, and 77 on sunday . was to have this crash oak ridge road at kingsgate drive,
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have one lane in that area blocks. keep that in mind you can still get through though. turnpike and osceola county just past osceola parkway you do have a crash in that area. make sure you move over we are starting to see more people getting on the roads and through there. pulling up our i-4 camera here's your traffic heading toward orlando looking pretty good in both directions. you may be working on your tax return this week, what the irs will do today to warn seven times bigger than just last year a baby kidnapped from her mother was found safe in our -- safe in orlando. coming up, why investigators are so sure the child was not a random target. >> you have to keep your eyes
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a woman arrested in west a woman arrested in west florida is expected to be transferred back to brevard county to face charges of leaving a suspicious package in m o v i e theater. employee found a package friday employee found a package friday night and the ladies room at the premier oaks theater in melbourne. a surveillance picture is capturing the image of the person police think left that package behind.
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nearby restaurants while the bomb squad checked out the package. >> unfortunately, people have -- have bad hearts and they do wrong things and they like to do scary things. >> not long after the incident, 53-year-old don cawley laughlin was picked up and put dallas county. police will not talk about what was in the package other than to say it was clearly meant to scare people inside the theater. work on the i-4 also mont alternate project will continue this morning following the death of a construction worker last week which stopped all of the construction. a dump truck ran over and killed 3 4-year-old, marvin franklin on wednesday, after a few days after review safety procedures, crews slowly started to go back to work yesterday. the contractor expects work to be back to normal levels by the end of this week. more trouble for royal caribbean's newest cruise ship, the anthem of the season is headed back to its home port in new jersey this morning after an outbreak of the neural virus,
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this month after running into a storm with 30-foot waves and her case -- hurricane force winds. t h e s h i p a s it -- is expected back in new jersey on tuesday cutting the current cruise short by two days. a string of bad luck there. well, disney visitors will now pay different prices to enter the park depending on the season. seasonal ticket can vary by up to $27 depending on the park, and the time of year. disney says it wants to spread out the number of visitors especially during periods of high demand. it's good news for annual pass holders, the price for that ticket will not change. the brevard county boy who was hit by a car while riding his bike is back to playing this morning. >> coming up, the big surprise he got from the titusville police. a statewide search for a kidnapped baby ended on this orange county road. coming up, the suspects connection to this neighborhood and where they finally got
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we are tracking even warmer weather on the way. the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today.
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good morning, your time right now 6:30, look at that. a beautiful, clear morning out there. there is a shot of the moon over orange county, and the [laughter] on this leap day, february 29. not exclusively for orange county, i should point that out pretty pretty shot though? >> that's right, certified meteorologist, brian shields sitting next to an -- an astronomer. >> it is a little bit cool, northern tier especially. 48degrees holding steady and deland and volusia county, have a sweatshirt or light jacket this morning. 54 claremont, waterford lakes,
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cocoa beach 50s and 60s covering up brevard county. a cool start, but a nice day. there are a few more clouds that happen rolling in this morning just a couple of those high clouds. we will see a couple of clouds today, and staying dry. here's your planet,-- planner, deltona 73 by noon, well into the 70s by 2 o'clock. along the coast we will be more in the way of mid- 70s with us and less. inland we will be close to 80. coming up, i'm going to show you with a map i just made how much warmer -- we are going to get over the next three days. let's get a look from above here is deneige we are over this crash on the turnpike in osceola county, the turnpike south out just after passing osceola parkway
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nvestigation. on the northbound side you do also see some of those slowdowns but we are seeing point. keep in mind you will need stretch. kingsgate drive that crash from earlier this morning, they have been able to move off to the side. they should not slow you down. the kidnapper accused of the kidnapper accused of taking a baby from her mother's south florida home at gunpoint will face a judge this morning. >> we have been following the story since friday when the crime triggered a statewide amber alert that ended up with a baby abandoned in orange county. kimberly eaten his life where-- is deputies found the -- thelive where deputies found the -- the infant. they believe that baby and her mother were targeted? >>reporter: deputies say the orange county woman who kidnapped the baby and later abandoned her on the stretch of long road is related to the child's mother and her teenage accomplice who came armed with a gun as part of the family, as
6:33 am
two month old baby girl is safe after her kidnapping triggered a statewide amber alert on friday. that is when the baby was taken at gunpoint from her mother's bed. broward county deputy state 24- year-old stephanie augustine and a 14-year-old stormed into a home near fort lauderdale on friday. they took the baby and headed north toward orlando. on saturday, orange county deputies found the infant abandon at an apartment complex on long road. l e s s than 24 hours later, augustine and her teenage accomplice were under arrest. a state trooper spotted them driving back to south florida pulled the pair over near fort pierce. both are in custody in broward county this morning facing charges including armed burglary and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and for augustine, kidnapping bridge- - k i dnapping. deputies say she and the baby's deputies say she and the baby's mother are cousins. augustine on the 14-year-old are also cousins, but what motivated the crime is still a mystery. that is something that both investigators and dcf are trying to figure out before they reunite the baby, and her mother. we are asking this morning, when that could be.
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k imberly eaton, eyewitness news this morning an escaped and made and his girlfriend are set to face a volusia county judge this afternoon after going on the run with a toddler to kentucky. investigators say natosha quigley helped her boyfriend gary bullitt junior ditch his ankle monitor while he was on work release. their 3-year-old son was with them. they were brought back to volusia county yesterday the boy's grandfather brought him back here safely after they were found earlier this month. we will let you know what the judge says today. a brevard county youth basketball coach accused of child molestation is in jail in texas, after investigators say he tried to escape to mexico per - - m e xico. us marshals caught 51-year-old, us marshals caught 51-year-old, david white, of malabar on a hotel on friday pretty coached the palm day youth basketball league. investigators say he had several sleepovers with his players, and friends of his own children. no word on when he will be brought back to brevard county.
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altamonte police today in the shooting of a man found near seminole state college. all they have told us so far, is that he was shot. tomorrow and orange county commissioners expected to bring up his plan to bring up a county work facility into a homeless shelter. on average there about 60 inmates staying in the facility pritikin hold more than 300 people. clark says he wants to move the inmates out and move the homeless into a during emergencies. no word what would happen to the no word what would happen to the inmates there, but there is a team looking at other potential sites for them. the orange county sheriff's office may soon get two new high-tech bopmb detection advices. to decide tomorrow if they will give the sheriff's office $140,000 from the law- enforcement trust fund to get them for the hand-held tools would allow investigators to detect explosives and hazardous devices in real-time. hundreds gathered in virginia for a vigil last night, all to remember a rookie
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on the job. ashley graduated from aeronautical university in daytona beach, police say that ronald hamilton shot her, and two other officers during a domestic incident on saturday night. many people have been leaving flowers at the police department. >> a lot of my brothers and sisters, behind me, are military, active-duty, or retired, prior law enforcement, either active or re- tired. we -- we felt a sense of camaraderie. >> she had just been sworn in on friday. a prosecutor says hamilton killed his wife he for they- - before police arrived. the other two officers are expected to survive. >> the school is saddened to learn about the death of the daytona beach graduate. o u r hearts are with her family and friends -- friends. they also say she served in the marine corps reserve where she was a student. county deputies need your help polk county deputies need your help finding a man who pulled a gun on a store clerk during a robbery. take a look at the surveillance photos. they only caught the back of
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still hope someone will recognize them or they say he pulled a gun on a clerk at the quik mart in lakeland. he did get away with some cash, no one was hurt. governor rick scott will now review a bill that would protect senior citizens, and florida, for financial exploitation per the bill was approved by the florida house. it would create standards to monitor and regulate private guardians and caretakers for the elderly. a sanford woman is rallying support for the community to encourage others to stop gun violence. on saturday, a group called "put your guns down, put your hands up "held a rally in orlando. i t was planned after the fatal mass janetta jones founded that group shooting this month. janetta jones founded that group when her brother was shot and killed in sanford after returning from afghanistan with a purple heart. she plans to meet was sanford's mayor to discuss ways to teach children and teenagers how to
6:38 am
firearms. an 8-year-old boy who was hit by a car while riding his bike has a new ride thanks to the titusville police department. we were there, on saturday, when they brought the gift to day sean help. he also got a new helmets, and pads and we told you thursday he was hit so hard, the wheel came off his bike. we are happy to tell you he is back home from the hospital, and is doing great on his new bike. >> we are thrilled he is okay, and it was really awesome to see him riding a bicycle. >> this is really cool, thank you. >> police believe a 73-year-old man hit the boy, eyewitnesses say he got out, checked on him and then drove off. that driver has not yet been charged. a brush fire in brevard county is finally under control this morning for that wildfire started yesterday morning and the mako area, it spread quickly. they use helicopters to drop water on the flames. firefighters are not sure what sparked the fire it did not
6:39 am
traffic every 10 minutes. certified meteorologist, brian shields, a little bit of a warm- up coming? >> yeah, nothing too warm, but approaching 80 inland, near 79, above average, our average high 76. 81 tuesday, then up to 82 on wednesday before a many front arrives and that will coalesce down some thursday into friday. great temperatures, comfortable this afternoon. deland 77, st. john's upper 70s, 73 a little cooler along our coast. back to winter park temperatures around 78 and two water bridge, 78 degrees today in ocoee and oakland. back across kissimmee, the loop about 78 and in st. cloud, 80 degrees as we get into harmony. and then tonight it is going to be milder, upper 50s on the way. we will see patchy fog developing by the time i see you tomorrow morning.
6:40 am
later this week right into that upcoming weekend. here is deneige. we do have the air copter over the scene of a crash turnpike southbound as you pass osceola parkway. the right hand lane is -- blocked off. traffic is middling -- moving slowly. northbound we are seeing some onlooker delays as well. keep that in mind. we do have a crash on i-4 and volusia county, just after state road 40 for you do have a crash this one is off to the site. just keep in mind you will still see troopers on scene. earlier we told you about the winners and losers on the oscars. coming up on good morning america, the backlick -- of the behind the stage look at the stars. early voting in the florida primary starts in some areas today. coming up, which counties are already seeing odors turnout
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let's celebrate gold on the inside with a little gold on the outside. dunkin' donuts coffee.
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florida voters can begin voting in the presidential primary starting today, he for the march 15 primary hear the candidates are gearing off her super tuesday when their square off in 11 states tomorrow. eyewitness news this morning's janai norman has been looking at earlier -- early voter turnout. [audience reacts] voters are already turning out in large numbers, and many of them are republicans. they made up 53% of absentee ballots cast by lax -- last friday here in florida. 15 days out from the florida primary as of last week nearly 500,000 people cast absentee ballots but here in florida, number show there were more
6:45 am
tend to have bigger turnout during in person, early voting before election day. and republicans tend to prefer absentee ballots. of the top seven counties for absentee ballots, already cast, to her here in central florida. volusia and orange counties with 20,000, 19,000 absentee ballots cast respectively. >> donald is not going to make america great, he's going to make america orange! >>reporter:before candidates focus their attention -- their attention on florida, they are turning up their insults or they will do battle in 11 states on super tuesday and gop candidates are continuing to take shots at the front runner. >> donald trump, as the nominee, meets hillary probably wins and we lose this country. we met hillary clinton heads into super tuesday tomorrow on the heels of a big win in south carolina. , march 15, florida will be a
6:46 am
win . in just two weeks people across the state will vote in the primary elections, florida election officials say republican voter registration is up. this year a little more than 12 million people are eligible to vote. back in 2012 and 2014 there were only 11.9 million eligible voters. so far, nearly 82,000 republicans have registered to vote since the beginning of the year. the florida primary will be held on march 15. this is a closed primaries only registered voters will be able to vote. election officials and brevard county will be busy today. they will test the vote by mail for accuracy today for a. parents and brevard county are now on high alert personnel -- elementary school students were treated for a super bug version of lice.
6:47 am
parents need to hear. over-the-counter treatments may not be enough. we spoke to a lice removal company. officials told us lice is resistant to the chemicals and treatments. this means the bugs are evolving and growing stronger. >> it's like if i have a viral cold, and i ask the doctor for antibiotic over again. by the time i need that antibiotic to work in my system my body has become resistant to it. >> experts say you can eliminate the lice by suffocating them with olive oil and read -- removing each from this golf -- scalp with a fine tooth comb. three high school students are spending three weeks in juvenile detention after they spike their teacher soda with red pepper flakes. they denied all three girls a pretrial release. the prank was planned for revenge after teacher said -- sent one of the girls to the principal's office. another hearing is scheduled in three weeks. you can share your thoughts by going to facebook. com/wftv. the snakes have been collected and the numbers are in. >> we now know the winners of this year's python cow --
6:48 am
a team led by bill booth won the prize with the most pythons killed, with 33. they caught the largest python measuring in at 15 feet. overall data, $8000. 106 next recall during the hunt. more than 1000 people from 29 states registered for this y ear's challenge. >> captain bell caught bill caught a third of the snakes. way to go! a beautiful weekend? >> yeah, it is great. next couple of days before we get our next front arriving. a few batches of clouds and have been rolling in. we will see a mix of clouds and sun as we go throughout the day. no visibility trouble. we do have a few 40s still around. temperatures holding steady with some of the extra cloud cover. upper 40s and low 50s back through deland, a few 60s, 60 degrees now in cocoa beach.
6:49 am
wait for the bus to work or school this morning. we will we'll have a light southwesterly flow. you see a few more clouds that have been filtering in, either way we are going to stay on the dry side today and over elementary 77 by new britain through the afternoon we will approach 80 degrees. mid- 70s by the time we had 6 o'clock. you see a couple of clouds popping up later today. tomorrow we are looking good, too. this is our tuesday, let me take you into wednesday. that is when our next front arrives there is a ribbon of green, most of the action stays to the north of us. a slight chance of a shower on wednesday and slightly cooler through -- thursday into friday. some subtle changes later this week. 70s today, water temperatures in the 60s and a low to moderate risk of rip current.
6:50 am
78 today st. cloud, 70 for palm coast, 77 in ocala. as we get toward tonight, not as cool. most of us upper 50s with a few 60s around and we will see patchy fog develop late tonight. tomorrow itself tuesday, a warmer day, some low '80s and lend, still 70s at the coast but a lot of sunshine on the way and a little warm up as we go through midweek. here is your five day forecast with our weekend always in view. i wednesday, head of the next front up to 82, a slight chance of a shower, rain chance only 20%. it will drop the temperatures down some, thursday into friday back into the 70s. and then we will see a little drop off again by the weekend, saturday and sunday. right now the early call it is looking good with temperatures running in the mid- 70s for that upcoming weekend. this looks like a mess, here is deneige this is the turnpike right after osceola parkway they do still have this right hand lane blocked off that is causing
6:51 am
northbound delays, and onlooker delays but you will need an extra 10 minutes to get through that stretch if you are about to take the turnpike south on their osceola parkway. in volusia county, new smyrna beach state road 44 you do have a crash, this one looks like it is blocking one lane through there. just keep in mind troopers are also on scene area it is a video that has nonviral and social media. the frustration for a veteran trying to make a doctors appointment with the va. a baby is safe, three days after kidnappers took her from her mother's south florida home and later abandoned her at this orange county road. coming up, the charges the suspects will face in court, this morning. coming up at 7 a.m. on eyewitness news this morning, on central florida's tv 27, the state is giving out millions of your tax dollars as a perk.
6:52 am
about the spending and asks why lawmakers have not put many
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
we have been checking in with investigators overnight and you learned they are both facing several charges. >> reporter: a woman accused of kidnapping a child will face a judge. deputies say she did not work alone. together with a 14-year-old amed with a gun she kidnapped the two month old from her mother's bed. they immediately put out an amber alert and later found the infant abandoned. they arrested stephanie augustine and the teenager that helped carry out the crime. they investigate the
6:56 am
we are asking if the baby and mother could be reunited today. kimberly eaton, eyewitness news this morning. a powerful drug linked to dozens of deaths across the country and here in central florida. they investigated the dug of phentenol. they say look alike oxycodone pills. film makers want to make a movie based on devil in the grove. it centers ton groveland four. four black teenagers were wrongly convict offed raping a white girl. >> you're not relying on any rumor or trying to be speculative about it.
6:57 am
documents. when you get these records they open up an entire world. >> thompson is pushing to have them formally exonerate the four men. the number of people whose tax forms that were stolen by cyber criminals was closer to 720,000. if you're effected you'll get an extra pin number to protect future tax filings. a video of a veteran is making its rounds on the internet. this video has more than a million views already since it's been posted. he got stuck after several minutes on hold and gave up. lawmakers are trying to pass a bill that would allow veterans
6:58 am
>> some of the larger airlines created a new class called basic economy. they will not be able to cancel reservations more than 24 hours after booking. united and american are expected to roll out their versions later this year. one lawmaker is looking to make sure you don't get packed in like sardines. he wants them to establish seat sized standards. they claim seats have become too small over the years. faa officials say they plan to review the senator's proposal. winter park is celebrating a big renovation for the city's gulf course. it kicks off at 7:00. the renovation which includes greens, tees and fairways is being funded with is $1.2 million. it will be closed and the grand
6:59 am
a new study shows a number of bees, butterflies and other insects are in danger of extinction. thousand wills among the animals that could soon become extin about. they play a role close to three- fourths of the food supply. nasa released new photos from the dwarf planet pluto. you could see a series of frozen canyons there. it is the yellow part of the picture. the biggest is about 45-miles wide. >> it said nasa. i thought it said nancy. [laughter] >> that's why you messed up? >> yeah. na. >> yeah. you have to read the rest. [laughter] good looking day.
7:00 am
we'll see 80s tuesday and wednesday before a slight drop off. have a great day ahead, deneige. we have a turnpike southbound just after osceola parkway. it is slowing things down back to u.s. 192. school districts can earn extra cash. we investigate how they are using manies of dollars worth of taxpayer money. we continue on eyewitness good morning, america. chris rock stealing the spotlight at the oscars. >> well, i'm here at the academy awards otherwise known as the white people's choice awards. >> facing the diversity backlash head on. >> you're damn right hollywood's racist. >> leonardo dicaprio finally breaking through with a win. >> i do not take tonight for granted. >> lady gaga with a show-stopping performance. happens to you happens to you


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