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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 530am  ABC  March 4, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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let's begin with weather. we should not read too much in the rain. >> yes. if you have it, it will last for another hour. the fast moving front, we've been highlighting this all week. brevard county if you're getting out in the next hour, 6:30, some areas will be see some rain, heaviest just trying to move off and steadier rain now near rockledge in particular across i-95 about to wrap up in port st. john and the cape. we have the rain earlier in parts of osceola, orange and
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so use caution on the roads the next hour or two and a couple sprinkles possible in orange county. but you see everything moving by, the northern zones moving by and we will see it clear as we go through the rest of the day. temperatures in the 50s and the 60s. clermont 62 and the villages 59 and 61 in deland in volusia county. so apopka through the day, and more clouds this morning and quickly clearing and 75 at 2:00 and a little cooler this evening and we'll drop off into the upper 60s. and we'll track more changes behind this front head. and flashing lights this morning. >> and they've been able to get this crash off to the side here. you can see the flow of traffic is moving through. keep in mind, you want to move to the left-hand side. they've been on the scene for the last 30 minutes or so and
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blocking the i-4 onramp and 535. you'll need to get on eastbound at world center drive. i'm getting word of a crash on central florida parkway. and i'll break that down in 7 minutes. orlando police are looking for the gunman that shot and killed a man thursday night. >> we told you it happened at the cypress point apartments. and janai norman watched as more investigators showed up in the last 90 minutes. you saw them struggling with something that could help them. >> reporter: yes. we saw another opd cruiser and crime scene van pull up to this apartment complex. you can see behind me. it is gated with a sign and also under a video surveillance. first. and we watched the cars pulling out this morning. you need a coat to get in and you drive past a camera. and we'll ask the police if that will help the
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the shooter that killed a 22- year-old man last night. so far, the police said no one else was hurt in this shooting. but we're still waiting to talk with the investigators to find out if the shooting happened inside an apartment or out in the parking lot. back out here live, we're zooms in on the camera that focuses on the cars pulling in and out of this complex. the police will pass on a suspect description as soon as they get one. so we'll continue to check in with them this morning and working to learn more about the suspect and we'll keep you updated on air and on our mobile app. janai norman, eyewitness news. and orange county money is out of jail after arrested again for child abuse. the state decided to refile the charges against todd brisebois. he was accused of abusing his stepdaughter and he was
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his three biological boys. and the prosecutor decided to file charges on behalf of all four children. >> oldest child was able to tell us a lot more information. >> he has no contact with the four children. he does have a baby that they could not remove from the home. the trial for the security guard accused of killing a young woman in her downtown orlando condo hash pushed back six months. his lawyer asked to waive a speedy trial to give him more time to review the evidence. we've been telling you about trash problems in the orange county neighborhoods since the start of the year. and now, we found out one of the three companies that pick up your trash is responsible for about half of the issues that we're finding. and we found out that fcc is responsible for more than 9,000
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and the company has a $92 million contract with the county. and many homeowners have complained that the trash is not being picked up. and they say that the money is a waste, especially for service that is not being done. >> we want them to do their job. you're paying for the service. it is not like they are doing this out of the goodness of their heart. >> they will be find for missing pickups and throwing trash in the back of people's yards and other problems. a neighbor called to complain about this man threatening construction workers at her home on tuesday. the officers said there was a standoff. and the police said that he eventually came out of the house and the officer shot him. polk county deputies is
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and shot at him when he tried to run them over and he crashed into a tree. he was not hurt. the state senate approved the pastor protection act. it will allow them to refuse marriage ceremonies going beyond their beliefs without suffering consequences. president obama is expected to nominate a replacement for the late supreme court justice scalia. and republicans still say they will not consider a nominee. the gop said it will not vote for any in many nominee till after the election. >> american people will see right through this. >> the supreme court could be deadlocked on some cases without another justice.
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expected to go undecided with a 4-4 tie. president obama is highlighting his health care law that helped millions of people get coverage. he congratulated officials on the recent efforts to help 38,000 more people get covered. critics said that the increase in coverage costs are unnecessary. more tech companies are showing support for apple. at&t and linked in and twitter have filed paperwork said they are all about customer privacy. the fbi wants to unlock the iphone of one of the san bernardino shooters and apple has refused. federal lawsuit against a fired orlando police officer in the city of orlando will go to trial next month. he was suspended a week over this strike to a gut in a downtown holding cell.
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his spleen removed. he was fired. the fifth district court of appeals in daytona beach has agreed to hear the appeal of pat patterson. he was found guilty 7 years ago. the state wanted a sentence half the long and his appeal will be heard in may. a beentivity in seminole county is on paid leave after a mother said that he hit her autistic daughter. they went to see dr. frederick james. wilson said that she saw him shouting and slapping her daughter in the face. she told us that she called the sanford police who charged him with simple battery. an orange county man said
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killing a young girl said that he cannot pay for his legal fees. his attorneys said that he is indoe again the and he faces up to 80 years in prison for vehicular homicide. and the trial is set to begin at the end of may. the brevard county clerk of courts has settled the case involving public access to records. this is related to the commission's work with blue wear. it was part of a $9 million scandal. and they have to release the documents now within 45 days. home price across the state of florida are up by nearly 14% from last year. january single family homes sold at an average of $199,000. and the median price for townhouseses with $150,000 that
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from the year before. on tuesday, officials will hold a meeting of the east point fellowship church. drivers must use the east coast lone yell drive -- colonial exit to get past 520. they want to extend it past 520 to handle more traffic as the community grows. we're seeing some spotty showers. cocoa beach, moderate rainier coke -- moderate rain here on cocoa beach. and we're dry from there in the northwest.
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and we'll see a nice day ahead. this is orange county, i nice afternoon. 76 in winter park and the winds will turn out of the northwest. and this is orlando city's first match. and the temperatures in the 70s. and we'll track the weekend temperature changes just ahead in the main weather. and the time is 5:40. we have a crash through the that has a partial road blocked at rocket boulevard. and it does look like you'll get through the area. we have a spot of construction that will require and alternate. this is i-4 eastbound, the onramp at 535 is closed right now. so you'll need to get on eastbound till they clear out the cones. there's bad news for state workers as the lawmakers work through the latest budget. and why the workers will not be
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a man found a 22-year-old man dead at cypress pointe apartments. investigators plan to release the suspect description as soon as they get one and more information about the victim once the family is notified so we'll keep you in the loop as we learn more. reporting live, janai norman, eyewitness news. some daytona residents said they do not want the city to build a sidewalk in their neighborhood. they want to build 25 miles of sidewalks, some of which would go along blue stone drive. but neighbors got together to
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they are telling the leaders that they don't want a sidewalk because it will disrupt their lakeside property. >> we're all retirees and lakefront homeowners that now we're going to have more traffic flow and trespassing on to our properties. >> project would cost close to $2 million. residents said they would rather see the city fix other issues like drainage problems. and they say it will provide safer access for elementary and middle school students that go within a mile of the neighborhoods. we uncovered a list of serious violations at an orange county christian school. it does not have a working fire alarm system. and 250 staff and students are there every weekday and now the county placed a lien on the school and getting a $500 a day
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students also sent us pictures of conditions inside the high school area like stained ceiling tiles and clogged toilets and holes in walls. they have been flagged with a dozen violations recently and given time to make the repairs. you can click through the picture that's the students have to deal with. go to and scroll down to the photo section. a new trail through parts of central florida is one step closer to being complete. and these are pictures of part of the trail. the state funding will be half of a 15-mile use trial and it will span between lake, seminole and orange counties. someone is calling people and saying that the water bills are delinquent and they must pay up in one hour or lose water service. and the city is urging customers to disregard the phone calls.
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port orange water customer service. >> do you get any of those calls? i get some of those, like every day. >> every day? >> i hit play and i have those calls, you owe this for this. maybe we should do a story on that. >> we're tracking the last of the rain moving away. there's a look at brevard county. you see across the beach line. it is swinging back towards i- 95. and we're about to dry out and the use of caution back to lake and volusia county and we had rain earlier so watch out for some of the wet roads trying to wined down in rockwell and cocoa beach. and a couple spotty showers will find you the in southern brevard county in melbourne and we'll watch out for that and not a ton. after the rain passes by, you don't need that umbrella.
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it will be comfortably warm this afternoon. they'll turn out of the northwest once the rain moves in. and the front still back towards north florida and that will move in and they give us a slight temperature by tonight. and the temperatures today, 57 at noon andlike at all of that sunshine -- and look at all of that sunshine returning. 78 in downtown orlando. and the future track showing a nicer day and this is midday and a mix of sun and clouds the first half of the day and it is clearing out this afternoon and looking very nice tonight and mostly clear skies for our friday night. and we'll take you down to the beaches. this is a little chop ipier seas. so clearing out and great afternoon and the temperatures around 78. a few 60s on the northern coastline. bike week looking awesome. and the temperatures in the 70s and the 80s.
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little chillier and mostly clear and 61 on cocoa beach. and 46 in ocala and 49 in the villages. tomorrow a beautiful saturday, mostly sunny skies on our saturday and most of us getting into the 70s for the highs. what a weekend, our third great weekend in a row on the way. five-day forecast with the weekend always in view, live tv coverage on tv 27 at 1:30 on sunday. sunday will be nice and warmer next week and 80s in the forecast by tuesday. >> 5: 50. the 417? this is 417 near colonial. they did get a vehicle towed away from an earlier crash so that should be cleared out of there soon and it should not cause too many more issues in the next ten or 15 minutes. and this the crash on rocket boulevard. and no need for an alternate
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to work around that and i-4 eastbound, the onramp from 535 is still closed for construction. and you'll need to get on eastbound the ward center drive. -- at world center drive. and now there will be a new incentive to take uber around town. a local attorney is accused
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tallahasse law firm was hired to investigate katherine monroe after she was accused of sexual harassment. she was cleared of any wrongdoing. the fees cover hours worked and travel expenses. state employees most likely will not see a pay raise with
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a 3% race was planned for all -- raise was planned for all workers. and they say that there's not enough money in the proposed budget because the extra cash went to the governor's tax break package. and that billion dollars tax break has been reduced to $129 million. children of illegal immigrants may soon get subsidized health insurance and it will cover 17,000 children through the kid care program. and it provide preventive care to children to keep them out of emergency rooms. a five-year waiting period for eligibility could be eliminated. florida's adoption laws could get a revamp if governor scott approves a new bill. they could ask courts to put children in homes preferred by
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google and uber are joining about the illegal sale of animals in the black market. they will educate passengers about wildlife trafficking. and google and ebay are going to stop the sale of illegal sale of animals on line. brandy -- has announced they will donate her brain to the concussion legacy foundation after her death so it can be studied. female and high school and college players report about twice as many concussions than males. veterans' families now may be able to obtain benefits in a new program organized by the veteran affairs. and the program will give funeral directors the ability to notify the doctor that certificates a veteran's death and there could be military-
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and they could get compensation and other benefits if the complications contributed to the veteran's death. the orange county is looking for more bus drivers. the transportation job fairs will be held march 10th and 15th from 9:00 to noon. low pay and long hours have led to a shortage in drivers. we're a few hours away from the 75th annual bike week in daytona beach. this is a live look right now. every year bike week brings in $200 million to the local economy and thousands of people from all over the country. the event runs till the 13th. the streets will not be empty for long there. and the second time this year, a floridian won a big powerball jackpot.
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winning ticket was sold at a jacksonville at a marathon for $291 million. >> i was only six numbers off. there is still no solution in sight for the homeless issue in volusia county and daytona beach. and why the county refused to bring a shelter to the city. >> reporter: and we just spoke with a man that lives at this complex where a man was shot and killed last night. just ahead, why he's telling us that he's not surprised by what happened.
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